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Common Rights Vs. Collective Rights
The true opposite of collectivism is not neoconservatism, but classical liberalism. The opposite of collective rights is not private rights purchased from the collective, but of common rights that precede the collective. The answer to attacking property as if it were privilege is not to defend privilege as if it were property, but to clearly distinguish between property and privilege. Most importantly, the answer to Marxist mythology is not to react with an anti-Marxist mythology, but to begin with principles of liberty and follow them wherever they might lead.
land  theory  politics  marxism  liberal  libertarian  social 
october 2015 by juliusbeezer
Motorists have ruined England - and they need to pay the price - Telegraph
what I want to know is this: why, the moment we get into our cars, do we all turn into screaming, pinko commies? Why do we reject the free market solutions that we embrace everywhere else. Why, rather than accept the idea that we should pay when we use a scarce resource (roads) do we ration them in the worst possible way. Why do we agree that, for a once-a-year fee, you can drive as much as you like, wherever you like and whenever you like?

The effects of this economic lunacy are there for all to see.
transport  environment  urban  London  liberal 
september 2014 by juliusbeezer

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