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Atlassian Futurist Sees Teamwork, not Chatbots, Defining the Future of Work
"Not to worry, said Dominic Price, who is the head of research and development and resident “work futurist” at Atlassian. During a recent phone interview he noted that in the last 144 years, technology created more jobs than it took away. True, there has been mass displacement and the actual roles that remain are very different, but overall more jobs have been created. He doesn’t think artificial intelligence, or intelligence assistance, or machine learning, or whatever term you want to use will be any different."
culture  interviews  top  stories  artificial  intelligence  atlassian  education  tns  management  training 
april 2017 by jonerp
Gartner Purchase of Corporate Executive Board Would Address Changes in IT Advisory Market
"Despite their big advantages, the big IT analyst shops face disruption. They face perpetual accusations of pay-for-play bias. Many techies say they know more about the topics than the analyst briefing them. A three-part podcast hosted by Kea Company describes how many smaller companies address these shortcomings."
research  boston  consulting  group  ceb  corporate  executive  board  forrester  gartner  idc  idg  kea  company  mckinsey  tns  management 
january 2017 by jonerp
How Shell Oil Is Taking DevOps and Agile to the Cutting Edge
"Of course, another important way to measure success in the oil and gas industry is whether or not it complied. For agile and Scrum in the heavily regulated worlds, certainly “compliant” is another definition of “done.”

Measuring cultural changes is always a challenge, but it’s a particular hurdle for such a large multinational."
analysis  case  study  culture  events  top  stories  agile  continuous  integration  and  deployment  cultural  change  devops  world  2016  scrum  tns  management 
january 2017 by jonerp
The Thorny Ethics of Computer Programming
"A surprisingly wide-ranging discussion broke out last month among computer programmers to which ethical lines they just won’t cross. Coders have been sharing their own horror stories in highly-trafficked discussions on Medium, Hacker News, and Reddit. Collectively all the stories offered a glimpse into the unexpected challenges lurking in the developer world today."
culture  top  stories  application  development  ethics  tns  management  uncle  bob 
december 2016 by jonerp
Review: New Books for Understanding DevOps - by @cote
"Where “Lean Enterprise” was an excellent sermon from the pulpit of DevOps (more like a sort of compendium thereof), the “DevOps Handbook” is more like a manual for putting The Good Work into practice. “Lean Enterprise” will sell you on why you should fix your organizations, help you understand a new way of thinking about organizations, and tenderize your mind to accept the instructions in the “DevOps Handbook.”
analysis  top  stories  book  review  devops  from  the  stacks  pivotal  tns  management 
november 2016 by jonerp
‘Thanks for Using Containers!’ … Said No CEO Ever
"“We think we’re going to get magical powers when we use other people’s servers,” said Casey West, Principal Technologist for Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry platform, during his OSCON Europe talk, in which he provided a humorous, and insightful look at how the CEO sees, or doesn’t see — or honestly doesn’t care about — the vast majority of the work that IT professional do in cloud."
analysis  events  top  stories  oscon  london  2016  tns  management 
october 2016 by jonerp
Turning APIs into Products: The Next Stage of Business Growth
"Last year at API Strategy and Practice in Austin, Texas, one of the key themes that arose from speakers across multiple streams was the next challenge in this typical rollout. Business leaders charged with the responsibility of (a) encouraging internal APIs to be used by engineering teams creating new products, and (b) facilitating open APIs to be used by partner and external developers found they needed to move beyond a pilot or innovation project mindset and treat their APIs as products."
analysis  top  stories  api  strategy  and  management  apis  azure  microsoft  productization  tns 
october 2016 by jonerp
How To Succeed at Failure with Microservices
"Reinhardt shares three ways he steered his team towards a new success, one that saw that same team that had failed at the reorientation introduce structural changes that have since brought their monolithic codebase deployments down from 5-10 days to thirty minutes."
case  study  top  stories  api360  summit  ca  technologies  conway's  law  failure  legacy  migration  microservices  architecture  reorientation  tns  management 
august 2016 by jonerp
What Spotify Learned From the Flop of its App Store
"Or better yet, what happened after the app platform stumble? And did their change to “speeding through failure” actually work? Frödin told us they built a Web API, which enabled them to “build a lot of interesting stuff for our users and internally,” as the API enables them to have a lot of flexibility for rapid change."
analysis  case  study  events  top  stories  api  application  programming  interface  dibbs  organizational  culture  spark  the  change  conference  spotify  tns  management 
july 2016 by jonerp
The Great DevOps Train Wreck is About to Crash into Your Data Center
"The DevOps revolution, driven largely by containers, is placing new and mighty demands on the enterprise data center, demands that will break infrastructure and policies designed for a dying era of monolithic apps. If we don’t work together as a community to build a new generation of tooling for the DevOps era, performance won’t meet expectations, and then we’ll all get to read articles about how DevOps failed."
contributed  op-ed  top  stories  container  orchestration  containers  devops  tns  management 
june 2016 by jonerp
Are you a 10x Programmer? Or Just a Jerk?
"Not every 10x programmer is a jerk. Far from it, Brown stipulated. But a manager that allows a super-developer to run amok over colleagues is not doing the project any favors in the long run."
analysis  culture  programming  tns  management 
june 2016 by jonerp
Hey Startups: Turning Off Slack Won’t Solve Your Management Problems
"Finally, this is not to say that we can’t have innovation in management. I’m dubious about Holacracy and getting rid of middle-management, but if you read about companies that think they have successfully gotten rid of middle-managers, they are still doing management."
analysis  contributed  op-ed  from  the  stacks  slack  tns  management 
may 2016 by jonerp

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