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Key Takeaways from Dreamforce 2018
"Bundling products and going to market with product platforms and/or bundles is a common tactic of IT vendors and especially cloud vendors. Even cable companies use this tactic to strengthen vendor lock-in and increase adoption. If more companies purchase the bundled offering, the vendor has the ability to report higher adoption rates of the products that make up the bundle regardless of how many companies are actually using that particular product. Bundles like Salesforce’s Customer 360 also make it significantly harder for customers to walk away since multiple aspects of their business now depend on Salesforce to function."  customer  360  platform  dreamforce  einstein  mulesoft  salesforce  sfdc 
october 2018 by jonerp
Dancing with Salesforce: Make Sure to Stay in Step
"Customers should keep Salesforce’s recent actions in mind as they prepare for their renewals. By anticipating these tactics, customers can shift the focus of these preemptive renewal conversations to what matters to them, the customer, and away from what matters most to Salesforce. Customers should set the agenda for these renewal discussions to ensure the conversation is productive and focused appropriately"
contract  negotiations  cloud  agreements  renewal  licensing  negotiation  saas  salesforce  sfdc 
august 2018 by jonerp
Salesforce Agreements – Flexibility for Large Enterprises
"If you are a very large enterprise customer, were you aware that there are additional licensing constructs other than the standard MSA? Salesforce has the ability to offer you alternate contract structures that might align more closely with your needs.

Here are a few scenarios where a non-standard contract structure makes sense:

Organizations that have a clear understanding of the products they will need but might be unsure about the total number of users and when each user will need the products.
Organizations that are uncertain of their future product needs but have a defined budget and want the flexibility to deploy products as their users need them.
Organizations that need an unlimited access structure where they have the flexibility to deploy as many users as they want, on any Salesforce product that they want."
contract  negotiations  ela  enterprise  licensing  agreement  salesforce 
march 2018 by jonerp
3 Keys to Negotiating Successful Cloud Agreements
"In the SaaS category, vendors such as have been quite successful in gaining significant market share in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as organizations and their respective sales branches have often led with CRM to start their journey into the cloud. In the Human Capital Management (HCM) space, vendors such as Workday, SAP (through its acquisition of SuccessFactors), and Oracle (through its acquisition of Taleo) are aggressively pushing their cloud-based offerings to the market."
cloud  ibm  it  sourcing  oracle  sap  workday  agreements  contract  negotiations  licensing  negotiation  saas 
september 2017 by jonerp
Understanding the Long-term Leap to the Cloud
"Cloud vendors are not offering the compelling discounting levels they offered on the initial investments when it comes to additional solutions. Some cloud vendors quickly “disremember” the discounting provided to early adopters and treat each order form independently from the others. This means that the additional solutions executed in the separate order forms could be well below market (e.g., off by 15-30%) when compared to the discounting received on your initial investment."
cloud  erp  program  management  ibm  it  sourcing  microsoft  oracle  sap  licensing  negotiation  on-premise 
july 2017 by jonerp
Manufacturing Is a Huge Opportunity for Cloud ERP - by @fscavo
"Today, there is no manufacturing cloud ERP provider with the size or scale of or Workday. Contrary to popular belief, this is not because the opportunity is small. Manufacturing still comprises a large percentage of US companies and is an enormous opportunity for cloud ERP. This post outlines the challenges that cloud ERP providers face and what it will take for them to dominate the market for manufacturing systems."
erp  selection  acumatica  cloud  financialforce  hcm  kenandy  netsuite  plex  saas  sap 
june 2017 by jonerp
Salesforce Q1 FY2018 — A Strong Quarter + Raised Expectations = High Costs for Future Expansion
"Assume Salesforce will push new solutions and enhanced versions of current solutions aggressively.

Expect Salesforce to do this by trying to get in front of business leads (Sales, Marketing, etc.) and/or the CEO. It is important to elevate the discussion above the sales rep and interact directly with those who can see the larger strategic picture and can look past the commission on the current deal."
cloud  financials  salesforce 
may 2017 by jonerp Less Exciting, More Incredible, Amazing - by @fscavo
" released its second quarter earnings this week, followed by its quarterly earnings call. To provide a deeper analysis of the state of’s business, we are pleased to release our SFDC Superlative Index™ for the latest quarter."  satire  sfdc 
september 2016 by jonerp
Integrating the Commerce Experience: Salesforce to Acquire Demandware - by @mfauscette
"To compare the platforms from SAP, Oracle and Demandware then, you can see on the Grid the relative positions. While SAP Hybris and Oracle have a higher MP score, which shouldn’t be surprising, Demandware, the smaller company by itself, has higher satisfaction overall. If you compare the 3 products in the “compare” view you can see the overall star rating and the 7 satisfaction metrics like this."
acquisition  analysis  oracle  sap  software  technology  commerce  demandware  digital  ecommerce 
june 2016 by jonerp
Sage Puts Stake in the Cloud with Sage Live - by @fscavo
"Sage is one of the world’s largest providers of business applications for small and midsize organizations. Now in the cloud it has taken a big step forward, launching Sage Live, a built-from-scratch accounting system on the platform. This post outlines key features of Sage Live, the challenges it faces, and recommendations for potential buyers."
erp  selection  ascenterp  cloud  financialforce  intacct  intuit  netsuite  quickbooks  saas  sage  live  xero 
october 2015 by jonerp
AscentERP Rises in the Cloud ERP Market - by @fscavo
"Though not as well-known as other ERP providers on the platform, the company is doing some interesting work within its industry focus. This post provides an update to our previous coverage of AscentERP."
erp  selection  ascenterp  rfid 
october 2015 by jonerp
Livin' the Dreamforce 2015: Can Salesforce seize the day? - by @pgreenbe
"Dreamforce 2015, as always, was more than an event - it was a destination. Mixed in with all the glamor and glitz were some important announcements, and some interesting hints at not just the direction that Salesforce is going, but the things that it should be doing to get there faster - and even differently. If they dare." 
october 2015 by jonerp
Rootstock Rounding Out Its Cloud ERP Offerings - by @fscavo
"Rootstock Software is an up-and-coming manufacturing cloud ERP provider, built on the platform. This post provides an update on Rootstock's progress over the past year in building out its capabilities, including a new initiative for its own native financial applications. We conclude with recommendations for buyers considering Rootstock."
erp  selection  cloud  rootstock  saas 
september 2015 by jonerp
Kenandy: Against the Tide of Two-Tier ERP - by @fscavo
"Still, no ERP system is a fit for every company. Kenandy is a relatively young ERP provider, although its choice of the Salesforce platform is allowing it to rapidly build out new functionality. Nevertheless, new prospects may find gaps between their business needs and what Kenandy can currently offer out of the box.
Interestingly, in our discussions with Kenandy customers, we find that some of them actually wanted this. Kenandy’s relative youth allows new customers to strongly influence its product roadmap and be a primary source of requirements."
erp  selection  cloud  kenandy  saas 
september 2015 by jonerp CEO Benioff Takes Radical Step To Pay Men And Women Equally - via @dbmoore
"Salesforce’s pay initiative is part of a wider company program called Women’s Surge, which Benioff put in place in 2013 after he began to wake up to the fact that there weren't enough women at his 16-year-old company. Benioff would look around at meetings that were made up of mostly men and think, "This isn't right," he said." 
april 2015 by jonerp’s Q4 and Fiscal 2015 Earnings Call: Three Key Takeaways
"For those prospective customers evaluating’s solutions or any existing customers with a forthcoming renewal, you should expect to be very difficult to negotiate with in terms of upfront discounting and downstream price protections."
march 2015 by jonerp
CRM Watchlist 2015 Elite, Part 4: Salesforce does it again - by @pgreenbe
"Salesforce has won mindshare at a level so substantial that all other companies -- including much bigger ones -- compete against it. Salesforce is Elite, all right. But is it perfect?"
enterprise  software  CRM 
february 2015 by jonerp CEO Marc @Benioff on where big tech is headed - via @dbmoore
Benioff: "Yes. For our company, and I think for every company, the revolution in data science will fundamentally change how we run our business because we’re going to have computers aiding us in how we’re interacting with our customers."  interviews  Benioff 
january 2015 by jonerp

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