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Mnuchin is wrong: Amazon has done more good than bad for small business | Gene Marks | Business | The Guardian
The company has created businesses, side hustles, development and content design opportunities for more than 1.9m small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world who, in turn, have created more than 1.6m jobs in the process. The company has created a special site just for people to buy from small businesses and another one to help aspiring entrepreneurs become partners and merchants. More than half the items sold on their site is sold by a small- or medium-sized company, and countless other consultants, technology companies, logistics firms, warehousing landlords and other small businesses have created their livelihoods on Amazon’s back.
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7 weeks ago by juliusbeezer
Ten Easy Steps to becoming a Twitter Super Star! | Tweeting Goddess Blog via @tweetinggoddess
We all know who they are. The Twitteratti – People who are really popular on Twitter. Why are they so popular? What is it that makes them stand out? These top Twitter secrets will point you in the right direction.

1. Have a very interesting bio and a happy smiling photo on your avatar.

2. Be consistent – Let it be known that you will be providing useful content and tips.

3. Do not be bitchy or negative. Look back on your tweets. Make sure there is a lot of positivity in there.

4. Stick to main topics you are known for but add a bit of variety too with a sprinkle of other interesting facts, quotes or content.

5. Use lists. Be organized and have lists full of interesting people that your followers can go in and follow. Use Twitter polls to ask your audience questions.

6. Be helpful. Tweet out a great offer or good service you have received. Have links to useful tips or content always.

7. Use pictures and tweet positive images of different subjects and from other people. In other words it’s not all about you. Retweet others too.

8 . Endorse industry leaders or colleagues in your industry.
 Share their content, they will notice and probably do the same for you someday.

9. Respond to questions and tweets from your audience at least within 12 hours. The best tweeters will not let a mention go by without responding

10. Download the Twitter app on to your phone. Be ready to tweet when you are out and about. Top tweeters will always share what inspires them.
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march 2019 by juliusbeezer
Every Study Ever Conducted on the Impact Converting Street Parking Into Bike Lanes Has on Businesses - CityLab
But here's the thing about the "studies on possible economic impacts" requested by retailers on Polk Street, or really wherever bike-lane plans emerge—they've been done. And done. And done again. And they all reach a similar conclusion: replacing on-street parking with a bike lane has little to no impact on local business, and in some cases might even increase business. While cyclists tend to spend less per shopping trip than drivers, they also tend to make more trips, pumping more total money into the local economy over time.
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february 2019 by juliusbeezer
Advisory services
On the way towards your own business, you will need to deal with many new topics. Good advice can contribute to your business success. Even if you have obtained useful tips from friends and family, it is a good idea to obtain support from an expert in the field. Especially in the preparatory stages, comprehensive advice is very useful.

In Germany, there are many public information centres which will advise you as you set up your own business. On the Startup Portal, under “advice and information”, you will find the contact information of regional and national information centres for entrepreneurs with a migrant background. A general contact list is available on the Startup Portal. Similarly, the Authority Finder will also tell you about your nearest information centre.
business  germany 
november 2018 by juliusbeezer
Blogging for business: five questions to ask before you start
This sounds so basic as to be not worth stating, but it’s really critical. What is your objective?

To have an outlet for your thoughts on some aspect of the language professions
To connect and discuss with other people in the language professions
To attract potential clients
To establish yourself as an authority about some aspect of the language professions
Something else entirely

It’s impossible to over-stress how important this is. Without a goal, it’s not worth starting a professional blog in the first place.
blogs  translation  business 
november 2018 by juliusbeezer
Katharine Viner: 'The Guardian's reader funding model is working. It's inspiring' | Membership | The Guardian
To be able to announce today that we have received financial support from more than 1 million readers around the world in the last three years is such a significant step. This model of being funded by our readers through voluntary contributions, subscriptions to the Guardian, the Observer and Guardian Weekly, membership or as part of our patrons programme is working.

This means that within just three years, the Guardian is on a path to being sustainable. We hope to break even by April 2019. It has not been easy and we still have a long way to go – we need you to continue to support us financially, and we need more of our readers to take that step if they can. We continue to face financial challenges, but we are determined to find new ways to make meaningful journalism thrive – and with your help it will.
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november 2018 by juliusbeezer
Dr. Behooving is creating Essays in Bicycle Urbanism | Patreon

per month
Since 2009 my essays and blog posts have amused and empowered the bicycle advocacy community. I have been motivated by the fact that there simply hasn't been anyone else with a PhD in architecture and urbanism (let alone anyone with my good breeding and literary flare), who shares my conviction that cities should not be designed for enormous machines. Cars and trams in cities, I hope you appreciate, are like chocolate fountains and electric bread knives in kitchens: more trouble than they are worth. In the same way that our kitchens work better when designed around tight rations of tools—our chopping boards and knives, for example—so too our cities would be more efficient if they were designed around bicycles... and not a lot more.
cycling  business  writing  urban 
november 2018 by juliusbeezer
How much damage can Saudi Arabia do to the global economy? | World news | The Guardian
He said Riyadh was weighing up 30 measures designed to put pressure on the US if it were to impose sanctions over the disappearance and presumed murder of Jamal Khashoggi inside the country’s Istanbul consulate. These would include an oil production cut that could drive prices from around $80 (£60) a barrel to more than $400, more than double the all-time high of $147.27 reached in 2008.
energy  saudi  us  oil  business  politics 
october 2018 by juliusbeezer
How E-Commerce Is Transforming Rural China | The New Yorker
Although China has the most Internet users of any country and the largest e-commerce market in the world—more than twice the size of America’s—there are still hundreds of millions of Chinese whose lives have yet to migrate online. Analysts predict that China’s online retail market will double in size in the next two years, and that the growth will come disproportionately from third- and fourth-tier cities and from the country’s vast rural hinterland. At a time when the Chinese government has instituted monumental infrastructure programs to develop these regions, companies like JD are providing a market-driven counterpart, which is likely to do for China what the Sears, Roebuck catalogue did for America in the early twentieth century.
internet  china  business  transport 
july 2018 by juliusbeezer
Twitter stock plunges 20% in wake of 1m user decline | Technology | The Guardian
Twitter’s stock plunged 20.5% by the time the markets closed Friday – the second-biggest loss for Twitter’s stock since the company went public in 2013.

Almost $5bn (£3.8bn) has been wiped off the market value of Twitter after the social media service reported a drop of 1 million users following its action to delete fake and offensive accounts.

Twitter’s shares had fallen by 15% when Wall Street opened on Friday before recovering slightly to be down 16% after investors were spooked by news that the number of active monthly users fell from 336 million to 335 million over the past three months.

The San Francisco-based company warned investors to expect user numbers to fall further as it took greater action to block fake and offensive accounts.
twitter  business  socialmedia 
july 2018 by juliusbeezer
What would you do if your teenager became an overnight Instagram sensation? | Technology | The Guardian
According to the influencer analytics platform Captiv8, the numbers range from very little or contra (in exchange for free stuff) to fairly impressive – at least at the top end of the business.

YouTube is the pinnacle, with the highest earners – 7m subscribers or more – able to demand $300,000 for an ongoing video brand-partnership.

On Instagram and Facebook, the biggest influencers are taking home anywhere between $150,000 to $187,000 per post. And even smaller “micro-influencers” with followings around 100,000 are able to command up to $5,000 per sponsored post – a pretty good living when you add it up at the end of the day.
socialmedia  business  facebook  youtube 
july 2018 by juliusbeezer
Stumbling and Mumbling: What Southgate teaches us
One reason for the lukewarm reception to his appointment was that his CV was less impressive than that of many of his predecessors most of whom had some success in club management. But at least of the qualities of good club manager are irrelevant to international management. An England manager cannot plug gaps in his squad by going into the transfer market, and he cannot work intensively with his players day-in, day-out. It’s possible therefore that better preparation and more relevant experience for the job is working well with the under-21s.
sport  management  business 
july 2018 by juliusbeezer
Le tourisme à bicyclette engendre une activité florissante
Cet afflux de cyclistes sur les routes de France finit par susciter la convoitise des professionnels du tourisme. Le long des itinéraires, des commerces ouvrent, des loueurs de vélos s’installent, des hôteliers s’adaptent à cette nouvelle clientèle. Sur la ViaRhôna, un itinéraire qui court le long du Rhône entre le lac Léman et la Méditerranée, 65 000 nuitées liées au cyclotourisme ont été enregistrées en 2017, estime le cabinet de conseil Inddigo, qui a publié en mars une étude consacrée à cette voie.
Les touristes à vélo consomment davantage
cycling  travel  france  economics  business  tourisme 
july 2018 by juliusbeezer
Our Pricing Policy for Editors |
Via Proz:

Level of Complexity Urgent Deadlines
(up to 24 hours) Non-Urgent Deadlines
Simple $7 — $8 $5
Average $9 — $11 $6
Medium $10 — $12 $7
Hard $13 — $15 $9 — $11

Low end!
translation  business 
june 2018 by juliusbeezer
Good translators don’t translate alone | Translator’s Teacup translation blog by Rose Newell, translator and copywriter, Berlin
The first few times I experimented with quality revision by this skilled colleague, I gulped a bit at the cost. But I felt so humbled by what came back – mistakes I could never have spotted or improvements I could never have made without the help of the reviewer – that I felt I had to continue working this way, even if it cost me more…

I upped my rates to compensate, and found most clients were fine with closer to 30-33 cents, which is where my rates also stayed for a long time.

Nowadays, I’m at around 40-47 cents per word on average, and I don’t think I’d have got there without the reviewer – or the engaged approach to discussing all potential issues with the reviewer, my husband (the German-native), colleagues (English-natives, German-natives, and translators in both directions), educated non-linguist users of English who are based in the target country (my parents and certain friends – not all!), and – naturally – the client.
translation  business  editing  proofreading  reviews 
june 2018 by juliusbeezer
How Russia’s rich elite spend their billions in London | World news | The Guardian
a super-rich colony in the heart of the capital. Many maintain ties with Russia and most remain “non-doms” – a dazzling loophole in the British tax system.

Meanwhile Londoners eagerly cater to their needs as butlers and architects, accountants and lawyers, interior designers and private tutors, personal shoppers and family officers. But their most important facilitator has been the UK government itself, which has rolled out the red carpet to a group whose enormous wealth became part of a narrative about a new golden age for the capital.
politics  uk  russia  business 
march 2018 by juliusbeezer
MIT study shows how much driving for Uber or Lyft sucks | TechCrunch
The exploitative asymmetry of ride-hailing platforms comes because workers have a certain amount of fixed costs but the platform intermediary can just hike its commission at will and lower the service cost to the end user whenever it wants to increase competitiveness vs a rival business.

“At the end of the day there are a certain amount of fixed costs [for drivers],” says Tluszcz. “You have to buy a car, you have to get insurance, you have to pay for gas… And if you as an intermediary, which those platforms are, are taking an increasing amount of commission — 10%, 15%, now 20 in most of their markets — and then you’re using the price of the trip as a way of beating your competitor… then you as a driver are sitting there with basically all of your fixed costs and your income is going down and frankly the only way to cover your costs is to spend more hours in the car.

“Which is frankly what’s clearly illustrated by this study. These people have to spend so much time to cover their costs when you break it down to an hourly revenue, it’s a pitiful amount. And by the way you have no social coverage because you’ve got to take care of that yourself.”
driving  edgework  business  economics 
march 2018 by juliusbeezer
Nantes. Une soixantaine de tracteurs ont campé devant la préfecture
Environ 200 exploitants agricoles venus de Loire-Atlantique ont répondu à l’appel de mobilisation nationale de la FNSEA. Les manifestants dénonçaient l’accord entre l’Europe et le marché commun de l’Amérique du Sud.

Peu après 11 h, mercredi 21 février, une soixantaine de tracteurs ont pris place aux abords de la préfecture. La place Du pont Morand a entièrement été bloquée à la circulation automobile. Les organisateurs de la FNSEA, qui réclamaient une entrevue par délégation avec la préfète, ont finalement été reçus par son directeur de cabinet. A 15 h, l’ensemble des manifestants s’apprêtait à dégager les lieux.
agriculture  france  politics  business  nantes 
february 2018 by juliusbeezer
Want To Become A Multi-Millionaire? Do These 15 Things Immediately.
You can become the kind of person who does highly influential work. Your work can solve pressing problems, improve people’s lives, and get noticed by important people who share your work not for your sake, but for theirs! Sharing your work makes them look good because of how great it is.

The quality of who you are as a person, and the work you do, is completely within your control. But you can’t wish for it to happen. You must become the kind of person who naturally attracts the success you seek.
february 2018 by juliusbeezer
Guest post: Reflections on 2017, my first $US 100,000+ year from translation « Translator T.O.
The year 2017 was the first calendar year that I earned over $US 100,000 from translation, around $130,000+ if including other services. I think that this story is possible for anyone here on, that’s why I wanted to share...
Saying this, I didn’t just take translation and my business seriously, I “became” DJHartmann Translation. Work became my existence. I generally would wake between 2-3am and work through till 6pm, in bed normally by 7-8pm, 7 days/week. This was the routine until the regular big projects would come through and I’d work for 20 hour + sessions, at least a couple of times/month. This lasted through till NYE, when I was pushing to finish a 40k word job that was previously due on 26 Dec but I got an extension…

I only had a handful of clients, most work coming from 2. Big projects (150,000+ words) were the norm and I said goodbye to the nagging, undercutting multinationals who wanted me to work for less than 1/2 my rate.
translation  business  work 
february 2018 by juliusbeezer
Notre-Dame-des-Landes : le contrat avec Vinci, une indemnisation pas si simple - France 3 Pays de la Loire
Maintenant se pose la question de l’indemnité, quel sera son montant ?
La somme de 350 millions d'euros est souvent annoncée.
aéroport  business 
january 2018 by juliusbeezer
Some of the most interesting, least-covered climate-related stories of 2017
Even if EVs are still a relatively small part of the fleet in say, 10 years, that’s still a problem — because they are where the growth is at. This is a great quote explaining why the “energy systems are slow to change” axiom isn’t cause for complacence:

Systemic change is indeed slow, but marginal change can be extremely rapid. And it is marginal change that matters for companies and financial markets.

This piece struck me just because it explored a fact that is often unsaid: Changes at the margin — and therefore, the direction of travel — matter a lot. Because that’s where finance goes.
climatechange  finance  business 
january 2018 by juliusbeezer
Why Petroleum Did Not Save the WhalesSocius - Richard York, 2017
A related phenomenon occurred in twentieth-century whaling. Perversely, the very fact that whale populations were being driven to the brink of extinction led individual whalers and whaling nations, who were in competition with other whalers and nations, to intensify their efforts to get as many whales for themselves before the whales were gone (Ellis 1991). This is an intensified version of the tragedy of the commons, where the incentive to overexploit a common resource becomes enhanced the closer that resource comes to depletion. This phenomenon could be called the “depletion paradox,” which is much like the green paradox, where the anticipation of depletion, just like the anticipation of regulation, can spur the processes that lead to depletion. There are many examples of this, one being the destruction of the passenger pigeon in North America mainly by market hunters in the latter part of the nineteenth century (Schorger 1955). Although the depletion paradox can apply to noncapitalist economies (as I explain in the next section), it is important to recognize that the driving force that typically leads to it is the ruthless profit seeking of private interests. In this regard, this phenomenon is closely connected with the tragedy of the commodity...
My most basic aim here has been to explain why the discovery of petroleum and growing use of other fossil fuels did not end whaling. Since fossil fuels provide potential substitutes for the main products of whaling—whale oil most notably—rising petroleum production could have ended whaling. However, to the contrary, fossil fuels allowed for the development of modern whaling technologies, which greatly expanded the capacity to kill whales. Additionally, a variety of other technological innovations, like hydrogenation, allowed for the development of new commodities, such as whale oil–based margarine, that expanded the market for the products of whaling. Due to these changes, most whales that were ever killed were killed in the twentieth century, in the era of plentiful fossil fuels and substitutes for whale products. Tragically, widespread whaling did not end until most whale stocks were driven to commercial extinction and many species to the brink of biological extinction.
economics  environment  business  marine 
december 2017 by juliusbeezer
Bill McKibben: Winning Slowly Is the Same as Losing - Rolling Stone
But climate change, sadly, isn't a classic contest between two groups of people. It's a negotiation between people on the one hand and physics on the other. And physics doesn't do compromise. Precisely because we've waited so long to take any significant action, physics now demands we move much faster than we want to. Political realism and what you might call "reality realism" are in stark opposition. That's our dilemma.
You could draw it on a graph. The planet's greenhouse-gas emissions are still rising, though more slowly – let's say we manage to top out by 2020. In that case, to meet the planet's goal of holding temperature increases under two degrees Celsius, we have to cut emissions 4.6 percent annually till they go to zero. If we wait till 2025, we have to cut them seven percent annually. If we wait till 2030 – well, it's not even worth putting on the chart. I have to sometimes restrain myself from pointing out how easy it would have been if we'd acted back in the late 1980s, when I was first writing about this – a gradual half a percent a year...
Even much of the money is in place. For $50,000 in insulation, panels and appliances, Mosaic, the biggest solar lender in the country, can make a home run on 100 percent clean energy. "And we can make a zero-down loan, where people save money from Day One," says the company's CEO, Billy Parrish. Mosaic raised $300 million for its last round of bond financing, but it was nearly six times oversubscribed – that is, investors were ready to pony up about $1.8 billion.
climatechange  politics  business  finance 
december 2017 by juliusbeezer
"I'm too old for this": valid concern, or not? - Thoughts On Translation
The same can be said of freelancing. Let’s say you’re currently 60. If you live in a developed country and are in reasonably good health, statistically you have something like an 80% chance of living at least 20 more years. I think that’s long enough for a viable freelance career, definitely.

Tertiary point: working as a freelancer protects you–to a large extent–from real or perceived age discrimination in a salaried job. The “grey ceiling” is a real thing in the salaried world. I found this article from The Balance pretty sobering. Essentially, study after study has found zero relationship between age and job performance. But if you’re over 45 (45! Not 70!), you’re less likely to be hired, more likely to be laid off and more likely to take longer than average to find a new job. If you want or need to work past the usual retirement age, that alone could be a good reason to freelance.
work  translation  business 
december 2017 by juliusbeezer
VonCrank plans gig-economy emergency bike repair service | Bicycle Business | BikeBiz
VonCrank of London plans to roll-out an AA-style bike-rescue service for cycle commuters in London, with emergency repairs carried out by bike couriers. Founder Cariern Clement-Pascall told BikeBiz he plans to launch the service by March next year.

Currently, VonCrank has 120 mechanics on its books, and 2,000 users, said Clement-Pascall, a former professional rugby player. (He played for London Broncos and London Skolars.)
cycling  tech  work  business 
november 2017 by juliusbeezer
How Walmart corrupted ASDA, at the taxpayer's expense | The People's News
What people are often not aware of, is that Walmart is stripping capital out of countries where it was earned and laundering it through a complex web of subsidiary companies in tax havens around the world.

Currently, it is estimated that there is upwards of $76,000,000,000 hidden in these tax havens. This corporate behaviour is seldom seen in retail, but due to Walmart’s global reach, they have been able to exploit the same tax avoiding schemes normally reserved for Banks. This allows Walmart to shift profits offshore through unfathomably convoluted methods.
business  finance  tax 
november 2017 by juliusbeezer
Mcdonald's Real Estate: How They Really Make Their Money - Wall Street Survivor Blog
Franchising is a model by which fast food chains can expand quickly and efficiently by using the money of small investors. Ray Kroc perfected new franchising techniques, increasing the corporation’s size while maintaining strict control of its products. Around this time is when CFO Sonneborn came up with the strategy that McDonald’s continues to use today.

Instead of making money by selling supplies to franchisees or demanding huge royalties…the McDonald’s Corporation became the landlord to its franchisees.

They bought the properties and then leased them out – at large markups. In addition to that regular income, the corporation would take a percentage of each shop’s gross sales.

Today McDonald’s makes its money on real estate through two methods. Its real estate subsidiary will buy and sell hot properties while also collecting rents on each of its franchised locations. McDonald’s restaurants are in over 100 countries and have probably served over 100 billion hamburgers. There are over 36,000 locations worldwide, of which only 15% are owned and operated by the McDonald’s corporation directly. The rest are franchisee-operated.
business  economics  finance  urban  land 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
Paris: Les nouveaux Vélib' seront fabriqués en Loire-Atlantique et en Vendée
La deuxième génération des Velib', les vélos en libre-service de Paris, est en effet fabriquée au sud de Nantes, révèle le journal Les Echos.

La Manufacture française du cycle, basée à Machecoul (Loire-Atlantique) fournira en effet les vélos mécaniques de couleur verte, soit 70 % de la commande portant sur un total de 24.500 bicyclettes neuves.
cycling  nantes  business 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
Stop Expecting Facebook and Google to Curb Misinformation — It’s Great for Business
There are a few numbers these companies live and die by. One of these numbers is the quantification of “engagement,” a term kept deliberately vague so it can be expanded more easily; it essentially translates to “things happening on the website.” For Twitter, this means tweets, retweets, favorites, and various other clicking activities. “More” is directly equivalent to “better for business,” no matter what exactly there is more of. For Facebook, this translates to writing posts, sharing posts, liking posts, and so forth. The more people are staring at Facebook or clicking its click-ables, the higher this engagement number goes, and the better the company looks to investors and advertisers, the two parties that determine whether an internet firm will be massively lucrative or dead. Google’s position here is slightly different in that individual user accounts matter less, but the gist is similar: The more people looking and clicking, the better. You only need to spend several minutes on the internet to realize that a lot of this looking and clicking includes things like racist witch hunts, white supremacist evangelizing, deliberate hoaxes, and maybe even electoral interference of some sort (it seems entirely plausible that foreign governments might take to Facebook to throw wrenches in our civic life because they know we love wrenches). For years now, the major internet information brokers have been promising and promising to improve, but delivering only the most marginal signs of improvement. This isn’t a sign of failure but of lack of effort. We have yet to see what it would look like for a major technology company to make a serious, concerted attempt to filter out deliberate acts of harm and deceit.

The notion that Twitter couldn’t curb spam bots and Nazis or that Google couldn’t blacklist 4chan from its news overview is absurd. The issue is that, for revenue purposes, engagement with the informational equivalent of a leaking septic tank is indistinguishable from engagement with news sources that aren’t explicitly trying to deceive and defraud readers.
facebook  google  business  attention  twitter 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
Lymphome. L'étude nantaise dans le New England Journal of Medecine. Info -
Le New England journal of Medecine, première revue scientifique mondiale, vient de publier le résultat d’une étude sur le traitement du lymphome à cellules du manteau. Une étude coordonnée par le professeur Steven Le Gouill, du service d’hématologie du CHU de Nantes. Une avancée dans la prolongation de la survie des patients.

Les lymphomes sont des cancers du sang se développant dans le tissu lymphatique. Il s'agit de cancers relativement fréquents puisqu'ils se placent en France au 6e rang des cancers. Le lymphome à cellules du manteau est une forme rare de lymphome (6% des lymphomes) et tire son nom d’une zone située dans les ganglions et que l’on appelle la zone du manteau. C’est dans cette zone que se trouvent les cellules cancéreuses dans cette maladie.
nantes  editing  business 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
Vinci, Company Profile | Corporate Watch
The core of Vinci’s business is running privatised, government-backed infrastructure in highly lucrative “concession” deals. Over half of all its profits come from its extremely profitable concessions to run much of the French motorway system. Out of every four euros paid by drivers in motorway tolls, one euro goes straight into Vinci’s profits.
Vinci’s strategy is to seek similar high-profit concession deals in other sectors and other countries. Recent moves include major airport concessions and toll road schemes from Chile to Vietnam.
aéroport  business 
august 2017 by juliusbeezer
Les périmètres des Zones de Revitalisation Rurale (ZRR) ont été redéfinis — Géoconfluences
La réforme des Zones de Revitalisation Rurale, votée en loi de finances rectificatives pour 2015, entre en vigueur le 1er juillet 2017. Les critères de classement en ZRR ont été simplifiés. Un EPCI, pour être classé, doit cumuler :
- une densité de population inférieure ou égale à la médiane des densités par EPCI
- et un revenu fiscal par unité de consommation médian inférieur ou égal à la médiane des revenus fiscaux médians.

D'autres communes sont classées ZRR pour les raisons dérogatoires suivantes :
ZRR  france  maps  politics  tax  finance  business 
august 2017 by juliusbeezer
Sustainable Open Access Publishing: Preconditions, Dialog, and Continuous Adaptation: The Stockholm University Press Case
The coordination of peer review is right now run manually for books and with the help of Open Journal System (OJS) for journals. We have experimented with Open Monograph Publishing tool but is now trying out a system called RUA ( as an alternative. The web site, adaption of OJS and RUA, production of print ready files, EPUB (copy editing, indexing, language editing, indexing and Print on Demand) etc is outsourced to an external partner (Ubiquity Press). The workload for the library contains of being the point of entry for proposals of books and journals, enquiries, supporting editorial boards, running the work of the publishing committee, marketing and advice for self-marketing, monitoring partnerships, benchmarking and keep track of in the library and at other departments of the university concerning scholarly communications (i.e data, repository, dissertation support, instruction and publishing informally peer reviewed manuscripts (Stockholm Publishing).

Everything we publish is Open Access from day one and combined with creative common licensing. All but our first book has been published under the CC-BY-license, combined with digital marketing (making use of the potential of viral dissemination). (Copy right stays with author)

As the library do not have any extra funding for the operation and the costs for acquisition still is high and still raising we charge article processing charges (in 2016 a flat rate of 300 euros per article and 4200 euros for a book of 200 pages). The library does not pay any royalties and do not pay for peer review. Salaries for the staff involved on part time (2.5 FTP) in the operations are paid for within the library budget.
sciencepublishing  business  tools  repositories 
august 2017 by juliusbeezer
Facebook shut down an anonymous group used by its Trump-supporting employees after people started harassing one another
An online discussion group inside Facebook in which employees talked anonymously turned ugly and was ultimately shut down last year after the divisiveness of the US presidential election transformed the forum into a hub for political comments that alarmed management, according to several people familiar with the matter.

The internal group, named Facebook Anon, was created in May 2015 as a way for employees to freely share concerns and opinions about the workplace. But Facebook shut the group down in December 2016 for what CEO Mark Zuckerberg later described as spreading harassment.

While never pitched as a forum specifically for conservatives, Facebook Anon became heavily used by right-leaning employees in the months surrounding Trump’s election, several people with knowledge of the group said. Just before the election, a poster advertising the group on Facebook’s campus read "Trump Supporters Welcome."
facebook  politics  freedom  business 
august 2017 by juliusbeezer
VINCI Airports - 2017 Q2 traffic -
Sustained growth in French airports

Activity was also brisk in the French airports operated by VINCI Airports, with traffic up by 8.5%, supported by sharp growth in the Lyon-Saint Exupéry, Nantes Atlantique and Rennes Bretagne airports.
aéroport  nantes  business 
july 2017 by juliusbeezer
Open Science and its Discontents | Ronin Institute
Although there is a spectrum of responses, criticism of open-science tends to fall into one of two camps, that I will call “conservative” and “radical”. This terminology is not intended to imply an association with any conventional political labels, they are simply used for convenience to indicate the relative degree of comfort with the institutional status quo. Let’s look at these two groups of critiques.

The conservative response to regular timely release of pre-publication data could be best summarized by the phrase: “are you kidding me? why would I do that?” The apotheosis of this notion was appeared in an editorial published in the New England Journal of Medicinewhich described with some horror the “emergence of a new class of research parasites”. They further concluded that some of these parasites might not only use that data for their own publications, but might seek to examine whether the original study was correct....

Arguments for open-science made in response to the conservative critique tend to assume that release of more data, code, papers is a pure good in and of itself, and downplay the political economy in which they are embedded.
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july 2017 by juliusbeezer
Nouvelle contrainte pour les auto-entrepreneurs, le logiciel obligatoire
Mais, s'il l'a déjà fait de façon numérique, "il devra être obligatoirement équipé d'un logiciel de facturation aux normes pour tenir son livre de recettes. Il doit donc: soit mettre à jour son logiciel existant soit en acquérir un compatible, c'est à dire avec attestation. Il ne peut donc plus utiliser Word ou Excel ou encore Adobe" explique Grégoire Leclerq, de la fédération des auto-entrepreneurs, qui a obtenu cette précision de l'administration fiscale.

Environ 250.000 d'entre eux effectueraient, selon lui, leur gestion entièrement à la main. Ils échapperaient donc à l'obligation de s'équiper d'un logiciel anti-fraude. Pour les autres, soit plus d'un million d'auto-entrepreneurs, il est préférable de s'équiper du logiciel avant le 1er janvier 2018, en tenant compte du délai d'apprentissage de l'outil ad hoc.
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june 2017 by juliusbeezer
Neuralink and the Brain's Magical Future - Wait But Why
"Elon Musk started Neuralink to accelerate our pace into the Wizard Era—into a world where he says that “everyone who wants to have this AI extension of themselves could have one, so there would be billions of individual human-AI symbiotes who, collectively, make decisions about the future.” A world where AI really could be of the people, by the people, for the people."

[He wants to implant chips in your brain and join the AI-enabled fourth planet (I didn't get this bit, I was too worn out skimming through the high school history and biology for idiocy, did find some)

Can I short neuralink with a Post Office savings account?

Where do I sign to have the chip implanted?

Canny even be arsed following up the obligatory science fiction references: "Iain Banks’ Culture series—a massless, volumeless, whole-brain interface that can be teleported into the brain." and "Ramez Naam, writer of the popular Nexus Trilogy, a series all about the future of BMIs,"

Good point about existing bandwidth of electrodes, but it's not at all clear what they plan to hook up to... and therein lies the "still 50 years-offness" of the whole thing cf nuclear fusion

So meh! Hats off for the effusiveness of the effusion, which will certainly fool millions]
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april 2017 by juliusbeezer
10 Ways to Get Clients in 10 Minutes | Get Clients Now!
Does it seem like you can never find the time to market for more clients? It’s hard to find open hours in the middle of a busy week. But not every marketing task requires big chunks of time. Here are ten productive things you can do to get more clients when you have just ten minutes.

1. Place a call. Which of your past clients have been totally happy with your work over the past couple of years? Think of one you haven’t been in touch with recently. Call to see how he or she is doing. When your fans are reminded of your good work, new projects and referrals often ensue.

2. Send an email. Who has referred you the best client over the last year? Send an email to express your continuing thanks. Showing your appreciation to referral sources frequently results in more referrals.
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april 2017 by juliusbeezer
SaaS 101: 7 Simple Lessons From Inside HubSpot
What channels are driving prospects into your funnel? What’s the conversion rate of a random web visitor to trial? Trial to purchase? Purchase to delighted customer? The better you know your funnel the better decisions you will make as to where to invest your limited resources. If you have a “top of the funnel” problem (i.e. your website is only getting 10 visitors a week), then creating the world’s best landing page and trying to optimize your conversions is unlikely to move the dial much. On the other hand, if only 1 in 10,000 people that visit your website ultimately convert to a lead (or user), growing your web traffic to 100,000 visitors is not going to move the dial either. Understand your funnel, so you can optimize it. The bottleneck (and opportunity for improvement) is always somewhere. Find it, and optimize it — until the bottleneck moves somewhere else. It’s a lot like optimzing your software product. Grab the low-hanging fruit first.
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april 2017 by juliusbeezer
Translation job boards: is there a better way?
when you take a soup pot and throw in ingredients such as:

The language industry (in the US, at least) having no barrier to entry
Clients needing/wanting a fast and easy way to connect with translators
Clients seeing a way to potentially find a good translator who’s not expensive
More and more people seeing freelance work as a viable “real” career path
More clients needing more content translated on tighter deadlines
Beginning translators needing a point of entry into the industry
More part-time and hobbyist translators who don’t want or need to earn a full-time living from translation
More translators using productivity enhancements such as TM, MT, and speech recognition, and figuring that they can charge less per word and earn the same hourly rate

It’s not hard to see where the perfect storm comes from. And despite each new job board’s assurance that it’s going to do things differently, we have yet to see a real sea change in that market. I definitely hear from freelance translators who have found good clients on job boards, but I feel like that’s the exception rather than the rule. But my question in this post is, is there a better way?
translation  business 
march 2017 by juliusbeezer
A lucrative sideline: editing for non-native speakers - Thoughts On Translation
The typical market pricing method is per hour, by volume, often assuming 1,000 words per hour. I’ve seen agencies offer per word rates too. Having gained experience and developed an efficient process, I work quickly, so a per hour rate penalizes me. I prefer to quote a flat fee now, and customers never quibble. They don’t need to know how long we spent on it. They need to value what we achieve. When you quote, do remember to include time for back and forth and redrafts, especially until you get to know your customer.
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february 2017 by juliusbeezer
Really short marketing e-mails: don't overthink it - Thoughts On Translation
Overthinking gets in the way of lots of things, but most of all it hinders effective marketing. Why? Because one of the keys to effective marketing is simply to market. Many freelancers are failing at marketing. Not (not) because they market in ineffective ways, but because they don’t market at all.

Here’s one way around the overthinking trap. Note that I said “one way.” Not “the best way” or “the only way,” but one way. Write really short marketing e-mails that leave very little room for overthinking. Like this:

“Dear Mr. Lewis, I am a German to English medical translator and recently came across your website while researching medical device companies. Would you be the right person to speak to about offering my translation services?”
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february 2017 by juliusbeezer
Dear Scholars, Delete Your Account At Academia.Edu
Open Access, Non-Profit Alternatives

What, then, are the alternatives for people who want to freely distribute their work? It turns out there are a number of choices for people both connected to a university and outside of them.

Institutional Repositories: Many universities and colleges in fact have their own institutional repositories for research. At the University of Iowa, we have Iowa Research Online, which grants space to undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and many other researchers to house their work. There is in fact a consortium of repositories from the Big Ten schools called the Big Ten Academic Alliance that then begin to connect networks of scholars in a searchable database–although it is admittedly a much smaller network than exists at

Zenodo: Another repository for research data is called Zenodo. It is funded by the OpenAIRE Consortium (an open access network) and CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The site is a non-profit and integrates easily with your GitHub account. It allows users 50 GB of storage for each dataset, though you can contact them and lobby for more.

(Please note that after the original publication of this article, digital humanist Ethan Gruber launched his migration tool to allow people to migrate documents from to Zenodo: tool [here] and blog post on the technique [here].)
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january 2017 by juliusbeezer
Diamant sur canapé (1) | ARTE Radio
De sa cité à Saint-Tropez, des boîtes des Champs-Elysées à un dîner avec Madame Trump, « Sarah » raconte son ascension sociale grâce au désir des hommes. Dans la lignée de « Crackopolis » et de « Flicopolis », un récit vrai et captivant sur l’univers des « michetonneuses » qui se louent pour une soirée, un sac à main, des bijoux... Un parcours qui résonne étrangement comme un manifeste féministe !
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january 2017 by juliusbeezer
How do I do Combinatorics / Counting? - Mathematics Stack Exchange
The number of ways in which you can make n choices out of m options, if the order does not matter and repetitions are not allowed, is (mn)=n!n!(m−n)! (called "m-choose-n", because you are choosing n out of m). These are "combinations"
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january 2017 by juliusbeezer
Function for Factorial in Python - Stack Overflow
The shortest and probably the fastest solution is:

from math import factorial
print factorial(1000)
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january 2017 by juliusbeezer
World's Biggest Windmills Now Make Jumbo Jets Look Tiny - Bloomberg
“The doubling of turbine size this decade will allow wind farms in 2020 to use half the number of turbines compared to 2010,” said Tom Harries, an industry analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. “This means fewer foundations, less cabling and simpler installation -- all key in slashing costs for the industry.”
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december 2016 by juliusbeezer
Trump Attacks Lockheed’s F-35 Jet in Blow to Defense Stocks - Bloomberg
The $379 billion Joint Strike Fighter is the first jet created to serve the vastly different combat missions of the Air Force, Navy and Marines. Like many complicated military programs, the jet has been plagued by delays and bugs in its cutting-edge technology. The Pentagon’s top weapons tester, Michael Gilmore, has warned officials in at least four memos since August that the F-35’s development should be extended past next year because of continued deficiencies to its combat systems, weapons accuracy and air-to-ground gun.
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december 2016 by juliusbeezer
How To Bulk Unfollow On Twitter in Minutes | HostNexus Blog
today I went on a mission to purge my Twitter account.

As most people in Twitterdom know, there are thousands of apps that help you manage your Twitter account, so I thought that mass unfollowing on Twitter was going to be pretty simple. I tried several tools but all either had no Bulk Unfollow option or no Select All option. I started hitting Unfollow on people on Twitter Karma but that got real old after about 100 clicks. I then start hitting checkboxes on Tweepi and Untweeps but another 150 clicks later my right index finger started to cramp up in a death grip from hell. But both Tweepi and Untweeps do not list all your followers so it was kind of pointless anyhow. I then found ManageFlitter which listed all your followers in pages of 100 with checkboxes, but of course no Select All option.

I did some digging and found out that Twitter had put their foot down on Mass Unfollowing in April of this year (2010). All applications either had to remove Bulk Unfollow options or the Select All option to continue to operate within Twitter’s update TOS. Pretty ridiculous. I can understand enforcing a Bulk Unfollow option but telling developers to remove a “Select All” option? Very weird. But it got me thinking. The Select All thing is just a JavaScript call and happens in your browser so surely there should be a nifty little FireFox plugin that allows me to Select All?
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december 2016 by juliusbeezer
Where were the bullet holes on OS/2's corpse? Its head ... or foot? • The Register
IBMers in the corporation's PC division believed servers were going to be huge, but it was tacitly accepted that Microsoft would take OS/2 to servers. This avoided upsetting the parts of IBM that made real money unlike IBM’s PC division, which had a high profile but low profitability.

It’s hard to see how they could have made any other decision, not least because IBM was run by “business people”, defined as those who would regard any requirement to understand their products as offensive and got aggressive if more than a fleeting mention of them was made. Its competitors were run by people who had personally built some of their tech; you may not think Bill Gates was a star programmer, but he had written code rather than worked his way up from accounts. He ran rings around IBM.
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november 2016 by juliusbeezer
Programmers confess unethical, illegal tasks asked of them - Business Insider
He cited Volkswagen America's CEO, Michael Horn, who at first blamed software engineers for the company's emissions cheating scandal during a Congressional hearing, claimed the coders had acted on their own "for whatever reason." Horn later resigned after US prosecutors accused the company of making this decision at the highest levels and then trying to cover it up.

"Uncle" Bob Martin YouTube/Expert Talks Mobile

But Martin pointed out, "The weird thing is, it was software developers who wrote that code. It was us. Some programmers wrote cheating code. Do you think they knew? I think they probably knew."
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november 2016 by juliusbeezer
Why U.S. companies are now the most prominent progressive force in America.
Part of it, from their perspective, is defensive. If any executive—a middle manager, a senior leader—spoke to women and treated them the way Trump has, it would expose the company to massive liability. Which is why every company has sexual harassment policies in place and conducts extensive training.

But it’s not merely defensive. In corporate America, the concept of talent reigns—you need the best possible people to do the job. After 73 straight months of jobs growth, it is getting harder and harder to hire and retain workers of all types. (Thanks, Obama.) In the U.S., women are more than half the workforce and more than half the college graduates. Perhaps the Trump administration will be able to staff up with few women. But companies can’t. If you need the best people, you can’t afford to ignore or denigrate women, or to make the workplace inhospitable to them.
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november 2016 by juliusbeezer
Russell Simmons Writes an Open Letter to ‘Old Friend’ Donald Trump – B. Scott |
Donald, congratulations on becoming our next president of the United States. While almost everyone in this country doubted that you could win, you believed in yourself and pulled off one of the greatest upsets in political history. Now, your new job begins and I offer you some friendly advice. As a yogi, not a priest.

You’ve never been a part of the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, as neither of them ever fully embraced you. You have been an independent thinker and successful businessman, who has spoken your own truth during your entire life. While I disagree with many of the things that you have said during your campaign and many of your policies that you have proposed, you will still be our president, and I am willing to work for and with you.

You have many progressive friends from New York and your campaign has alienated many of them. It is time to bring them back into your circle, so you can get honest advice from people who have known you for years.
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november 2016 by juliusbeezer
Virtual Bus Stop Supermarket in The Netherlands | Gijs van Wulfen | Pulse | LinkedIn
Now, the bus stop supermarket in the Netherlands is an experiment. Experimenting is a great way to validate the adoption and attractiveness of your new product, service, process or experience through systematic research or testing. You test your new concept to learn if it really delivers value to your customer and if the business model you came up with is valid. By doing so, you validate the future business potential of your new concept.

The goal of experimentation at the start of innovation is to learn and improve. I couldn’t agree more with Davila & Epstein who state in their book The Innovation Paradox that: “Because breakthrough innovation is all about managing ignorance (rather than managing knowledge, as in incremental innovation), the way to learn is through confronting assumptions concerning a market with the reality of that market. The right technology and the right business model are discovered and shaped through smart experiments. A successful breakthrough innovation is not simply an ingenious idea, but an entire process of discovery and crafting.”
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november 2016 by juliusbeezer
Language Services for scientific, technical and medical content | Elsevier Webshop
Language Services

We provide English language editing, language editing Plus, Latex or translations into English of scientific, technical and medical content. Used for research papers, reports, books, PhD theses, grant applications, or Powerpoint presentations.

New: Language editing Express within 72 business hours.
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october 2016 by juliusbeezer
Amazon Says It Puts Customers First. But Its Pricing Algorithm Doesn’t. - ProPublica
The costs of simply buying the algorithm-selected choice can add up. The average price difference between what the program recommended and the truly cheapest price was $7.88 for the 250 products we tested. An Amazon customer who bought all the products on our list from the buy box would have paid nearly 20 percent more — or about $1,400 extra — than if they had bought the cheapest items being offered by other vendors.
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september 2016 by juliusbeezer
What We Do
What we do best is precision theatrical dubbing. That is, dubbing drama for television and cinema.

But there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to getting a sync that is tight enough to go unnoticed on the big screen or that won't detract from the storyline. It all begins with Adaptation.

A good adaptation is one that respects the mouth movements of the actors on screen. Not only should the length of each sentence match exactly, but the bi-labials (where the lips of the actor come together) should be matched as much as possible. This allows the audience to forget they are watching a dub, and ensures they can fully immerse themselves in the action.

There are three major types of dubbing: Lip-Sync, Phrase Sync and ADR.

Below you'll find 30 second before/after clips of each style - check them out...
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september 2016 by juliusbeezer
Ultra-rich man’s letter: “To My Fellow Filthy Rich Americans: The Pitchforks Are Coming” – Anonymous
the long-overdue rebuttal to the trickle-down economics worldview that has become economic orthodoxy across party lines—and has so screwed the American middle class and our economy generally. Middle-out economics rejects the old misconception that an economy is a perfectly efficient, mechanistic system and embraces the much more accurate idea of an economy as a complex ecosystem made up of real people who are dependent on one another.

Which is why the fundamental law of capitalism must be: If workers have more money, businesses have more customers. Which makes middle-class consumers, not rich businesspeople like us, the true job creators. Which means a thriving middle class is the source of American prosperity, not a consequence of it. The middle class creates us rich people, not the other way around.
economics  business  politics 
september 2016 by juliusbeezer
Notre-Dame-des-Landes. J.-P. Dubreuil : « On raisonne à courte vue »
Que pensez-vous du dossier Notre-Dame-des-Landes ?

Jean-Paul Dubreuil : « Ça fait vingt ans que je suis ce dossier. On a vu sortir ce projet à un moment où le TGV n’existait pas. Il y avait une volonté politique, pour la Région et la chambre de commerce. C’était le projet structurant qui, par son positionnement, devait servir aux gens des Pays de la Loire et de Bretagne. Mais les gens de Brest ou de Lorient ne viendront pas à Notre-Dame-des-Landes et Rennes voudra garder son aéroport. Et puis, il sera éloigné des 20 % des passagers du Sud-Loire. 20 %, ce n’est quand même pas rien. Ça a été un projet bâti à une certaine époque et les données ont changé. Techniquement, l’aéroport de Nantes n’est pas saturé. Je ne pense pas que ce soit une bonne chose. Des vols intercontinentaux au départ de Nantes, ce n’est pas envisagé par les compagnies. Pour ce genre de vols, il faut s’appuyer sur des hubs comme Paris ou Amsterdam. Dans le contexte actuel, on va dépenser beaucoup d’argent pour quelque chose qui n’est pas techniquement obligatoire. Ça va faire des travaux, certes. En tant que distributeur de matériaux, ça m’intéresse [sourire], mais c’est raisonner à courte vue. »
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september 2016 by juliusbeezer
Renault ouvre une chaire pour améliorer ses voitures électriques | Économie | Reuters
NANTES (Reuters) - Renault a ouvert lundi une chaire avec l'Ecole centrale de Nantes pour améliorer la performance de la propulsion des véhicules électriques, un domaine où le constructeur français demeure leader en Europe avec 27% du marché.

Dotée de 4,6 millions d'euros, cette chaire fera travailler les équipes de l'entreprise pendant cinq ans avec une trentaine de chercheurs de l'école d'ingénieurs nantaise.
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september 2016 by juliusbeezer
Why We Shouldn’t Translate Marketing… And Why We Do It Anyway - Brand Quarterly
Now, let’s imagine for a moment we aren’t using a translation process, because, come on, obviously it doesn’t work, instead we are using the local agency model:

We have our marketing copy and we need it in 12 languages, we send it off to an agency in the UK, one in Slovakia for the eastern European countries, and a couple of agencies in Asia; we spend 10s of thousands of dollars, it won’t come back in 5 days, maybe not even 5 weeks, you’re going to be constantly chasing the agencies for when it will come back, and when you get it back it will be inconsistent, as a matter of fact, you won’t even recognize the product in the Asian copy. BUT, it will likely be of great quality, engaging, and locally meaningful: far superior to what you would have gotten from the translation process.

This brings us back to the start: Using translations isn’t about getting your message into local language, it’s about doing it at scale. Translation may be the worst way to get good quality local copy… but it’s the only way to do it in a way that furthers business goals. Doing it any other way costs too much, takes too much time, and requires too much overhead.
translation  business 
june 2016 by juliusbeezer
About Translation: CAT tools and translation style
Many of the translators who don't use CAT tools, however, claim that CAT tools are useless for more creative translations: no time is saved by translation memories – no repetitions, fuzzy or 100% matches – while using the tool weakens the translator's writing style.

I believe that these translators are both right and wrong. Yes, segment matching is less useful for translating documents that are not repetitive, but the use of translation memory is still of great help even for texts that are not repetitive at all: concordance search – offered by all translation memory tools – is what helps most, here: it lets us see in our translation memories how we translated similar words or phrases before, even in sentences that are not close enough to the one we are translating to appear as a fuzzy match.

On the other hand, indiscriminate use of CAT tools, especially in documents that need a more creative approach, may hamper translation style if the translator uses the CAT tool as he would normally use it for technical texts.

One of the drawbacks of CAT tools is that they make it far too easy to carry over the sentence structure of the source language into the target language.
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april 2016 by juliusbeezer
The Guardian view on criminal policy: sex, money and the long arm of the law | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
Many sex workers, admittedly, don’t want their clients criminalised. In France, backed by a commission of the senate, they vehemently protested that it would make their work more, rather than less, dangerous: it would reduce the number of punters, they say, and leave them facing greater competition, the more vulnerable because they would have less choice. Rather than enhancing their rights, they argued that criminalising clients would mean they were deprived of what they had. They cited a rise in police harassment in some countries with the result that sex workers were forced into increasingly dangerous environments.

[Commenter coffeetogo below, immediately below a deleted comment of his (probably a he I guess):
"Thank you moderator. Seriously. I am grateful. You probably saved me. Not in a spiritual way, you understand. And if it helps you (because Guardian readers really are sensitive to how comments impact on moderators), I do understand. Really I do. And the fact that it came within about 3 seconds of posting tells me/us that The Guardian (and all the stuff that that they let slip through the net) is read and analysed and assessed and evaluated and judged and .... approved. I know that my thanks will sound hollow but it is sincere (on this occasion)."
-->in a discussion that obviously was rather nervily moderated--closed for a period mid-thread, then rather abruptly (but I guess within normal operating limits--archived at day 3)]
guardian  sex  business  commenting 
april 2016 by juliusbeezer
Les entreprises étrangères intervenant en France -
En matière de Sécurité sociale la législation applicable est celle du territoire sur lequel s’exerce l’activité professionnelle : c’est le principe de territorialité.

Ce principe s’applique quels que soient :

la nationalité du travailleur et son lieu de résidence,
la nationalité de l’employeur et le lieu où il est implanté.

Toutefois, les conventions internationales peuvent déroger à ce principe notamment par le biais du détachement.
Le détachement

En matière de droit de la Sécurité sociale, on entend par détachement le fait de maintenir au régime de protection sociale du pays habituel d'emploi un travailleur qui va, durant un temps déterminé, exercer son activité professionnelle sur le territoire d'un autre pays.
urssaf  work  france  business 
april 2016 by juliusbeezer
How Tim Cook Became a Bulwark for Digital Privacy - The New York Times
Mr. Cook’s ideas about civic duty were partly formed during his childhood in rural Alabama. In a speech at the United Nations in 2013, he recounted how Ku Klux Klansmen had once burned a cross on the lawn of a black family’s home and how he yelled for them to stop. “This image was permanently imprinted in my brain, and it would change my life forever,” he said.

At Apple, which he joined as a senior executive in 1998, Mr. Cook was a quiet figure for much of the period when he worked for Mr. Jobs, a showman who prized secrecy at the company. After Mr. Jobs stepped down because of ailing health, Mr. Cook began making Apple more open, publishing an annual report on suppliers and working conditions for more than a million factory workers.
apple  business  openness  security  surveillance 
february 2016 by juliusbeezer
The 3 Types of People Who Fail At Freelance Writing
There is no list of English-language websites that offer great rates to writers who don’t understand basic English grammar. I’m not aware of any site that pays well for work they’d have to substantially rewrite and re-edit to make publishable, much less enough sites to make a list!
Changing SEO tides

You’d think it would be obvious that you can’t get great pay for writing a language you don’t know well.

So why the confusion? There was a moment in time where you could make good money writing in English, even if you didn’t really know English and your sentences barely made sense. So a lot of Third World writers hopped on the train.

It was the heyday of short, SEO keyword stuffing posts to drive website traffic. Think 2006 or so. These were posts designed for search-engine robots to read, rather than people to read. So the grammar, expressiveness, and creativity of the writing didn’t matter.
writing  internet  business 
february 2016 by juliusbeezer
Turkopticon helps the people in the 'crowd' of crowdsourcing watch out for each other—because nobody else seems to be.

Almost half of the Mechanical Turk workers who wrote their Bill of Rights demanded protection from employers who take their work without paying. Turkopticon lets you REPORT and AVOID shady employers.
crowdsourcing  finance  business 
february 2016 by juliusbeezer
Bullying – alive and kicking in the freelance world? | ClaireCoxTranslations
My mistake, if indeed it was a mistake, in this particular case, was merely agreeing in principle that I had translated in a certain (huge) field and could theoretically translate a certain number of words by a specified date. I did ask, several times, to see the files first, but when these were delayed, I perhaps didn’t make it sufficiently clear that my acceptance was conditional on the subject matter being suitable. After all, when you’ve worked with a client for a number of years and always had sight of the files first, you tend to assume that the same rules will apply…. It’s not an assumption I will ever make again: in future, no matter how long I’ve been working with a client, I will clearly state, at every juncture, that I cannot commit until I’ve seen the files.
translation  business 
january 2016 by juliusbeezer
Currency volatility a fear for SMEs as EU referendum looms » SMEInsider
less than half (47 per cent) take any notice of foreign exchange markets and 35 per cent don’t think that having a currency strategy is important.
The study also revealed that small and medium-sized firms are dangerously exposed to currency fluctuations, with 45 per cent admitting they have been affected by sudden exchange rate changes and 25 per cent saying they were severely affected.

Forty three per cent said they did not understand the impact forex movements have on their business, while more than half (51 per cent) are scared by the prospec
business  finance  eu 
january 2016 by juliusbeezer
Pressed to the Edge: Why vinyl hype is destroying the record
But the vinyl production process isn’t only slowed down by the pressing plants – there are many steps long before a record is pressed that are also subject to complications. “The problem is the monopolization,” says Andreas Lubich, a mastering engineer and vinyl expert from Berlin. “There are currently many good mastering studios that prepare music for vinyl and also take care of the recording themselves. But the cutting machines are old and have to be used with a great deal of care. Replacement parts are rare and the secondhand market prices are unfathomable. Only a handful of people can repair them. They travel around the world throughout the year and have more to do than they can handle. In the worst case this means that a machine will lie idle for many weeks.”
music  business  vinyl 
january 2016 by juliusbeezer
BrickMap - By AFOLs for AFOLs (FAQs)
In early 2014, Yun Mi Antorini, the Community Strategist of Community Engagement & Events at LEGO® Systems A/S, started a volunteer project to map and better “understand the LEGO® ecosystem.”

A group consisting of Rebecca Deak, Christophe Siquet, Boštjan Svetličič and Nathan Bryan were tasked to create an outline for this project. Once the framework was built 24 other LEGO® Ambassadors were asked for their input.

From the wonderful input received, an original map of over 2,000 Businesses and Services spanning 62 Categories was created. Once duplicates were sorted out, 797 unique sites (1,169 when counting some sites spanning multiple Categories) remained. Probably, one of the most comprehensive maps of LEGO® resources ever created.

From that map, this independent site was built to allow AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO®) to suggest more sites to create an even more comprehensive map. We hope this will benefit everyone interested in finding LEGO® related information around the world.

Collaborating together with you, the fans of LEGO®, we hope to create a great resource map “By AFOLs for AFOLs.”
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january 2016 by juliusbeezer
A propos de ToyPro -
Toypro est la boutique en ligne pour tout ce qui concerne les produits LEGO®. Notre particularité est la vente des pièces détachées LEGO. Nous proposons également des sets complets, des figurines individuelles (minifigs), des manuels de construction originaux et de nombreux autres goodies.

ToyPro est situé à Nederweert et est inscrite à la Chambre de Commerce.
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january 2016 by juliusbeezer
What Abraham Lincoln Can Teach Us About Translation |
Everybody knows Lincoln the president, but few people know Lincoln the lawyer. It is said that his greatest skill as a lawyer was that he could simplify even the most complicated cases to a few key points. He handled over 5000 cases in his lifetime and made only one appearance before the United States Supreme Court in a case he lost, but in which Justice John McLean wrote a very long opinion where he held in accordance with Lincoln’s contentions.

At some point in 1850, Lincoln wrote “Notes for a Law Lecture”. Nobody’s really sure where or even if he ever gave that lecture, but I find it inspiring and wanted to share a few bits and pieces along with things I think we can learn from it. Of course, he’s talking to lawyers, but it all easily applies to translators as well.
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december 2015 by juliusbeezer
Trade trumps climate | Corporate Europe Observatory
current trade agreements impact negatively on the climate, and any solution to climate change, or even the first feeble steps, requires changes to the global trade order and a revamp of trade agreements, including on “trade related” issues such as intellectual property rights and investment protection. Some have gone a step further and tabled demands on trade to be dealt with as part of an agreement in Paris.

But the EU position on such ideas appears to be crystal clear: no mention of trade in any agreement on climate change. A leaked document presented by DG Clima to the Council’s trade policy committee on 20 November shows the EU is against “any explicit mention of trade”, any mention of intellectual property rights, and vows the EU will “minimize discussions on trade related issues”.

The links between climate change and trade have been documented long ago. The expansion of world trade following the ratification of the WTO Agreements in 1994, pretty much undermined targets in the Kyoto Protocol . And on numerous occasions since then, trade agreements have been used to limit or prevent the use of policy measures intended to reduce emissions.
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december 2015 by juliusbeezer
Upon Leaving | Mittelalter
The venture capitalists behind, like those backing ResearchGate, did not invest in a charity. (Mendeley is now owned by the publicly traded Elsevier and SSRN is produced by a privately held corporation; incidentally, its advisory board appears to be all male). As such, they are steering it towards an Initial Public Offering or IPO, as I was told in no uncertain terms by Price. Their working and very plausible assumption is that an enterprise needs to be profitable or show much promise of profit, for its IPO to be an attractive option, and they are presumably pressuring Price and his team to prepare the ground for it before a new round of fundraising. I speculate that under these circumstances, new publishing-related services offered by the site will likely begin to cost money, especially in the form of Article Processing Charges or APCs.
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december 2015 by juliusbeezer
53 Freelancing Mistakes That Are Costing You Clients, Cash, and Credibility - Copyblogger
Even a rookie mistake can lose you clients, ruin your reputation, and cost you your livelihood if you don’t fix it in time.

It can destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Want to avoid the destruction of your business? Use the freelancing mistakes listed below to discover if you’re making any of them.

(The mistakes have been organized under different aspects of a freelance business — mainly rates, clients, deadlines, business, communication, work, management, and marketing. Feel free to jump to the ones that interest you most.)
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december 2015 by juliusbeezer
How freelance journalists can (mostly) avoid working for free | Poynter.
Sites that don’t pay are usually described as a contributor network, curated contributor network, or blogger network. Phrases like revenue share, incentive-based, pay-per-click, entrepreneurial journalism, or “break into the industry” are red flags for potentially very low pay.

The pay-per-click model can work well for the writer who is adept at buzz-worthy, viral topics that can be produced quickly and with relatively little reporting. Yet it remains an option akin to gambling with time and talent; the payoff can be huge if an article starts to trend, or the work can pay pennies an hour for weeks if nothing pans out...
There is a path toward paid, sustainable work that starts with saying no to low or unpaid work.

For writers who want to figure out what their work is worth, rates databases and user review sites are now popping up. The most notable areThe Freelancer, WordRates, Pressland, and Who Pays.
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november 2015 by juliusbeezer
Thomson Reuters mulls sale of business that 'does not align' - THE BARON
The business, which has 3,200 employees, provides intellectual property and scientific information and associated tools and services to governments, universities and companies. In 2014 it had revenue of about $1 billion, contributing about eight per cent of Thomson Reuters' total revenue of $12.6 billion before currency adjustments.

”While a few of IP & Science's businesses operate at the intersection of global commerce and regulation, the vast majority of the unit does not align in the same way as our other business units," chief executive James Smith told employees in an e-mail. "The decision we are announcing today reflects the difficult choices we must all make every day as we prioritize our resources and energy towards our key growth opportunities.”
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november 2015 by juliusbeezer
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