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Could an AI Generate the First Line of a Novel?
"And of course, the other half of the fun is sharing the ridiculous results on her blog. For example, given a dataset of 37,265 fish names, the neural network tried its hardest to generate its own. And last week Shane trained it on the first lines from 224 Disney songs. But this month Shane turned her attention to one of the most human endeavors of all: writing a novel. “When you’re faced with a blank page, sometimes it’s just hard to get started,” Shane joked on her web page. “I wanted to see if I could train a computer program to help.”
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december 2017 by jonerp
6 reasons why an executive should care about writing without bullshit - by @jbernoff
"Every time you send an email, publish a policy, or write a report that’s full of equivocation, jargon that obscures meaning, and passive voice that hides responsibility, you are reinforcing a culture of obfuscation. Every time someone reads such a document, they think, “Ah, the people who run this company are full of bullshit.”
corporate  ceos  executives  jargon  passive  voice  productivity  writing  without  bullshit 
august 2016 by jonerp
Getting Started as a Blogger: A Contract with Your Readers - by @daedtech
"Also, caveat emptor. What I’m telling you here essentially amounts to, “here’s what I’ve learned through some reading and collaborating and a whole lot of trial and error.” I have a pretty decent reader base and sometimes I even get paid to write (and, recently, to help others get better at writing), but I am not Lifehacker or some kind of blogging empire. I’m a guy that’s been treating the world to two or three rants per week for a number of years."
you  asked  for  it  blogging  writing 
march 2015 by jonerp

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