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Proof That Design Is Good For Business, In 8 Statistics
Design is being severely underutilized by manufacturers, according to the National Endowment for the Arts.
design  statistics  stats  fastcodesign 
may 2017 by jorgebarba
How statistics lost their power – and why we should fear what comes next | William Davies | Politics | The Guardian
The ability of statistics to accurately represent the world is declining. In its wake, a new age of big data controlled by private companies is taking over – and putting democracy in peril
statistics  bigdata  democracy  guardian 
january 2017 by jorgebarba
The NFL’s Brewing Information War — The Ringer
The fiercest matchup in football isn’t happening on the field  —  but it will determine the future of the game.
football  nfl  statistics  analytics 
june 2016 by jorgebarba
What is Probability and Why Do People Struggle to Understand It? | Inverse
The chances of you seeing this article were minimal, but not negligible.
statistics  stats 
september 2015 by jorgebarba
For a Lasting Marriage, Marry Someone Your Own Age - The Atlantic
Even a five-year age difference makes a couple 18 percent more likely to get divorced, compared to a couple born on or around the same year.
dating  marriage  relationships  stats  statistics  atlantic 
november 2014 by jorgebarba
300 Mobile Payment and Digital Banking Trends
As banks and credit unions begin strategic planning for 2015, it is helpful to have statistics to help form a view of current market trends. No place is this more important than with digital banking and mobile payments, where technology, adoption and competition is changing faster than ever.
payments  banking  trends  stats  statistics 
august 2014 by jorgebarba
Climate data from air, land, sea and ice in 2013 reflect trends of a warming planet
Increases in temperature, sea level and CO2 observed; Southern Hemisphere warmth and Super Typhoon Haiyan among year’s most notable events
climate  stats  statistics 
july 2014 by jorgebarba
40 maps that explain the internet
Where the internet came from, how it works, and how it's used by people around the world
history  visualization  statistics  maps  stats  internet 
june 2014 by jorgebarba
IDC: Smartphone growth to continue, reach 1.2 billion in 2014 | ZDNet
It seems everyone has a smartphone today, but there are still millions of potential customers and it is in these emerging markets where we will see continued steady growth.
mobility  mobile  connectedness  stats  statistics 
may 2014 by jorgebarba
Social Media Engagement Statistics - Business Insider
Social Media Engagement: The Surprising Facts About How Much Time People Spend On The Major Social Networks
socialmedia  engagement  marketing  stats  statistics 
december 2013 by jorgebarba
10 Surprising Social Media Statistics That Will Make You Rethink Your Social Strategy | Fast Company | Business Innovation
Know what the fastest-growing demographic on Twitter is? Or how many new members join LinkedIn every second? The answers will surprise you!
strategy  socialmedia  statistics  stats  marketing  fastcompany 
november 2013 by jorgebarba
Why doesn't Moneyball work in the playoffs? - The Week
The baseball Gods once again smite the Oakland Athletics Moneyball works just fine in the regular season. But the playoffs are a different story. Here's why.
game_theory  baseball  strategy  economics  gametheory  competition  theweek  statistics 
october 2013 by jorgebarba
Here’s all the stuff that supposedly costs us billions in ‘lost productivity’
RT @berkun: If you hate those bogus "Billions in lost productivity" stats, here's a list for you: via @farnamstreet
stats  statistics  productivity  economics 
july 2013 by jorgebarba
An hour on your smartphone each day means Google Glass can’t come soon enough | VentureBeat
We spend 58 minutes talking on or staring down at our smartphones, each and every day, according to a new survey by Experian. Surprisingly, almost half of that is good old-fashioned communicating via voice and text. And yes, there are significant difference between iPhone and Android owners.
behavior  stats  survey  venturebeat  statistics  mobile 
may 2013 by jorgebarba
25+ Mind Blowing Stats About Business Today | Six Pixels of Separation - Marketing and Communications Blog - By Mitch Joel at Twist Image
The idea of rebooting seems to be scaring a lot of people. While my new book, CTRL ALT Delete, came out only one week ago, I have been privileged to be getting a lot of media attention. In every interview,...
stats  change  book  statistics  from  twitter 
may 2013 by jorgebarba

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