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The effects of New Zealand’s cycle helmet law: The evidence and what it means. | Road Danger Reduction Forum
The graph shown indicates that the mandatory cycle helmet law is associated both with a decline in cycling, and an increase in cyclist casualty rates. The evidence points to this occurring because
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november 2017 by juliusbeezer
The effects of New Zealand’s cycle helmet law | Road Danger Reduction Forum
Below is a graph by Chris Gilham looking at cycling (those of all ages over 5) in New Zealand. Look at levels of cycling and the cyclist injury rate following the introduction of the mandatory cycle helmet law. More to come on the analysis of this graph in the next post.
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november 2017 by juliusbeezer
Brexiteer MP Peter Bone resurrects his cycle helmet compulsion bill | Bicycle Business | BikeBiz
In 2007, Peter Bone, the Tory MP for Wellingborough, and then Secretary of the All-Party Road Traffic Group, introduced a 10 minute rule bill on cycle helmet compulsion for children. The bill failed to win support. However, the MP – one of the leading proponents of Brexit – has returned to one of his pet causes and he has introduced a new bill, which would "require children under 16 to wear a safety helmet when riding a bicycle on a public highway; and for connected purposes."

This private member's bill is expected to have its second reading debate on 1st March. It's unlikely to reach the statute books
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september 2017 by juliusbeezer
Cyclist knocked down by van settles High Court action for €3m
In the High Court on Tuesday, his counsel, Michael Byrne SC, told the judge that liability in the case was conceded.

The settlement also took into account Mr Doroscan was not wearing a cycle helmet, counsel said.

While a helmet was not legally required, that issue had to be taken in to account in the assessment of the case and would account for about 20 per cent contributory negligence on the part of Mr Doroscan.
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may 2017 by juliusbeezer
Cyclist’s brain injury award cut by €750k because he wore no helmet - Sticky Bottle
A cyclist who suffered a brain injury when he was hit by a Dublin van driver has been awarded €3 million.

However, the court was told that the injured man was deemed to have contributed 20 per cent of the negligence to the collision.

That percentage was reflected in the settlement he received, meaning the full sum he would have been awarded was €3.75 million.

The court heard while helmets were not a legal requirement for cyclists in Ireland, the absence of one could still be factored into the calculation of liability and damages in such cases.
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may 2017 by juliusbeezer
Aaanndd yet another . Why do you refuse to repeal the ? Useful for police to target minoritie…
may 2017 by juliusbeezer

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