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host yo self
Need a web host? Host your self! Use this page to host a website or a file directly from your computer / phone / smartwatch / toaster!
cool  forwarding  hosting  localhost  proxy  storage  tools  host  site  browser 
3 days ago by jonrandy
9 APIs for the geekiest of programmers | HPE
These APIs, from niche but useful to just plain fun, should make any software developer smile.
api  apis  beer  cool  culture  databases  directory  fiction  fun  geek  interesting  list  museum  nerd  programming  rest  science  star 
11 weeks ago by jonrandy
Itty Bitty Sites
itty bitty things can be conveyed in a link.
cool  hacks  html  interesting  programming  site  url  compressed 
july 2018 by jonrandy

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