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IBM Red Hat: Reading the tea leaves
"Reading the tea leaves, though I wonder if this signals

a) The end of another hype cycle for AI?

I saw a recent Fortune issue which was all about AI and I wondered if that is a signal of the peak of the current AI hype cycle. BTW, we are going through the 4th or 5th hype cycle around AI. They appear and disappear every decade or so. As I wrote in Silicon Collar"
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october 2018 by jonerp
Lost and Founder: A Painful Yet Valuable Read
"Finally, in a Silicon Valley where failure is supposedly a red badge of courage, but one only worn after your next big success, Fishkin has an unique take on vulnerability (chapter 15) and his battles with depression, both in this long, painful blog post which was written the night before this story about a Foundry CEO summit from the book"
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october 2018 by jonerp
Kellblog Predictions for 2018 - by @kellblog
"The war on facts and expertise will continue to escalate. Read The Death of Expertise for more. This will extend to a war on college. While an attempted opening salvo on graduate student tuition waivers didn’t fire, in an environment where the President’s son says, “we’ll take $200,000 of your money; in exchange we’ll train your children to hate our country,” you can expect ongoing attacks on post-secondary education. This spells trouble for Silicon Valley, where a large number of founders and entrepreneurs are former grad students as well as immigrants (which is a whole different area of potential trouble)."
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january 2018 by jonerp
The Future of Workin an automated world - by @dealarchitect
"A guest speaker was J.P. Gownder of Forrester. He had a nice framework for how work is evolving – machine-first, machine-human teaming and humans-first. Even in machine-first scenarios like at the Goldman Sachs cash equities desk, the number of traders has dropped from 600 in 2,000 down to 2. But now 200 software engineers support the automated trading. In contrast, in a human-first scenario, Autodesk is hiring novelists to write scripts for its chatbots. He had plenty of other examples of man leading or following machines or teaming with them. But each still has a human element."
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december 2017 by jonerp
Tone down your AI expectations - by @dealarchitect
"Ginni does not overtly talk about it, but 50% of IBM revenues come from services. Go ask early Watson healthcare clients how much of the tab was in services. IBM’s interest in Salesforce’s AI tool, Einstein is being driven by its Bluewolf services unit. Amazon offers its engineers as consultants via its ML Solutions Lab, Google via its The Machine Learning Advanced Solutions Lab. We will need highly skilled labor to train the machines. And we will also need tactical labor to keep refining the data. Amazon has its talent networks – the Kindle author, the Flex courier, the Mechanical Turk and fulfillment networks it can mine. Apple has its iTune and iOS networks to draw from.

Enough usable data, enough compute, enough talent? Take a hard look at each from the lens of your AI project."
featured  posts  trends  &  concepts  industry  commentary  silicon  collar 
december 2017 by jonerp
Two decades of HR Tech - by @dealarchitect
"After my last book, Silicon Collar about automation, I get the sense HR is in for a huge change over the next few years. Automation via AI, robotics, drones, wearables – is changing the nature of work in every profession. We will see new job titles emerge we did not anticipate just a few years ago. More of the workforce will be on platforms, in franchises and other “extended enterprise” formats."
trends  &  concepts  cloud  computing  saas  silicon  collar 
december 2017 by jonerp
Automation and Jobs: the tide turns - by @dealarchitect
"James Surowiecki writes in Wired “It’s a dramatic story, this epoch-defining tale about automation and permanent unemployment. But it has one major catch: There isn’t actually much evidence that it’s happening.” He quotes Andrew McAfee, co-author of The Second Machine Age, saying “If I had to do it over again, I would put more emphasis on the way technology leads to structural changes in the economy, and less on jobs, jobs, jobs. The central phenomenon is not net job loss. It’s the shift in the kinds of jobs that are available.”
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august 2017 by jonerp
A more realistic, less alarmist Oxford study on automation and jobs - by @dealarchitect
"And yet, I wish this new study had surveyed practitioners, not just AI experts. They would have heard automation is still too expensive. That their industry regulators take a long time to approve technology in the workplace.

And I wish they had considered what I called in my book societal “circuit breakers” to rapid adoption of automation."
featured  posts  trends  &  concepts  industry  commentary  silicon  collar 
august 2017 by jonerp
The Strategy Compiler: How To Avoid the “Great” Strategy You Couldn’t Execute - by @kellblog
"If you view strategy as the plan to win, then successful strategies include only those strategies that your organization can realistically execute from both a resources and skills perspective. Instead of doing a single-pass process that moves from strategic objectives to budgets, use an iterative approach with a strategy compiler to ensure your strategic code compiles before you try to execute it."
entrepreneurship  fpa  silicon  valley  startups  strategy  venture  capital 
june 2017 by jonerp
Do You Want to be Judged on Intentions or Results? - by @kellblog
"Fine lines exist here, no doubt. Sometimes reasons are reasons and sometimes they are actually excuses. The question isn’t about any one case. It’s about, deep down, are you judging yourself by intentions or results?

You’d be surprised how many otherwise very solid people get this one thing wrong — and end up career-limited as a result."
entrepreneurship  hiring  leadership  management  silicon  valley  startups 
april 2017 by jonerp
Enterprise processes and systems in a world of growing automation - by @dealarchitect
"robotIn recent blog posts you have seen me combat what I consider alarmist scenarios about job losses from automation being painted by many analysts, academics and folks in Silicon Valley. My perspective is automation targets individual tasks done by humans, not complete jobs. Human workers will keep moving to higher value activities. And, as a result, business processes and enterprise applications will similarly need to evolve."
technology  software  silicon  collar 
december 2016 by jonerp
Facebook is a tech-enabled media company - by @tomforemski
"The difference is in responsibility:

- Media companies are legally responsible for the nature of the content that they publish.

- Facebook has no legal responsibility for the content it publishes because it is a technology platform - it doesn't create the content.

However, Facebook does choose what to put into people's news feeds and it deletes content that violates the editorial policy of its terms of service. Some of this is done by automated tools but a lot of it is done by people."
a  top  story  media  valley  silicon 
november 2016 by jonerp
The future of work in an automation era - @denispombriant on @dealarchitect's Silicon Collar
"In Silicon Collar, Mirchandani gives us a surfer’s-eye view of the next wave or at least the candidates for next wave. At this point there are many pretenders competing for the mantle and often the winner is hard to predict. Our current era, Information and Telecommunications has roots in the Space Program and the race to the moon. If you were alive then you would have bet anything that the next big K-wave would have had something to do with flying cars and many people predicted this but they were wrong."
books  silicon  collar  vinnie  mirchandani 
october 2016 by jonerp
The Alt-Job economy - by @dealarchitect
"Before you scoff and say it’s not a great living let me share some anecdotes from my network. A former ERP exec runs our local UPS store franchise, a former bank manager runs a franchised Kona Ice truck, a former systems integrator runs 2 restaurants and a gourmet grocery store, our pool service is run by a couple, both college graduates."
trends  &  concepts  silicon  collar 
october 2016 by jonerp
An inflection point for HCM executives - by @dealarchitect
"HCM executives need to face up to another reality in the workforce. Never before have workers had so much choice in jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies workers into one of 840 detailed occupations. does an even more granular listing and lists 12,000 separate jobs."
featured  posts  trends  &  concepts  #hrtechconf  hcm  silicon  collar 
october 2016 by jonerp
For Modern Business, it’s ‘DevOps or Die’
"For enterprise infrastructure software, “The purchasing cycle has collapsed and the deployment cycle has collapsed,” Cockcroft agreed. The old ways of upgrading enterprise software, such as an SAP system, was by having a dedicated team come in and spend months doing the upgrade, and then moving on to the next project. This approach was centered around the model of large periodic updates of the software, which may come out about ever 18 – 24 months. But the move to CI/CD means the updates come in smaller chunks, and arrive more frequently."
events  top  stories  continuous  integration  and  deployment  devops  infrastructure  software  mirantis  openstack  silicon  valley  2016  puppet 
august 2016 by jonerp
Can the Media Please Stop Referring to Company Size by Valuation? - by @kellblog
"In the end, because it (metaphorically) sells more newspapers. “Wow, some guy just quit as CEO of a billion-dollar company to actually spend more time with his family” just sounds a whole lot better than the same line with a comparatively paltry $50M instead. Man Bites Dog beats Dog Bites Man every time."
bubble  silicon  valley  startups  venture  capital 
may 2016 by jonerp
The $15 Minimum Wage Wins Where Silicon Valley Fails Hard
"And yet for now, the $15 minimum wage and the movement it represents will likely have as much of a disruptive effect on the future of work as anything Silicon Valley might create. Silicon Valley may be rethinking the future of labor, but so far the fruits of those ideas have yet to meaningfully trickle down to the bottom of the wage spectrum. In the meantime, raising that floor for everyone will mean a more substantive change for workers than anything a startup has come up with."
silicon  valley  minimum  wage  on-demand  economy  income  inequality  labor  business 
april 2016 by jonerp
A Farewell to Moore’s Law
But after more than 50 years, that will no longer be the guiding reality for the semiconductor industry.

“The doubling has already started to falter,” Nature reported Tuesday, “thanks to the heat that is unavoidably generated when more and more silicon circuitry is jammed into the same small area.”
culture  science  technology  top  stories  hardware  intel  microprocessors  moore's  law  silicon 
february 2016 by jonerp
Silicon Valley Gets On The Same Bus Every Day... - by @tomforemski
"Silicon Valley won't go away -- it'll be where startups will go to scale their business. But don't expect many original startup ideas from this self-segregated business park monoculture."
a  top  story  silicon  valley 
january 2016 by jonerp
Kellblog Predictions for 2016 - by @kellblog
"The Internet of Things (IoT) starts its descent into what Gartner calls the Trough of Disillusionment. This is not to say that IoT is a bad thing in any way — it will transform many industries including agriculture, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and transportation. It is simply to say that Silicon Valley follows a predictable hype cycle and that IoT hit the peak in 2015 and will move from the over-hyped yet very real phase and slide down to the trough of disillusionment. Drones are following along right behind."
bubble  enterprise  software  silicon  valley  unicorn  venture  capital 
january 2016 by jonerp
Conflict Avoidance Causes Conflict: Managers Too Nice for Their own Good - by @kellblog
Bingo.... "Overcoming this isn’t easy. Hard as it may be to believe, I used to be “nice” myself. But then I realized that being nice wasn’t actually being nice, it was being conflict averse, avoiding tough situations to the detriment of both parties until things come to a typically explosive ending."
management  silicon  valley 
april 2015 by jonerp
The Silicon Valley lab is officially a defensive strategy — via @dbmoore
On Ford in Silicon Valley... "If Ford really wants to embrace the innovation and disruption of Silicon Valley, it should mimic the way these older Valley giants try to constantly kick start their cultures."
Ford  innovation  Silicon  Valley 
january 2015 by jonerp

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