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Publishing's getting expensive! | The BMJ
Publishing's getting expensive!

Wow! £936 to have your article published! That's
expensive. It should cost a reasonably efficient
organisation about £100 to peer review an article:

Even if a sub-editor takes another day or two to get
the article in shape this wouldn't come to £800.

£936! You could buy a webserver and a couple of
years of internet connection for that, and do it

That Harold Varmus must be on a good salary! Or
perhaps it is being priced to fail?

Oh well. One way or another knowledge will

Competing interests:
I run a webserver to
publish my own work
and have a vision of a
free, democratic future
in which others do

[20/4/17: Note: This link (resolving to identical content) works to this day:]
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april 2017 by juliusbeezer
NDDL. Philippe Grosvalet (PS) passe aux aveux -, Actualité, Bretagne, information, politique
Or, en cas de départ de l’actuel aéroport, 600 hectares seraient libérés à Bouguenais. Soit un potentiel, parait-il, de 6300 logements et 16 000 habitants. Et, suprême avantage, ces 600 hectares se trouvent à la porte de la ville de Nantes.

Jusqu’à maintenant, cette dimension demeurait cachée. Lorsque les élus et les agents du lobby béton-goudron (Alain Mustière, par exemple) développaient leurs arguments en faveur de la construction du nouvel aéroport, on avait toujours droit à un grand discours sur l’augmentation du nombre de voyageurs, sur le bruit engendré par les avions, sur la protection de la réserve naturelle du lac de Grand Lieu, mais il n’était jamais question de l’extension de la zone urbanisée.

Update 07 March 2017: 404ing, refreshed with archived content (snapshot date 02 Feb 2016 at though the comments have not been archived (!))
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january 2016 by juliusbeezer
Delusions of Defeat: What New (and Many Old) Translators Don’t Know Will Hurt Them | Harsh Realities Trump Comfortable Fantasies
The main awareness deficiency is a widespread belief that dependence on reverse auctions and translation agencies is a given for freelance translators. Leaving aside the meatmarket nature of reverse auctions, which invariably pit JA-to-EN translators in the Third World with their counterparts in advanced industrial nations, although there are defensible reasons for a freelancer to deal with translation agencies or even brokers, this is not the only business model available to them.
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november 2013 by juliusbeezer
Elsevier Webshop
Translation rates from 0,067 to 0,44euro / source word from ES to EN depending on length (12,000 words to <500 respectively)
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august 2013 by juliusbeezer
Open Access Publishing and Scholarly Values (part two)
How can we make momentous decisions about promotion and tenure and conduct performance reviews that affect peoples’ actual salaries without a comprehensive and thorough review of their work?

The answer is simple: publishers do it for us.

Honestly, I think our goal as a community should be to present our colleagues with as many inscrutable objects as possible. We should be making lots of videos, podcasts, maps, “books” with a hundred authors, blog posts, software, and web sites without any clear authorial control. And yes, we should put open content licenses on all of it and give it away to everyone we meet. And then we should dare our colleagues to tell us that our work isn’t of sufficient intellectual quality.
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june 2012 by juliusbeezer
Newsletter - Issue 17 - Twittering the student experience
If all you knew about Twitter was what you heard in the media, you might think it was populated only by chattering celebrities. While intellectually barren corners of Twitter may exist, for us, Twitter is a powerful personal research tool, populated by carefully selected individuals whom we have chosen to 'follow' for their knowledge and insight.
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november 2009 by juliusbeezer
A short essay on Open Notebook Science | michael barton
Release early, release often comes to science publishing as "open notebook" publishing. Links to some examples.
(404ing in feb 2015, fixed with ref to
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august 2009 by juliusbeezer

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