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Why Customer Experience Should Dictate Your Digital Transformation
"There seems to be a common theme emerging from these more recent failures: lack of focus on the customer experience. Instead of using this as the foundation for the implementation, executives and project teams at these failures seem to be deferring too much to the technology and their system integrators."
digital  strategy  erp  implementations  avoid  failure  transformation  initiatives  success  failures  implementation  haribo  lessons  from  the  national  grid  v.  wipro  sap  lawsuit 
5 days ago by jonerp
Your Business Blueprint Should Dictate Your SAP S/4HANA Implementation – Not the Other Way Around
"If you talk to a sales rep from SAP or a system integrator such as Deloitte, Accenture, or Capgemini, they will tell you the opposite. They will say that SAP “best practices” should define your business and that your people should just change to adopt to software functionality. They will also push you to implement SAP as quickly as possible – not because it’s best for your business, but because it’s best for SAP and the system integrator."
sap  s  4hana  implementations  best  system  integrator  how  to  plan  for  an  s4  hana  implementation  project  lessons  from  the  national  grid  v.  wipro  lawsuit  quality  assurance  your 
12 weeks ago by jonerp
How to Avoid Losing Control of Your SAP S/4HANA Transformation
"One of the biggest mistakes is to hand complete control of the project over to your system integrator. Yes, they probably have a deeper competency in SAP than your team does, but you need to be the one to manage their resources, expectations, and deliverables. They should report to your project team rather than managing the overall project. And if things aren’t working out and can’t be remediated, don’t be afraid to fire your SAP system integrator."
sap  s  4hana  implementations  how  to  plan  for  an  s4  hana  implementation  project  lessons  from  the  national  grid  v.  wipro  lawsuit  failure  at  lidl  quality  assurance  system  integrator 
12 weeks ago by jonerp
The Three Marketing Books All Founder/CEOs Should Read
"Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore. The textbook classic Silicon Valley book on strategy. Many people refer to the chasm without evidently having even read the book, so please don’t be one of them. Published in 1991, it’s the newest of the books on my list, and happily Moore has revised it to keep the examples fresh along the way."
startup  lessons  ceo  marketing  startups  strategy  uncategorized  venture  capital 
march 2019 by jonerp
Lost and Founder: A Painful Yet Valuable Read
"Finally, in a Silicon Valley where failure is supposedly a red badge of courage, but one only worn after your next big success, Fishkin has an unique take on vulnerability (chapter 15) and his battles with depression, both in this long, painful blog post which was written the night before this story about a Foundry CEO summit from the book"
startup  lessons  entrepreneurship  fishkin  lost  and  founder  management  rand  retrospective  silicon  valley  startups  uncategorized  venture  capital 
october 2018 by jonerp
Assume Your Top Partners Compete With You By Year 4
"This is part of life in SaaS. Not only does competition grow as folks take notice of your progress — especially after about 4-5 years, once you get big enough even the top execs at BigCos can see it — but it often starts with your partners. It’s natural. The ones that see the biggest synergies are also the ones that see the easier path to directly expanding into your space. We touched on this a bit back in the early days of SaaStr here."
startup  lessons  blog  posts  growth 
september 2018 by jonerp
More Catfished By A Candidate: Why Not Hire Him Anyway? And Answers To Other Burning Questions
"While there was certainly the possibility that he could have been a top performer, at the end of the day, I just couldn’t take that chance. The most unsettling thing to me was the length that he went to in order to craft his story—fake LinkedIn profile, a whole story around why he was leaving the job, fake references."
business  startup  lessons  blog  posts  career  growth  &  advice  company  stage  hiring  leadership  resource  type  role  function  topics 
june 2018 by jonerp
I Got Catfished By A Candidate: The True Story and How to Keep It From Happening to You
"In the case of our Catfish, who applied for an AE role, we hit it off fantastically over the phone. Plus, he worked at a previous company that I worked for—which was a win and made me feel comfortable with his candidacy right off the bat. After the phone screen, we brought him back into the office to meet with the team. He impressed each interviewer with his knowledge and passion for the brand, his sales acumen, outbound hunter mentality, and overall presence."
startup  lessons  hiring  &  operations  saas  startups 
may 2018 by jonerp
15+ of The Top Sales & Marketing Mistakes SaaS Startups Make
"Recently I assembled my “Top 15” list of Sales & Marketing mistakes SaaS startups make as things start to take-off. We’ve touched on quite a few of these before on SaaStr (will link to them), but I thought this might be a helpful checklist to challenge your thinking at a minimum."
startup  lessons  1  -  stage  2  topic  early  getting  going  saas  startups 
february 2018 by jonerp
The Salesforce MBA: What We Learned with FinancialForce, Twilio, StitchFix (Video + Transcript)
"We were very happy to have the Salesforce “Mafia,” consisting of four executives–three who have since moved onto their next ventures–on the Strategy Stage so they could discuss some important lessons learned from being a part of the 19-year-old SaaS powerhouse."
business  startup  lessons  case  studies  hiring  &  operations  retention  metrics  saastr  annual  sessions  the  journey  video 
january 2018 by jonerp
Can Hard Work Beat Intelligence? [Hint: Wisdom Beats Both!] - by @bobwarfield
"I like spaces that have learning curves because as I just said, you can create a barrier to entry and you’re not just selling a commodity based on cost. So, my ventures always involve a learning curve.

Consequently, I try to can gain as much wisdom as possible early on before I’ve invested much. Front load the areas that look like they’ll require a lot of learning, in other words."
featured  posts  startup  lessons  blog 
september 2017 by jonerp
Avinash Kaushik Responds to My AI Cockroaches Post - by @bobwarfield
"If the term “Artificial Intelligence” is to have any meaning, it must get beyond niche applications that don’t produce human-like results and clearly don’t work anything like the human mind. After all, it is achieving the results of the human mind and exceeding them in every sense that leads to the breathless “Camels to Cars Moment” kind of rhetoric."
startup  lessons 
september 2017 by jonerp
Truth and Lies About Cold Calls, Cold Emails, and Advertising - by @bobwarfield
"Notice what a tiny percentage is coming from outbound advertising. Email is quite a bit better, but the vast majority of that email isn’t cold emailing. It’s warm emails to folks who have willingly joined their email lists. Most of the traffic is coming from Search. That’s right, they’re doing classic Inbound marketing. They write great content that helps people find the answers to questions they’re searching for."
startup  lessons 
july 2017 by jonerp
Your Guide to the Best Analytics of the Marketing Masters - by @bobwarfield
"My series on the Top 15 Masters of the Digital Marketing World is all about that approach. In this article, I want to talk about what tools the Top 15 are using for their website analytics."
startup  lessons  blog  marketing  master  profiles 
july 2017 by jonerp
Effective Facebook Group Moderation [And Other Online Communities] - by @bobwarfield
"Most Facebook Groups I’ve participated in are very strict about Promotions. In many cases they insist that you not publish any links of any kind to any web property that you own, even your email. Those that do allow promotions often limit them to one post on one special day of the week. Sometimes the post has to be part of a single thread–no posting outside the thread."
featured  posts  startup  lessons  technology  software 
may 2017 by jonerp
100 Days of Productivity From a Simple Goal Setting Worksheet? - by @bobwarfield
"Here’s the thing, you need this online course. It’s 5 quick video lessons plus some cool software I built just to help make the system easy and effective. You get all that just for signing up for my newsletter, so sign up right below, Okay?"
featured  posts  startup  lessons 
may 2017 by jonerp
Down Report - Human error takes AWS S3 down in US-EAST-1 - and it is felt - 3.8 Cloud Load Toads - by @holgermu
"MyPOV – Certainly production and billing systems need to be connected, and in many scenarios the production system can create issues with the load triggered for the billing system. But a production system should never be able to be stopped by an administrative system, like a billing system. Production should be kept running, billing can be worried about later. It is likely that the S3 billing system (my speculation) is using S3, too – creating a potential recursive dependency. Needless to say – these systems should be isolated."
amazon  aws  cloud  load  toads  constellation  research  down  report  holger  mueller  iaas  lessons  learnt 
march 2017 by jonerp
Why The Next Generation of Online Video Companies Will be Vertical - by @msuster
"Exclusivity is expensive and acquiring content or producing from your own studios isn’t a sure thing. So the distributors are a battle of the giants and if you want to eke out an existence you really need to have some unique angle or audience or content (like Twitch had).

Enter content. Everybody wants it. Long form. Short form. Scripted. Unscripted. Sports, music, comedy, games, food, travel."
startup  lessons 
january 2016 by jonerp
What Everyone Should Take Away from Twitter’s 8% Staff Reductions - by @msuster
"The truth is that Twitter is an amazing company and still has an amazing opportunity in front of it. But like many companies over the past five years it hired aggressively and probably had some degree of straying off of a core strategy and some amount of excess jobs relative to its current revenue forecasts and opportunities. When you accelerate too quickly often a pull back is inevitable as you recalibrate."
startup  lessons 
october 2015 by jonerp
What Should You Make of the Web Summit Controversy? A View Behind the Scenes - by @msuster
"Like many of you I read the Is Web Summit a Scam article making the rounds this week. I have attended Web Summits three times – it is not a scam. Let me get that out of the way. It’s a big conference and all big conferences charge money, make money and serve a diverse set of needs."
startup  lessons 
october 2015 by jonerp
Why I Fucking Hate Unicorns and the Culture They Breed - by @msuster
"Something is rotten in tech startup land. Don’t call me a hater for saying so. It’s not that I’m anti innovation or a disbeliever in disruption or calling it a full-scale bubble or saying every darling startup is going to fail. None of those.

business  featured  posts  startup  lessons  unicorn 
september 2015 by jonerp
What to Make of Amazon’s Work Practices? - by @msuster
"There is much discussion about this weekend’s article in the NY Times regarding Amazon’s work practices. People seem polarized between, “that’s what it takes to succeed” to “I can’t believe what a heartless, intolerant and misogynistic company culture they’ve built.” I’ve heard the gamut from reading opinions online and even hearing the debate in circles of my close friends and family."
business  featured  posts  amazon  apple  inc.  jeff  bezos  larry  ellison  startup  lessons  the  new  york  times 
august 2015 by jonerp
How the Hell do I Prioritize Work, Blog & Find Balance? - by @msuster
"I don’t live my life as a slave to email. I know that email has its importance but it’s basically an inbox that anybody else gets to add to and I’m expected to prioritize it. I find that attitude to be reactive and I prefer to be proactive in what I choose to do. So I’m an “email skimmer” and I’m ok with that. I’ve let go of feeling like I’m disappointing everybody whom I don’t respond to."
startup  lessons 
july 2015 by jonerp
Why Taking Some Risks in the Sales Process Can Improve Results - by @msuster
"Take a few more chances in the sales process by developing sales & marketing materials that are more differentiated. Don’t be afraid of a “firm no” because if you get it quickly it’s a blessing – a “no” was likely going to come eventually anyways and it’s better than a “muddy maybe.”
startup  lessons 
july 2015 by jonerp
Products I Love to Use - by @msuster
"So I thought now would be a sensible time – with six months on either side of the holidays. I’m not trying to say my picks are great and other products aren’t and I’ll certainly forget some. But this is just a reflection midway in June 2015 of the some of the products I love, enjoy or use frequently, and am not an investor in."
startup  lessons 
july 2015 by jonerp
Some Thoughts on Twitter as a Micro-Blogging Tool - by @msuster
"Planning a threaded Tweetstorm? Here’s the rules: 1/Tweet 2/Reply to 1st Tweet but remove your @name 3/Reply to 2nd Tweet not 1st 4/Repeat"
startup  lessons 
may 2015 by jonerp
Can You Build Your Business on Somebody Else’s Platform? - by @msuster #twitter #datasift
"We went into our relationship with Twitter knowing they would eventually shift from just selling ads to trying to build a broader business. We planned for this with VEDO and tools to allow customers to ingest data directly. We planned for this by integrating many datasets and in particular Twitter’s much larger competitor, Facebook."
startup  lessons 
april 2015 by jonerp
Some Perspective on Twitter vs. Meerkat - by @msuster
"The group of people I might communicate with in a network like this might be different than the people with whom I interact on Twitter so my initial thought is that building a network outside of Twitter would be useful to me in the way I have built a separate audience in YouTube. And in general I like to see new products and new companies emerge because the market competition / dynamics drives innovation in the first place. That’s why I’m rooting for Meerkat."
startup  lessons 
march 2015 by jonerp
How to Build Online Relationships into Meaningful Networks - by @msuster
All told, pretty decent advice... "Figuring out how to engage is tricky. You want to be respectful. You want to say something informed. You want to toe the line between friendly public comment and being smothering."
startup  lessons 
january 2015 by jonerp

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