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Java’s late flowering, Solaris cut back to roots. - by @monkchips
"Obviously anyone that has made it this far into this piece agrees with RedMonk that Java still has legs. Our programming language rankings show Java’s consistent, and somewhat surprising strength over time. Meanwhile When Web companies grow up they turn into Java shops. JVM first, then they decide Java has legs too. Much of the core innovation in Big Data platforms has been Java-based (Hadoop in Java, Spark in Scala on the JVM). Interest and attention in Spring and Spring Boot is exploding (and that’s not just at enterprises but firms like New Relic and Tesla)."
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september 2017 by jonerp
A New Red Wagon? - by @lcecere #scm
"Today’s organization is handcuffed by a forced march for IT standardization and process uniformity. Each project requires a defined ROI. It is ludicrous to ask for a ROI on the unknown. As a result, process innovation is difficult. Break the cycle and invest in small projects with an unknown ROI. Build a governance process, like product stage gates, and focus on process innovation. Innovate at the edge and evolve at the core. Evolve both together. (Note: This is very different than the espoused bimodal evolutionary path.)"
big  data  supply  chains  global  chain  insights  chemical  industry  new  technologies  process  innovation  red  wagon 
july 2017 by jonerp
On multi-cloud tradeoffs and the paradox of openness - by @monkchips
"Avoid platform specific APIs and calls – an obvious aspect of ensuring application portability across clouds. Easier said than done though in an age of serverless, PaaS, and micro-services, with developers making use of whatever is nearest to hand to solve a problem. The swift adoption of Amazon Lambda shows just how attractive an event-based model for taking advantage of cloud platform services can be, and with great power comes great lock in.I BM sought to create its own Open source serverless model in the shape of OpenWhisk, but serverless is really about managed platform services and as such tends by definition towards lock in. Amazon is the only third party adopter."
uncategorized  aws  cloud  chef  docker  multicloud  rdb  red  hat  mta 
april 2017 by jonerp
As Red Hat aims for $5 billion in revenue, Linux won’t be only driver - by @ron_miller
"Last year Red Hat, which has been mostly known for selling Linux in the enterprise became the first $2 billion open source company. Now it wants to be the first to $5 billion, but it might not be just Linux that gets it there."
cloud  enterprise  red  hat  rhel  open  source  linux 
june 2016 by jonerp

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