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What Matters Least to Line-of-Business Buyers
"If you help me innovate, help me differentiate, and don’t cause me pain from having to change everything else I’m doing (i.e. work with the stuff we have (integration)), then that is more important than being cheap. Oh, BTW, the “messy middle” of these factors is a collection of things that are very much “vendor risk” oriented."
go-to-market  customer  experience  decision  factors  innovation  integration  price 
9 weeks ago by jonerp
Progress Report - Workday Innovation Summit 2019 - Workday doubles down on AI and Skills
"On the concern side, Workday’s move to the public cloud is … slow. When asked, Bhusri foresees probably two more hardware refresh cycles in the Workday data centers… translated, that means he sees full public cloud 4-6 years out. Operationally that maybe fine, but from the AI / ML perspective obstructional to implement any deep learning on customer data. Workday is to a certain point lucky, as HR and Finance are somewhat moving slower than e.g. Commerce, IoT etc. I also missed (at least a demo refresh / update) on voice as the new UX, as this is most transformation for the sporadic nature of HCM interactions.
ai  analyst  meeting  analytics  artificial  intelligence  constellation  research  finance  hcm  holger  mueller  innovation  machine  learning  nextgenerp  workday 
may 2019 by jonerp
Sustainability might not be sexy, but life depends on it
"That’s 5 million units a year, all which generate data, and all of which need energy and resources in their creation. Chris suggests that by 2030 most people will have 15 devices, all generating data because “everything computes at the edge and everywhere”. He’s seen research that suggests we will run out of gold by 2030. Yikes!"
trends  &  concepts  cloud  corporate  culture  edge  computing  future  hm19  hpe  hybrid  innovation  strategy  supply  chain  sustainability 
april 2019 by jonerp
Six Requirements for Growing and Scaling Autonomous Mobility
"The driverless future promised by next-generation mobility is expressed today in terms of two innovations: on-demand mobility services, e.g., ride-hailing, and microtransit, and autonomous vehicles used for consumer transportation and logistics. Currently it is necessary to evaluate the performance of these innovations using two distinct lifecycles. Figure 1 shows where we are in each of these lifecycles."
big  data  next-generation  mobility  automotive  innovation  autonomous  vehicles  lifecycles  logistics  mobility-as-a-service  privacy  regulation  safety 
february 2019 by jonerp
Five Reasons Why Are We Not Making Progress on Inventory Management
"I discussed the topic of technology selection for planning at great length in the Blog, Yowza, A Nine-Step Process for Selecting Supply Chain Planning Systems. Supply chain planning is all about better math and modeling. Today, since many do not test the solutions and often buy based on IT standardization, the probability of success is about the same as playing the tables in Las Vegas. As shown in Figure 5, only one-in-two business users are satisfied. The default? Most planning happens in Excel Spreadsheets."
demand  innovation  inventory  management  market-driven 
october 2018 by jonerp
Monday’s Musings: Seven Common Failures Plague Board Room Strategy In Digital Transformation
"Laggard market perception cascades failure and customer disillusionment. Declining brands and organizations in laggard industries stripped of brand equity enter an era of negative market perception. Instead of redefining the mission and purpose with new business models, orgs often take a short cut of branding without substance. Seen as devoid of innovation with a commoditized non-differentiated offering, every stakeholder from employee, customer, partner, supplier, and investor lowers expectations of success. The result – leaders who focus on short term gain, declining employee morale, lack of interest by investors, and lower quality from suppliers. Partners lose interest in creating co-innovation and co-creation ecosystems with laggards. Customers no longer find an affinity for a brand that has sold its soul and will not pay for premium pricing when they no longer see value."
"Laggard  market  perception  cascades  failure  and  customer  disillusionment.  Declining  brands  organizations  in  laggard  industries  stripped  of  brand  equity  enter  an  era  negative  perception.  Instead  redefining  the  mission  purpose  with  new  business  models  orgs  often  take  a  short  cut  branding  without  substance.  Seen  as  devoid  innovation  commoditized  non-differentiated  offering  every  stakeholder  from  employee  partner  supplier  investor  lowers  expectations  success.  result    leaders  who  focus  on  term  gain  morale  lack  interest  by  investors  lower  quality  suppliers.  Partners  lose  creating  co-innovation  co-creation  ecosystems  laggards.  Customers  no  longer  find  affinity  for  that  has  sold  its  soul  will  not  pay  premium  pricing  when  they  see  value.2018  apps  strategy  best  practices  board  room  boardroom  priorities  promises  transformation  c-suite  cdo  ceo 
may 2018 by jonerp
Why Our Goal Should Not Be an Integrated Supply Chain
Outside-In. The use of channel data to translate market shifts without latency.
Synchronized (versus Integrated). The harmonization and synchronization of data across functional silos.
Horizontal (versus Vertical) Process Excellence. A focus on business process alignment across functions, through horizontal processes like Revenue Management, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Inventory Management, New Product Launch, and Supplier Development."
planning  benchmarking  supply  chain  analytics  digital  innovation 
april 2018 by jonerp
The Risk of the “Risk Bias”
"While not completely surprising, the application of what I’m calling the risk bias to emerging technologies is somewhat concerning. Every technology vendor innovates, but breakthrough innovations usually come from new vendors. Larger vendors often employ fast follower strategies. Enterprises that wait for the capabilities from proven vendors may find themselves acquiring new technologies just to keep up with competitors."
go-to-market  attitudes  disruption  innovation  risk 
march 2018 by jonerp
EPM, Project Orion, and the Beginner’s Mind - by @kellblog
"While as EPMers, we take great pride in our category and, at Host, in our ability to move enterprise-class EPM to the cloud, we must recognize that at some level EPM has failed to deliver against its broad vision of accountability and empowerment. To get to the bottom of this, as Clayton Christensen has often observed, you can’t just talk to your customers to understand your market, you need to understand non-consumers as well. All those Excel-only or primarily-Excel users are Christensen’s non-consumers, so we decided to talk to them. Here’s an example of what we heard."
budgeting  cpm  design  epm  fcpm  forecasting  innovation  planning  product  strategy  scpm  shoshin 
march 2018 by jonerp
What Remains the Same? - by @lcecere #scm
"The organization does not naturally align. It requires leadership. Alignment matters. We now sit on a database of 9,000 respondents. Over six years, we have repeated questions in multiple surveys to get critical mass. We see that when companies have better alignment there is a belief their supply chain is working well. Cut down the friction. When manufacturing reports to a supply chain function, there is better alignment and a stronger belief the supply chain is working well."
digital  supply  chain  development  innovation  leadership  pilots  sap  process  training 
march 2018 by jonerp
Signs that your disruptive innovation is fading - by @denispombriant
"That’s a particularly nasty problem for social media companies and other tech vendors today as customers are rethinking their use. Ten years ago social media was hailed as a great new thing that could link people around the world and offer new possibilities for business and even world peace. Today not so much."
featured  posts  trends  &  concepts  crm  disruption  disruptive  innovation  humantech  onward  sloan  business  review  zichermann 
february 2018 by jonerp
​IBM, Walmart, and Tsinghua University eye blockchain for food supply chain safety in China
"The four entities aim to create a standard for collecting data on origin, safety and authenticity of food using blockchain technology for traceability."
december 2017 by jonerp
Navigating the Supply Chain Management Fault Line - by @lcecere
"Fire the narcissistic supply chain leaders that believe that they have the answers. We don’t have the answers. We have historical practices, not best practices. Stalled progress on metrics: 90% of companies find themselves stuck on key supply chain metrics (cost, inventory, growth, ROIC)."
big  data  supply  chains  digital  chain  3pls  artificial  intelligence  business  process  outsourcing  cognitive  computing  innovation 
november 2017 by jonerp
Event Report - Salesfore Dreamforce 2017 - My oh my - and serious platform news - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, Salesforce remains slow at innovating, but that is understandable, given the vendors efforts to move its platform from inhouse / Oracle to public cloud (AWS, Google) and more opensource. Not an exciting message for a general user conference, but the move will change Salesforce more than many other potential product announcements. Salesforce must go through this re-platform successfully, to remain competitive from a infrastructure perspective and also to power and create a modern platform around BigData and Machine Learning.'
constellation  research  crm  developers  digital  disruption  dreamforce  future  of  work  holger  mueller  innovation  learning  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps 
november 2017 by jonerp
Blockchain: Reflections on a Webinar - by @lcecere
" Blockchain is an immutable ledger. On the webinar, Juan Ruiz from IBM used an analogy that I loved. He shared the story from his boss. She describes immutable as completing a crossword puzzle with an ink pen versus a pencil. When you use a pencil on a crossword puzzle, you can erase the entries. However, in the use of the pen, the first entries stay and are then crossed through. This is a great analogy to understand “immutable” as it pertains to blockchain."
big  data  supply  chains  blockchain  chain  excellence  innovation 
november 2017 by jonerp
How Can I Drive Lights-Out Planning? - by @lcecere
"Yesterday, I facilitated a group of business leaders attempting to drive innovation in supply chain practices. The last five years were tough for the group. With five serial years of Draconian cost-cutting efforts and downsizing, the team has been heads-down trying to survive. For many years, the focus was overcoming day-to-day hurdles. In addition, the company, for the first time in a decade, is struggling to grow. As a result, there has been little time for reflection. Conferences, external training, or educational forums took a back seat."
demand  driven  digital  supply  chains  cognitive  computing  innovation  lightsout  plannig  chain  planning 
november 2017 by jonerp
Probabilistic Forecasting: Right Fit for Your Business? - by @lcecere
"For difficult demand profiles, probabilistic forecasting is a new and powerful technique. It is a type of engine. Forecasting is all about better math, and the fit of the data model to drive outcomes. This implementation was extremely successful at Spairliners, enabling them to deliver world-class service."
demand  global  supply  chains  innovation  inventory  management  anthony  narozza  probabilistic  forecasting  spairliners.  engines 
october 2017 by jonerp
Three Cool Technologies - by @lcecere
"Driving supply chain innovation is hard. This is why I have a soft spot in my heart for technology innovators. As I sit with my coffee, I am reviewing a response by a large system integrator to a client that is just bad. Really BAD. The large system integrator is blindly recommending the technology they know and not the full range of products. The client is looking for innovative solutions, and the consultant is hawking yesterday’s approaches. Buyer beware!"
uncategorized  cool  technologies  enterra  innovation  lokad  orchestr8  pinc  retail  velocity  supply  chain  excellence 
october 2017 by jonerp
Art of Possible vs. Proven Paths to Success - by @barnes_hank
"That works great early in the buying process, to help stimulate interest. But a continued push toward this as you get deeper into buying efforts is not helping the customer.

They don’t want to know what is possible. They want to know exactly how they achieve that possibility–or their own version of it. They want proven paths to success."
go-to-market  customer  buying  process  innovation  strategy  success 
september 2017 by jonerp
Twitter’s stock plunges as user growth stalls
"That's not going to happen, and investors are cluing in. Twitter had 328 million average monthly active users, or MAU, in the three months ending in June, which is unchanged from the previous quarter. The company's shares were down more than 10 percent this morning on the news.

The poor showing comes despite Twitter's role in the daily news cycle being more prominent than ever, since the platform often serves as President Donald Trump's favored medium of expression."
law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation  earnings  facebook  twitter 
july 2017 by jonerp
Elon Musk: Mark Zuckerberg’s understanding of AI is “limited”
"There aren't many people in the world who can justifiably call Mark Zuckerberg a dumb-ass, but Elon Musk is probably one of them.

Early on Tuesday morning, in the latest salvo of a tussle between the two tech billionaires over the dangers of advanced artificial intelligence, Musk said that Zuckerberg's "understanding of the subject is limited."
gear  &  gadgets  ministry  of  innovation  technology  lab  ai  artificial  intelligence  elon  musk  facebook  mark  zuckerberg  singularity  spacex 
july 2017 by jonerp
A New Red Wagon? - by @lcecere #scm
"Today’s organization is handcuffed by a forced march for IT standardization and process uniformity. Each project requires a defined ROI. It is ludicrous to ask for a ROI on the unknown. As a result, process innovation is difficult. Break the cycle and invest in small projects with an unknown ROI. Build a governance process, like product stage gates, and focus on process innovation. Innovate at the edge and evolve at the core. Evolve both together. (Note: This is very different than the espoused bimodal evolutionary path.)"
big  data  supply  chains  global  chain  insights  chemical  industry  new  technologies  process  innovation  red  wagon 
july 2017 by jonerp
Analysis Of The Next-Generation Mobility Value Chain - by @esimoudis
"In the previous post I described a new value chain that will connect companies providing on-demand mobility and three emerging models for the realization of this value chain. This value chain is the result of the consumer shift from a car ownership-centric transportation model to a hybrid model that blends car ownership with mobility services, and the stated intent by the providers of certain of these services to adopt of Autonomous Connected Electrified (ACE) vehicles."
autotech  big  data  automotive  innovation  driverless  vehicles  next-generation  mobility  on-demand  value  chain 
july 2017 by jonerp
AT&T joins net neutrality protest—despite suing to block neutrality rules
""This may seem like an anomaly to many people who might question why AT&T is joining with those who have differing viewpoints on how to ensure an open and free Internet," Quinn acknowledged. But that's the point AT&T is making: the company claims to support an "open Internet" even though it opposes the current FCC rules designed to protect the open Internet."
law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation  at&t  net  neutrality 
july 2017 by jonerp
Amazon goes big into brick-and-mortar with $13.7 billion Whole Foods purchase
"Amazon announced today it will acquire the Whole Foods Market for approximately $13.7 billion. The acquisition comes as the two companies agreed to enter a definitive merger agreement in which Amazon will acquire the supermarket chain for $42 per share in an all-cash transaction, and it will include Whole Foods' net debt."
ministry  of  innovation  amazon 
june 2017 by jonerp
Facebook sics AI on terrorist posts, but humans still do the dirty work
"Facebook has admitted that "AI can't catch everything" and it remains heavily dependent on human moderators to flush out terrorist posts on the free content ad network."
law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation  ai  encryption  extremism  facebook  terrorism  whatsapp 
june 2017 by jonerp
Exxon investors clash with executives, vote in favor of annual climate report
"On Wednesday, 62.3 percent of investors in oil giant Exxon Mobil voted for the company to produce an annual report on the impacts of climate change policies on the company’s business. The resolution, which was opposed by Exxon leadership, passed by a large margin compared to last year, when a similar resolution garnered only 38 percent of the investor vote."
ministry  of  innovation  scientific  method  climate  change  exxon  low  carbon  oil 
june 2017 by jonerp
Renewable energy generation in the US dramatically exceeds 2012 predictions
"According to the EIA, renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and geothermal power accounted for 10.68 percent of total electricity generation in the first quarter of 2017. If you include electricity from conventional hydroelectric plants, renewables made up nearly a fifth of total electricity generation—as much as 19.35 percent."
ministry  of  innovation  scientific  method  coal  energy  information  administration  nuclear  renewable 
may 2017 by jonerp
Tim Cook announces $1 billion investment in “advanced” US manufacturing
"Apple plans to create a $1 billion fund to invest in "advanced manufacturing" jobs in the United States. CEO Tim Cook made the announcement last night in a CNBC interview with Mad Money host Jim Cramer, and he says that Apple plans to announce its first investment later this month. Cook wants the new fund to create a "ripple effect" in the job market—he says that the manufacturing jobs created directly by the fund will also create service jobs needed to support them."
gear  &  gadgets  infinite  loop  ministry  of  innovation 
may 2017 by jonerp
A new value chain for next-generation mobility - by @esimoudis
"In my book, The Big Data Opportunity in Our Driverless Future, I make two arguments: 1) that societal and urban challenges are accelerating the adoption of on-demand mobility, and 2) technology advances, including big data and machine intelligence, are making Autonomous Connected and Electrified (ACE) vehicles a reality. ACE vehicles and on-demand mobility will cause three major shifts that can lead to the disruption of the automotive and transportation industries: a consumer shift, an automotive industry shift, and a mobility services shift."
autotech  big  data  automotive  innovation  value  chain  driverless  vehicles  next-generation  mobility  on-demand 
april 2017 by jonerp
Trump will sign executive order to begin revamp of H-1B visa program
President Donald Trump will sign an executive order today seeking changes to the H-1B visa program, which allows tens of thousands of foreign tech workers to come and work in the US each year.

Trump will go to a manufacturing plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to sign the order, according to The Hill, which got wind of the coming order along with other DC news services late yesterday.
law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation  executive  order  h-1b  visas 
april 2017 by jonerp
Don’t like privacy violations? Don’t use the Internet, GOP lawmaker says
"A Republican lawmaker who voted to eliminate Internet privacy rules said, "Nobody's got to use the Internet" when asked why ISPs should be able to use and share their customers' Web browsing history for advertising purposes."
law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation  fcc  isp  jim  sensenbrenner 
april 2017 by jonerp
Ajit Pai can’t convince websites that killing net neutrality is a good idea
"The plan to eliminate net neutrality rules and replace them with voluntary commitments is not winning over lobbyists for major Internet companies."
law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation  ajit  pai  amazon  facebook  fcc  google  microsoft  net  neutrality  netflix 
april 2017 by jonerp
Tesla is worth more than General Motors or Ford
"By contrast, General Motors—which sold roughly 20 times the number of vehicles during Q1 2017—is worth a mere $50.3 billion. Ford, which also delivered more than half a million vehicles in Q1, is worth just $45 billion. If that sounds bonkers, you haven't heard anything yet. Some analysts are predicting that Tesla could hit $500 a share."
cars  technica  ministry  of  innovation  tesla 
april 2017 by jonerp
President Trump delivers final blow to Web browsing privacy rules
""President Trump has signed away the only rules that guarantee Americans a choice in whether or not their sensitive Internet information is sold or given away," said Chris Lewis, VP of consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge. Trump's action also "eliminates the requirement that broadband providers notify their customers of any hacking or security breaches."
law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation  fcc  privacy  trump 
april 2017 by jonerp
Uber president quits, says firm’s values are incompatible with his
"Uber's president Jeff Jones, a marketing expert who joined just six months ago to help soften Uber's abrasive image, has quit because his "beliefs and approach to leadership" were incompatible with what he "saw and experienced at Uber."
cars  technica  ministry  of  innovation  uber 
march 2017 by jonerp
Living with IoT & home automation - by @jeffnolan
"We are still in the early days of home automation and manufacturers will need to figure out the right balance of convenience and function. One thing is very clear, not all IoT is the same, some providers view the app as an extension of the device while others treat the device and app as the same system. It’s worth experimenting with home automation to find those appliances that strike the right balance for you, which also gives you a strong perspective from which to evaluate future devices."
innovation  alexa  echo  ecobee  eero  home  automation  homekit  hue  iot  lighting  nuheat 
march 2017 by jonerp
The Dogshit Bar: A Memorable Market Research Concept - by @kellblog
"So before drilling into all the details that product management can obsess over, step back, and ask some fundamental questions first.

Does the product solve a problem faced by your organization?

How high a priority is that problem? (Perhaps ranked against a list of high-level priorities for the buyer. It’s not enough that it solves a problem, it needs to solve an important problem.)

What would be the economic value of solving that problem? (That is, how much value can this product provide.)"
business  featured  posts  advertising  david  ogilvy  entrepreneurship  innovation  market  research  marketing  new  products  ogivly  polls 
march 2017 by jonerp
Op-ed: The Internet belongs to the people, not powerful corporate interests
"In today’s economy, it is equally important that access to the backbone of twenty-first century infrastructure, the Internet, be similarly unfettered. That is why it is critical that we maintain the net neutrality protections and clear oversight authority that the Federal Communications Commission put in place in 2015 through the Open Internet Order."
law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation  chuck  schumer  fcc  net  neutrality 
march 2017 by jonerp
99.6% of new smartphones run iOS or Android; RIP Windows and Blackberry
"Remember those crazy days in 2011 and 12 when we thought that the mobile market might become a three-horse race between Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile, with Blackberry bringing up the rear? Well, I have bad if unsurprising news: by the end of last year, 99.6 percent of all new smartphones ran either Android or iOS—a return to the status quo that Ars first wrote about way back in 2009."
gear  &  gadgets  ministry  of  innovation  android  ios  windows 
february 2017 by jonerp
Yahoo reveals more breachiness to users victimized by forged cookies
"Yahoo has sent out another round of notifications to users, warning some that their accounts may have been breached as recently as last year. The accounts were affected by a flaw in Yahoo's mail service that allowed an attacker—most likely a "state actor," according to Yahoo—to use a forged "cookie" created by software stolen from within Yahoo's internal systems to gain access to user accounts without a password."
ministry  of  innovation  risk  assessment  technology  lab  breach  yahoo  megabreach 
february 2017 by jonerp
Different Strokes for Different Folks (to Yield Better Results?)? - by @lcecere #scm
"Disruption in supply chain planning is happening. My angst is that it is not happening faster. We are on a path to reinvent decision-support technologies like supply chain planning. The third act is starting. This will make traditional approaches obsolete. The rate of adoption will be fast for early adopters (next five years), but much slower for conservative followers. The barrier for all is traditional thinking."
demand  uncategorized  channel  data  cognitive  reasoning  planning  innovation  probabilistic  forecasting  supply  chain  insights 
february 2017 by jonerp
How being replaced by a machine turned this graphic artist into an activist
"He’s not the only one of his friends and family whose work has been outsourced, whether to people in other countries or to non-humans.

Chabot said to Ars, “There seems to be stigma about this happening to someone, as if it is shameful. I think if more people would speak about this reality, we’d already be having a nicer transition with all these changes happening.”
ministry  of  innovation 
february 2017 by jonerp
Intel will invest $7 billion to finish a factory it started in 2011
"Intel announced today that it would spend $7 billion to complete Fab 42, a factory in Chandler, Arizona that will eventually be used to build chips on Intel's 7nm manufacturing process. According to Intel's release, the facility will "directly create 3,000 high-tech, high-wage Intel jobs for process engineers, equipment technicians, and facilities-support engineers and technicians who will work at the site" and that a further 7,000 jobs will be created indirectly to support the facility. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich made the announcement at the White House with President Donald Trump; Krzanich briefly attracted controversy last summer when he canceled a Trump fundraising event."
gear  &  gadgets  ministry  of  innovation  intel 
february 2017 by jonerp
Tech sector begins legal assault on Trump immigration order
"Several major tech companies are organizing in opposition to the Trump administration’s executive order that restricts entry or re-entry of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries. The order, which was signed last Friday, affects immigrants from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria."
law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation  amazon  apple  facebook  trump 
february 2017 by jonerp
Microsoft’s 2Q17: cloud growth slows, Windows surprising, Surface resilient
"As ever, Microsoft also offered alternative figures that book Windows 10 revenue up front instead of amortized over several years, and which hold exchange rates constant to remove the impact of rate fluctuations year-on-year (which gives some indication of year-to-year changes in actual sales transactions, if not of money in the bank). Using that regime for both this year and last, revenue was up 4 percent at $26.1 billion, operating income was up 8 percent at $8.2 billion, net income up was up 10 percent at $6.5 billion, end earnings per share were up 13 percent at $0.83."
ministry  of  innovation  technology  lab  cloud  finances  microsoft 
january 2017 by jonerp
FCC Chairman Pai vows to close broadband “digital divide”
""One of the most significant things that I’ve seen during my time here is that there is a digital divide in this country—between those who can use cutting-edge communications services and those who do not," Pai said (transcript). "I believe one of our core priorities going forward should be to close that divide—to do what’s necessary to help the private sector build networks, send signals, and distribute information to American consumers, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else. We must work to bring the benefits of the digital age to all Americans."
law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation  ajit  pai  fcc 
january 2017 by jonerp
Alphabet ended drone Internet project, saying economics didn’t work out
"Alphabet's airborne broadband plans no longer include drones, as the company says balloons are a more promising delivery mechanism for bringing Internet access to remote and rural areas."
ministry  of  innovation  technology  lab  alphabet  drones  google  project  loon  titan  aerospace 
january 2017 by jonerp
Tim Cook and other Apple execs miss out on bonus pay after disappointing 2016
"Apple raked in $215.6 billion in sales in 2016, but it wasn't enough to keep the company from reporting its first year-over-year sales decline since 2001. According to the company's definitive proxy statement filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the company's sales declined from $233.7 billion in 2015, and its operating income likewise fell from $71.2 billion in 2015 to $60.0 billion in 2016. The decline in these two metrics was enough to significantly cut incentive-based pay for Tim Cook and a number of other high-level Apple executives."
infinite  loop  ministry  of  innovation  apple 
january 2017 by jonerp
Monetizing Personalized Transportation Experiences by Exploiting Big Data - by @esimoudis
"Understanding the passenger and enabling the creation of personalized transportation experiences to address the challenges brought by the introduction of ACE vehicles and Mobility Services under a new hybrid model that combines car ownership with car access, relies on a rich set of insights derived from the continuous exploitation of big data using machine intelligence. Taking advantage of these opportunities will require that incumbents accept to be in the insights-generation business rather than just in the manufacturing and distribution business."
autotech  big  data  innovation  business  model  driverless  vehicles  machine  intelligence  self  driving  cars 
january 2017 by jonerp
Federal report: AI could threaten up to 47 percent of jobs in two decades
"This week, scientists and economic advisers to President Obama released a report on artificial intelligence, including the effects of automation on the US job market and economy. While the report notes the significant potential for wealth gains from increased productivity due to AI, it also warns of threats to existing jobs and an exacerbation of the wage inequality between lower-skilled, less-educated workers and those with higher skills."
ministry  of  innovation  scientific  method 
december 2016 by jonerp
In the future, humans could “help make” gallons of sewage-based biofuel a year
"Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL) have developed a new method for treating human sewage to create a biocrude oil product that can be refined into a fuel akin to gasoline, diesel, or jet fuels."
ministry  of  innovation  scientific  method  biocrude  biofuel  energy  pnnl 
december 2016 by jonerp
Airbnb and NYC bury the hatchet
"“As Airbnb knows, this state law does not target their company,” de Blasio spokeswoman Melissa Grace said in a statement. “Instead, it provides the City with an additional tool to use against those seeking to turn permanent homes into illegal, short-term stay hotels. The city will enforce this and other existing laws against bad actors, and appreciates the additional enforcement powers this new tool provides to protect New Yorkers and visitors from unsafe conditions."
law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation 
december 2016 by jonerp
Differentiation and Neutralization – The Constant Struggle - by @barnes_hank
" Talented engineers often aren’t excited about creating “neutralizing products.” Being the most innovative is cool, so there is a tendency to try to out innovate others–both in features and words. For neutralizers, the better choice is “we are just as good, or almost as good, but–and more importantly for you, Mr. and Ms. Customer, we are lower risk and easier for you to manage.”
go-to-market  differentiation  disruptive  innovation  neutralization  sustaining 
november 2016 by jonerp
Overcomplicated technology and the need for biological thinking
"The current resurgence in interest in blockchains, therefore, could be a welcome sign that sanity is breaking out in the financial technology (fintech) investment arena, as those working in financial services and other sectors begin to recognise the practical benefits beyond the Bitcoin hype."
ministry  of  innovation  biology  physics  technology 
november 2016 by jonerp
UK government vows to sink $2.3 billion into new cybersecurity plan
"The UK government has promised to spend nearly £2 billion over the next five years to try to tackle the growing problem of cyber attacks in the country."
ministry  of  innovation  risk  assessment  cyber  security  strategy  cyberattacks  gchq  philip  hammond  talktalk  treasury 
november 2016 by jonerp
Tesla’s shows off solar roof and energy ambitions at Los Angeles event
"You really need to make solar panels as appealing as electric cars have become," Tesla CEO Elon Musk told a crowd of several hundred people as the sun set on the artificial neighborhood. "The goal is to have a roof that's less than the installed cost of a roof plus electricity."
ministry  of  innovation  solarcity  tesla 
october 2016 by jonerp
Google teaches “AIs” to invent their own crypto and avoid eavesdropping
"Google Brain has created two artificial intelligences that evolved their own cryptographic algorithm to protect their messages from a third AI, which was trying to evolve its own method to crack the AI-generated crypto. The study was a success: the first two AIs learnt how to communicate securely from scratch."
ministry  of  innovation  risk  assessment  technology  lab  cryptography  encryption  google  brain  neural  networks 
october 2016 by jonerp
Pizza, the unsung agent of the robot revolution
"With that short-lived episode over, the roadmap for robotic deliveries is now back under debate, at least if you were expecting arms and legs. But how about an autonomous delivery box on wheels or an airborne drone instead? These are all at the prototype stage but they’re definitely coming; in fact, there's a wide range of innovative technology under investigation by retailers to achieve a competitive edge, from drones to chatbots to redesigned Mars rovers and slasher robots."
features  gear  &  gadgets  ministry  of  innovation  technology  lab  amazon  automation  ocado  robots  starship  technologies  uk 
october 2016 by jonerp
Microsoft cloud annualized run rate hits $13bn in strong first quarter
"At various times, Microsoft's critics have said that both Bing and Surface should be cancelled. Both now look to be reasonably well established businesses; Bing is claimed to be profitable, and while Surface's finances are murkier it appears at the very least that Microsoft is building it into a strong brand that is showing some ability to influence the broader PC market."
ministry  of  innovation  technology  lab  business  finance  financials  microsoft 
october 2016 by jonerp
HP Inc to axe up to 4,000 jobs over next three years
"HP Inc plans to trim its workforce by up to eight percent with the loss of between 3,000 and 4,000 jobs by 2019 to shave millions off the company's costs."
ministry  of  innovation  3d  printing  hp  inc  job  cuts  layoffs 
october 2016 by jonerp
Barclays doing Digital differently - by @dt
"The Brighton Lab provides a home for business advisors, brokers, web site designers, and businesses creating new apps and digital services. It hosts 2 permanent offices with 4 staff in each, has 2 meeting spaces for hire or use by the members, a maker space, and the main area supports 25 co-workers. They’ve linked to the local maker community and provide a hub for emerging technology in the local community. Compared to their peers, Barclays are thinking differently, and doing digital differently."
#entdigi  conference  digital  disruption  literacy  innovation  workplace  barclays  bank  eagles  transformation  eagle  labs  incubator  maker  space  start-up 
october 2016 by jonerp
At the bleeding edge of AI: Quantum grocery picking and transfer learning
"Even so, a future move from a binary to a quantum method, while complicated, could ultimately optimise vehicle routing tasks, which feature numerous variables. It could also deliver a boost to Ocado’s forthcoming robot grid technology, optimising the 4D (space and time) conundrums that this much-touted but yet-to-be-unveiled system grapples with."
ministry  of  innovation  technology  lab  ocado  quantum 
october 2016 by jonerp
Amazon wants to challenge UPS and FedEx with its own delivery system
"It makes sense why Amazon would want to sell, ship, and deliver orders on its own. The report estimates the company spent $11.5 billion on shipping just last year, amounting to 10.8 percent of sales. The shipping process is currently a bit convoluted: packages from Amazon warehouses get sent to one of two shipping routes, either to FedEx or UPS, or to a sorting facility that lumps all packages with similar zip codes together."
ministry  of  innovation  amazon  fedex  shipping  ups 
september 2016 by jonerp
Direct Material Woes: Seven Steps to Take to Improve Value - by @lcecere
"Today, less than one-in-four purchase orders are processed hands free. Minimize the time for vendor set-up and ensure that vendors can get the data they need. At one A&D manufacturer that I work with, they staff a hot line with an experienced engineer to answer quality of design questions from suppliers directly with experts. The focus is on making it easy for the supplier to get the right answers. Analyze your current processes."
innovation  procurement  risk  management  supply  chain  excellence  corporate  social  responsibility  direct  materials 
september 2016 by jonerp
Facebook apologizes for feeding inflated video-view numbers to advertisers
"On Friday, Facebook took to its official blog to confirm and respond to a Wall Street Journal report. In the blog post, the company acknowledged that one of Facebook's most crucial metrics for measuring video-view performance had been wildly inflated."
ministry  of  innovation  advertising  facebook  nielsen  wall  stree  journal 
september 2016 by jonerp
2 million fake accounts later, Wells Fargo drops sales quotas for its employees
"On Tuesday, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf released a statement promising that the bank would eliminate product sales goals for its employees after thousands of employees were found to have opened fake accounts using real customer names and identification in order to boost internal sales numbers. Stump did not go so far as to say that the practice of cross-selling financial products would end at Wells Fargo, but The Wall Street Journal reported that the company would put a temporary hold on the practice."
ministry  of  innovation  wells  fargo 
september 2016 by jonerp
Adblock Plus finds the end-game of its business model: Selling ads
"Eyeo GmbH, the company that makes the popular Adblock Plus software, will today start selling the very thing many of its users hate—advertisements. Today, the company is launching a self-service platform to sell "pre-whitelisted" ads that meet its "acceptable ads" criteria. The new system will let online publishers drag and drop advertisements that meet Eyeo's expectations for size and labeling."
law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation  ad  blocking 
september 2016 by jonerp
“Silicon Valley is hostile to diversity,” says Slack Director of Engineering Leslie Miley
"Miley said that while Slack isn’t perfect, it is “being intentional” and is trying to recruit engineers from schools that aren’t traditionally expected to produce top-notch talent.

Still, when an audience member asked what advice Miley would give to black entrepreneurs in the Bay Area, he was blunt: “Leave.”

“Seriously, Silicon Valley is hostile to diversity,” he continued. “Jesse Jackson came to Silicon Valley in 1998. Here were are in 2016 still talking about it.”
ministry  of  innovation  ars  live  black  leslie  miley  slack 
august 2016 by jonerp
Hype Cycle Reminders For Tech Providers - by @barnes_hank
"The Trough of Disillusionment represents opportunity. When I talk to some providers they feel like the trough is a bad time for the market. The reality is this is a sign of needed maturity. Opportunity in the trough comes from switching from talking about what is possible to talking about what is reality."
go-to-market  hype  cycle  innovation  market  clock  marketing  sales 
august 2016 by jonerp
Pepper, the 4-foot-tall robot that “reads emotions,” makes her US debut
"During the quick demo, Pepper demonstrated her ability to track movements—moving her head as I stepped from side to side—and her ability to detect smiles and glares. The iPad-style screen on her chest can show any needed visual information."
ministry  of  innovation  pepper  softbank 
august 2016 by jonerp
Tesla losses grow, but Musk says production goals will be met by year-end
"In Tesla’s Q2 2016 financial statement released today, the company reported a net loss of $293 million (~£220 million) for the quarter, making it Tesla’s 13th straight quarterly loss. (By Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP, the company lost only $150 million. GAAP standards account for certain things on a car company’s balance sheet, like leased vehicles, differently than non-GAAP bookkeeping does.)"
cars  technica  ministry  of  innovation  financial  tesla 
august 2016 by jonerp
Facebook continues its war on clickbait
"In 2014, Facebook said it was going to take steps to favor clear headlines over so-called clickbait, which it defines as headlines that try to cultivate interest in a story by omitting key pieces of information, or by misrepresenting what’s in the actual post. Now, the social media giant has revised its clickbait-tackling scheme, which for the past two years has been downgrading posts based on the amount of time Facebook users spend on the article after they click the headline."
ministry  of  innovation  clickbait  facebook 
august 2016 by jonerp
Bitcoin value falls off cliff after $77M stolen in Hong Kong exchange hack
"The value of bitcoins plummeted 20 percent after almost 120,000 units of the digital currency were stolen from Bitfinex, a major Bitcoin exchange.

The Hong Kong-based exchange said it had discovered a security breach late Tuesday and has suspended all transactions."
ministry  of  innovation  risk  assessment  bitcoin  finance  hack  hong  kong 
august 2016 by jonerp
Microsoft cuts 3,000 jobs in smartphone division, sales
"Microsoft plans to lay off nearly 3,000 more jobs over the next year across its smartphone hardware business and global sales division.

The latest cuts heap misery on Microsoft staff, after the software giant confirmed in May that 1,850 jobs would be lost at its mobile wing—even as its Windows and devices veep Terry Myerson insisted: "we're scaling back, but we're not out!"
gear  &  gadgets  ministry  of  innovation  job  cuts  microsoft  staff  nokia  windows  phone 
august 2016 by jonerp
Tesla and SolarCity agree on merger terms in $2.6 billion all-stock deal
"On Monday morning, Tesla announced that it has come to an agreement with SolarCity. Tesla will buy the company in an all-stock deal that would give 0.11 shares of Tesla stock to investors for every share of SolarCity sick they own. The Wall Street Journal estimates this would make the deal worth $2.6 billion."
ministry  of  innovation  solar  city  tesla 
august 2016 by jonerp
Broadband industry tries again to kill net neutrality and Title II
"ISPs' attempt to overturn the Federal Communications Commission rules were rejected when a three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit voted 2-1 in favor of the FCC. Now the broadband industry's trade groups are seeking an "en banc" review in front of all of the DC Circuit court's judges instead of just a three-judge panel. If this fails, ISPs can appeal to the Supreme Court, but the odds against them winning appear to be long."
infinite  loop  law  &  disorder  ministry  of  innovation  technology  lab  ctia  fcc  ncta  net  neutrality 
july 2016 by jonerp
How Corporations Can Manage New Ventures and University Projects as Extensions of their Advanced Product Development - by @esimoudies
"Large corporations and small firms and even university projects are symbiotic, but there are natural barriers that keep them from working together. While this is a larger issue to solve with education and research, for action-oriented firms, the issues are really more about timing, building relationship, and overall portfolio based tracking."
innovation  corporate  r&d  startup-driven  vc 
july 2016 by jonerp
IBM’s Watson fed images to estimate water use efficiency in California
"Of course, a truck load of information won’t do you any good if you can’t extract the bits you need. One tool for working with potentially valuable truck loads is an artificial neural network—a software system that uses machine learning techniques to process tons of data and intelligently answer questions. And one company is now applying IBM’s Watson machine learning system in an interesting way to tell water utilities something they would love to know: how efficiently their customers are using water."
ministry  of  innovation  scientific  method  sustainability  water  resources  usage 
july 2016 by jonerp
A Critical Shift is Happening in Technology Markets - by @barnes_hank
"While investment in new technology for products and services continues to be a priority (55% of the CEOs ranked it in their top 2), a focus on innovating in the way their companies engage with customers was a top priority for more CEOs (58%). They are recognizing that changing market conditions, particularly more tech-savvy business buyers, requires them to become more industry and business focused, to adapt their sales practices, and to think about new delivery models."
go-to-market  customer  experience  innovation  leadership 
july 2016 by jonerp
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