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HCM Software and The Health Pandemic of 2020
"A client we worked with to implement an HCM initiative has launched on online Covivid-19 response plan that employees can access daily (or whenever they want to) via their HCM system. This flexible database contains a multitude of information from travel advisories to how to handle exposure. With the evolving virus situation, it is updated frequently and > 75% of employees access it daily. This client is currently enhancing their system to contain an online chat feature, which is a clever use of technology to help manage and foster communication during difficult times."
digital  strategy  hcm  implementations  2020  erp  and  report  vs.  implementation  successfactors  workday  sap 
3 days ago by jonerp
The New Realities of HCM and ERP Implementations in a Changing World
"We expect to see more companies and teams that are expected to work smarter (and harder too, by the way), while also being selective with limited resources. This is because most organizations tend to fall into one or more of three categories:

Those that are severely disrupted by employee health concerns, remote workforces, lost productivity, and employee personal issues spilling into the workplace
Those that are forced to shed human capital due to an economic downturn and decreased customer demand
Those that are experiencing unprecedented surges in customer demand due to the industries they are in, such as food, grocery, consumer staples, healthcare, government, defense, and others"
cloud  erp  implementations  digital  strategy  global  hcm  microsoft  dynamics  365  netsuite  oracle  sap  s  4hana  successfactors  workday 
6 days ago by jonerp
How to Estimate ERP and HCM Implementation Time
"Magnitude of change. The bigger the change this project will mean for your company, the longer it will take.
Number of locations. A higher number of locations requires more time to accommodate different operations.
Number of countries. A higher number of countries in scope requires more time to accommodate different cultures.
Complexity of your operations. The more complex and unique your operations, the longer it will take you to implement.
Your internal competencies. The less implementation experience and capabilities your internal team has, the longer the project will likely take."
cloud  erp  implementations  digital  strategy  global  hcm  microsoft  dynamics  365  netsuite  oracle  sap  s  4hana  successfactors  workday 
7 weeks ago by jonerp
ERP vs. HCM Implementations: Which is the Better Bet?
"HCM may affect a larger population of people than an ERP or CRM implementation, but they can actually deliver more value with less risk. For industries that spend too much on employee retention and morale-related issues each year, better performance management, learning and development, and other human capital capabilities can deliver much higher business benefits than having more efficient accounting or inventory management competencies."
digital  strategy  hcm  implementations  successfactors  workday  2020  erp  and  report  vs.  implementation  successful  oracle  cloud 
december 2019 by jonerp
What is an Agile ERP Implementation?
"ile is not an excuse to do less work. The real lesson here is that your project methodology is not the key determinant of success. Setting clear project objectives, defining effective organizational communication methods, and committing to an engaged and strong project governance structure are all crucial regardless of how you approach your project."
cloud  erp  implementations  global  hcm  microsoft  dynamics  365  netsuite  oracle  sap  s  4hana  successfactors  workday  agile 
december 2019 by jonerp
A Perspective on Data Migration in Digital Transformation
"The system integrator is typically only tasked with the main ERP system, therefore isn’t incentivized to ensure downstream systems/reporting are able to properly process the outputs. Many careers have been derailed when a CEO, COO or CFO is unpleasantly surprised by the poor condition of data appearing in their new executive dashboards and reports. Proper data readiness planning can significantly reduce post-project surprises."
cloud  erp  implementations  global  hcm  microsoft  dynamics  365  netsuite  oracle  sap  s  4hana  successfactors  workday  best  digital  strategy 
december 2019 by jonerp
Bridging the Gap Between ERP Implementation vs. Business Transformation
"Organizations generally struggle to unlock the value of their ERP implementations or digital transformations to their full potential. For many, it can be hard to deliver much more than mere incremental improvements as part of their transformations.

This problem isn’t necessarily due to lack of software capabilities. Though many are lacking the maturity of past legacy solutions, the current leading ERP and HCM systems such as S/4HANA, Oracle Cloud ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and others contain advanced technologies that many will simply never be able to consume."
cloud  erp  implementations  digital  strategy  global  hcm  microsoft  dynamics  365  netsuite  oracle  sap  s  4hana  successfactors  workday 
september 2019 by jonerp
Fatal Flaws in the Digital Transformation and ERP Software Industry
"This is the first time in my career where all the major players are releasing relatively new and unproven flagship products. For example, while SAP spent roughly 20 years fine-tuning its R/3 product, S/4HANA has only been on the market for a few years. The number of customers successfully using this new product is relatively small. The kinks haven’t been worked out and the breadth of functionality simply isn’t there yet.

The same is true for Oracle ERP Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and other top ERP systems. In some cases, the vendors have rewritten the software from scratch (example: Oracle). In other cases, they have pieced together the “best of” older flagship products (example: Microsoft). In most cases, these products are not as ready for prime time as their predecessors were."
digital  strategy  erp  implementations  hcm  microsoft  dynamics  365  netsuite  oracle  cloud  sap  s  4hana  successfactors  workday  failures  implementation 
july 2019 by jonerp
Big ERP Systems Integrators Exposed
"It may not quite be time to fire your ERP system integrator, but just recognize that you do have options outside the big incumbents. And, it’s not an either / or proposition: you can get the best of the system integrator and augment with the more strategic and specialized skills sets of others."
digital  strategy  erp  implementations  hcm  microsoft  dynamics  365  oracle  cloud  sap  s  4hana  successfactors  workday  consultants  failures 
may 2019 by jonerp
Progress Report - Workday Innovation Summit 2019 - Workday doubles down on AI and Skills
"On the concern side, Workday’s move to the public cloud is … slow. When asked, Bhusri foresees probably two more hardware refresh cycles in the Workday data centers… translated, that means he sees full public cloud 4-6 years out. Operationally that maybe fine, but from the AI / ML perspective obstructional to implement any deep learning on customer data. Workday is to a certain point lucky, as HR and Finance are somewhat moving slower than e.g. Commerce, IoT etc. I also missed (at least a demo refresh / update) on voice as the new UX, as this is most transformation for the sporadic nature of HCM interactions.
ai  analyst  meeting  analytics  artificial  intelligence  constellation  research  finance  hcm  holger  mueller  innovation  machine  learning  nextgenerp  workday 
may 2019 by jonerp
5 Commercial Terms to Address in Workday Negotiations
"In an ideal world, you could obtain a current and complete price list, but Workday keeps this close to the vest and will not readily provide an itemized price list. However, they have provided customers with some level of visibility into list prices, so it is worth pressing Workday to at least provide the list price for each product listed in their proposal.

Ambiguous price lists are common among vendors, but unlike many other ERP providers, Workday’s list prices can vary per product"
workday  commercial  terms  contract  negotiations  renewal  enterprise  agreements  it  sourcing  vendor  management  licensing  negotiation 
march 2019 by jonerp
A different Vegas. A very different Workday.
"– I want to see a significant industry “book of record” offering. If you say you are committed to retail, I want to see a robust offering and a sizable customer base in the merchandising area. If it is insurance, show me similar around claims processing. If it is utilities, I want to see a billing engine, and one for complex asset management and maintenance. If it is healthcare, show me electronic patient records. If it is oil and gas, show me functionality their geologists consider critical."
featured  posts  technology  software  #wday  #wdayrising  workday 
october 2018 by jonerp
Can vendors like Workday, Salesforce ever get enough AI?
"As Salesforce buys Datorama and Workday acquires, we ask can enterprise application vendors ever get enough AI in their product portfolios?"
As  Salesforce  buys  Datorama  and  Workday  acquires  we  ask  can  enterprise  application  vendors  ever  get  enough  AI  in  their  product  portfolios?analytics  planning  data  analysis  cloud  erp  financials  supply  chain  crm  customer  experience  future  of  work  machine  intelligence  user 
july 2018 by jonerp
Conference Attendee Tips — Illustrated Journaling, Golden Age mysteries, Boat Shows and More
" Download the conference’s app and learn how to use it. Increasingly, this is the only way to know what’s going on, and the best of these apps support your networking goals, plug you into the best parties, offer suggestions on what sessions may be of greatest interest, etc."
trends  &  concepts  best  practices  hr  tech  conference  ksaocs  life  after  hrtech  naomi's  speaking  engagements  travel  vendor  briefings  demos  workday 
june 2018 by jonerp
ServiceNow Q1 2018: Winning the Upsell
"From Q4 of last year to this past quarter, ServiceNow’s renewal rate raised from an already staggering 97% to 98%. When you couple that with increased pricing, additional solutions, and stickiness to your organization, it only becomes more important to leverage their expansion during your negotiation."
contract  negotiations  servicenow  financials  salesforce  workday 
may 2018 by jonerp
SaaS Matters: Key Caveats for SaaS Contracting
"In these cases, enterprises should challenge their various SaaS vendors to include the ability to scale up and down as needed during the term of the Cloud subscription agreements. That means, as usage decreases, SaaS vendors should provide the customer the ability to reduce the commitment to align with actual need at that point in the term, with a corresponding reduction of the fees or a credit towards future usage."
cloud  contract  negotiations  uncategorized  agreements  microsoft  on-premise  oracle  saas  salesforce  sap  servicenow  workday 
april 2018 by jonerp
3 Keys to Negotiating Successful Cloud Agreements
"In the SaaS category, vendors such as have been quite successful in gaining significant market share in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as organizations and their respective sales branches have often led with CRM to start their journey into the cloud. In the Human Capital Management (HCM) space, vendors such as Workday, SAP (through its acquisition of SuccessFactors), and Oracle (through its acquisition of Taleo) are aggressively pushing their cloud-based offerings to the market."
cloud  ibm  it  sourcing  oracle  sap  workday  agreements  contract  negotiations  licensing  negotiation  saas 
september 2017 by jonerp
Big Data Analytics Not Just for the Big Guys
"Based on our experience as consumers, it is evident that these “big guys” know how to use “big data.” But what about small to midsize companies? Like large companies, they also need to better understand the market, target their best prospects, and better serve their customers. However, in the past, they have not had the computing resources to gather and store petabytes of data, nor the internal skills to analyze all that data."
hcm  software  selection  it  strategy  adp  bi  big  data  hr  infor  microsoft  workday 
september 2016 by jonerp
Workday’s 8/24/2016 Earnings Call — Non-Financial Thoughts - by @infullbloomus
"I take a lot of teasing from my colleagues because of my emphasis on (some would say devotion to) some very specific design principles for enterprise software. One of these is interrogatory configuration. But what may have looked like foolish devotion to many is critical, in my view, to the vendor’s economics as well as to the customer’s sanity in the continuous implementation of true SaaS."
preferred  architectural  behaviors  saas  vocabulary  shapes  our  thinking  workday 
september 2016 by jonerp
Workday gives IBM big win with seven-year cloud deal - by @ron_miller
"Workday announced a 7-year cloud infrastructure deal with IBM Softlayer today to run their development and testing services on IBM’s cloud, handing IBM a huge win in the process. The Wall Street Journal first reported the news. It’s a big deal from a number of perspectives"
cloud  enterprise  tc  ibm  softlayer  workday  iaas 
august 2016 by jonerp
News Analysis - Workday, IBM Form Strategic Partnership on the IBM Cloud - The IaaS vendor race for SaaS load is on
"MyPOV – Describes well what is going – Workday ‘has adopted’ IBM Cloud (likely SoftLayer) but will become the foundation for Workday’s development and test environments. Development and test environments are usually of less interest to SaaS customers, but the cost of providing, provisioning and maintaining them is a large chunk of CAPEX for any ISV / SaaS provider."
coud  finance  futurists  hcm  iaas  ibm  cloud  saas  softlayer  strategic  advisor  workday 
august 2016 by jonerp
Progress Report - Workday Tech Summit - Good Progress, More Insights, Less Concerns - by @holgermu
"We had the opportunity to attend Workday's TechSummit, held at the beautiful Cavallo Point resort in Sausalito."
analytics  cloud  hcm  hr  core  nextgen  payroll  talent  management  workday 
december 2015 by jonerp
News Analysis - Workday completes Talent Management with Learning - Finally - or too late? - by @holgermu
"Earlier today we learnt that Workday announced that it will create a Learning, a new application in its portfolio of HCM applications. The announcement is key as it completes the Talent Management portfolio offered natively by Workday – with Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance Management, Compensation and now Learning."
cornerstone  elearning  learning  nextgen  hcm  oracle  platform  sap  social  successfactors  talent  management  workday 
september 2015 by jonerp
News Analysis – Workday to Expand Suite of Applications for Healthcare Industry - with a SCM twist - by @holgermu
"Workday earlier today informed the markets via a press release that it is expanding its footprint in healthcare with a functional extension that goes beyond its traditional HCM and more recent efforts in Financials, with the addition of inventory management.
So let’s take the press release apart in our usual commentary style (it can be found here):"
enterprisesoftware  finance  hcm  healthcare  supply  chain  management  workday 
july 2015 by jonerp
The industry’s first Workday services blueprint: A new breed of As-a-Service providers has disrupted HR delivery forever
"let’s take a look at how the Workday services environment is shaping up with the industry’s first ever Blueprint report into Workday services, with the help of HfS principal analyst and report co-author, Khalda de Souza"
may 2015 by jonerp
Workdaytime for a fork? - by @dealarchitect
rare to see a post digging into Workday's challenges in the public domain... "Some customers are starting to call Workday “PeopleSoft updated for the cloud”. The PeopleSoft footprint of the enterprise in the 90s was relatively small, and the enterprise has grown so much bigger since with digital marketing, far more automated shop floor, smart product R&D, predictive asset maintenance. telematics in insurance, mobile banking, omni-channel retail, smart cities with sensors everywhere and so much more. There is significant fatigue with the current crop of “strategic” tech vendors, and Workday could well move into that vacuum, but not with its current small footprint."
cloud  computing  saas  industry  commentary  Workday 
april 2015 by jonerp
Workday 24 - ‘True’ Analytics, a Vertical and more - now needs customer proof points - by @holgermu
Workday this morning unveiled Workday 24 as part of their twice a year release cycle. All customers are live and the vendor is (rightfully) proud that the overall application of the release took little more than 4 hours – showing that Workday has done some additional housekeeping on its overall cloud infrastructure.
Workday  HCM 
april 2015 by jonerp
Event Report - It’s all coming together for ADP in 2015, product wise - - by @holgermu #hcm
"Good software is like wine, it takes time to mature, and ADP is on track to bring its innovations across its vast product suite. Gone will be the days of inconsistent UIs that troubled users, different architectures that hampered consultants and irritated IT professionals"
adp  ceridian  cornerstone  hcm  meeting  of  the  minds  oracle  payroll  sap  successfactors  talent  management  ultimate  workday 
march 2015 by jonerp
Progress Report – Ceridian executes on product, next challenge – implementation capacity, then sales - by @holgermu
"Ceridian has created a new version of the user interface for Dayforce, which addresses shortfalls of the previous user interface. In the last 20 month’s Ceridian has moved off a very Microsoft centric user interface, to a HTML5 based user interface that was and looked like a first version to now a good looking, dense enough for their heavy users and still visually appealing modern user interface."
ceridian  cloud  hcm  global  kronos  oracle  payroll  sap  successfactors  talent  management  ultimate  workday 
march 2015 by jonerp
​Salesforce, Workday: Analytics fueled cloud tandem - by @ldignan
"Salesforce and Workday are both posting strong cloud growth. The strategies and blueprints are similar as they both see analytics as the glue to future growth."
cloud  Workday  Salesforce 
february 2015 by jonerp
Progress Report - SAP HCM makes progress and consolidates - a lot of moving parts - by @holgermu
"SAP had their yearly analyst meeting in San Francisco and it was a good time to catch up on overall progress almost 6 months after SuccessConnect in Las Vegas (my takeaways here)."
adp  ceridian  cornerstone  hcm  oracle  payroll  sap  successfactors  talent  management  ultimate  workday 
february 2015 by jonerp

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