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People Start Hating Their Jobs at Age 35 - Bloomberg
The shiny newness of life in the workforce begins to wear off.
economics  career  work 
19 hours ago
$100 Million Was Once Big Money for a Start-Up. Now, It’s Common. - The New York Times
Known as a mega-round in Silicon Valley, large-scale fund raising is producing a frenzy around tech companies with enough reach and momentum to absorb a large check.
startups  funding  fundraising  Entrepreneurship  nytimes 
20 hours ago
Americans Own Less Stuff, and That’s Reason to Be Nervous - Bloomberg
What happens when a nation built on the concept of individual property ownership starts to give that up?
economics  capitalism 
The battle to stop 3D-printed guns, explained - Vox
Policymakers are trying to stop the spread of firearms that could bypass federal and state laws.
3dprinting  weapons  crime 
Psychologists speak out against tech companies that use “persuasive design” to lure in kids - Vox
A group of psychologists say kids are suffering from “hidden manipulation techniques” that companies like Facebook and Twitter use.
Psychology  design  ux  interview 
2 days ago
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe will investigate the mystery of the sun’s corona - Vox
The Parker Solar Probe will try to solve the decades-old “coronal heating problem.”
astronomy  space  nasa  Science 
2 days ago
Emotional intelligence and how emotions are 'made' | WIRED UK
Professor Lisa Feldman Barrett is changing the way we think about our emotions
emotions  Psychology  interview  wired 
2 days ago
AI-powered brain emulation is changing our definition of death | WIRED UK
Scientists are replacing traditional definitions based on brain death with new concepts based on cryogenics and AI
Neuroscience  wired 
2 days ago
How Epic Games keeps Fortnite online for millions of players | WIRED UK
Fortnite has hit 125 million players – peaking at 3.2 million concurrent gamers. Keeping it online requires some serious web infrastructure
gaming  videogames  wired  fortnite 
2 days ago
Parker Solar Probe: Why Nasa is launching a spacecraft to touch the Sun | WIRED UK
The Parker Solar mission will attempt to find answers to many of the biggest mysteries about our star
Science  space  nasa  wired 
2 days ago
Yuval Noah Harari on what 2050 has in store for humankind | WIRED UK
"As the pace of change increases, the very meaning of being human is likely to mutate and physical and cognitive structures will melt"
artificialintelligence  Technology  wired 
2 days ago
What Caused the Dinosaur Extinction? - The Atlantic
A Princeton geologist has endured decades of ridicule for arguing that the fifth extinction was caused not by an asteroid but by a series of colossal volcanic eruptions. But she’s reopened that debate.
extinction  paleontology  dinosaurs  atlantic 
3 days ago
Comcast considers a streaming service that will pay you to watch
A report emerges that Comcast is considering a novel approach to trying to catch up in the streaming wars
television  streaming  marketing  FastCompany 
5 days ago
20 Years Ago, Jeff Bezos Said to Always Ask These 3 Questions to Determine the Perfect Job Candidate to Hire |
Want to build a great team? Jeff Bezos told Amazon employees to ask themselves these simple questions before making any hiring decision.
amazon  hiring  Questions  inc 
6 days ago
Why the tech sector may not solve America’s looming automation crisis
5% of America’s employees may be replaced by robots, and transitioning them to become software developers seems to be a popular solution. Here’s why it might be misguided.
automation  economics  work  futureofwork 
8 days ago
How to edit a human | 1843
For decades scientists aspired to modify the code of life. Tom Whipple meets Jennifer Doudna, who succeeded
genetics  economist 
8 days ago
McLaren 720S: The Science of Speed - YouTube
At McLaren we engineer our cars with a methodical pursuit of speed - but how do you begin to quantify the huge forces and complex equations involved in creating a supercar? Watch Rocket Scientist Ryan W. Conversano Ph.D get under the skin of the McLaren 720S to find out.
mclaren  design  aerodynamics 
8 days ago
Cognitive Biases and the Human Brain - The Atlantic
Science suggests we’re hardwired to delude ourselves. Can we do anything about it?
biases  Science  Psychology  behavior  Cognition  atlantic 
9 days ago
[FULL] Rick Fox discusses the rapid financial growth of esports and Echo Fox | Esports | ESPN - YouTube
Three-time NBA champion and Echo Fox co-owner Rick Fox speaks with Jacob Wolf about how esports and its teams, like Echo Fox, have become valued at nearly 200 times what they were when he first bought in back in December 2015. Fox and his company, Vision Venture Partners, hosted a fighting game side event, in relationship to the Evolution Championship Series, at the Esports Arena at the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.
9 days ago
How LeBron James’ new public school really is the first of its kind -
The I Promise School is unique — but it’s also building from a successful model.
education  lebronjames 
15 days ago
Do Our Questions Create the World? - Scientific American Blog Network
Quantum theorist John Wheeler’s “it from bit” hypothesis anticipated ongoing speculation that consciousness is fundamental to reality
philosophy  sciam 
15 days ago
Why Solutions to Problems Suddenly Pop into our Minds
There Is No Such Thing as Unconscious Thought

A behavioral scientist unravels one of our most cherished conceptions.
nautilus  Psychology 
17 days ago
The robot will see you now: could computers take over medicine entirely? | Technology | The Guardian
They already perform remotely controlled operations – now robots look set to be the physicians of the future
robots  robotics  automation  artificialintelligence  work  futureofwork  guardian  medicine 
17 days ago
'The discourse is unhinged': how the media gets AI alarmingly wrong | Technology | The Guardian
Social media has allowed self-proclaimed ‘AI influencers’ who do nothing more than paraphrase Elon Musk to cash in on this hype with low-quality pieces. The result is dangerous
media  artificialintelligence  socialmedia  guardian 
18 days ago
How To Detect Bank Fraud Using Math - Digg
The financial crime and security team at Monzo bank explains how they used mathematics to detect a Ticketmaster data breach.
mathematics  finance  howto  security 
18 days ago
Digitocracy: A Story by Andy Weir – Future Human – Medium
The author of ‘The Martian’ and ‘Artemis’ offers a vision of a future where computers rule
artificialintelligence  computing 
22 days ago
What if people were paid for their data? - Data workers of the world, unite
Advocates of “data as labour” think users should be paid for using online services
privacy  capitalism  algorithms  datamining  economist 
22 days ago
What Leaders Need To Do To Boost Innovation — Strategyzer
In this post I share four elements I’ve seen that are crucial for leaders who want to make innovation a reality in their companies. Bringing these elements together is incredibly powerful.
Leadership  Innovation 
23 days ago
How 35 Innovation & Strategy Practitioners View Innovation Culture — Strategyzer
Does this look like a company culture of innovation to you?

At this year’s Strategyzer Bootcamp, I asked our 35 participants to sketch what characterizes companies that are good at innovation with our Culture Map tool. Here’s a synthesis of what they came up with.
23 days ago
Here’s the final nail in the coffin of open plan offices
A new study from Harvard Business School finds that open plan offices don’t live up to the hype–in fact, the idea that they promote interaction is dead wrong.
concentration  distraction  office  workplace  design  study  Productivity  FastCompany 
23 days ago
The four-day work week is good for business
After spending two months testing a 20% shorter week, a New Zealand company found its employees happier, more focused, and producing the same amount of work. Now they’re making the change permanent.
Productivity  work  futureofwork  FastCompany 
23 days ago
Divers reveal extraordinary behind-the-scenes details of Thailand cave rescue - YouTube
Four Corners documents the extraordinary international effort to find and rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach from a remote cave in northern Thailand. Mark Willacy was in northern Thailand for this special report.
rescue  report 
26 days ago
Best Buy Should Be Dead, But It’s Thriving in the Age of Amazon - Bloomberg
The big-box retailer doesn’t just want to sell you electronics. It wants its in-home consultants to be “personal chief technology officers.”
amazon  retail  customerservice  customerexperience 
26 days ago
Work less, get more: New Zealand firm's four-day week an 'unmitigated success' | World news | The Guardian
Reduced hours for same pay increased work-life balance by 24%, cutting stress levels and boosting commitment
work  guardian  Productivity 
26 days ago
Ireland becomes world's first country to divest from fossil fuels | Environment | The Guardian
Bill passed by parliament means more than €300m shares in coal, oil, peat and gas will be sold ‘as soon as practicable’
climate  ireland  energy  sustainability  guardian 
26 days ago
Why You Need to Keep Your Customers Close
Subscription models can bring a steady revenue stream for companies that understand the customer life cycle.
customerexperience  subscription  analytics  sales 
26 days ago
The Best Management Is Less Management
Lessons from the Chilean government’s response to crisis.
Management  lessons 
26 days ago
The Country Where Fútbol Comes First
Uruguay, a small nation with a deep-seated passion for soccer, is the inspiration for any underdog vying to win a World Cup.
27 days ago
The Value of Following Passion in a Jobless World - The Atlantic
Despite the economy, 2011 graduates shouldn't abandon enthusiasm. Their deep, serious desires might be what saves them.
employment  passion  atlantic 
27 days ago
How to Really Find Your Passion - The Atlantic
A major new study questions the common wisdom about how we should choose our careers.
passion  employment  education  advice  Psychology  atlantic 
27 days ago
The Dark Knight's Legacy, 10 Years Later - The Atlantic
Released 10 years ago, Christopher Nolan’s seminal comic-book adaptation legitimized the superhero film—for better and for worse.
batman  filmmaking  atlantic 
27 days ago
Myths Of Companies With No Management
There are a lot of creative benefits to alternative management structures, but there are some downsides too.
myths  Management  FastCompany 
27 days ago
We will never see a movie like The Dark Knight again - Polygon
On the film’s 10th anniversary, Polygon looks back at the staying power of Christopher Nolan’s Bat-sequel
batman  filmmaking 
4 weeks ago
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