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Google’s arrogance on display: burying the lede about its Google+ vulnerability and shutdown
"Google announced it would shut down its social network Google+ yesterday after revealing that it had given outside developers access to private data. At least that’s how the media is describing it. Google’s own statement just buries the news amid a whole bunch of other announcements, like a radioactive pellet"
bullshitties  corporate  bury  the  lede  google  press  releases  tech  company  arrogance 
october 2018 by jonerp
Glassdoor’s 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs Of 2018
Software Engineering Manager is the highest paying position with an average salary of $163,500 with 31,621 open positions on Glassdoor today.
Over 368,000 open positions are available across the 10 highest paying jobs on Glassdoor today.
$147,000 is the average salary of the top 10 tech jobs on Glassdoor today.
12.7% of all open positions are for software engineers, making this job the most in-demand in tech today."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  glassdoor  highest  paying  tech  jobs  louis  columbus'  blog 
august 2018 by jonerp
Musings - Enterprise Acceleration - and what every HR Leader should know about it
"3. 21st century learning. CxOs need to have a conversation about modernizing their learning systems to the needs of the 21st century workforce. This means that learning content has to be pervasive, can be self-created, and can be self-curated and consumed at the space of the modern workforce. Too much learning happens at the wrong time in the wrong place, and the speed of forgetting newly learnt information and capabilities is killing any speed an enterprise was planning to pick up from the training / learning in the first place."
constellation  research  enterprise  acceleration  fow  future  of  work  holger  mueller  hr  tech  nextgenhcm 
july 2018 by jonerp
Chinese AI beats 15 doctors in tumor diagnosis competition
"As reported by Xinhua, the system defeated a team comprised of 15 of China’s top doctors by a margin of two to one. The AI, BioMind, was developed by the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre for Neurological Disorders at Beijing Tiantan Hospital, and is another example of the long line of the technology analyzing images."
artificial  intelligence  science  tech 
july 2018 by jonerp
Conference Attendee Tips — Illustrated Journaling, Golden Age mysteries, Boat Shows and More
" Download the conference’s app and learn how to use it. Increasingly, this is the only way to know what’s going on, and the best of these apps support your networking goals, plug you into the best parties, offer suggestions on what sessions may be of greatest interest, etc."
trends  &  concepts  best  practices  hr  tech  conference  ksaocs  life  after  hrtech  naomi's  speaking  engagements  travel  vendor  briefings  demos  workday 
june 2018 by jonerp
Microsoft’s next act
"One of the big things that we have done at the leadership level is to focus on shared metrics. We make a distinction between what we call “performance metrics” and “power metrics.” Performance metrics are in-year revenue and profit and things of that nature. Power metrics are about future-year performance. They are leading indicators of future success and are more about usage and customer love or satisfaction. We have a blend of metrics that are few but shared. A large part of the compensation for me and my leadership team is fundamentally based on that."
high  tech  insights 
april 2018 by jonerp
You Have the Power to Write the Future - by @itsinsider #girlswhocode
"Feeling the so-called gender deprivation that sets in over time when you’ve been working in tech surrounded by bros, Wilcox started getting involved with nonprofits like Girls Who Code. It had a profound impact on her. “I’d never been around that many women in tech in my life, even though these were young high school and middle school kids,” she said. It later inspired her to start Orlando Lady Devs a female developer Meetup that has been going strong since the summer of 2016."
trends  &  concepts  codelikeagirl  girls-in-tech  orlando  stem  women  in  tech 
january 2018 by jonerp
Reprise: A Great Miracle Happened Here! - by @infullbloomus
"I could go on, but I think you get the picture. It would really be a miracle if we woke up on the last day of Chanukah to find that all of these wishes had come true. But even more important, although it has absolutely nothing to do with HRM or IT, I hope that the miracles of good health (mental, physical, and financial) are granted to each and every one of you."
holiday  thoughts  hr  tech  looking  back  forward 
december 2017 by jonerp
Could an AI Generate the First Line of a Novel?
"And of course, the other half of the fun is sharing the ridiculous results on her blog. For example, given a dataset of 37,265 fish names, the neural network tried its hardest to generate its own. And last week Shane trained it on the first lines from 224 Disney songs. But this month Shane turned her attention to one of the most human endeavors of all: writing a novel. “When you’re faced with a blank page, sometimes it’s just hard to get started,” Shane joked on her web page. “I wanted to see if I could train a computer program to help.”
culture  research  technology  top  stories  artificial  intelligence  char-rnn  national  novel  writing  month  novel-generating  neural  networks  tech  the  arts  and  science  torch 
december 2017 by jonerp
Tech Ageism and the Myth of the ‘Digital Native’
"It turns out that older employees are not discriminated against once they are hired. Exceptions exist, of course, but the data shows that after 40, non-manager tech workers enter the “Tech Sage Age” (a term coined by Visier). Visier found workers in the Tech Sage Age are increasingly likely to receive top performance ratings. This is not true in non-tech industries, said Weisbeck, where older workers find their performance ratings decline."
culture  top  stories  ageism  cisco  digital  native  discrimination  diversity  employment  intuit  mcafee  tech  visier 
november 2017 by jonerp
Should There Be a ‘Robot Tax’ to Offset Human Job Loss from Automation?
"Yet, the fears around machines creating mass joblessness may be overhyped. Some analysts point out that automation may take over certain types of work, but historically such technological shifts have helped to create more jobs than they have eliminated. But what is different about this emerging revolution this time around is that not only are blue-collar jobs potentially threatened by our increasing reliance on machines, but also highly skilled, white-collar jobs as well — think about the recent rise of fintech or the growing use of robotics in healthcare."
culture  top  stories  automation  robotics  robots  tech 
september 2017 by jonerp
Coding in Prison: The Dev Shop at San Quentin
"It’s an opportunity to live our values,” says Steven Hawkins, president of the Coalition. “One of the main ways to keep people from returning to prison is through employment opportunities.”
culture  top  stories  education  first  virtual  holdings  hack  reactor  tech  the  last  mile  training  workforce 
august 2017 by jonerp
Breaking Through the Big Business Barricade with Open Source
"Software is eating the world, and no company can sit on the sidelines anymore. What attracted me to both of these companies was their vision and their history of evolving with the industry and customer needs. Each of these companies had already started their transformational journey to open source, and I knew that I could be a part of that."
contributed  culture  interviews  top  stories  comcast  linux  foundation  open  source  communities  summit  2017  sandisk  tech 
august 2017 by jonerp
How Non-Disparagement Clauses Hide Toxic Workplace Culture
"Ehmke’s experience is not unique, but no one hears these stories because non-disparage clauses are rampant in the tech industry. They are essentially hush money.

It’s one reason that so many people were unaware of the rampant sexism exposed by ex-Uber engineer Susan Fowler earlier this year and popping up since across the industry. A common theme from non-marginalized populations among Twitter threads has been “If this is so prevalent, why haven’t I heard about it?”
analysis  culture  news  op-ed  top  stories  diversity  github  hiring  inclusion  legal  tech 
july 2017 by jonerp
The Junior Dev Who Deleted the Production Database
"The top response on Hacker News also had no sympathy for the company. “Sorry, but if a junior dev can blow away your prod database by running a script on his _local_ dev environment while following your documentation, you have no one to blame but yourself. Why is your prod database even reachable from his local env? What does the rest of your security look like? Swiss cheese I bet.”
culture  technology  top  stories  amazon  web  services  data  databases  reddit  forums  security  tech 
june 2017 by jonerp
#transformCIO – a new live streamed interview series of leading CIOs & CTOs - by @dt
"I first met Finbarr several years back when he was talking at a techUK event about how he transformed William Hill, an 80 year old UK brand, from an 18-24 month time to market for new products to 3 weeks! We talk about that “fail fast” story, along with his attitude to Cloud Computing, data centres, agile, DevOps, shadow IT, holding on to talent, low-code solutions, emerging tech and more."
#entdigi  interview  series  digital  transformation  strategy  cio  comparethecloud  ctc  cto  disruptive  tech  tv  finbarr  joy  lebara  superbet  william  hill 
june 2017 by jonerp
Big Data Comes to Pet Tech
"Azhnyuk says there’s a two-fold appeal in this new breed of technology. First, it can give pet owners new insights into their pets — and of course, “We can be close to them even when we’re not in the same physical space.”
culture  top  stories  data  fitbark  petbot  petcube  pets  petzi  petzitreatcam  playdate  startups  tech 
june 2017 by jonerp
Hostile Texas Bathroom Bill Forces Tech Conference Organizers to Look Beyond Austin
"A proposed bathroom bill making its way through the Texas state legislature is viewed as so hostile that tech conference organizers are now looking for more hospitable locales to host their events."
culture  news  top  stories  bathroom  bill  cloud  native  computing  foundation  diversity  hashicorp  inclusion  legislation  tech  texas 
may 2017 by jonerp
The Linux Foundation and Its Critics
"Yet although Garrett’s criticisms were largely unsupported, they were repeated uncritically, including on the popular FOSS Force site, under the headline “Linux Foundation sells out.” The article attracted another series of criticisms altogether: that the Foundation had no interest in desktop Linux and was no more than “another corporate power play,” and that the community needed to fight the “hypocrisy” of corporations and ensure that they never controlled the direction of open source development."
analysis  culture  op-ed  top  stories  core  infrastructure  initiative  linux  foundation  technical  advisory  board  microsoft  open  source  communities  software  freedom  conservancy  tech 
may 2017 by jonerp
How Humans React When AIs Replace Them
"The Times isn’t the only publication that’s looking at workers training their AI replacements. A recent article in Wired described the throng of humans who are reviewing offensive videos on YouTube and AdSense advertisements. And at one point their reporter describes the business case for “churning through ad raters” — since it provides multiple perspectives for the AI that will eventually replace them. “Giving ‘the machine’ more eyes to see is going to better results,” said the CEO of AI startup Nara Logics."
culture  top  stories  artificial  intelligence  nara  logics  tech 
may 2017 by jonerp
Can Artificial Intelligence Fix the Monopoly Board Game?
"It turns out that poor Mediterranean Avenue — exactly one square past “Go” — is the square least likely to be landed on, so its return on investment drops quite a bit. Multiplying the two numbers together yields the “actual” return on investment — that is, their probability-adjusted return — and this shows Mediterranean’s returns are 49 percent below average"
culture  top  stories  artificial  intelligence  board  games  do  it  yourself  ludible  monopoly  tech 
april 2017 by jonerp
The Crunchies: Staged Diversity And Chelsea Peretti's App Ideas... - by @tomforemski
"But the staged diversity of the Crunchies is far removed from actual reality. The audience looks nothing like them. Startup teams continue to be predominately: male, white/Asian; from privileged backgrounds.

The Crunchies are trying to change things and it takes time. Soon the startups will get a clue: if you want to be nominated to win a Crunchie you'd better show significant diversity in your teams."
a  top  story  culturewatch  startups  women  in  tech 
february 2017 by jonerp
Glassdoor Study: Big Gender Gap In Key Tech Salaries - by @tomforesmki
"Foremski’s Take: What's missing from the data is the numbers of females and males in each job. Gender bias is not just seen in salary data but also in hiring levels. It would be interesting to see those numbers and it would certainly be compatible with Glassdoor's campaigns for greater workplace transparency."
a  top  story  women  in  tech 
november 2016 by jonerp
In Enterprise Tech, Sell Broadly Is The Only Answer - by @barnes_hank
"And a big thing not to do: Don’t lock out IT. Yes, the IT group may not have control of as much of the technology budget as they used to, but they still have a big budget AND they still are involved in most purchase decisions (of any scale—think beyond the pilot). In fact, people in IT roles tend to be involved in many different buying projects concurrently."
go-to-market  buying  cycle  enterprise  sales  team  tech 
september 2016 by jonerp
If You Don’t Ask The Right Qs, You Get The Answers You Deserve! - by @infullbloomus #hr
"Unfortunately, it usually takes a broader planning effort to make sure that sir/madam HR leader isn’t playing that loser’s game of whack-a-mole in resolving these types of questions. You know that game: no sooner do you put one question to rest than two more rear their ugly heads, and soon you’re entangled, not unlike Gulliver, by a hairball of these issues."
debunking  calling  out  enterprise  software  hr  tech  conference  hrm  hrmds  licensed  on-premise  m&a  pe  ownership  changes  models 
september 2016 by jonerp
Big Conference Attendee Tips — #HRTechConf, #HRTechWorld, #WdayRising - by @infullbloomus
"Attend as many sessions as possible. I do because, at least when there’s NO sales crap allowed, they’re generally excellent. Come prepared to be an active listener, to take notes, to provide a twitterstream for your colleagues who couldn’t attend in person, and to boo any speaker who dares to give you a sales pitch or to trash their competitors."
hr  tech  conference  naomi's  speaking  engagements 
september 2016 by jonerp
A Year After the Ellen Pao Verdict, Tech Still Gets Diversity Wrong
"So how should people remember the Pao-Kleiner trial? I don’t think there’s one clear, correct answer. But as someone who covered the case closely, I can attest that not many people talk about it anymore. It doesn’t feel like an omission, or an oversight. It feels like people are almost actively trying not to talk about it, actively trying to put it behind them."
kleiner  perkins  race  ellen  pao  venture  capital  diversity  gender  intersectionality  women  in  tech  caufield  &  byers  business 
april 2016 by jonerp
Reprise: A Great Miracle Happened Here! - by @infullbloomus #hcm
"The end of chest beating by industry executives, of hyping their own accomplishments in hopes no one will ask too many questions, and of disrespecting the competition in loud voices and with known half-truths if not outright lies."
enterprise  software  holiday  thoughts  hr  tech  hrm  models  modeling  preferred  architectural  behaviors 
december 2015 by jonerp
If We Want Humane AI, It Has to Understand All Humans
"In a tech industry—and research community—that is still largely white and male, the danger arises of a less-than-humane AI that doesn’t take everyone’s needs and perspectives into account. Even as more people join the conversation around diversity in tech, recent examples show what happens when products aren’t designed to serve the most diverse population possible"
artificial  intelligence  ai  diversity  fei  li  women  in  tech  business 
october 2015 by jonerp
Event Report - HR Tech 2015 - Analytics, Compliance and more - by @holgermu
"This remains a key trend to make HR applications better for end users. Hope you could make it to the panel I was honored to moderate on Monday, with the key analytic leaders of Castlight Health, Cornerstone, Equifax Workforce Solutions, Ulimate Software and Workday."
analytics  compliance  hr  core  tech  conference  technology  payroll  talent  management 
october 2015 by jonerp
You Want Disruption? Can You Handle it? - by @jeffnolan
"This is why I don’t think about disruption. The great case studies for disruption in our business are all a result of executing really well against an idea that was well conceived and not impaired by compromise. Disruption happens when you don’t have anything to lose, and in every case disruption is the result of bringing together extraordinary people unified by a sense of purpose. Put another way, disruption is not a strategy, it is a consequence."
management  disruption  people  startups  teams  tech 
september 2015 by jonerp
What's Different For Women In Tech Now: They're Taking Action
"In two weeks, the industry's seen two very different panels discussing women in tech. One was a setback—while the other pointed the way forward."
lead  women  in  tech  diversity  technology  techcrunch  disrupt  tracy  chou  sukhinder  singh  cassidy  isis  anchalee  wenger  #ilooklikeanengineer 
september 2015 by jonerp
Amazon's Not Much Different From Other Tech Employers, Public Data Says
"The survey reveals that workers tend to leave Amazon after a year. But Google, whose employees tend to stick around for 1.1 years, is right behind it. The reasons for that may vary: It’s possible that people who move to San Francisco expect a certain style of work, while those outside The Valley (like in Seattle, Wash., where Amazon is headquartered) may place a higher priority on work-life balance."
lead  amazon  employment  jeff  bezos  tech  workers 
august 2015 by jonerp
Actually, Silicon Valley Isn't Run By Straight White American-Born Men
Bit of stat cherry picking here, but at least is sparks conversation... "To be sure, there is a lack of diversity within the range of minority groups. There is a conspicuous absence of black or Latino CEOs, even though both groups make up a substantial part of the US. That reflects a similar lack of diversity within Silicon Valley's most valuable companies. Pinterest recently revealed that only 3 percent of its employees were African-American, Hispanic, or Latino."
lead  ferenstein  wire  women  in  tech  diversity  technology  tim  cook  lgbt  gay  rights  sundar  pichai  immigrants 
august 2015 by jonerp
When Should You Allow Exclusivity in Deals? - by @msuster
"In summary, many advisors, board members or executives will steer you away from exclusivity agreements. I understand the logic of this because by definition exclusivity restricts your business operations; however, I have seen exclusivity agreements be used to massive success in the marketplace by increasing contract sizes, getting longer-term commitments and getting many soft commitments to help in your success"
business  featured  posts  sales  tech  market  analysis 
june 2015 by jonerp
Modest Rant — Your HR Technology Portfolio Contains Three Types Of HCM Applications - by @infullbloomus
"When I look across all of HRM with the most expansive and contemporary perspective on work and workers (so here I include humanoid robots as workers but clearly not persons), I see the need and market for three very different types of applications. I’ve chosen to call these (making it very obvious that I am NOT a marketing guru) utility, core and niche applications."
enterprise  software  hr  tech  hrm  hrmds  ksaocs  vocabulary  shapes  our  thinking 
may 2015 by jonerp
What Schools Must Learn From LA’s iPad Debacle
"Less than two years later, that ambitious plan now looks like a spectacularly foolish one. In August, the Los Angeles Unified School District halted its contract with Apple, as rumors swirled that Apple and Pearson may have received preferential treatment in the district’s procurement process, something the FBI is investigating"
ipad  apple  los  angeles  ed  tech  education  business 
may 2015 by jonerp
White House CTO: Government Needs Tech Industry to Show Up
Don't hear this view everyday. "United States’ chief technology officer, says the U.S. government is still years behind countries like the United Kingdom in terms of embracing technology. And while she believes it’s possible to catch up, first, she says, the tech industry here needs to “show up” for its government. "
barack  obama  civic  tech  megan  smith  business 
april 2015 by jonerp
Industry Disruptor: Tesla and the Automotive Driving Experience - by @bob_ferrari
"Is it any wonder that when news broke that Apple was working on its own secret development of an electric vehicle, that social media lit-up like fireworks and the automotive industry shuttered.
In today’s industries, change is constant and the termed clock speeds of product innovation are indeed accelerating. Supply chain teams will invariably be either on-board facilitators or unfortunate obstacles to these changes."
automotive  supply  chain  high  tech  and  consumer  electronics  manufacturing  strategies  product  lifecycle  management  service  industry  disruptors  intersection  of  matters  blog  tesla  motors 
march 2015 by jonerp
Putting net neutrality in context
"After much litigation, public demonstration and deliberation, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3 to 2 to adopt open internet rules. While the substantive details of the decision are not yet known, the rules, as expected, reclassified "retail" internet service to subscribers as common carriage – meaning providing non-discriminatory service to customers. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may not block, impair or favor particular traffic, users or content."
net  neutrliaty  tech  trends 
february 2015 by jonerp
Modest Rant — No HCM Pain/Rethink/Disruption, Then Little Business Gain - by @infullbloomus
"This post evolved from my Twitter reactions to a range of marketing messages and advertorials which make it sound as though their current on-premise customers, as well as the on-premise customers of other vendors, could get all the benefits of business innovation enabled by next generation HCM software without much rethinking, redesigning, and disruption. Dare I say balderdash!"
"killer"  hrmds  scenarios  business  outcomes  change  management  debunking  calling  out  enterprise  software  hr  tech  hrm  licensed  on-premise  looking  back  forward 
february 2015 by jonerp
Never have online attacks on women been more visible, more denounced, or more effective - by @sarahcuda
"Thanks to the Internet and social media, a message can reach more people, via fewer gatekeepers, than ever before. But that freedom of movement for information has also allowed groups of highly organized trolls to pummel and pummel in highly targeted and efficient ways they couldn’t before. Often the targets of those trolls are women."
tech  feminism  trolling  civility 
february 2015 by jonerp
Modest Rant — HCM SaaS Economics - by @infullbloomus
"Unless your organization is operating in the same environment as it did 20+ years ago, doing pretty much the same things within pretty much the same competitive landscape (and this is true for NO ONE), then the cost of technology-enabled innovation should be the focus of any cost comparison between on-premise or faux SaaS/”cloud” and true SaaS."
"killer"  hrmds  scenarios  hcm  debunking  calling  out  enterprise  software  hr  tech  hrm  looking  back  forward  models  modeling  preferred  architectural  behaviors  saas 
february 2015 by jonerp
7 Hot IT Skills: DevOps, Infosec and More
Good roundup of tech skills demand/predictions...
tech  skills  careers 
february 2015 by jonerp
The Most Wasteful Economic System Ever Invented? - by @stevedenning
Potent interview by Steve Denning on the creative economy... "Shift is one of the most comprehensive guides to the emerging Creative Economy. One of its insights is that, in the new economy, enterprises are shifting the burdens of innovation to ecosystems of individuals who are often ill-prepared, ill-trained and poorly financed to take on these risks and responsibilities."
tech  creativity  economics 
february 2015 by jonerp
9 Tech Trends Transforming Retail
"With the continuing evolution of mobile and other technologies, the shift to omni-channel strategies and continuing evolution of fraud, retailers are looking to technology advancements in 2015 to help them transform their businesses, according to industry experts."
retail  tech  trends 
february 2015 by jonerp
Three ways to think differently in 2015, Part 3 of 3: Technology and Talent - by @stephenronin
"The tools organizations use have a direct impact on the quality of life of their employees. Good tools make people’s work lives better; bad tools make them much worse."
talent  tech  trends  HCM  UX 
january 2015 by jonerp

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