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Time for cybersecurity to take back control of its story
"A need to address the talent gap and burn-out were also part of Ghai’s message. When it comes to bringing in new talent Ghai said: “It’s time to shift from elitism to inclusion.” Many HR teams dump CVs for cybersecurity roles, even junior ones, if people don’t have the right letters and awards. They often ignore experience. Think that isn’t true? Go and ask the community. Many of the cybersecurity communities I sit in talk continuously about the problem of getting a foothold because they haven’t done the courses HR thinks are requirements."
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4 weeks ago by jonerp
Fear and loathing at RSA — Hacking, security and the limits of protection - by @ron_miller
"It’s easy to forget that none of this tends to happen in isolation, yet companies tend to feel isolated. Instead of banding together against a common enemy, they instead try to fight alone. In many ways it doesn’t make sense to take this approach, but companies which don’t want to be seen as having weak security in the eyes of the public, likely don’t understand that on some level everyone is equally vulnerable."
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march 2016 by jonerp

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