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Top 5 lessons learned working at startups
"Negativity is a killjoy. As are incessantly negative people, especially those in positions of power. A single team member has the ability to kill morale by dint of being constantly pessimistic or couching pessimism or defeatism in sarcasm. In my experience, especially when the chips are down, it’s much easier for a negative attitude to blanket the entire team (and possibly even the company) pretty quickly and suck all the motivation out of the team."
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september 2018 by jonerp
More Catfished By A Candidate: Why Not Hire Him Anyway? And Answers To Other Burning Questions
"While there was certainly the possibility that he could have been a top performer, at the end of the day, I just couldn’t take that chance. The most unsettling thing to me was the length that he went to in order to craft his story—fake LinkedIn profile, a whole story around why he was leaving the job, fake references."
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june 2018 by jonerp
I Got Catfished By A Candidate: The True Story and How to Keep It From Happening to You
"In the case of our Catfish, who applied for an AE role, we hit it off fantastically over the phone. Plus, he worked at a previous company that I worked for—which was a win and made me feel comfortable with his candidacy right off the bat. After the phone screen, we brought him back into the office to meet with the team. He impressed each interviewer with his knowledge and passion for the brand, his sales acumen, outbound hunter mentality, and overall presence."
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may 2018 by jonerp
The Salesforce MBA: What We Learned with FinancialForce, Twilio, StitchFix (Video + Transcript)
"We were very happy to have the Salesforce “Mafia,” consisting of four executives–three who have since moved onto their next ventures–on the Strategy Stage so they could discuss some important lessons learned from being a part of the 19-year-old SaaS powerhouse."
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january 2018 by jonerp
How Non-Disparagement Clauses Hide Toxic Workplace Culture
"Ehmke’s experience is not unique, but no one hears these stories because non-disparage clauses are rampant in the tech industry. They are essentially hush money.

It’s one reason that so many people were unaware of the rampant sexism exposed by ex-Uber engineer Susan Fowler earlier this year and popping up since across the industry. A common theme from non-marginalized populations among Twitter threads has been “If this is so prevalent, why haven’t I heard about it?”
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july 2017 by jonerp
Do You Want to be Judged on Intentions or Results? - by @kellblog
"Fine lines exist here, no doubt. Sometimes reasons are reasons and sometimes they are actually excuses. The question isn’t about any one case. It’s about, deep down, are you judging yourself by intentions or results?

You’d be surprised how many otherwise very solid people get this one thing wrong — and end up career-limited as a result."
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april 2017 by jonerp
The Worst Advice Ever for Job Interviews - by @kellblog
"I ask questions. I ask them on purpose. I ask them for a reason. If you stonewall my efforts to interview you I will vote no — and I will often not only vote no but veto your prospective hire.”
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april 2016 by jonerp
Why ‘Perfect’ Is the Enemy of Diversity - via @jasonlk
"How to achieve diversity in the SaaS workplace, and why it’s important, is a super important topic I haven’t hit head on, for a variety of reasons. Mostly because it’s an important to get really right. Bro-cultures in sales teams. All-male VC firms. Young managers hiring people just like them. There are a lot of issues here to tackle, and the “action items” aren’t always as simple as other challenges."
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october 2015 by jonerp

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