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You Have the Power to Write the Future - by @itsinsider #girlswhocode
"Feeling the so-called gender deprivation that sets in over time when you’ve been working in tech surrounded by bros, Wilcox started getting involved with nonprofits like Girls Who Code. It had a profound impact on her. “I’d never been around that many women in tech in my life, even though these were young high school and middle school kids,” she said. It later inspired her to start Orlando Lady Devs a female developer Meetup that has been going strong since the summer of 2016."
trends  &  concepts  codelikeagirl  girls-in-tech  orlando  stem  women  in  tech 
january 2018 by jonerp
Women In Sales – A Missed Opportunity? - by @barnes_hank
"Two weeks ago, I spent time at CEB (now Gartner) with a group of sales and marketing thought leaders that participated in the #CEBInfluencers program. One of the most interesting discussions centered around the issue of diversity in sales, specifically regarding women. The discussion was lead by Victoria Koval (CEB-Now Gartner) and Lori Richardson. Lori is also the president of WOMEN Sales Pros."
future  of  sales  go-to-market  #cebinfluencers  #womeninsales  diversity  growth  strategy  women  in 
july 2017 by jonerp
Security Debt is an Engineer’s Problem
"She shared four basic security principles for engineers. First, security debt is expensive. There’s a lot of talk about technical debt and she thinks security debt should be included in those conversations.

“This historical attitude is ‘We’ll think about security later,’” Plattner said. As companies grab the low-hanging fruit of software efficiency and growth, they ignore security, but an initial insecure design can cause problems for years to come."
analysis  events  top  stories  bcrypt  oracle  passwords  security  technical  debt  women  who  code  zxcvbn 
may 2017 by jonerp
The Crunchies: Staged Diversity And Chelsea Peretti's App Ideas... - by @tomforemski
"But the staged diversity of the Crunchies is far removed from actual reality. The audience looks nothing like them. Startup teams continue to be predominately: male, white/Asian; from privileged backgrounds.

The Crunchies are trying to change things and it takes time. Soon the startups will get a clue: if you want to be nominated to win a Crunchie you'd better show significant diversity in your teams."
a  top  story  culturewatch  startups  women  in  tech 
february 2017 by jonerp
Glassdoor Study: Big Gender Gap In Key Tech Salaries - by @tomforesmki
"Foremski’s Take: What's missing from the data is the numbers of females and males in each job. Gender bias is not just seen in salary data but also in hiring levels. It would be interesting to see those numbers and it would certainly be compatible with Glassdoor's campaigns for greater workplace transparency."
a  top  story  women  in  tech 
november 2016 by jonerp
Women in Manufacturing & Technology At PowerPlex 2016 - @erp_cindyjutras
"On the people side, amidst an overall skills shortage in manufacturing, women have so much to offer. Yet while our ranks are growing slowly, we remain a small minority. It is very challenging for a woman to get ahead and make it to the top and we need to support each other along the way. The best way to accelerate gender diversity in the worlds of manufacturing and technology is to create a supportive environment and highlight success."
uncategorized  diversity  gender  equality  manufacturing  mint  jutras  plex  systems  powerplex  technology  women 
may 2016 by jonerp
A Year After the Ellen Pao Verdict, Tech Still Gets Diversity Wrong
"So how should people remember the Pao-Kleiner trial? I don’t think there’s one clear, correct answer. But as someone who covered the case closely, I can attest that not many people talk about it anymore. It doesn’t feel like an omission, or an oversight. It feels like people are almost actively trying not to talk about it, actively trying to put it behind them."
kleiner  perkins  race  ellen  pao  venture  capital  diversity  gender  intersectionality  women  in  tech  caufield  &  byers  business 
april 2016 by jonerp
If We Want Humane AI, It Has to Understand All Humans
"In a tech industry—and research community—that is still largely white and male, the danger arises of a less-than-humane AI that doesn’t take everyone’s needs and perspectives into account. Even as more people join the conversation around diversity in tech, recent examples show what happens when products aren’t designed to serve the most diverse population possible"
artificial  intelligence  ai  diversity  fei  li  women  in  tech  business 
october 2015 by jonerp
What's Different For Women In Tech Now: They're Taking Action
"In two weeks, the industry's seen two very different panels discussing women in tech. One was a setback—while the other pointed the way forward."
lead  women  in  tech  diversity  technology  techcrunch  disrupt  tracy  chou  sukhinder  singh  cassidy  isis  anchalee  wenger  #ilooklikeanengineer 
september 2015 by jonerp
Actually, Silicon Valley Isn't Run By Straight White American-Born Men
Bit of stat cherry picking here, but at least is sparks conversation... "To be sure, there is a lack of diversity within the range of minority groups. There is a conspicuous absence of black or Latino CEOs, even though both groups make up a substantial part of the US. That reflects a similar lack of diversity within Silicon Valley's most valuable companies. Pinterest recently revealed that only 3 percent of its employees were African-American, Hispanic, or Latino."
lead  ferenstein  wire  women  in  tech  diversity  technology  tim  cook  lgbt  gay  rights  sundar  pichai  immigrants 
august 2015 by jonerp

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