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Powerlifting Leads to Complete Body Transformation
He started with big compound lifts, squats, deadlifts, overhead press and bench presses, following a 5x5 sets and reps split while he regained strong after two years of putting his health on the back burner. In the first four months his strength skyrocketed. He added 150 pounds to his squat in those early months. He broke down his body progress this way:

Sept 2016- 219 lb 5'9", Body fat high! Physical abilities low Begin strong lifts 5x5 (SL 5X5) to get my life back in gear, start low and focus on form.

5x5 stats Squat 165, Bench 135, DL 225 OHP 65

January 2017- 223 lb, BF 15.9% (3 point caliper). 3 months of SL 5X5, Feeling strong AF w/ new gains.

5x5 stats Squat 315, Bench- 200, DL 335, OHP 130

February 2017- 220 LB 12-14% BF. Linear progression w/ SL getting too hard, start 5/3/1 BBB and utilizing intermittent fasting

May/June 2017- 213 lb 9.5-10% BF. 5 cycles of 5/3/1

Squat 340 X 6, BP 225 x 3, DL 370 X 8, OHP 155 X 5

Also doing impressive 5 x10 w/ 245 5 x 10 squat, 270 5x10 DL, 120 5 x10 OHP.

June-September 2017. 195 lb , BF? but low. Began cutting in june and switched to a full vegetarian diet. Doing AMRAP work and progression was too hard so am currently running a weird hybrid of SL 5X5 w/ BBB accessories, Goal is simply maintain strength while losing weight. Will restart strength training this winter
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10 days ago
Rheem Home Comfort WiFi Module for Select Rheem Performance Platinum Gas Water Heaters-REWRA631GWH - The Home Depot
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