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Event Report - Google Next 2019 - Google puts more arrows in the cloud quiver
"Digital Transformation and Verticals are added to the leitmotiv – Not surprisingly with Kurian there was the entry of the three-bullet slide – what matters are the new messages and since Google Next, they are Digital Transformation and Verticals. Both not brand new, from an influence perspective Digital Transformation is already a bit ‘tired’ but to be fair most enterprises have not been digitally transformed. Messaging needs to appeal to the bulk of existing and prospective customers, and this will likely work. Verticals are a new message, but something that the ‘As’ (how Google refers to Amazon and Azure) have woken up to as well. But Kurian brings a SaaS perspective: When I asked him if Google can win in Verticals without SaaS offerings – he smartly replied with the Media industry as an example where Google can play (and traditional ERP vendors have fallen short, as Kurian knows first hand from Oracle)."
cloud  constellation  research  futurist  google  platform  next  holger  mueller  iaas  nextgenapps  paas  trusted  advisor 
8 weeks ago by jonerp
News Analysis - IBM Unveils New Offerings for Faster and More Secured Path to Hybrid Cloud
"Great to have a customer quote right at the beginning… would have been more valuable if the CTO of Aetna would refer to the specific services here. And for the PR aficionados: IBM definitively has a new chief press release editor – customer quotes would always come towards the end in the past – with IBM executive and industry analyst quotes. Good to see the change, all that matters are… customers. "
cloud  constellation  research  futurist  holger  mueller  hybrid  ibm  multicloud  nextgenapps  nextgencompute  redhat  trusted  advisor 
february 2019 by jonerp
News Analysis - Unit4 releases People Platform Extension Kit - A new way to fit ERP to business needs - by @holgermu
"It’s not often ERP vendors change the game on customization and extension, this press release from Unit4 deserves attention as it does exactly that."
constellation  research  erp  holger  mueller  nextgenapps  nextgenerp  paas  platform  unit4 
june 2018 by jonerp
News Analysis - Informatica Announces Spring 2018 Release General Availability
"MyPOV – Data Governance remains important, especially given the recent data breach news… but governance has to happen on a day to day, and in the era of the cloud, minute by minute basis. Not sure how well Axon can perform here, but it needs to very automated, ideally almost human free in the operational aspects, so it really empowers an enterprise and does not suffocate if with compliance and admin needs."
bigdata  cloud  constellation  research  data  holger  mueller  informatica  integration  mdm  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps 
may 2018 by jonerp
Event Report - Mobile World Congress 2018 - 5G and more #MWC18 - by @holgermu
"5G everywhere – I thought I saw a 5G sticker on my Iberic Ham sandwich… 5G was everywhere, slapped on everything… ironically the debut demos were all about… phone calls. And that’s what 5G is not about, but about bringing networks to 21st century standard in throughput (high def video), latency (<1 ms) and density (over 100+ devices on a square meter). These are all key specs to enable a more human (visual), a more thing driven (density) and a more AI driven (latency) next generation application for enterprises, all very hard to do on current 4G / 4G LTE standards."
5g  android  apple  constellation  research  futureofwork  google  holger  mueller  mobile  nextgenapps  samsung  smartphone 
march 2018 by jonerp
Progress Report - Microsoft wants to enable the digital feedback loop with its Biz Apps and more - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, Microsoft is late to the ERP suite game. It certainly has put the leadership team in place, now it comes to delivering. 2018 already saw the ERP market leader announce an on premises product, a key lesson learnt that when you don’t develop fast enough, customers will dictate the platform."
azure  cloud  crm  erp  hcm  holger  mueller  iaas  microsoft  nextgen  nextgenapps  nextgenerp  paas 
february 2018 by jonerp
Event Report - Pivotal SpringOne 2017 - It’s all about PCF – and some Spring - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, while it was almost refreshing not to hear a mention of Machine Learning / AI at a conference in 2017, it still means that Pivotal will have to give its customers and users a solution in this important space. But fair enough, serverless first. Equally the BigData / Hadoop relationship is not mended with the leading vendors, giving Pivotal’ s database history… but better to fix this sooner than later… and the only IaaS hold outs really have been AWS and Oracle… but it is likely that Pivotal is out to get those players in 2018."
cloud  cloudfoundry  constellation  research  developer  framework  holger  mueller  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas  pivotal  springone 
december 2017 by jonerp
Event Report - Salesfore Dreamforce 2017 - My oh my - and serious platform news - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, Salesforce remains slow at innovating, but that is understandable, given the vendors efforts to move its platform from inhouse / Oracle to public cloud (AWS, Google) and more opensource. Not an exciting message for a general user conference, but the move will change Salesforce more than many other potential product announcements. Salesforce must go through this re-platform successfully, to remain competitive from a infrastructure perspective and also to power and create a modern platform around BigData and Machine Learning.'
constellation  research  crm  developers  digital  disruption  dreamforce  future  of  work  holger  mueller  innovation  learning  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps 
november 2017 by jonerp
Progress Report - C3IoT Analyst Day - A unique approach to PaaS needs more adoption - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, C3IoT is a relatively small vendor, with limited resources that must support a large solution footprint and a demanding customer base. Single projects that the C3IoT platform powers typically required a headcount larger than C3IoT’s complete employee base. Truly a David vs a Goliath task scenario, which C3IoT can only solve with scaling know how and 3rd party resources rapidly on its platform."
c3iot  cloud  constellation  research  futurist  holger  mueller  integration  iot  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas  trusted  advisor 
october 2017 by jonerp
Event Report - SAP Hybris Live 2017 Barcelona - YaaS morphs and more agility ahead - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, SAP Hybris is in the middle of a transformation on the platform side and at the same side customer best practices are changing. SAP overall is trying to capture this with its design thinking projects under the SAP Leonardo umbrella, it is not clear how SAP Hybris is part of them. Equally missing is the overall SAP CRM vision and plans, something that always affects ecommerce plans, where SAP Hybris plays. Lastly SAP needs a 3rd party data and overall DaaS strategy, as customer acquisition and sentiment collected from first party data – will always remain only a fraction of the challenge ecommerce vendors have to solve."
cloud  constellation  research  crm  e-commerce  futurist  holger  mueller  iaas  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas  sap  hybris 
october 2017 by jonerp
News Analyses Roundup - SAP's September Tech Announcements - SAP doubles down on technology
"On the concern side, SAP is coming late to many of these moves, but better late – than never. Extra kudos for the ABAP beta – we have asked SAP for many years about the future of ABAP developers. If you lose a developer community it is always hard to make up (look no further than IBM with Rational). And SAP decided to build the road before the destination with EIM. Ok. But SAP needs a SAP native (or certified) BigData / Hadoop capability."
cloud  constellation  research  content  eim  futurist  hana  holger  mueller  leonardo  mendix  mobile  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps 
september 2017 by jonerp
Event Report - July 2017 Microsoft London AI Event - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, Microsoft has to find a match to the uptake in mindshare and real-world AI deployments that Google’s Tensorflow is seeing, if not Tensorflow will be the Kubernetes of 2017 – a Google launched open source offering that dominates an important aspect of the cloud infrastructure. And one can argue that Tensorflow is even bigger stakes than Kubernetes, as it not only dominates the AI / Machine Learning equation, but due to data gravity pulls along substantial data storage and processing load. Not to mention the model training and execution loads."
ai  bigdata  cloud  constellation  research  futurist  holger  mueller  iaas  machine  learning  microsoft  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  r&d 
july 2017 by jonerp
Progress Report - Unit4 Analyst Summit - New Achitecture and Deep Verticals - by @holgermu
"On the concern side Unit4 has its hands full. New platform, Business World On almost completely on it, new acquisitions to integrate and a new value proposition for customers. The good news for customers is that Unit4 is almost out the tunnel… It would be well advised to find a more aggressive go to market in North America in regards of its ERP products. More competition is good for customers and markets. And modern offerings are only modern … for so long."
constellation  research  erp  fp&a  futurist  higher  education  holger  mueller  nextgenapps  psa  service  industries  trusted  advisor  unit4 
june 2017 by jonerp
Progress Report - Hortonworks ploughs on - seeds BigData - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, HDF has not shown reasonable acceptable market adoption – at least that’s the interpretation since Hortonworks shared … no numbers on adoption. It’s going to be key for Hortonworks to get some traction, otherwise the return of R&D will be suboptimal for customers. On the brighter side HDP is doing well in the market, the IBM partnership will help further. It’s a departure from Hortonworks ‘open source only’ mantra, but reflects market realities and opportunities."
bigdata  constellation  research  futurist  hadoop  holger  mueller  hortonworks  ibm  nextgenapps  trusted  advisor 
june 2017 by jonerp
Event Report - Microsoft Build 2017 - Good Housekeeping, laying foundation, deliver on vision - by @holgermu
On the concern side, there are only few things at the moment. Microsoft must clarify usage (and potential pricing as it consumes resources to use it) to the developer and ISV community. Biggest concern is probably Hololens, which was unusually quiet for a Build conference. Tacitly admitting that there is a lower end space for VR is one way as an indicator. I am sure the strategists in Redmond would have planned to have the Hololens for holiday shopping season 2017. Now it’s a partner strategy – but a fundamentally different experience – it is 100% VR – not mixed reality. And that middle of the road Windows 10 PCs can run this is a sign for a volume and low-price strategy – quite the opposite where the Hololens is these days. I think we will learn sooner or later more."
build  cloud  constellation  research  future  of  work  futurist  holger  mueller  hololens  iaas  microsoft  mysql  nextgenapps  office 
may 2017 by jonerp
Event Report - Red Hat Summit 2017 - The New Kids on the Block are thriving - by @holgermu
"We had the opportunity to attend Red Hats yearly user conference Red Hat Summit in Boston, held May 2nd till 4th 2017, at the Boston Convention Center. The conference was well attended with over 6000 attendees, a new record for Red Hat. In its 13th edition, I took note of the international customer base, reflected also in the Red Hat innovation awards."
aws  cloud  constellation  research  containers  futurist  holger  mueller  jboss  linux  nextgenapps  redhat  trusted  advisor 
may 2017 by jonerp
Event Report - SAP Ariba Live - The quest to make Procurement awesome - by @holgermu
"Finally, it was good to see that SAP seems to have found the right length of ‘leash’ for the Ariba subsidiary – not too close to stop innovation, and allowing freedom (e.g. manifested in Ariba using angular.js and not Fiori) but also have leverage (e.g. with HANA). That SAP CEO McDermott said in a Q&A (see a Storify Tweet Story here) that he would be open to e.g. integrate with perennial co-opetitor Oracle, speaks signs of the flexibility and pragmatism that is lived now at the top of both companies, always a good sign for customers."
ariba  cloud  constellation  research  holger  mueller  nextgenapps  purchasing  sap  scm  supply  chain  management 
march 2017 by jonerp
Down Report – Power failure takes Azure services down - 3 Cloud Load Toads - by @holgermu
"Good summary of what happened, a power failure / power event. Good to see that customers were notified. Power events can always be tricky to recover, and it looks like Azure management erred on the side of caution bringing up services rack by rack and then adding services like SLB later. But the downtime for affected customers was long, best case – when in the first 25% of racks was almost four hours, and worst case 10 hours+. Remarkable it took Azure technicians 2 hours 20 or so minutes to get the power back."
azure  cloud  constellation  research  down  report  holger  mueller  iaas  microsoft  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  power 
march 2017 by jonerp
Event Report - #GoogleNext17 - Google makes progress - but is it fast enough? - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, it is not clear if this will be enough, I asked the Greene leadership team on what they will do to catchup from ‘Bronze to Gold’ and they all came up with good and plausible answers (check out my Storify of the analyst event here). But in a year where we may see VMware running on AWS and Oracle making its cloud work first time – this may not be enough for Google to get on premises load of scale. So it all comes back to the speed of Google being able to attract enterprise load for the next few years, and the speed of the enterprise moving to cloud."
cloud  google  platform  gsuite  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  user  conference 
march 2017 by jonerp
Event Report - Acumatica Summit - Acumatica grows and expands portfolio- by @holgermu
"But overall it is clear Acumatica has something going in the SMB market. With the largest and longest term player in the market with NetSuite now being part of Oracle – Acumatica is ready to take advantage, should NetSuite show any signs of weakness. Stay tuned – we will be watching."
acumatica  constellation  research  e-commerce  field  service  holger  mueller  netsuite  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  oracle  smb 
february 2017 by jonerp
News Analysis -SAP Introduces Jump-Start Enablement Program for SAP Leonardo IoT Portfolio >> Bundling and Simplification matter for IoT
"Good to see SAP bringing together the sprawling IoT portfolio with Leonardo. Cross IoT solutions integration needs will be expected to be addressed – so this is an area to watch. And well done by SAP to reduce the commercial uncertainty of early versions and pilots. "
bigdata  cloud  constellation  research  holger  mueller  internet  of  things  iot  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  sap  sustainability 
january 2017 by jonerp
Progress Report - Salesforce has a platform vision - 2017 it has to get real - by @holgermu
"On the differentiation side, we are not so sure if Salesforce has hit the mark, but that would require more detailed product roadmap / plan analysis than a 2 day analyst meeting can deliver. What is clear is that for the first-time Salesforce is offering a strategic path to rid itself of its in-house infrastructure. As founder Parker Harris correctly observed, IaaS was not around when Salesforce was started… but by now it is best practice for a SaaS (and PaaS) provider to be based on an IaaS and leave the heavy lifting (and investing) to the IaaS players."
aws  cloud  constellation  research  crm  futurist  holger  mueller  musings  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas  salesforce  strategic  advisor 
january 2017 by jonerp
Event Report - AWS reInvent 2016 - Growth at full speed - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, AWS was not able to deliver a major ‘All in’ customer to the two keynotes, admittedly GE is a tough act to follow, but I would have expected to see more public traction. Instead we had repeat keynote presenters, e.g. FINRA. Nothing wrong with this, good to see an update. The event was well visited from an international perspective, but apart from ENEL, I didn’t recall non-North American customers presenting."
amazon  aws  cloud  constellation  research  holger  mueller  iaas  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas  reinvent 
december 2016 by jonerp
IBM has been more quietly and less loudly build out its BlueMix PaaS platform, t... - by @holgermu
"The race for cloud load is in full swing and PaaS is a key offering for vendors to get enterprises on their respective cloud infrastructures. Coupled with the need of building their own applications to take advantage of the new best practices in the 21st century, PaaS is likely to make a difference which cloud / IaaS to choose."
analytics  bigdata  bluemix  cloud  data  ibm  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas 
november 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis - VMware has found AWS as its public cloud IaaS - by @holgermu
"MyPOV -Describes well what the partnership is about – keep VM formats, images, tools, practices and seamlessly gain an outlet to the public cloud, in this case AWS. Similar to the IBM partnership announced earlier this year (see our analysis here) both VMware and AWS will work together to provide this seamless services. Effectively VMware on AWS creates what VMware promised a long time with vCloudAir - only the hardware comes from AWS this time."
amazon  aws  cloud  constellation  research  data  center  dell  emc  holger  mueller  iaas  nextgenapps  paas  sddc 
october 2016 by jonerp
Event Report - Salesforce Dreamforce #df16 - It's not about Einstein - but the platform - by @holgermu
On the concern side, time is off the essence for Salesforce. Key competitors in e.g. CRM as well as platform have made that move already and do not have to pay the tax for a dual platform in all phases of the software development lifecycle. The problem is that Salesforce product development speed is not moving breathtaking fast, e.g. an indicator is that the Sales Cloud has not fully moved to the new Lightning user experience / platform, that was announced …. at Dreamforce… 2014."
aws  constellation  research  crm  dreamforce  futurist  heroku  holger  mueller  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas  platform  salesforce 
october 2016 by jonerp
Event Report - SAP / Trenitalia Digital Summit - SAP is serious about IoT - by @holgermu
"On the concern side SAP still needs to clarify its BigData in general and it’s Hadoop strategy specifically, acquiring Altiscale (my take here) is a step in the right direction, so was Vora (here my take at GA). But IoT – and all next generation applications need a Hadoop answer that runs on cheap HDD, as well as a supported IaaS platform answer. And while I understand the SAP strategy in regards of IaaS is evolving (partnerships with IBM (see here), Microsoft (see here) and AWS (for BW/4HANA – see here)) – the support for Hadoop on HDD in regards of official platforms support is - overdue."
bigdata  cloud  constellation  research  hadoop  holger  mueller  internet  of  things  iot  nextgenapps  sap 
october 2016 by jonerp
Event Report - Pivotal SpringOne Platform - Spring in its 2nd spring - by @holgermu
"On the concern side it is really what the next steps after the immediate and announced ones will be. Adoption remains a challenge for all players, it is one thing to select a tool, a totally different challenge to become a software producer for almost every enterprise. Breaking with the best practice of using standard software and starting to build you own next generation applications is a major internal transformation."
cloud  foundry  constellation  research  framework  futurists  holger  mueller  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  pivotal  springone  strategic  advisor 
august 2016 by jonerp
Event Report- Alteryx Inspire 2016 - Enabling change agents in data management - by @holgermu
"On the concern side Alteryx must master these technology shifts, needs to start thinking of moving the tooling to the cloud and not missing the trend to enable the business end user (with no / limited data know how) as the next user category which will change how enterprises work with data.

But for now there are only very few alternatives to Alteryx when looking for a data prep, data automation solution in the enterprise, good to see IT departments taking, note too. Stay tuned."
alteryx  analytics  bi  bigdata  data  nextgenapps  user  conference 
june 2016 by jonerp
Event Report - CloudFoundry CloudFoundry Summit - It's good to be king of PaaS - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, much to this analyst’s dismay who always tries to paint a balanced picture, there is very little to be concerned about. Not being too religious on the paradigm of pair programming is a key course for CloudFoundry, and I heard almost no ‘this way or the highway’ messaging on this at the summit. So the analysis needs to go more into the platform direction, where trends like AI / Machine Learning and the size of compute virtualization (VMs vs micro services) are features / capabilities that the vendor needs to approach and implement the right way, in order to avoid missing out on future ‘attraction’ point to other PaaS players."
cloudfoundry  dell  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas  pivotal  vmware 
may 2016 by jonerp
Event Report - SAP Sapphire 2016 - Top 3 Positives & Concerns: SAP changes - probably for the better - by @holgermu
" In the latest move, SAP announced a broad partnership with Microsoft, which on the IaaS side meant that SAP would support Azure for both HANA and S/4HANA deployments (read my analysis here). For a company that needs every $ from cloud to satisfy the financial projections, a remarkable and courageous move. Probably a wise one, too – as SAP may have realized that it cannot build the next generation IaaS platform with the know how available in house."
enswmu  hana  hcp  holger  mueller  holgermu  nextgenapps  paas  s  4hana  sap  sapphire 
may 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis - IBM Boosts Support to OpenStack's RefStack... first serious attempt - by @holgermuto make OpenStack interoperability real
"During OpenStack Summit in Austin, probably close to a hundred press releases have been published, tough to find the most important one, but this one from IBM stood out for me. Interoperabiity has always been a promise of the OpenStack community and vendors, but it is tough to prove it (and build for it)."
cloud  ibm  interoperability  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  openstack 
april 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis - Unit4 announces Business World On – A modern ERP offering - by @holgermu
"MyPOV – Good to see early mention of industry focus, the focus being on four verticals. Vertical functionality comes usually as an afterthought after horizontal releases have been shipped, it’s good to see a welcome change delivering vertical capabilities with the first release of a new software product. We will have to check on the depth of the vertical capability – maybe later in the press release already."
analytics  cloud  innovation  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  people  productivity  unit4 
april 2016 by jonerp
Musings - Will Microsoft's Hololens transform the Future of Work? - by @holgermu
"On the concern side it looks like Microsoft isn't fully sure what can be done with it. At points our interactions were like that of an adventure racer who made it to stage two and now needs to figure out what to do in stage two. Fair enough, as it was far from clear if Microsoft could pull this off 15 months ago. The device was fidgy, needed a portable 'life support unit' and was tough to use. 12 months made a big difference, it can no be used as a platform."
future  of  work  headable  hololens  microsoft  nextgen  apps  hcm  nextgenapps  wearable 
april 2016 by jonerp
Event Report – Google Google Cloud Platform Next – Key Offerings for (some of) the enterprise - by @holgermu
"We had the chance to talk to Google customers Coca-Cola, Snapchat and Spotify. All have very different use cases, Snapchat has been native to Google from the very start, Spotify just choose GCP – mainly for its Analytics / MachineLearning abilities and Coca-Cola built a webscale soccer worldcup picture sharing application. When asked what they would like GCP to improve the mentioned IAM (Spotify), better server farm management (Snapchat) and more partner and SI support (Coca-Cola). Good to see happy customers."
cloud  google  platform  compute  engine  iaas  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas 
march 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis - SAP HANA Vora now available... - A key milestone for SAP - by @holgermu
"Last week SAP used the largest Software and IT fair – CeBIT – to make news in a number of areas, the one of interest is around HANA Vora, announced last year in September (we attended the launch event, blog post here), and now GA in its first release."
bigdata  hadoop  hana  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  sap  vora 
march 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Announces New Machine Learning as a Service Offering - Haven to Azure - by @holgermu
"Earlier today, HPE announced the availability of a number of Haven capabilities being available on the cloud (more specifically Microsoft Azure). Given the change in cloud strategy, the partnership with Microsoft for pubic cloud and the need of enterprises to build next generation applications, it’s time to check in what is happening at HPE in general and Haven in specific."
azure  haven  hp  cloud  enterprise  helion  iaas  microsoft  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps 
march 2016 by jonerp
Progress Report - Hortonworks wants to become the next generation for the enterprise – a tall ask - by @holgermu
"On the concern side – more is needed than a database, but a complete platform. Given the Springsource DNA in the executive team I am sure Hortonworks leadership is aware of that, but I guess it is one step at a time. And becoming more of the de-facto standard as the Hadoop distribution for an IaaS player (as Hortonworks has achieved with Microsoft Azure) is a short term priority."
bigdata  cloud  cloudera  hadoop  hortonworks  iot  mapr  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps 
march 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis - Oracle Unveils First Data Protection Solution with Seamless Cloud Tiering - by @holgermu
"The cloud has brought new life to many areas of the technology stack that have lived a more quiet life in the recent decade. Storage is one of these areas, where suddenly a well understood, on the path to commoditization IT offering, has become strategic (again). All of the 7 next generation application use cases Constellation Research has identified and that enterprises are evaluating, building and looking to procure, show how strategically important storage is."
agility  cloud  hybrid  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  oracle  storage 
march 2016 by jonerp
Progress Report - Oracle Cloud - More ready than ever, now needs adoption - by @holgermu
"Oracle remains the only cloud vendor stressing DaaS – Data as a Service capabilities. The future of enterprise applications is more than running software, but also allowing access to data sources that power next generation applications. Oracle has been adamant of DaaS being part of xaaS – right from the first cloud summit 2 years ago."
daas  iaas  nextgen  apps  hcm  nextgenapps  oracle  cloud  paas  saas 
january 2016 by jonerp
Musings - Retail is the breeding ground for NextGen Apps - by @holgermu
"Fast forward to today and the industry is in turmoil. Even brick and mortar leader Walmart is closing stores. The whole retail business has gone to become more of an online business – starting with the display ad served to a consumer. But then consumers still flock to malls, my ground check this weekend at the Fashion Island mall in Las Vegas showed a well populated mall."
analytics  bigdata  cloud  enterprisesoftware  musings  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas  retail  vertical 
january 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis - IBM and ARM Collaborate to Accelerate Delivery of Internet of Things - The IBM NextGenApps Stack emerges
"Earlier this week IBM and ARM announced a partnership in the fast growing next generation application use case of IoT. The announcement caught my attention as it is one of the first processor and stack partnerships happening in the market. And it is pretty obvious that bringing low level device information and architectures with higher level software constructs is going to be key for future winners in the IoT market."
analytics  arm  bigdata  chip  to  cloud  ibm  iot  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps 
september 2015 by jonerp
News Analysis - SAP Unveils New Cloud Platform Services and In-Memory Innovation on Hadoop to Accelerate Digital Transformation – A key milestone for SAP - by @holgermu
"This week SAP released information about new capabilities in regards of Hadoop (the major news in my view) and HCP (interesting, less relevant). SAP deemed it an important enough event to invite analysts and our press colleagues to an event in San Francisco, where CTO Quentin Clark and President Platform Solutions Steve Lucas walked us through the announcements."
bigdata  hadoop  hana  cloud  platform  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps  paas  sap  spark 
september 2015 by jonerp

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