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Sig taught me about Barely Repeatable Processes and how work flows
"There are plenty of ad-hoc processes in any company. They might cover the unplanned issues that happen every day, or they are the company specific things that aren’t covered by the standard package. They might have no system to help at all, or are often supported by data in an Excel spreadsheet being e-mailed around a group of people. These are what Sig calls Barely Repeatable Processes (BRP). They have some rules, but they often need to adapt and change as new circumstances arise. They need information, but it’s often unstructured notes and facts captured on paper or buried in e-mails sitting in someone’s inbox on their PC, tablet or smartphone."
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may 2019 by jonerp
Big Idea: Extreme Capitalism And The Dawn Of Digital Duopolies
"How could this happen despite the rhetoric and dire warnings? At precisely the wrong time, when they should have stepped up to invest to defend against this threat, most leaders pulled back to harvest. Even worse, most organization’s shareholders bet against them by stripping away their ability to invest and innovate for the long run with stock buy backs, share dividends, and a plethora of mergers and acquisitions."
@rwang0  2019  alliances  apps  strategy  artificial  intelligence  big  ideas  business  transformation  ceo  chief  customer  officer  data  digital  executive 
may 2019 by jonerp
Research Report: Constellation’s Futurist Framework (PESTEL) – The Political Outlook Pre @Davos #WEF18 - by @rwang0
"Global governments face a confluence of forces with worldwide chronic unemployment, stagnant economic performance, growing social program obligations and continued polarization of political ideology. A generation of voters are jobless at the beginning of their careers. OECD statistics show over 73 million, or 12.6 percent, of global youth are unemployed. Political trends play a role in the acceleration or hindrance of business disruption. Amid those forces, governments seek to address social unrest and quell the impact of failed policies and disenfranchised citizenry"
featured  posts  trends  &  concepts  #davos18  #davos2018  #wef  #wef18  #wef2018  apps  strategy  big  ideas  board  room  boardroom  priorities  c-suite 
january 2018 by jonerp
Research Summary: Artificial Intelligence Delivers Mass Personalization In Commerce - by @rwang0
"Lack of relevance leads to lack of engagement. Contextual relevancy can be correlated to an immediate effect on the top line. Constellation estimates that lack of content relevancy often results in 83 percent lower response rates in the average marketing campaign. Conversely, personalized contextual relevancy by time of day, geo-spatial location, weather, and identity improves commerce conversions between two to three times over normal non-personalized campaigns."
2017  ai  anticipatory  analytics  apps  strategy  artificial  intelligence  augmented  humanity  b2b  e-commerce  b2c  big  ideas  bigdata  business  transformation  cadence 
april 2017 by jonerp
GE startup will test ideas that could lead to a radical restructuring of its manufacturing business
"Foremski’s Take: From manufacturing jet engines to manufacturing innovative companies — GE has an incredibly ambitious plan.

If it can deliver on the promise of accelerated innovation it means that the future arrives more quickly. And it means that solutions to some very hard problems will be developed faster. We’ll need to innovate faster just to keep up with environmental changes."
a  top  story  end  of  work  great  ideas  ge 
october 2016 by jonerp
Of organizational Operating Systems, Frameworks and Flows - by @dt
"Business is all about getting the work done and the work is a flow. Most of our organiations have vertical application silos – ERP, CRM, Email, HR, Document Management and more. Then we are adding enterprise social networks like Jive, or extra collaboration tools like Slack. The digital workplace is getting more complex"
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may 2016 by jonerp
Henley Business School’s free Digital Leadership course - by @dt
"The course is aimed at middle managers and the C suite, delivered online with 3 hours of material each week for 4 weeks. It includes videos, articles, case studies, discussions, quizzes and activities based on the participant’s own experiences. The intention is to help you get the most out of technology for your business, understand emerging technologies and how relevant competencies and skills can help your sales and competitiveness."
leadership  ideas  digital  literacy 
january 2016 by jonerp
Future of Work – a Blockchain primer - by @dt
"Part of the problem with talking Blockchain is that commentary on it is often strongly tied to the digital currency that it supports – Bitcoin. That single implementation overwhelms most explanations of the underlying technology. I’ve looked at a lot of explanations generated over the last year and come away puzzled, but the best I’ve found is from Mike Gault on re/code on July 5."
digital  disruption  events  future  ideas  workplace  bitcoin  blockchain  of  work  music 
december 2015 by jonerp

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