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Coronavirus Pushes Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter To Work From Home
"As the coronavirus spreads in the United States and tech companies ask their workforces to do their jobs from home, some in the industry are looking at the outbreak as a test case for the long-gestating but never-arriving moment when working remotely will broadly replace working in person.

“We’ll never probably be the same,” Jennifer Christie, Twitter’s head of human resources, told BuzzFeed News of the company’s workplace practices. “People who were reticent to work remotely will find that they really thrive that way. Managers who didn’t think they could manage teams that were remote will have a different perspective. I do think we won’t go back.”
As  the  coronavirus  spreads  in  United  States  and  tech  companies  ask  their  workforces  to  do  jobs  from  home  some  industry  are  looking  at  outbreak  a  test  case  for  long-gestating  but  never-arriving  moment  when  working  remotely  will  broadly  replace  person.  “We’ll  never  probably  be  same    Jennifer  Christie  Twitter’s  head  of  human  resources  told  BuzzFeed  News  company’s  workplace  practices.  “People  who  were  reticent  work  find  that  they  really  thrive  way.  Managers  didn’t  think  could  manage  teams  remote  have  different  perspective.  I  we  won’t  go  back.” 
4 weeks ago by jonerp
Introducing the Future of Work Global Index
"We believe the convergence of significant macro-trends in the market have attributed to the strong growth of “Future of Work” companies including:

digital transformation and the rapid adoption of cloud technologies in the enterprise
low unemployment forcing companies to investment in technology solution to more effectively streamline critical HR processes
workforce globalization requiring new investments collaboration and productivity tools
rapid automation of jobs and the need to reskill the global workforce"
business  featured  posts  technology  software  future  of  work  hrtech  human  resources  saas  slack 
11 weeks ago by jonerp
Using Machine Learning To Find Employees Who Can Scale With Your Business
"Betting on solid data and personalization at scale, on the other hand, delivers real results. Real data slices through the probabilities and is the best equalizer there is at eradicating conscious and unconscious biases from hiring decisions."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  ai  applicant  tracking  systems  artificial  intelligence  ats  eightfold  hr  machine  learning  human  resource  management 
december 2018 by jonerp
US survey says shoppers want less automation, more human interaction with customer service
"The report revealed that, despite misconceptions of robots taking over, consumers still want human interaction while navigating digital assets. What’s more, they don’t expect, nor want technology to replace real people. It’s true consumers are open-minded about using technology like chatbots that save time and make life easier. But they still trust humans to help solve more complex problems and make experiences such as online shopping, filling a prescription or making a bank deposit — more enjoyable."
erp  latest  news  ai  artificial  intelligence  automation  brands  chatbots  customer  service  gartner  human  interaction  research  retail 
december 2018 by jonerp
How AI & Machine Learning Are Redefining The War For Talent
"Of the five companies Gartner names as Cool Vendors in the field of Human Capital Management for Talent Acquisition, Eightfold is the only one achieving personalization at scale today. Attaining personalization at scale is essential if any growing business is going to succeed in attracting, acquiring and growing talent that can support their growth goals and strategies. Eightfold’s approach makes it possible to scale personalized responses to specific candidates in a company’s candidate community while defining the ideal candidate for each open position."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  artificial  intelligence  human  capital  management  louis  columbus  machine  learning  talent  acquisition 
september 2018 by jonerp
Predictive Policing is Real; It’s Just Not Very Effective
"“It makes us smarter. It puts us on the cutting edge of what’s going on in this country,” says George Turner, the chief of the Atlanta Police Department, in a video proudly displayed on the home page for PredPol, which produces predictive policing software.

But here’s one thing that even Phillip K. Dick couldn’t even predict: Predictive Policing doesn’t really work. At least not thus far."
analysis  culture  top  stories  big  data  cardiff  university  carnegie  mellon  analsys  human  rights  group  internet  of  things  national  institute  justice  phillip  dick  predictive  analytics 
october 2016 by jonerp
Dawn of the Emotional Machine - by @jeffnolan
"Think of Siri having the capacity to adjust responses according to my mental state, sensing if I am sarcastic, happy, humorous, sad, or stressed. Go beyond the interaction style and consider the ability to alter responses based on emotional state. In this scenario, along with humanoid machine forms, I believe we can interact with machines on intellect and emotion."
uncategorized  emotion  empathy  human  intelligence  machine  learning  natural  language  siri 
december 2015 by jonerp
How to Create a DevOps Culture - by @alisoncdiana
One of the better devops pieces.... "Collaboration has extended to the IT department through growing adoption of DevOps, an approach whereby developers and operations people work together efficiently and effectively. But without careful planning and investment, enterprises will not successfully create the DevOps culture necessary to succeed."
editor's  pick:  front  page  picks:  devops  storage  slider:  software  cloudbees  culture  gartner  human  resources  integration  qualisystems 
april 2015 by jonerp
The Silver Lining for CIOs in HR’s Cloud Challenges - by @cbcurran
"CIOs have been cut out of the cloud equation, but it’s not too late for them to get back into the game and help HR executives shape their cloud strategies, determine how it integrates with the rest of the IT portfolio and make sure efforts are effectively resourced and scoped."
cloud  computing  cio  cios  migration  software  human  resources  systems  saas 
february 2015 by jonerp
Welcome to the Predictive Enterprise
"Predictive technology will have a bigger impact on companies and governments than cloud computing." - I'll believe that when I see it....
enterprise  voices  data  assets  human  resources  machine  learning  predictive  analytics 
january 2015 by jonerp

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