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Lead Nurturing, Fast and Slow - by @kellblog
"While there is a strong argument that buyers should be nurtured before, during, and after the initial sale, I’m going to speak in this post about pre-sales lead nurturing, the purpose of which is to turn prospective buyers into marketing qualified leads, or MQLs."
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august 2016 by jonerp
Virtual Reality Will Change Business as We Know It
"The next five to ten years will be huge for virtual reality. Already, VR promises to connect us, making geographic locations irrelevant and changing our ability to experience something that would otherwise be out of our reach.

To understand how it will be used by businesses in the coming years, a group of successful entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) explain some of the most exciting opportunities they see for VR."
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march 2016 by jonerp
What's Different For Women In Tech Now: They're Taking Action
"In two weeks, the industry's seen two very different panels discussing women in tech. One was a setback—while the other pointed the way forward."
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september 2015 by jonerp
How To Keep Employees Excited About Working At Your Startup
Has relevance beyond startups.... "While employees may not be able to optimize for salary in the short-term at your company, they can optimize for learning if you give them the chance, and that will not only make them happy but also improve their long-term salary potential"
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september 2015 by jonerp
The No-Bullies Guide To Creating A Healthy Startup Culture - by @crowdedocean
"We caution our clients that—while Amazon, Oracle and Sun hold great lessons for startups—as models, they are dated and out of touch with today’s market and employees. The reason: Simply put, they are bullies."
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august 2015 by jonerp
Amazon's Not Much Different From Other Tech Employers, Public Data Says
"The survey reveals that workers tend to leave Amazon after a year. But Google, whose employees tend to stick around for 1.1 years, is right behind it. The reasons for that may vary: It’s possible that people who move to San Francisco expect a certain style of work, while those outside The Valley (like in Seattle, Wash., where Amazon is headquartered) may place a higher priority on work-life balance."
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august 2015 by jonerp
Actually, Silicon Valley Isn't Run By Straight White American-Born Men
Bit of stat cherry picking here, but at least is sparks conversation... "To be sure, there is a lack of diversity within the range of minority groups. There is a conspicuous absence of black or Latino CEOs, even though both groups make up a substantial part of the US. That reflects a similar lack of diversity within Silicon Valley's most valuable companies. Pinterest recently revealed that only 3 percent of its employees were African-American, Hispanic, or Latino."
lead  ferenstein  wire  women  in  tech  diversity  technology  tim  cook  lgbt  gay  rights  sundar  pichai  immigrants 
august 2015 by jonerp
Is Embracing Total Transparency Really A Good Idea?
"There are pros and cons to each side. We polled a group of founders from YEC to see what they're thoughts were about whether total transparency is a good decision, or one that would ultimately hurt the business. Their best answers are below."
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july 2015 by jonerp

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