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Handling Endless Disagreements with the “Disagree and Commit” and “New Information” Principles - by @kellblog
"So, the principle is simple: if you want to re-open discussion on something we’ve already decided, do you have any new information that wasn’t available at the time we made the decision?

If the answer is no, we’re not re-opening it here, and we can do at either next quarter’s ops review or next year’s strategy offsite (pending prioritization against other topics)."
decision  making  leadership  management  organizational  behavior  uncategorized  amazon  way  disagree-and-commit  passive  aggression  pocket  veto 
november 2017 by jonerp
6 reasons why an executive should care about writing without bullshit - by @jbernoff
"Every time you send an email, publish a policy, or write a report that’s full of equivocation, jargon that obscures meaning, and passive voice that hides responsibility, you are reinforcing a culture of obfuscation. Every time someone reads such a document, they think, “Ah, the people who run this company are full of bullshit.”
corporate  ceos  executives  jargon  passive  voice  productivity  writing  without  bullshit 
august 2016 by jonerp

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