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AI powered video advertising. Advertise on posters across video. Can be done post production
ooh  mirriad  ai  cool  post-production-advertising 
20 days ago
Google Will Limit Cross-Site Tracking In Chrome By Default Starting In February | AdExchanger
In the short-term, ad tech companies and publishers that haven’t already will be forced to move to HTTPS. If they don’t, their cookies will be discarded by the browser.
chrome  cookies  google  tracking  data 
5 weeks ago
digital advertising, a bubble
Guys a bit of a tool. Essentially some advertisers are bad at it and don’t know what they’re doing.
digital  advertising  thoughts  opinion  2019  fraud 
6 weeks ago
The California DMV Is Making $50M a Year Selling Drivers’ Personal Information - VICE
Its always been happening. Just not as wide-scale and readily accessable as today with FB and DSPs.
programmatic  data  social  opinion  transparency 
7 weeks ago
Additional steps to further safeguard user privacy
Removal of contextual categories in the bid request sent to DSP. Can still whitelist, so would just create channels. Not a big deal really. The contextual categories are generally not great.
google  ssp  dsp  targeting  product-update  dv360  programmatic 
9 weeks ago
Next in Google’s Quest for Consumer Dominance: Banking - WSJ
Google to offer consumer banking in the near future. Google or Apple - who do you pick? One sells ads, the other doesn't.
google  banking  finance  data  apple 
9 weeks ago
Our partnership with Ascension | Google Cloud Blog
Google response to claims its buying health data already
google  ascension  health  data  transparency 
9 weeks ago
Chromium Blog: Developers: Get Ready for New SameSite=None; Secure Cookie Settings
third party cross domain tracking is being updated by default on Chrome. Firefox and Edge to follow suit.
cookies  third-party-data  tracking  data  privacy 
12 weeks ago
AdFin’s Bid to Bring Transparency to Programmatic Ends as It Shutters Its Doors – Adweek
AdFin, a company that tried to help the Association of National Advertisers and consultancies like Accenture and PwC illuminate the murky depths of programmatic dealings, has closed.

So no business in transparency consulting..
programmatic  consulting  transparency  agencies 
october 2019
To reduce auction duplication, buyers start to enforce sellers.json - Digiday
A total 123 exchanges, including 34 of the 50 most widely adopted, have shared a sellers.json file as of Sept. 28., according to programmatic consultancy Jounce Media. Google, Freewheel and Teads are the three most notable ad tech players not to have posted a sellers.json file yet. Teads will share the file in November, said Eric Shih, global svp of business development, while both Google and Freewheel have made private commitments to do the same by the end of the year, confirmed two ad tech execs on condition of anonymity.
programmatic  exchange  transparency  ssp  trading 
october 2019
‘Trust Me, I’m Fair’: Analysing Google’s Latest Practices in Ad Tech From the Perspective of EU Competition Law by Damien Geradin, Dimitrios Katsifis :: SSRN
In a first paper released in January 2019, we explained the mechanics of online display advertising and real-time bidding with a focus on the tools and technologies comprising the ad tech market. We identified Google as the leading, and most likely dominant player across the ad tech value chain and expressed the concern that it engages in prima facie anticompetitive conduct, in that it uses its leading ad server to favor its ad intermediation business and exclude competitors.
google  anti-competitive  ad-server  dsp  dv360  campaign-manager  ad-tech 
october 2019
Reach YouTube users on connected TVs with new TV screen device category
ctv device category added to Google Ads (was already on DV360)
ctv  youtube  device  targeting  vod 
october 2019
DV360 Frequency Update
google will roll out a feature for its Display & Video 360 (DV360) DSP over the next few weeks that will allow marketers to control ad frequency even when third-party cookies aren’t available.
dv360  tracking  frequency  cookies  browser  google 
october 2019
google lens / style ideas
becoming quite powerful. interesting space
google  lens  ar  future  technology 
october 2019
[no title]
2 sets of crap ad shops merge into 1 crap ad shop
taboola  outbrain  merger  programmatic 
october 2019
Share of Streaming Eclipses Traditional TV Among Adult Streamers, New Horowitz Study Finds
2 in 3 Streamers Stream over Half Their TV Content, and 15% Stream all Their Content
stats  advertising  future  svod  streaming  video  2019 
september 2019
Grocery, motors & luxury bucking the digital-first retail trend
retail apocalypse never going to be fully possible as consumers want/need physical stores.
retail  e-commerce  digital  future 
september 2019
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