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Cyber warfare may be imminent, but defender power is on the rise
"Outside of geopolitical conflict and terrorism, our research has found that malware continues to be a major threat. In fact, it was the most prolific type of cyberattack UK businesses experienced in 2019. Our latest UK Threat Report was published in October 2019. One in five businesses (21%) reported seeing custom malware attacks most frequently and 10% cited commodity malware. It means that 31% of businesses reported malware to be the most witnessed attack type."
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5 weeks ago by jonerp
Why Businesses Should Start Prioritising Cybersecurity
"Ransomware attacks on such a massive scale seem to happen at least once a month nowadays. The entire American city of Baltimore was “held hostage” in May. A similar incident happened in Greenville, North Carolina the previous month.

Massive attacks aside, cybercriminals tend to target small businesses due to fewer investments in their cybersecurity infrastructure. It’s predicted that a new organization will be affected by such an attack every 11 seconds as soon as 2021."
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10 weeks ago by jonerp
The Hidden Cost of Ransomware: Wholesale Password Theft
"Christianson said several factors stopped the painful Ryuk ransomware attack from morphing into a company-ending event. For starters, she said, an employee spotted suspicious activity on their network in the early morning hours of Saturday, Nov. 16. She said that employee then immediately alerted higher-ups within VCPI, who ordered a complete and immediate shutdown of the entire network."
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12 weeks ago by jonerp
Ransomware Gangs Now Outing Victim Businesses That Don’t Pay Up
"As if the scourge of ransomware wasn’t bad enough already: Several prominent purveyors of ransomware have signaled they plan to start publishing data stolen from victims who refuse to pay up. To make matters worse, one ransomware gang has now created a public Web site identifying recent victim companies that have chosen to rebuild their operations instead of quietly acquiescing to their tormentors."
ransomware  the  coming  storm  bleepingcomputer  lawrence  abrams  maze  revil  sodinokibi 
december 2019 by jonerp
Ransomware Hits B2B Payments Firm Billtrust
"“We’re aware of the malware and have been able to stop the activity within our systems,” Pinado said. “We immediately started focusing on control, remediation and protection. The impact of that was several systems were no longer available to our customers. We’ve been fighting the fight, working on restoring services and also digging into the root cause.”
data  breaches  billtrust  ransomware  attack  steven  pinado 
october 2019 by jonerp
Cisco warns of DeOS attacks
"The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) by hackers has been well documented. A significant part of the problem is the lack of security in too many Internet connected devices. Enterprise IT departments often have no say in the purchase of many of these devices. Security cameras, fridges, televisions and other goods are often purchased by different departments. Few of them have any security training."
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july 2017 by jonerp

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