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Tips from WIRED’s evergreen content strategy
"Is your content archive working harder than you’re giving it credit for? WIRED’s Director of Audience Development Indu Chandrasekhar recently shared that 40% of WIRED’s visits goes to content that’s at least a week old.

“We are dedicated to trying to figure out how to make WIRED’s 26-year-old archive—as well as everything new that we produce—really shine,” Indu says. She shared the process her team uses to make the most of their evergreen content."
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16 days ago by jonerp
Reduce Costs: Invest In Talent - by @lcecere
"More insular companies–those that do not encourage networking, training, professional experiences–tend to score lower on employee satisfaction. So, if you are working on improving the satisfaction of supply chain employees, consider the elements on the word cloud from the survey open-end responses."
supply  chain  leadership  talent  costs  organizational  benchmarking  insights  webinar 
september 2017 by jonerp

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