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20mph zones are not causing more deaths – Lewis Spurgin – Medium
the number of accidents and casualties appears pretty variable, and the change in KSI seems very small indeed. Let’s have a look at the data on a graph. This shows two things; firstly, that most of the variation in the number of incidents is explained by differences among areas, and secondly, that the number of KSI is indeed (thankfully) very low. If we perform a statistical test on the data there is no significant effect of introducing 20mph zones on the number of people KSI. So the report, and the newspapers are not correct.
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december 2017 by juliusbeezer
DeadDogBlog: 10 reasons 20mph's plenty for Edinburgh
A 20mph limit's not going to transform Edinburgh drivers into sweetness and light, nor is it going to get rid of tram-related traffic snarlups, or over-heated busses, but it's still got a lot going for it.

Here's my top ten reasons why 20's plenty:
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january 2015 by juliusbeezer
YouTube - Twenty's Plenty - Limmy's Show (Pilot)
M. Limond in superlative form. Such exquisite verbal expression. He's my homie!
may 2011 by juliusbeezer

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