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The short life of Pennsylvania's radical tax reform | Washington Examiner
Matt Pacifico, the town's mayor, blamed the land value tax's political failure on two major factors.

The first was that the incentive created by the city's land value tax was limited, because the county and the school district imposed property taxes. The tax break for investment created by the land value tax, accordingly, made up just a small fraction of overall property-related taxes.

Another major problem was that the tax system was so unusual that potential residents and businesses struggled to understand the potential benefits of moving to or investing in the city. When campaigning, Pacifico noticed that many residents didn't realize Altoona had a unique tax system that incentivized building. In some cases, businesses might have been turned off by the relatively high rate of tax on land, not understanding that there was no rate of tax on structures.
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february 2017 by juliusbeezer
The land bubble explodes - MacroBusiness
In a country with an abundance of land like Australia, how can this happen?
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september 2015 by juliusbeezer

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