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Coronavirus Widens the Money Mule Pool
"With many people being laid off or working from home thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, cybercrooks are almost certain to have more than their usual share of recruitable “money mules” — people who get roped into money laundering schemes under the pretense of a work-at-home job offer. Here’s the story of one upstart mule factory that spoofs a major nonprofit and tells new employees they’ll be collecting and transmitting donations for an international “Coronavirus Relief Fund.”
a  little  sunshine  latest  warnings  web  fraud  2.0  alex  holden  bitcoin  atm  scam  coronavirus  globalgiving  hold  security  kevin  conroy  vasty  health  care  foundation 
12 days ago by jonerp
Zoho Remotely offers Home working solution during Coronavirus
"This is an intriguing and welcome offer by Zoho. Companies need to pause, think and plan before rushing into committing to something that has some wider implications. However, for some organisations this may enable them to continue working effectively during what is fast become a global crisis."
latest  news  technology  assist  cio  cliq  coronavirus  covid19  gartner  home  working  lens  meeting  projects 
19 days ago by jonerp
Why AI projects fail – 5 Common mistakes in customer service
"Addressing the wrong challenges: Organisations often try to fix everything with one project, we call this ‘trying to boil the ocean’. At the other end of the scale, people can spend 18 months writing an AI strategy paper that ultimately delivers nothing. Remember to scope out the issue first and then address the challenge."
blogs  latest  news  ai  alexa  coo  customer  service  data  ebi  fomo  google  home  virtual  assistants 
26 days ago by jonerp
Cloud migration more costly than expected says Capita research
"The report outlines all the key challenges business face when migrating to the cloud. Despite the challenges 86% of respondents agree that the benefits of cloud are compelling enough to outweigh its downsides. Organisations initially saw cloud migration as a simple way to save money and another location to store applications and data. Increasingly, the move to cloud is supporting business innovations across all enterprises."
cloud  computing  latest  news  ai  artificial  intelligence  business  innovation  capita  hybrid  infrastructure  it  machine  learning  report 
27 days ago by jonerp
Clearview AI breach continues to have consequences
"There are a number of issues with this data breach. The company’s approach to being breached was more of a shrug and ‘it happens’ mentality. As Roy pointed out it shows the company “does not take cyber security and data privacy seriously.”

The claims that only law enforcement and security investigators can access data is also questionable. The number of educational, retail and other customers using the app shows that its use is far wider than the company admits. While there is evidence from the BuzzFeed News story that many are using trial accounts, you’d expect there to be oversight even at that level."
latest  news  security  apple  buzzfeed  clearview  ai  facebook  facial  recognition  gdpr  law  enforcement  privacy  twitter 
29 days ago by jonerp
Time for cybersecurity to take back control of its story
"A need to address the talent gap and burn-out were also part of Ghai’s message. When it comes to bringing in new talent Ghai said: “It’s time to shift from elitism to inclusion.” Many HR teams dump CVs for cybersecurity roles, even junior ones, if people don’t have the right letters and awards. They often ignore experience. Think that isn’t true? Go and ask the community. Many of the cybersecurity communities I sit in talk continuously about the problem of getting a foothold because they haven’t done the courses HR thinks are requirements."
latest  news  security  change  culture  cybersecurity  hackers  mental  health  narrative  neurodiversity  rsa  story  veteransec 
4 weeks ago by jonerp
Blockchain 2020 – thoughts, comments and the future
"Blockchain 2020: though many will deny it, 2019 was a year of relatively small progress for blockchain in the enterprise. Yes, progress occurred. But it was not of an earth-shattering form.

As a mild antidote as well as precursor to 2020 Enterprise Times offers up a selection of statements made about blockchain for next year. Take them as you will…"
blockchain  latest  news  2020  ava  labs  chain  accelerator  closecross  crypto  valley  association  cudo  ventures  factom  findora  fundament  securities 
12 weeks ago by jonerp
Does Disney need a security princess after claims Disney+ hacked?
"The same is true of hacking attacks. It really doesn’t matter who is at fault. The immediate response to blame the victims is not what customers would have expected. Disney will now have to prove that it was not at fault and do so quickly. Using a third-party forensics team to establish what happened is a must. So is finding some way to help those customers regain access to their accounts."
latest  news  security  cybercriminals  disney  forensics  hacking  malwarebytes  ralph  streaming  service 
november 2019 by jonerp
Facebook admits to circumventing GDPR
"Facebook claims that it is no longer bound by GDPR because of the way it changed its terms and conditions. It is relying on Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR which states: “processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract.”
business  latest  news  security  advertising  eu  facebook  gdpr  libra  noyb  privacy 
november 2019 by jonerp
Armis warns of unpatchable vulnerabilities in critical hardware
"IoT security company Armis has revealed more medical and manufacturing device vulnerabilities linked to its URGENT/11 disclosure at Black Hat. The details were released in a coordinated vulnerabilitiy disclosure from Armis, the FDA, DHS and BD Alaris, a manufacturer of medical devices. It also reveals six more Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) are affected. For some devices the vulnerabilities are so severe that they are considered unpatchable."
latest  news  premier  partners  security  armis  dhs  fda  healthcare  manufacturing  ntt  limited  rtos  vulnerabilities  vxworks 
october 2019 by jonerp
Hunting botnets and Chinese hackers targeting finance
"Cooperation between security companies and industry bodies is delivering significant benefits in the fight against cybercriminals. Country after country is introducing its own cyber force for good and for bad. This raises the stakes considerably in terms of the types of attacks.

Law enforcement is likely to be heavily reliant on private companies going forward. The question is how much intelligence will governments share to help detect attacks. As our coverage of Zerodium from yesterday shows, the lines of share and use are very blurry."
latest  news  ntt  security  premier  partners  apt41  botnets  china  cms  drupal  finance  gtic  joomla 
september 2019 by jonerp
Is Sage obfuscating on cloud revenue?
"There is a lack of detail in Sage results that often frustrates. On the whole the numbers look solid. Yet there are several unanswered questions about its actual performance and strategy. Aaron Harris, appointed in 2019 will deliver his cloud strategy at the end of year. It will be interesting to see how that shifts Sage towards fulfilling its vision. At the moment it is not easy to see whether it is actually heading in the right direction. Again, there was no mention of Sage People, which historically has been one of the fastest growing cloud products for Sage."
business  erp  latest  news  cloud  ebp.  accounting  enterprise  management  results  saas  sage  50  intacct  steve  hare 
july 2019 by jonerp
Aon, Oxfam and Etherisc launch blockchain-based agricultural insurance
"Aon, Oxfam and Etherisc have launched blockchain-based agricultural insurance policies for smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka. Nearly 200 farmers have already enrolled in a solution which delivers micro-insurance to smallholder paddy field farmers who are at risk of losing their crops due to extreme weather."
blockchain  latest  news  agritech  aon  etherisc  farmer  insurance  oxfam  sanasa  small  holding  sri  lanka 
july 2019 by jonerp
World Economic Forum to define blockchain for supply chain deployment
"Assembling over 100 of the more influential ports, shippers and supply chain companies to co-design an open-source toolkit to accelerate the deployment of blockchain technology in a coherent manner is no mean achievement. There are many competing interests. Perhaps it needed the ‘sponsorship’ from a body like the World Economic Forum to break down barriers."
blockchain  latest  news  interoperability  data  privacy  digital  identity  ledger  technology  dlt  hitachi  korea  customs  service  llamasoft  maersk  mercy  corps 
may 2019 by jonerp
P2P Weakness Exposes Millions of IoT Devices
"But according to an in-depth analysis shared with KrebsOnSecurity by security researcher Paul Marrapese, iLnkP2P devices offer no authentication or encryption and can be easily enumerated, allowing potential attackers to establish a direct connection to these devices while bypassing any firewall restrictions."
latest  warnings  the  coming  storm  hichip  ilnkp2p  p2p  paul  marrapese  shenzhen  yunni  technology  udp  hole  punching  upnp 
april 2019 by jonerp
Customer experience disconnect is putting businesses at risk
"Research from Dimension Data shows that 70% of respondents said customer experience is not represented at board level. The research indicates that lower-level management or multiple managers often assuming responsibility. Furthermore, only 17% said their organisation takes a fully integrated, centralised approach to user experience."
erp  latest  news  ai  analytics  artificial  intelligence  customer  experience  cx  digital  integration  ecommerce  retail  user  visualsoft 
january 2019 by jonerp
US survey says shoppers want less automation, more human interaction with customer service
"The report revealed that, despite misconceptions of robots taking over, consumers still want human interaction while navigating digital assets. What’s more, they don’t expect, nor want technology to replace real people. It’s true consumers are open-minded about using technology like chatbots that save time and make life easier. But they still trust humans to help solve more complex problems and make experiences such as online shopping, filling a prescription or making a bank deposit — more enjoyable."
erp  latest  news  ai  artificial  intelligence  automation  brands  chatbots  customer  service  gartner  human  interaction  research  retail 
december 2018 by jonerp
Marriott data breach shows cyber security risks of mergers
"The company also admitted that the information also includes payment card numbers and payment card expiration dates. While it claims the payment card numbers were encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard encryption (AES-128) it also admits that the keys to decrypt those payment cards may also have been stolen. If so, this makes the breach significantly worse as it shows the hackers had complete access to all company information."
latest  news  security  data  breach  due  diligence  forrester  gdpr  hackers  ico  m&a  marriott  nominet  starwood 
december 2018 by jonerp
Sage appoints Steve Hare as CEO
"Donald Brydon, Chairman, said: “I am delighted Steve has agreed to lead Sage on the next stage of its journey to become a great SaaS business. He has impressed the Board with the momentum, focus and clarity he has brought to the organisation over the last few months as COO but also throughout his tenure as CFO. As we looked externally for the experience, vision and deep knowledge required to accelerate operational execution it very quickly became clear through Steve’s early decisions and his clear prioritisation that he is the right person to lead Sage.”
business  erp  latest  news  appointment  ceo  cfo  rob  reid  sage  intacct 
november 2018 by jonerp
Supply Chain Security is the Whole Enchilada, But Who’s Willing to Pay for It?
"In a nutshell, the Bloomberg story claims that San Jose, Calif. based tech giant Supermicro was somehow caught up in a plan to quietly insert a rice-sized computer chip on the circuit boards that get put into a variety of servers and electronic components purchased by major vendors, allegedly including Amazon and Apple. The chips were alleged to have spied on users of the devices and sent unspecified data back to the Chinese military."
a  little  sunshine  latest  warnings 
october 2018 by jonerp
Voice Phishing Scams Are Getting More Clever
"Most of us have been trained to be wary of clicking on links and attachments that arrive in emails unexpected, but it’s easy to forget scam artists are constantly dreaming up innovations that put a new shine on old-fashioned telephone-based phishing scams. Think you’re too smart to fall for one? Think again: Even technology experts are getting taken in by some of the more recent schemes (or very nearly)."
a  little  sunshine  latest  warnings  the  coming  storm  cabel  sasser  caller  id  spoofing  matt  haughey  metafilter  panic  inc.  phone  phishing  slack  vishing 
october 2018 by jonerp
Philippine rural banks partner with UnionBank for blockchain
"There are two takeawys from this. The first concerns Visa and broadeneing acceptance og B2B Connect. Though not formally available it is clearly making progress.

The second is that, though blockchain is complex, that does not mean complexity has to exclude smaller business. As the UnionBank link with the four small Philippine rural banks shows, blockchain can reach any level of business."
blockchain  homepage  slider  latest  news  b2b  connect  commerce  bank  (usa)  philippines  rural  banking  sberbank  shinhan  sme  unionbank  united  overseas  of  singapore 
february 2018 by jonerp
FedEx leaks highly sensitive customer data
"The data came from the acquisition of Bongo International that FedEx made back in 2014. It later renamed and then shutdown the business unit in April 2017. What is not clear is how long the data has been exposed. Was it originally exposed by Bongo before the acquisition? Did it become orphaned data after the company was shutdown? Either way, there is evidence that the data has been exposed for some time."
homepage  slider  latest  news  security  amazon  bongo  international  data  breach  privacy  egress  software  fedex  gdpr  kromtech  national  id 
february 2018 by jonerp
Is Kodak’s blockchain initiative another blockchain mirage?
"This ‘chasing the blockchain’ attempt to recreate itself does seem bound to end in failure, as Kerrisdale Capital describes. But it may be less to do with the indictment of blockchains and more to do with crude financials. Nevertheless, this fall of this once- titan requires observation to see who is right."
blockchain  business  homepage  slider  latest  news  crypto-asset  cryptocurrency  cryptographic  kodak  kodakcoin  kodakone  photos  wenn  digital 
february 2018 by jonerp
2018 – are we feeling the manufacturing revolution?
"Clearly there is a lot of work yet to be done by many manufacturers around the world. We have discussed such things as IIOT, ERP and Servitization in this article. However, there are many more tech drivers which directly affect manufacturers. Areas such as artificial intelligence, Automation/Robotics, Additive Manufacturing and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) will also change the face of manufacturing."
erp  features  homepage  slider  latest  news  bi  crm  digital  optimisation  iiot  iot  manufacturing  plex  servitization 
february 2018 by jonerp
e-voting and the blockchain
"With e-voting over the internet, many of the security assumptions above no longer exist. Yet, to ‘compete’ with paper-based voting, aspects of a vote must be verifiable.

In order for an e-voting system to be verifiable, a voter must be able to verify that his or her vote"
latest  news  blockchain  estonia  honduras  mix-net  swiss  university  of  lucerne  verifiability  voting  corp 
december 2017 by jonerp
Blockchain Food Safety Alliance in China
"Walmart’s participation matters. It is already a world leader in global food safety. In China, it invests heavily in food safety research through the Walmart Food Safety and Collaboration Center. It has promoted food safety, both through its own supplier network and working with JD. In combination the two have leveraged JD’s expertise in the application of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, big data and other new technologies for the protection of consumers."
blockchain  homepage  slider  latest  news  ai  big  data  food  safety  alliance  ibm  platform  tsinghua  university  walmart 
december 2017 by jonerp
AdGuard calls out sites for cryptojacking failures
"The company reports that there are around 2,500 downloads of this code per day. This is likely to be for more than just cryptojacking. Downloads are also likely to be used by other cybercriminals for malvertising. It is also entirely possible that some websites are using the code to boost the number of ads that they serve. With many advertisers paying per impression of an ad, there is a lot of interest in improving ad serving."
homepage  slider  latest  news  security  ad  blocking  adguard  browsers  cryptocurrency  media  players  monero  openload 
december 2017 by jonerp
RAND’s blockchain challenges and opportunities
"No doubt because the BSI commissioned the Report, its focus is on standards. There is relatively little examination of the processing implications (including the speed and size of DLT/blockchains). The description: “the distributed nature of DLT/blockchain systems and the need for increased computing power could involve high energy consumption and associated costs” does not explore the issues in depth. Similarly, the merits of interworking DLT/blochchains could do with more depth."
blockchain  homepage  slider  latest  news  british  standards  institute  bsi  database  distributed  ledger  technology  dlt  iso  rand  corporation  europe  transactions 
october 2017 by jonerp
IFS joins Salesforce Ohana
"The announcement comes as a slight surprise but is no doubt in part due to the presence on the board of Craig Conway. Conway joined the IFS board in August 2016 but has been a member of the Salesforce board since 2005. It suddenly brings another potential acquisition ERP target for Salesforce into play. There is little information available about how deep the integration with Sales Cloud is but it will be interesting to see whether IFS build other interfaces."
erp  homepage  slider  latest  news  appexchange  bi  cloud  field  service  management  fsm  ifs  salescloud  salesforce 
october 2017 by jonerp
Cross-border blockchain banking takes a big step forwards, with dangers
"Then there is IBM. As ET speculated not long ago, IBM becomes the blockchain monster. The participating banks depend on IBM for development and enhancement. They become beholden to what IBM decides, of course in consultation with its clients. Remember SWIFT. This is a member-institution that more often than not tells its members what it wants and not vice versa. Or Visa: it was once a bank member-owned ‘co-operative’. Now it is its own master."
blockchain  homepage  slider  latest  news  asia  pacific  bbva  finance  fintech  klickex  group  national  australia  bank  nitzuho  smfg 
october 2017 by jonerp
SAP improves unconscious bias functionality
"That is has taken so long to deliver this functionality demonstrates the difficulty in achieving the desired results. What isn’t clear from the announcement is how deep the analysis goes. Unconscious bias can be subtle and is often cultural in nature. It will be interesting to see how effective it is in some companies and their best customers."
erp  homepage  slider  latest  news  diversity  hcm  hrm  infor  machine  learning  sap  successfactors  unconcious  bias 
october 2017 by jonerp
Xero tells accountants it’s Digital or Die
"Damon Anderson, Director of Partner at Xero, comments: “Over the next few years, small businesses and their accountants will need to embrace digital or run the risk of quickly being extinct. Our report shows that one in ten small business owners and a fifth of accountants in firms still use paper ledgers – a tool that dates back to the year 1299 – with many losing hours to menial administrative tasks. It’s time to work smarter."
business  homepage  slider  latest  news  accountancy  accountants  blockchain  fintech  sme  xero  xerocon 
october 2017 by jonerp
Power Ledger blockchain in trial with energy retailer Origin
"Blockchain energy market provider, Power Ledger is putting its peer-to-peer energy trading platform to the test via a trial with Australia’s energy retailer, Origin. The trial involves Power Ledger using anonymised consumer data. This will seek to prove the accuracy and security of the Power Ledger trading platform. The trial will begin in October and run for a period of three months."
blockchain  homepage  slider  latest  news  carbon  trading  electric  vehicles  energy  ico  origin  peer-to-peer  power  ledger  utility  sparkz 
september 2017 by jonerp
SAP hits 150 on platform – is it enough?
"Without actually calling out Workday, it is clear that SAP have their sights targeted on its rival. Workday announced their platform earlier this year. However, while Aneel Bhusir, CEO Workday mentioned that they are working with ISV’s there are no actual announcements on applications. With Workday Rising, possibly the place where these will be unveiled, SAP clearly wanted to state their case strongly at their own convention."
erp  homepage  slider  latest  news  adp  alumni  enterprisejungle  hcm  hrm  ingentis  platform  sap  semos 
september 2017 by jonerp
Bitcoin and estcoin cryptocurrency craziness
"ET deliberately separates blockchain from Bitcoin/ICOs/cryptocurrencies. This occurs for two underlying reasons:

we believe that blockchain technologies have profound potential, even if as yet unproven, for enterprises
we regard the cryptocurrency/ICO investments arena as changing too fast as well as being beyond our competence.

This may have to change. But, for the moment, it explains why we spend so little time on cryptocurrencies."
blockchain  business  features  homepage  slider  latest  news  bitcoin  bitmain  cryptocurrency  e-residency  estcoin  ethereum  fintech 
august 2017 by jonerp
Microsoft warns of new tech support scam approach
"The new email campaigns use reputable brands to trick users. Microsoft has published some of the emails it has captured. These appear to come from big brands such as Alibaba, Amazon and LinkedIn. They all contain links that if examined are not to the sites they claim to be from. The reason these emails succeed is that people often take the email at face value, trust the brand and just click on the link without thinking about it."
homepage  slider  latest  news  security  cyber  email  linkedin  malware  microsoft  exchange  office  365  outlook  scammers 
august 2017 by jonerp
Cisco warns of DeOS attacks
"The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) by hackers has been well documented. A significant part of the problem is the lack of security in too many Internet connected devices. Enterprise IT departments often have no say in the purchase of many of these devices. Security cameras, fridges, televisions and other goods are often purchased by different departments. Few of them have any security training."
homepage  slider  latest  news  security  cisco  cyber  ddos  deos  iot  not  petya  nyetya  ransomware 
july 2017 by jonerp

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