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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the World Economy - CIO Journal. - WSJ
Over time, AI likely will become such a historical transformative technology. But other than a relatively small number of leading-edge firms, we’re still in the early stages of AI’s deployment.
artificialintelligence  wsj 
10 days ago by jorgebarba
Google, Amazon, Microsoft: How do their free machine-learning courses compare? - TechRepublic
There are an increasing number of options for those wanting to get a grounding in the field via free courses provided by the major tech firms.
google  amazon  microsoft  artificialintelligence 
13 days ago by jorgebarba
When Will We Have Artificial Intelligence As Smart as a Human? Here’s What Experts Think
Robots in the movies can think creatively, continue learning over time, and maybe even pass for conscious. Why don't we have that yet?
13 days ago by jorgebarba
How Google Challenged Coders to Make AI More Culturally Aware
The Inclusive Images Competition's winners made progress against algorithmic bias.
artificialintelligence  algorithms  bias 
13 days ago by jorgebarba
Being human: how realistic do we want robots to be? | Technology | The Guardian
With Google’s AI assistant able to make phone calls and androids populating households in games and films, the line between machine and man is getting scarily blurred
guardian  robotics  robots  artificialintelligence 
17 days ago by jorgebarba
How Cheap Labor Drives China’s A.I. Ambitions - The New York Times
“I used to think the machines are geniuses,” Ms. Hou, 24, said. “Now I know we’re the reason for their genius.”
china  artificialintelligence  employment  labor  economics  nytimes 
20 days ago by jorgebarba
The End of the Beginning – Andreessen Horowitz
In his now annual state-of-innovation talk at the a16z Summit in November 2018, Andreessen Horowitz’ Benedict Evans walks through where we are now in software eating the world… and how things may continue to change over the next 10 years.

What’s the state of not just “the world of tech”, but tech in the world? The access story is now coming to an end, observes Evans, but the use story is just beginning: Most of the people are now online, but most of the money is still not. If we think we’re in a period of disruption right now, how will the next big platform shifts — like machine learning — impact huge swathes of retail, manufacturing, marketing, fintech, healthcare, entertainment, and more? Especially as technology begins to tackle bigger problems, in harder markets, at deeper (and more structural) levels?
artificialintelligence  ecommerce  automation  mobile  trends  marketing  retail  2018 
24 days ago by jorgebarba
Machine learning, meet quantum computing - MIT Technology Review
A quantum version of the building block behind neural networks could be exponentially more powerful.
artificialintelligence  Computing  mit  techreview 
27 days ago by jorgebarba
Finally, a Machine That Can Finish Your Sentence - The New York Times
Completing someone else's thought is not an easy trick for AI. But new systems are starting to crack the code of natural language.
artificialintelligence  nytimes 
27 days ago by jorgebarba
How airports use biometric technology - The Economist explains
Airlines want to speed up the boarding process with facial-recognition software
artificialintelligence  economist 
4 weeks ago by jorgebarba
The Future of Retail 2018: Artificial Intelligence | Business Insider Intelligence
Hype around artificial intelligence has never been higher.

One industry where AI has a chance to make a major impact on profits is retail.

Business Insider Intelligence projects that AI will boost profitability in retail and wholesale by nearly 60% by 2035!

The areas where AI will have its biggest impact are personalization, search and chatbots.
report  retail  futureofretail  artificialintelligence 
5 weeks ago by jorgebarba
MIT Moral Machine study: how should machines treat us?
A groundbreaking study reveals how we want machines to treat us

A self-driving car is crashing on a busy street. Who does it kill? Who does it save? Your answer will be shaped by where you live, says an MIT study.
robots  robotics  artificialintelligence  study  ethics  fastcodesign 
6 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Retailers Are Using Facial-Recognition Technology Too
Smile! The Secretive Business of Facial-Recognition Software in Retail Stores
artificialintelligence  security  privacy  retail 
7 weeks ago by jorgebarba
‘We'll have space bots with lasers, killing plants’: the rise of the robot farmer | Environment | The Guardian
Tiny automated machines could soon take care of the entire growing process. Fewer chemicals, more efficient – where’s the downside?
farming  futureoffood  agriculture  guardian  artificialintelligence  robots  robotics  automation 
7 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Will artists get replaced by robots? — Quartz at Work
Artists aren’t worried about being replaced by robots—but should they be?
art  Creativity  automation  artificialintelligence  robots  robotics 
9 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Silicon Valley Thinks Everyone Feels the Same Six Emotions
From Alexa to self-driving cars, emotion-detecting technologies are becoming ubiquitous—but they rely on out-of-date science
artificialintelligence  emotions  Psychology 
9 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Can Artificial Intelligence Be Smarter Than a Person? - The Atlantic
The Spooky Genius of Artificial Intelligence

AI doesn’t think—it evolves.
artificialintelligence  atlantic 
9 weeks ago by jorgebarba
How Spotify, Netflix, and other leaders use AI
5 lessons of the AI imperative, from Netflix to Spotify

It’s easy to say that algorithms matter more than ever, but harnessing their power is an endless battle—and humanity remains at the heart of every business.
algorithms  artificialintelligence  Computing  netflix  spotify  FastCompany 
10 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Love in the time of AI: meet the people falling for scripted robots | Technology | The Guardian
A crop of dating simulations where the goal is to reach a virtual happily ever after have recently become hits. Are they a substitute for human companionship or a new type of digital intimacy?
artificialintelligence  dating  relationships  guardian 
11 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes says content validation will be big
Is content validation the next growth industry?

In this era of disinformation, dissembling, and deepfakes, emerging technologies that restore our trust in online content could make for booming new businesses.
content  artificialintelligence  trust  FastCompany 
12 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Silicon Valley thinks everyone feels the same six emotions — Quartz
By building a world filled with gadgets and surveillance systems that take this model as gospel, this obsolete view of emotion could end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, as a vast range of human expressions around the world is forced into a narrow set of definable, machine-readable boxes.
emotions  artificialintelligence 
september 2018 by jorgebarba
Four Ways Jobs Will Respond to Automation
The level of threat to a given profession depends on two factors: the type of value provided and how it’s delivered.
automation  artificialintelligence  work  futureofwork  mit 
september 2018 by jorgebarba
How smart TVs are getting quite smart about you
Smarter sets could mean more niche programming and fewer annoying ads, says the TV industry. Privacy advocates worry consumers are being kept in the dark.
television  media  artificialintelligence  FastCompany 
september 2018 by jorgebarba
Universal Basic Income and the Future of Pointless Work | The New Republic
Many jobs are pointless. Others are being automated away. In the future, who will still work for a paycheck?
economics  work  futureofwork  automation  artificialintelligence 
august 2018 by jorgebarba
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