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Download video from VK online and free — ⬇ SaveVK
Download VK videos on your device with high speed for viewing at any time you want. Convenient, fast and free.
7 days ago
CGA in 1024 Colors - a New Mode: the Illustrated Guide
VileR's blog, formerly known as 8088 MPH. Old school PCs, games, graphics, programming, fonts, demos, and so on.
demoscene  color  graphics  demo  cga  hack  dos  history  programming  design 
6 weeks ago
Mock API in seconds - Mockoon
Mockoon is a free and open source desktop application allowing to quickly mock servers and API.
mock  api  testing  rest  mocking  restful  app  tools  development 
6 weeks ago
How to start a blog using Hugo
A detailed tutorial to start a new blog using Hugo from zero to deployment
development  writing  blog  reference  hugo  blogging  programming  tutorials 
6 weeks ago
TAP ROMs FREE | ZX Spectrum Games | Download ROMs
ZX Spectrum ROMs (TAP ROMs) Available to Download and Play Free on Android, PC, Mac and iOS Devices. We Have The Largest Collection of TAP Emulator Games Online.
spectrum  games  zx  z80 
7 weeks ago
Outline - Team wiki & knowledge base
Your team’s knowledge base - Team wiki, documentation, playbooks, onboarding & more…
wiki  software  opensource  collaboration  team  markdown  documentation  slack  free  tools 
7 weeks ago
Generative Placeholders
Use generative art for your placeholder images
design  generator  art  generative  generativeart  image  placeholder 
8 weeks ago
European word translator: an interactive map
Translate any word from English to more than 30 other European languages, on a map
translate  multiple  europe  map 
8 weeks ago
Basic tmux Tutorial - Windows, Panes, and Sessions over SSH - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube.
tmux  terminal  linux  shell  bash 
8 weeks ago
The (Beautiful) Programmers' Stone
A styled version of that is easier to read on the web.
book  philosophy  programming  bestpractices  culture  education  develop  development 
9 weeks ago
jagenjo/litegraph.js: A graph node engine and editor written in Javascript similar to PD or UDK Blueprints, comes with its own editor in HTML5 Canvas2D. The engine can run client side or server side using Node. It allows to export graphs as JSONs to be in
A graph node engine and editor written in Javascript similar to PD or UDK Blueprints, comes with its own editor in HTML5 Canvas2D. The engine can run client side or server side using Node. It allows to export graphs as JSONs to be included in applications independently. - jagenjo/litegraph.js
canvas  graph  editor  library  javascript  browser 
12 weeks ago
Graphic Tees, Cool T Shirt Designs For Men And Women - DesignByHumans
Shop cool graphic tees selected by a community of creative and unique designers. Browse new graphic t-shirts from artist all over the world at Design By Humans.
t-shirts  art  t-shirt  clothing 
12 weeks ago
KilledByAPixel/JSONCrush: Compress JSON into URI friendly strings with JSCrush
Compress JSON into URI friendly strings with JSCrush - KilledByAPixel/JSONCrush
code  json  compression  library  javascript  url  uri  encoded 
12 weeks ago
The Language Agnostic, All-Purpose, Incredible, Makefile | Mindlessness
I like to use Makefiles. I like to use Makefiles in Java. I like to use Makefiles in Erlang. I like to use Makefiles in Elixir. And most recently, I like to use Makefiles in Ruby. I think you, too, would like to use Makefiles in your environment, and the engineering community would benefit if more of us used Makefiles, in general.
make  code  makefile  sysadmin  programming  coding  devops  howto  linux 
november 2019
Flight compensation and statistics on Flights, Airports, Airlines and Delays | - Flight compensation and statistics on Flights, Airports, Airlines and Delays
Flights  History  arrival  departure  historical  ontime  delay  flight  airline  airport 
november 2019
Generate RSS feeds for any web page | PolitePol
Create RSS feed for any webpage you need. All you need is to make several mouse button clicks.
rss  feed  generator  rsstool 
november 2019
How Mengzi came up with something better than the Golden Rule | Aeon Ideas
The Golden Rule says put yourself in another’s shoes. But what if we do as Mengzi did, and just love them as our own?
philosophy  behaviour  china  culture 
november 2019
Free Online Image Editor | Powered by Doka
Quickly edit and crop your images online using our free image editor, apply filters, rotate, resize, and flip images, adjust colors, and add markup.
free  image  editor  graphics  ImageEditor  online  tool 
september 2019
Ghost Buttons with Directional Awareness in CSS | CSS-Tricks
It would surprise me if you'd never come across a ghost button 👻. You know the ones: they have a transparent background that fills with a solid
buttons  animation  css  variables  directional 
september 2019
A Re-Introduction To Destructuring Assignment — Smashing Magazine
Sick of chaining lots of keys together with dots to access nested values in objects? Frustrated that `arr[0]` isn’t a very descriptive name? Destructuring assignment has incredible value when accessing values in arrays and objects. Read on to learn a number of use cases in which this syntax can come in handy.
js  javascript  destructuring  assignment 
september 2019
increpare games
Makes small mostly free games and tools :)
design  games  art  game  game-design  genius  increpare  inspire  person  puzzle 
september 2019
Merge PDF - Combine PDF files online for free
No file limit, no ad watermarks - a free and beautiful tool to combine your PDF files exactly the way you want it.
convert  pdf  service  merge  pdfs  sign  signature 
september 2019
You're paying too much for business software. Let's fix it together.
business  saas  pricing  colour  nice  colourscheme  website  design 
september 2019
How to Stop Spammers From Attacking Your Google Calendar
Spammers have found a way to add unwanted phishing and scam events to people’s Google Calendars without their permission. Here’s how to stop spammers from adding things to your calendar without your permission.
calendar  spam  google  howtogeek  howtos 
august 2019
MARTINI: Real-Time RTIN Terrain Mesh / Vladimir Agafonkin / Observable
MARTINI: Real-Time RTIN Terrain Mesh To render terrain in 3D, you need a triangular mesh — a set of 3D triangles representing the surface. The easiest way to get one from height data is a uniform grid (two triangles per pixel), but that's a lot of triangles. For fast rendering, we want to reduce this amount by adapting the mesh to the surface — using bigger triangles in relatively smooth areas, and smaller ones where there's a lot of detail. One such approach, proposed by W...
3d  graphics  gis  game-development  graphics-programming  map  poly  reduction  height  reduce 
august 2019
Object-Oriented Programming  —  The Trillion Dollar Disaster 🤦
OOP is considered by many to be the crown jewel of computer science. The ultimate solution to code organization. The end to all our problems. The only true way to write our programs. Bestowed upon…
comparison  development  oop  programming  critique  functional  functionalprogramming  object-oriented-programming  objects  oo 
july 2019
host yo self
Need a web host? Host your self! Use this page to host a website or a file directly from your computer / phone / smartwatch / toaster!
cool  forwarding  hosting  localhost  proxy  storage  tools  host  site  browser 
july 2019
Turn Google Sheets into a database API. Ship fast and manage your data with ease - Stein
Use Google Sheets as your no-setup data store. Build fast and get a familiar interface for managing the data, with the open source Stein. What's more, create custom Google Forms in a breeze and analyse your data right where it's stored.
sheets  google  development  database  cms  api  spreadsheet  googlesheets  datasource 
july 2019
ไทยเฟซ รูปลักษณ์อักษรไทย
ไทยเฟซ รูปลักษณ์อักษรไทย โดย TypoSociety
thai  typeface  font 
july 2019
The Minimalist’s Strength Workout - Outside - Pocket
Five exercises that will guarantee you have the strength to adventure all weekend, well into your eighties.
fitness  exercise  workouts  health  strength  excercises  bodyweight 
july 2019
A dive into spatial search algorithms – Points of interest
To process and display spatial data such as maps at scale, there’s no concept more important than a spatial index. Let’s see how it works under the hood.
geography  algorithms  performance  search  spatial  rtree  filtering  kdtree  algorithm  Unread 
june 2019
Making Tables Responsive With Minimal CSS · Bradley Taunt
Learn how to easily implement responsive table layouts with only CSS
tables  design  css  responsive  semantic 
june 2019
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