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Davos debrief Part 1 - by @dealarchitect
"That said, I heard several times where people were tying this back to social media and trust. You can draw a straight line through recent political events … You look at what happened in France. They went from a left-leaning government to a young centrist who had zero governmental experience. The UK had the Brexit."
trends  &  concepts  globalization  and  technology  industry  commentary 
february 2018 by jonerp
NetSuite to Leverage Oracle’s Global Resources and Reach - by @erp_cindyjutras
"While Oracle hopes to be the standard at corporate headquarters, NetSuite is trying very hard to establish its OneWorld product as that corporate standard in the operating divisions. But this places an added burden on the local solution to play nicely in a multi-national corporate setting. Mint Jutras has long been a fan of cloud solutions as an enabler of growth, particularly when it comes to expansion beyond national boundaries. And yet cloud alone isn’t enough. Not only might you have multi-language requirements, but also the solution must be localized to meet the tax and regulatory requirements of the new location. And finally, you need special functionality to handle multi- company financial and operational needs once you establish multiple legal entities."
uncategorized  cindy  jutras  cloud  digital  economy  erp  global  globalization  mint  netsuite  oracle  saas 
may 2017 by jonerp
The H-1B Visa Pivot: A major opportunity for Indian outsourcing - by @dealarchitect
"Dr. Michio Kaku is correct. The US (and the West) will continue to need all kinds of unique talent. Wikipedia lists some of the specialty occupations the H-1B was originally designed for – biotechnology, chemistry, architecture, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences, medicine and health. There is no law that says Indian firms should continue to only focus on IT or administrative BPO skills. They could diversify and provide highly qualified talent and IP in many other STEM fields."
trends  &  concepts  globalization  and  technology  offshoring  negotiations  best  practices 
february 2017 by jonerp
The changing outsourcing world: Conversation with Malcolm Frank of Cognizant - by @dealarchitect
"The third, it’s sort of obvious but not talked about enough, is the IT backbone. What the CIO has built over time and is responsible for are primarily systems of record to support an industrial business model. Yet, suddenly IT now has to support a real-time digital business model. Just think through of it: If you’re Airbus or Boeing or you now have hundreds of sensors on every plane. How do you maintain that whole IOT infrastructure? How do you manage the data that is being thrown across an entire fleet? How do you analyze that data? How does that then integrate back into your systems record? How do you create new systems of engagement based on top of that? And how do you then keep it all secure? There are some big challenges in front of CIOs today."
business  technology  software  globalization  and  industry  commentary 
january 2017 by jonerp
Progress Report - ADP Analyst Day 2016 - ADP has turned around Vantage HCM - by @holgermu
"On the concern side ADP cannot afford to rest. While the current UI is still appealing, it is no longer as fresh and in tune with the latest innovations in UI that are happening these days. Likewise its Data Cloud is on the right architecture and platform, given these decisions were taken 2+ years ago, but a fresh start today may consider other platforms, designs and architectures."
adp  bpo  constellation  research  future  of  work  futurists  global  hr  globalization  holger  mueller  core  mnc  payroll  strategic  advisor 
september 2016 by jonerp
Global HR Matters - How to get there - Part 1 - Why global is challenging, but critically important - by @holgermu
"On the software side, Global HR software on the contrary though, does exist, but as one can imagine it is a challenge to create and even more to maintain this kind of software. For an HR software vendor to be in the ‘Global HR’ system business, the vendor needs to understand the local content, the legislation and best practices that govern each of the countries the vendors wants to support."
analyst  firms  best  practices  constellation  research  futurists  global  hr  globalization  hcm  holger  mueller  nextgen  strategic  advisor 
july 2016 by jonerp
Event Report - ADP MOTM - ADP delivers: New UI, Benchmarks, Market Place & More - by @holgermu
"A very good MOTM for ADP, the vendor has delivered what it promised a year ago and now has a competitive product, for the first time I can think of. Good to see ADP is not resting on its product laurels and has more interesting offerings and products coming. Naturally, focus now turns to sales and services, customers need to understand and adopt the new offerings. Too early to tell how well ADP will do here."
adp  bpo  core  hr  global  globalization  market  meeting  of  the  minds  nextgen  hcm  payroll  usability  user  interface 
march 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis - Unit4 acquires Three Rivers Systems - by @holgermu
"This morning, Unit4 a European ERP vendor, announced the acquisition of Three Rivers Systems, a vendor specialized at helping the Higher Education sector to run efficiently."
erp  global  globalization  higher  education  nextgen  apps  unit4 
june 2015 by jonerp
News Analysis - Workday supports UK Payroll - now speaks (British English) Payroll - by @holgermu
"Payroll and related services are somewhere beyond 80 to 90% of HCM enterprise spend, and making sure that an enterprises is compliant with legal and statutory updates, as well as it can pay its employees correctly and on time is a ‘must have’ for HR Leaders… so big news today comes from Workday – as the vendor is adding Payroll support for the UK in Workday 24, its 3rd vendor supported country (Workday supports USA and Canada already). "
adp  ceridian  cloud  hcm  compliance  fusion  global  globalization  infor  oracle  payroll  r  3 
april 2015 by jonerp

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