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What Role Should Colleges Play in Workplace Training?
"Data doesn’t support this either, according to a recent article in The Street. “When it comes to middle-skills jobs, Fuller found no difference in performance among people with and without a college degree. Yet employers still look for people with college degrees, who only make up about one-third of the entire workforce.” Fuller explains it with a fishing metaphor. “When you start up-credentialing your jobs you’re doing the equivalent of rowing your boat over to this tightly crowded part of the pond. Maybe there are fish elsewhere.”
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january 2018 by jonerp
Social media ROI smackdown: What your business can’t afford to ignore - by @mkrigsman
"Well, social media being what it is, Frank has written a rebuttal, which is published below. Although pained at Frank’s comment that my post “betrays a lack of economic logic,” I take some comfort in the irony of this playing out on social media rather than in private. I’m sure even Frank would agree that social media does bring its own rewards."
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march 2015 by jonerp

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