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Marilyn Monroe: Famous and Unfamiliar Quotes
I have noticed ... that men usually leave married women alone, and are inclined to treat all wives with respect. This is no great credit to married women. Men are always ready to respect anything that bores them.

• The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.

• Men who think that a woman's past love affairs lessen her love for them are usually stupid and weak. A woman can bring a new love to each man she loves, providing there are not too many.
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december 2018 by juliusbeezer
The Problem With Sex Work Is Work: Conner Habib & Dr. Heather Berg in Conversation - CULTURE
Both drugs and sex work are the enemies of waged work. Sex work, especially independent sex work, has historically been a powerful way to escape the wage system. Criminalizing it is a way to make sure that people have to have a boss, or be part of a nuclear family, in order to survive. The drug trade has sometimes worked in the same way, and so there’s a deep connection between the war on sex work and the war on drugs.
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december 2018 by juliusbeezer
Hypergamy, Incels, and Reality – Axiom of Chance
he graph summarizes the differences between students in a simple fashion. The majority of both men and women reported one sexual contact in the past 18 months. Among those who are not having sex, it’s more the women than the men; even allowing for under-reporting by women, the idea that the majority of women are giving their favors to men, in Peterson’s words, “across and up dominance hierarchies”, is an absolute fantasy.

If the incels story fails, perhaps the idea of the 1% survives. Where is Chad? There is one candidate, an outlier male that reported nine sexual contacts. The data set as a whole contains 477 relationships, so this man monopolizes a total of… 1.8% of the sex in the school. Bill Gates he is not.

It gets worse for the Petersons and the dominant lobsters of the world. Not only is there not a conspiracy of elite men to monopolize women, it appears that if anything, it’s the other way around. Only fourteen men in the sample have four or more partners, but twenty-four women do.
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november 2018 by juliusbeezer
The Problem With Sexual Arousal Studies - Pacific Standard
For years now, we’ve been hearing that men on average are sexually target-specific, while women on average are not. In other words, if you show men various kinds of pornography while having a little measuring device strapped to their penises, those penises don’t get hard to every type of pornography; instead, they seem to evince a distinct preference for either men or for women as sexual “targets.” By contrast, if you insert a blood-flow measuring device into women’s vaginas and show them various kinds of porn, well, they appear to become aroused to just about everything sexual—men, women, monkeys, you name it...
Nevertheless, the problem I’ve long had with the arousal studies is this: The vagina is not the homologue to the penis. The penis's homologue is the clitoris. The vagina comes from different embryological tissue altogether, so why should we expect it to behave in a way that is comparable to the penis?
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november 2018 by juliusbeezer
Dutch man, 69, starts legal fight to identify as 20 years younger | World news | The Guardian
A 69-year-old Dutch “positivity guru” who says he does not feel his age has started a battle to make himself legally 20 years younger on the grounds that he is being discriminated against on a dating app.

Emile Ratelband told a court in Arnhem in the Netherlands that he did not feel “comfortable” with his date of birth, and compared his wish to alter it to people who identified as transgender.

Ratelband said that due to having an official age that did not reflect his emotional state he was struggling to find both work and love. He has asked for his date of birth to be changed from 11 March 1949 to 11 March 1969.

“When I’m 69, I am limited. If I’m 49, then I can buy a new house, drive a different car,” he said. “I can take up more work. When I’m on Tinder and it says I’m 69, I don’t get an answer. When I’m 49, with the face I have, I will be in a luxurious position.”
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november 2018 by juliusbeezer
‘Human impulses run riot’: China’s shocking pace of change | News | The Guardian
These three surges in suicide demonstrate the failure and impotence of legal institutions in China. The public security organs, prosecutorial agencies and courts all stopped functioning at the start of the Cultural Revolution; thereafter, laws existed only in name. Since Mao’s death, a robust legal system has never truly been established and, today, law’s failure manifests itself in two ways. First, the law is strong only on paper: in practice, law tends to be subservient to the power that officials wield. Second, when officials realise they are being investigated and know their position won’t save them, some will choose to die rather than submit to legal sanctions, for officials who believe in power don’t believe in law...
Before, limited by social constraints, people could feel a modicum of freedom only within the family; with the loss of those constraints, that modest freedom which was once so prized now counts for little. Extramarital affairs have become more and more widespread and are no longer a cause for shame. It is commonplace for successful men to keep a mistress, or sometimes multiple mistresses – which people often jokingly compare to a teapot needing at least four or five cups to make a full tea set. In one case I know of, a wealthy businessman bought all 10 flats in the wing of an apartment complex. He installed his legally recognised wife in one flat, and his nine legally unrecognised mistresses in the other flats, one above the other, so that he could select at his pleasure and convenience on which floor of the building he would spend the night.
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september 2018 by juliusbeezer
Do lesbians have better sex than straight women? | Life and style | The Guardian
When men ejaculate, most need to take a breather for their erection to make a comeback (this is known as the “refractory period”). On the other hand, women can orgasm in waves. The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings – double that of the penis glans – and its sole purpose appears to be providing pleasure. Women’s orgasms last for an average of 20 seconds, while men’s last eight. The most orgasms recorded in an hour for a woman is 134 (16 for a man). This makes it especially sad that so many heterosexual women are reporting understimulating sex lives.

So, for those women who are not coming endlessly – how can they improve their sex lives, whoever they may be with? As well as Ross’s advice to masturbate a lot, the Kinsey Institute recommends more oral sex, better relationships, “sexy talk”, asking for what you want in bed and trying new positions, among other things.
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july 2018 by juliusbeezer
The incel mind: As if hating women will get you a girlfriend - Chicago Tribune
What are we to make of “incels,” the oddball community of frustrated guys who go online to complain about how they can’t find women who want to have sex with them?

Gee, I wonder why.

There’s room for all sorts of opinions on the web, I like to think. But this one has turned deadly. An incel, which stands for “involuntary celibate,” is blamed for driving a rented van that jumped the sidewalk and plowed into pedestrians on a Toronto street on April 23.

Police charged Alek Minassian, 25, of Toronto with killing 10 people and injuring 15, most of whom were women. Before the attack, authorities say he posted a message on his Facebook page to announce his incel ties.

“The Incel Rebellion has already begun!” it said in part. “We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”

That’s incel-speak. “Chads” in their world are guys who are cool and good-looking enough to attract what incels feel unfairly denied: sex with attractive and sexually active “Stacys.”
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may 2018 by juliusbeezer
What you can learn about marriage and migration from a 13-million member family tree
prior to 1750, most marriages in their data set occurred between people born about 6 miles from each other. After the start of the Industrial Revolution in 1870, however, that distance rapidly increased to about 60 miles.

You might think that as people traveled farther to find a spouse, they would marry people who were more distantly related to them. And indeed, that was true. Eventually.

The authors report that between 1650 and 1850 the average genetic relationship of married couples was on the order of 4th cousins. After 1850 it was on the order of 7th cousins.

But, the researchers found something strange in the data. Between 1800 and 1850 the distance couples traveled to marry each other doubled — probably because rapid transportation made railroad travel possible in most of Europe and the United States. However, that increase in distance traveled to marry someone was accompanied by an increase in genetic relatedness between marriage partners.

In other words, during this 50-year period, people traveled farther to marry closer relations.
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march 2018 by juliusbeezer
La mort d'August Ames, jeune femme «normale mais avec un job un peu fou», doit nous alerter |
À la façon de drames touchant des adolescents et adolescentes victimes de harcèlement en ligne, mais cette fois à plus grande échelle, August Ames s’est pendue chez elle deux jours après une polémique déclenchée par un de ses tweets. Très active (et habituellement très joviale) sur les réseaux sociaux, le 3 décembre dernier elle explique qu’elle venait de refuser de tourner, donc de coucher, avec des performers (hommes) faisant du porno gay et alertait au passage sa remplaçante. L’actrice n’en dit d’abord pas plus mais la tempête commençant elle précise qu’il est question de «safety», de précaution. Et tout s’emballe.
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december 2017 by juliusbeezer
Roy Moore is not a pedophile -- why it matters | Practical Ethics
pedophilia and child sexual assault are two different things, and conflating them is not a good idea. This is not just a matter of semantics. For one thing, confusing psychiatric disorders (requiring treatment) and sex crimes (which may or may not follow from such disorders) is likely to hamper clear moral reasoning. But more importantly, it may actually increase harm to children.

Consider the following: many people with pedophilia (1) hate their desires, (2) do not act on them for moral reasons (and should therefore plausibly be praised rather than vilified), and yet (3) often do not seek treatment precisely because they are aware that people in general cannot seem to tell the difference between:

(a) feeling involuntarily sexually attracted to young children (not wrong in and of itself), and

(b) molesting or sexually assaulting children (very wrong in and of itself, no matter the reason).

And here’s the kicker: failing to seek treatment for (a) is precisely the sort of thing that makes (b) more likely to happen.
psychology  sex  crime  children 
november 2017 by juliusbeezer
I Measured My Penis for Custom-Fit Condoms - MyOne Perfect Fit Condom Review
It was definitely better than if I were using a standard or XL condom. While rolling it on I was extremely excited because, sure, I was about to have sex and that is always an exciting thing, but it was also thrilling to be on the verge of trying something new that was supposedly going to improve the experience. I took a fleeting look at how the condom seemed to fit like a one-handed glove, nodded my head in approval and then commenced fornication.
sex  health 
november 2017 by juliusbeezer
Why I — Usually — Refused to Wear Condoms: On Consent, Pleasure, and Alternatives to Intercourse
In my experience, even the best premium condoms result in a 90–95% reduction in sensation, a loss of feeling so severe as to make it difficult to impossible to stay hard. In my experience, a few partners were often like Anna — convinced that it’s a scam, that I was trying to wriggle out of using contraception. When I did lose my erection with a condom on, I was sometimes accused of being passive-aggressively manipulative, “punishing” the girl for insisting I wear one.

When I was lucky, some women were all up for doing those other fun, hot things besides intercourse.
sex  health 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
Sex Work Gives Me Anxiety — But For Me, It’s Better Than a Cubicle
I’ve become isolated in other ways too. I am a cold ocean away from most of my family, with whom I rarely speak. It feels wrong to manufacture a false life for them, when both my living and writing revolve around sex work. They may celebrate my writing, which appears in publications they might recognize, but would almost certainly regard the sex work that supported me to write it as distasteful and horrific...
And then there are the barriers to accessing healthcare. Risk of physical disease is low in my particular line of sex work, and anonymous clinics here test anyone who walks in the door. But if my National Health Service doctor were to learn that I do sex work, that information would go in my file. Colleagues of mine report that doctors can attach a number of stigma-laden assumptions to patients who they learn are sex workers. One reported that she could not get opiate pain medication after an operation, as her doctor feared she would sell or abuse the drugs. Another told me that her doctor refused to prescribe benzodiazepines for panic attacks, saying that if she wanted not to panic, she could stop doing sex work. So I keep my work to myself and lie to my doctor, rather than risk having to argue over my treatment.
sex  work  healthcare  law 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
Does God Believe in Trump? White Evangelicals are Sticking with Their "Prince of Lies"
To historians, the evangelical leaders’ response was no surprise, because they know racism was behind the emergence of evangelicals as a political force in America. “If you are looking for the core animating spark of the Christian-right movement, it’s not abortion but private Christian universities not being able to have laws against interracial dating,” says Robert Jones, head of the Public Religion Research Institute and the author of The End of White Christian America (Simon & Schuster, 2016). He knows that when the federal government forced integration on public schools in the South, white parents yanked their kids out and enrolled them in new church-run schools dubbed “segregation academies.” The white flight was fast and devastating. In Mississippi, for example, the white population in the Holmes County school system dropped from 700 to 28 in year one of desegregation, and by the next year had dropped to zero.
sex  racism  us  religion 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
Clitoris : pourquoi avoir attendu 2017 pour le représenter dans les manuels scolaires ?
Malgré les médecins protestants, le clitoris continue à intéresser la science. Ainsi, en 1844, le docteur allemand Georg Ludwig Kobelt schématise entièrement l'organe féminin : "Il a trouvé les bulbes vestibulaires, et pendant très longtemps il a été le seul à avoir décrit la neurologie sensitive du clitoris. Il a démontré que seul le gland du clitoris avait une riche innervation à fonction érogène", explique Jean-Claude Piquard, avant d'ajouter que jusqu'à 1920, ses travaux étaient présents dans tous les traités d'anatomie.

C'est en 1880 que tout bascule réellement, lorsqu'on comprend que l’ovule n’advient pas lors de l’orgasme, mais à un moment précis du cycle menstruel, et qu'il n'a donc aucun intérêt du point de vue de la fertilité. Le regard sur le clitoris change : non seulement il n'a pas de fonction procréative, mais en plus, il peut inciter les couples à pratiquer la masturbation réciproque, explique Jean-Claude Piquard.
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september 2017 by juliusbeezer
Perhaps those involved in the study did the classic thing of saying seven because that’s deemed the least embarrassing number these days. It’s not too many that a prospective new partner feel like you got around, but not so little you might seem inexperienced or underwhelming.

After a survey of 2,000 people from across the world, they found that 17.5% of men had lied about the amount of people they had slept with and increased the number (with only 8% of women doing the same) and 18.6% of the women lying to decrease their number (with 13.7% men doing the same).
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august 2017 by juliusbeezer
L’orgasme féminin, c'est bon pour la société - Culture / Next
Jules Guyot (1807-1872), médecin et ingénieur, sous le Second Empire. En 1882 est publié à titre posthume son Bréviaire de l'amour expérimental qui connaît à l'époque un certain succès avant de tomber dans l'oubli. Sur quelques dizaines de pages, cet homme, inventeur maladroit mais viticulteur émérite, vaguement révolutionnaire dans sa prime jeunesse puis vrai bourgeois, explique comment et pourquoi le plaisir féminin est essentiel au bon fonctionnement du couple et de la société.

Rédigé en 1859 à une époque où le positivisme triomphe et où les milieux bourgeois inventent le mariage d'amour pour se différencier des aristocrates supposés libertins et des ouvriers supposés sagouins, ce bréviaire laïque fut l'un des premiers ouvrages à interroger le clitoris, l'orgasme et le plaisir féminin. Réédité par les éditions Payot & Rivages en 2012, s'il «ne préconise pas la liberté amoureuse ou le libertinage, mais au contraire les "symphonies conjugales", le mariage harmonieux, donc fidèle et durable», «il prône clairement l'égal droit et l'égale aptitude au plaisir de chaque sexe», comme l'explique l'historienne Sylvie Chaperon dans la préface.
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february 2017 by juliusbeezer
Diamant sur canapé (1) | ARTE Radio
De sa cité à Saint-Tropez, des boîtes des Champs-Elysées à un dîner avec Madame Trump, « Sarah » raconte son ascension sociale grâce au désir des hommes. Dans la lignée de « Crackopolis » et de « Flicopolis », un récit vrai et captivant sur l’univers des « michetonneuses » qui se louent pour une soirée, un sac à main, des bijoux... Un parcours qui résonne étrangement comme un manifeste féministe !
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january 2017 by juliusbeezer
Is All Pickup Advice Sexist? - Brute Reason
when pickup advice does center on things the guy can do to improve himself and how he comes across to others, the advice tends to center on “faking” things, exaggerating stories, and performing a certain stereotypical version of masculinity. It does not focus on genuine self-improvement, on the things that most people will tell you help make you more appealing as a partner: having real interests, being curious about the people you meet, working on developing your confidence in yourself (yes, it’s a process!), having good hygiene (guys, you wouldn’t believe how much more this matters than being “attractive”), and so on.
december 2016 by juliusbeezer
(1) Expressions érotiques : cachez ce sens que je ne saurais voir - Culture / Next
Nous souhaitons agacer le sous-préfet ? Gaffe, le sous-préfet sera sans doute ravi, mais est-on bien certain(e) de vouloir se livrer à une fellation ? On a la puce à l’oreille ? Grand dieu, voilà une façon on ne peut plus clair pour une femme de confesser qu’elle est sexuellement excitée. On ne se mouche pas du pied ? Tant mieux. Mais encore faut-il savoir que se moucher, c’est aussi éjaculer.

De quoi rougir a posteriori de toutes ces expressions dont nous usons avec une pathétique candeur et sans même déconner (soit littéralement «baiser sans sortir du con»). Chance, l’antidote à ces dérapages incontrôlés vient de paraître. Son titre, 200 Drôles d’Expressions érotiques que l’on utilise tous les jours sans le savoir (1).

L’auteure, la linguiste docteure ès lettres Agnès Pierron, taquine depuis des années déjà le coquin de notre langue. On lui doit le Bouquin des mots du sexe ou les Bagatelles de la porte (précis des préliminaires amoureux).
français  sex  funny  language 
december 2016 by juliusbeezer
Swiping For Love in All The Wrong Places – Medium
The first thing that we found was that swiping apps are staggeringly ineffective at helping people find relationships. Not everyone on these apps are looking for relationships, of course, but among those that are only 18% have found even one relationship, ever. It’s hard to imagine any service staying in business where fewer than 1 in 5 customers ever found what they were looking for.

What became clear was that swiping apps are not ‘successful’ because they’re effective at helping users find relationships; rather they’re effective at maximizing user engagement
internet  sex  relationships 
october 2016 by juliusbeezer
How porn is damaging our children’s future sex lives | Life and style | The Guardian
lison now knows is that it’s natural for boys to want to look at sexual imagery. In fact, the average age for first exposure to online pornography in the UK is 11. For slightly older boys, it’s completely normal – of 3,000 boys aged 13-18 surveyed, 81% said they looked at it.
sex  internet  porn 
september 2016 by juliusbeezer
How to tell when a political sex scandal matters – a simple guide | Opinion | The Guardian
“Making private sext messages public? Do it to anyone else, you’re the asshole. Do it to Anthony Weiner, he’s the asshole. Why the double standard? Posting dirty pictures or videos that were shared with you privately – or made with you privately – without the consent of the person in those pictures or videos is called revenge porn and it’s a crime in many states.”
sex  politics  us  porn  law 
september 2016 by juliusbeezer
Does attractiveness influence condom use intentions in heterosexual men? An experimental study -- Eleftheriou et al. 6 (6) -- BMJ Open
The more attractive a woman was judged to be on average, the more likely participants would be willing to have sex with her (p<0.0001) and the less likely they were to intend to use a condom during sex (p<0.0001). Multivariate analysis revealed that higher condom use intentions towards a particular woman were associated with lower ratings of her attractiveness (p<0.0005), higher ratings of her STI likelihood (p<0.0001), the participant being in an exclusive relationship (p=0.002), having a less satisfactory sex life (p=0.015), lower age (p=0.001), higher number of sexual partners (p=0.001), higher age at first intercourse (p=0.002), higher rates of condomless sex in the last 12 months (p<0.043) and lower confidence in their ability to assess whether or not a woman had an STI (p=0.001). The more attractive a participant judged himself to be, the more he believed that other men like him would engage in condomless sex (p=0.001) and the less likely he was to intend to use a condom himself (p=0.02).
july 2016 by juliusbeezer
How not to journalism | Dr Claire Hardaker
Hmmm, I think I may be as unforthcoming as all your other interviewees. The first thing I’d say is that we need to take a step back. Mainly we don’t know for a fact that trolls are primarily male. There’s lots of anecdotal evidence out there but nothing (as far as I’m aware) that gives us a concrete, empirical insight into the demographics of abusive online users. Remember that profiles are extremely easy to populate with fake information, automated procedures for “detecting” the gender of online accounts can be highly problematic, and when questioned particularly about socially stigmatised behaviours, people can and do lie. One option is to look purely at those convicted for abusive online behaviour to see what kinds of people they are, and this already tells us that trolls can be male or female, old or young, working class, university educated, parents, kids, and anything in between. However, we don’t know how well those people reflect the abusive online population in general. They are, after all, people who didn’t hide their offline identity well enough to prevent themselves from being prosecuted. It’s certainly tempting to just take it as given that trolls are primarily male but without tracking at least a decent sample of trolling accounts back to the people who operate them, we’re just speculating. If someone is ever able to conduct that kind of research (and I’d be very surprised if they manage it) then we could start to paint a better picture of the average troll.
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june 2016 by juliusbeezer
The Guardian view on criminal policy: sex, money and the long arm of the law | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
Many sex workers, admittedly, don’t want their clients criminalised. In France, backed by a commission of the senate, they vehemently protested that it would make their work more, rather than less, dangerous: it would reduce the number of punters, they say, and leave them facing greater competition, the more vulnerable because they would have less choice. Rather than enhancing their rights, they argued that criminalising clients would mean they were deprived of what they had. They cited a rise in police harassment in some countries with the result that sex workers were forced into increasingly dangerous environments.

[Commenter coffeetogo below, immediately below a deleted comment of his (probably a he I guess):
"Thank you moderator. Seriously. I am grateful. You probably saved me. Not in a spiritual way, you understand. And if it helps you (because Guardian readers really are sensitive to how comments impact on moderators), I do understand. Really I do. And the fact that it came within about 3 seconds of posting tells me/us that The Guardian (and all the stuff that that they let slip through the net) is read and analysed and assessed and evaluated and judged and .... approved. I know that my thanks will sound hollow but it is sincere (on this occasion)."
-->in a discussion that obviously was rather nervily moderated--closed for a period mid-thread, then rather abruptly (but I guess within normal operating limits--archived at day 3)]
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april 2016 by juliusbeezer
Traduttore, Traditore: Is Translation Ever Really Possible? | JSTOR Daily
The translator has often been a curious figure in literature; by the very nature of her work, a job well done renders her invisible. Shadowy, misunderstood, frustrated, and watchful–no wonder translators make such fitting protagonists in two sparkling new novels: Rachel Cantor’s Good on Paper, and Idra Novey’s Ways to Disappear.

In Novey’s fast-paced tale, a translator’s author, famous in her native Brazil, has gone missing. The translator embarks on a wild goose chase to find the writer and an action-adventure plot involving a bloodthirsty loan shark ensues. In the meantime, the translator becomes intimately entangled with the writer’s family, particularly the writer’s seductive son.

In Cantor’s playful, brainy romp, translation is similarly linked with sex: “Translation requires, and generates, a rare kind of intimacy. Like sex done right, I’ve always thought.”
translation  sex  anonymity  literature 
march 2016 by juliusbeezer
From Pickup Artist to Pariah -- The Cut
That night, C., a redheaded woman in her late 20s, saw the link to the blog. She glanced at it long enough to understand that it had something to do with Waking Life Espresso, a popular West Asheville coffee shop owned by Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens. C. and Jared had had a six-month fling in 2012; she’d just gotten out of an abusive relationship, and Jared, with his brown curls and his philosophy major’s curiosity, seemed like the perfect candidate for some strings-free fun. Her experience with him had been such a refreshing example of no-drama casual sex that when several friends asked her about Jared after matching with him on Tinder, she told them to go for it. Her friends went on to sleep with him, too.

The next morning, C. scrolled through the blog on her phone, trying to make sense of what she was reading. It seemed that Jared, with Jacob as his wingman and sidekick, had a secret online life as a member of the pickup-artist community. The pickup artist’s most familiar incarnation is Neil Strauss, author of the 2005 best seller The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. But since The Game’s publication a decade ago, it’s evolved into a thriving constellation of blogs and sub-Reddits offering obsessive overanalysis of dates, economics-inflected gender theory, and men’s-rights rants. The sites are known, collectively, as the “manosphere.”
sex  internet  writing  commenting 
january 2016 by juliusbeezer
Ten Things You Need To know Before You Download 'Anal Heterosex Among Young People And Implications For Health Promotion: A Qualitative Study In The UK'. | Suzi Godson
5. Unlike most academic papers, Marston's paper is available on 'open access', which means that anyone can read it without having to pay for it. Although it is a very interesting study, its not exactly a fun read, and yet, surprisingly, 'Anal Heterosex Among Young People And Implications For Health Promotion: A Qualitative Study In The UK', has been downloaded an astonishing 45,000 times. If it were a book, these figures would shoot it to the top of all the best-seller lists.
openaccess  sciencepublishing  sex  attention  health 
november 2015 by juliusbeezer
WATCH: Amber Rose Attempts To Change The Meaning Of 'The Walk Of Shame' | The LAD Bible
Amber Rose is attempting to change the way we see the 'walk of shame' by getting people to own the term.

Her new video is pretty funny to be fair. It follows her journey from a bloke's house (the bloke being Matt McGorry from Orange is the New Black) back home. On the way, she speaks to a range of people and even gets a key to the city from the mayor.
sex  funny 
september 2015 by juliusbeezer
The man with 1000 children: the limit of male fertility - Neuroanthropology
The case of Moulay Ismael is important in this context because he seems to sketch out the limits of male fertility in practical terms and thus at least one of the limits of anisogamy as a theoretical explanation.
sex  evoscidebate 
june 2015 by juliusbeezer
From Paper to the Press: a Controversial Process
On 24 October readers of «La Vanguardia» came across this striking headline «Learning new words has the same effect as sex». So did Pablo Ripollés Vidal, and from then on he started his own particular David-against-Goliath battle. In this case the giant he was facing were the mass media, and his weapons the Internet and the support of the people. Pablo Ripollés is a PhD student at the Cognition and Brain Plasticity Group of the University of Barcelona and author of the study «The Role of Reward in Word-learning and Its Implications for Language Acquisition» published by Current Biology. This is the same study La Vanguardia referred to. «So why publish an article with such a sensationalist and out of reality headline?» Pablo Ripollés wondered in the opening lines to his new blog «La ciencia somos todos» (We All Play our Part in Science). In this text, the researcher showed his anger, caused by the distortion of his study to the point of nonsense.
science  sciencepublishing  journalism  newspapers  sex 
december 2014 by juliusbeezer
“Hey Baby, How Much?”: Stop Blaming Sex Workers For Street Sexual Harassment | Born Whore
As I mentioned, one of the easiest, most sensible ways to let a potential genuine customer know that you’re not interested is to say “no, I’m not working”. He’s trying to hire you, if you’re not selling, just tell him. But non sex workers don’t know to say this because ignorance about sex work and how it works are institutionalized and embedded in stereotypes. All of this dovetails with the fact that many non sex working women quietly or loudly think they are better than hookers and don’t want to be associated with us.
sex  politics  feminism 
december 2014 by juliusbeezer
Bdelloid Rotifers Could Redefine Animal Sex | Quanta Magazine
incorporating large amounts of alien DNA into their genomes and rearranging their own DNA — might help bdelloids surmount the problem of genetic diversity that plagues asexual animals. “There are quite a few ways in which asexual organisms can apparently overcome some of the disadvantages” of not having sex, said Bill Birky, an evolutionary geneticist at the University of Arizona, who was not involved in the sequencing project. Bdelloids’ ability to take up foreign DNA can potentially give them new powers, allowing them to break down a toxin, for example. Copying and replacing pieces of their own chromosomes can sometimes boost the effect of beneficial mutations and remove harmful ones, defying Muller’s ratchet.
december 2014 by juliusbeezer
Stay Monogamous Using Polyamorous Principles | Psychology Today
A recent issue of Psychological Inquiry provided a number of scientific articles about the current state of monogamy and marriage. One paper in particular outlined how most of us are guilty of psychologically and emotionally suffocating our romantic partners in monogamous relationships.5 Another offered a solution to this problem in the form of consensual non-monogamy.6 Although their paper was incredibly interesting and made a great case for embarking upon a polyamorous relationship, its applicability may be limited to people who are open to consensual non-monogamy.
relationships  sex 
november 2014 by juliusbeezer
Galilee town boils at Israeli police “execution” | Middle East Eye
jobs are scarce, as are the chances of finding land to build a home, usually a cultural pre-requisite here for getting married.
Israel  Palestine  sex  politics 
november 2014 by juliusbeezer
To “wage a war against all women”: Elliot Rodger, girls, women and corpus linguistics - mixosaurus
With the exception of line 11, the beautiful girl exists as a symbol of status and is usually found on her male partner’s arm or by his side. This is reflected in the cluster with a beautiful girl which makes up 5 of the 11 occurrences of beautiful girl. There doesn’t appear to be evidence of her agency, let alone her personality or individuality. Instead, she is rather like a bespoke suit or pair of expensive cufflinks. When Rodgers asked “[w]hy does he deserve the love of a beautiful girl, and not me?” it is without asking how he would love someone back.
corpus  sex  law 
july 2014 by juliusbeezer
Foucault’s Lectures on Subjectivity and Truth, IX | Stockerblog
Statements do not make anything real, but we have the question of the relations between reality and statements. There is never a complete ontological identity between the reality of discourse, the existence of the discourse, its existence as a discourse that claims to be true, and the real of which it speaks. Foucault begins this discussion of reality, discourse and truth with the question of the status of moral discourse. Saying something should be the case is to suggest that it is not the case, though moral discourse is in some way referring to what is the case,
philosophy  foucault  sex  objectivity  subjectivity 
june 2014 by juliusbeezer
What If ‘Born This Way’ Is Wrong? -- Science of Us
“You say, okay, I’m going to get some gay people and I’m going to test whether their brains are different or something,” Walters said. “You already presume to know what is gay and who is gay. If someone has desires to act on it, are they in that study’s sample? If they act on it, but they don’t declare themselves, they don’t feel that’s who they are in their everyday lives, are they in the sample? If they’ve had both sets of experiences, are they in the sample? If someone says, I’m a lesbian, but boy do I get turned on by gay male porn, are they in that sample? It narrows the vast complexity and richness of human sexuality to think that there is some simple one or the other way of looking at it: gay, straight, this desire, that desire. And it flies in the face of both our history and other cultural experiences.”

Walters also invokes history in her argument against “born this way”–ism.
sex  physiology  psychology 
june 2014 by juliusbeezer
Desire Against Desire | In Plainspeak
This complicated relationship that law and sex share, throws up a set of concerns that ‘we’ cannot not be attentive to in our activist, academic, and quotidian experiences of living sexually, and resisting the hetero-patriarchal order that the law sanctions and normalises. My use of ‘we’ is meant to signify those of us who think and struggle with the law, and not to gloss over the many divergent and opposing positions that inform our thinking. The law works as the most potent flashpoint moment in our struggles for sexual justice in most parts of the world that demand repeal of oppressive laws or enactment of empowering ones. I don’t need to over-emphasise how important these efforts are.
law  sex 
june 2014 by juliusbeezer
«Même le mot arabe pour dire sexualité n’est pas connu par le grand public» - Libération
Si par révolution, on entend une rupture spectaculaire allant vers un nouveau système, ce n’est même pas arrivé sur le plan politique après les soulèvements et conflits de 2011. La sexualité est un sujet encore bien plus complexe que la politique, parce qu’elle implique aussi l’économie, la religion, la tradition et les relations entre genres et générations. Le titre de mon livre est ironique et un peu provocateur.
spectacle  politics  sex 
june 2014 by juliusbeezer
Amazon is killing my sex life -
Seattle, SF and Man Jose ladies flee "the brogrammers".
"The new tech bros have one thing on their brains—making money. They are different than the programmers I knew from ’90s, many of whom were also artists—musicians, photographers, DJs, involved in underground and alternative subcultures. They were freaks. Coding was as much a creative activity as a means to making money. If you got into computers in the ’90s, you were already a little weirder than the rest of the world, you already thought differently. Now that computing is trendy—and economically fruitful—it’s attracting a different kind of person altogether."
programming  culture  sex  us 
june 2014 by juliusbeezer
Non, la fellation n'est pas une invention occidentale - Libération
Dans le monde musulman, si elle est brièvement évoquée dans le Bréviaire arabe de l’amour, au XVIe siècle, la pratique de la fellation est condamnée trois cents ans plus tard,
sex  blowjob  français 
february 2014 by juliusbeezer
A Correspondence with Terry Castle | The Lumière Reader
Why some Austen fans continue to freak out when anyone dares suggest that the novelist might have had some sort of psychosexual life—a certain erotic knowingness if not the actual experience—remains a bit of a mystery to me. Some of her more rabid devotees indeed seem to be in love with the idea of her as a sexually naïve old maid. Granted, they may be right in a technical sense; that her novels were the result of a life-long personal sublimation—some deep, embalming, conscious or unconscious ‘opting-out’ from the stark and fairly degrading 19th century sexual marketplace into which most women of the day—of all classes—were conscripted. But then again, there may be more to it.

I guess what makes the discussion of Austen’s sexuality so inflaming for conservative readers (women especially) is that the novels’ euphoric courtship plots reawaken so potently the lost feelings of adolescence—of a phase of life in which being female meant, for many of us, subsisting in a largely oblivious, explicitly pre-sexual ‘nice-girl’ state of being. Yes, the heroine is on the verge of some erotic coming-of-age in Austen’s novels, but is not yet so far along as to have experienced any of the inevitable pangs and disillusionments, great or small, of an adult erotic life. We watch her zoom up to the moment before the sexual initiation—and an exquisite and highly arousing moment it usually is—but never beyond. [At] the end of an Austen novel, the heroine often appears to have squared the circle, desire-wise. It’s a paradox through and through: she’s snared a man, and with him, a certain presumably sexualised identity and future. But at the same time she remains, for a nano-second that actually never ends, somehow ‘innocent’: unpenetrated, free, and more or less opaque in a libidinal sense.
literature  writing  english  sex  jane_austen 
february 2014 by juliusbeezer
Jailbreak the Patriarchy: my first Chrome extension - Danielle Sucher
I just released my first Chrome extension! It’s called Jailbreak the Patriarchy, and if you’re running Chrome, you can head over here to install it.

What does it do?

Jailbreak the Patriarchy genderswaps the world for you. When it’s installed, everything you read in Chrome (except for gmail, so far) loads with pronouns and a reasonably thorough set of other gendered words swapped. For example: “he loved his mother very much” would read as “she loved her father very much”, “the patriarchy also hurts men” would read as “the matriarchy also hurts women”, that sort of thing.
internet  writing  sex  english 
january 2014 by juliusbeezer
Songwriter's Notebook: Chelsea and Me
Chelsea is a woman, has always been a woman. Rovics caves into the madness that is trans. I try to help.
sex  history  orwell  dccomment 
january 2014 by juliusbeezer
Assange and Co.: A brief history of "honey traps" - Alan Nothnagle - Open Salon
Honey traps, also known as honey pots, are as old as human relations themselves. As long as there have been men, women, diplomacy, and espionage, the lure of sex has proven to be irresistible for victims and perpetrators alike.
sex  surveillance  security  wikileaks 
january 2014 by juliusbeezer
Paris Review – Pharmacopornography: An Interview with Beatriz Preciado, Ricky Tucker
B. toggles between a personal account of using topical testosterone, Testogel, as a kind of performative homage to a fallen queer friend, and a cultural analysis that investigates how pharmaceutical companies politicize the body– down to the molecule. The idea is that Testo Junkie picks up where Foucault’s The History of Sexuality left off, a chronicle of sex in an ever increasingly consumerist and pornographically identified modernity. Its mix of personal narrative and theory softened my point of entry
drugs  sex  theory 
december 2013 by juliusbeezer
Norman Tebbit interview: 'No, I'm not a homophobe' | Politics | The Guardian
I ask if he is familiar with psychological studies that have tested heterosexual men's response to gay pornography. As I explain to him that electrodes attached to the penis measure sexual arousal, the temperature in the room plummets. The funny thing is, I go on, heterosexual men with relaxed attitudes to homosexuals are unmoved by gay porn – whereas those hostile to homosexuals exhibit sexual arousal. Why does he think that might be? By now Tebbit is looking ill, and his wife has turned white.

"I think there's something weird about people who want to go and have electrodes attached to their penises and watch pornography," he says brusquely, getting to his feet. "I don't think they're a representative group. Margaret, would you like your tea?"
sex  science  politics  funny  anthropology  queer 
june 2013 by juliusbeezer
If You Wish To Be A Writer, Have Sex With Someone Who Works In Publishing
Take all the classes you want, attend every writers’ conference—these can be great investments in your career, but only if you’re making the most of them by meeting, exchanging contact information with, and ultimately seducing people who work in the book industry. Success in writing takes serious commitment and a willingness to devote thousands of hours to the craft of having sex with key publishing professionals.
writing  publishing  sex  funny 
june 2013 by juliusbeezer
On Being White by Marilyn Frye
Ignorance is not something simple: it is not a simple lack, absence or emptiness, and it is not a passive state. Ignorance of this sort--the determined ignorance most white Americans have of American Indian tribes and clans, the ostrichlike ignorance most white Americans have of the histories of Asian peoples in this country, the impoverishing ignorance most white Americans have of Black language--ignorance of these sorts is a complex result of many acts and many negligences...
If one wonders at the mechanisms of ignorance, at how a person can be right there and see and hear, and yet not know, one of the answers lies with the matter of attention...Members of dominant groups are habitually busy with impressing each other and care more for that than for actually knowing what is going on...
[white women] do much of what we do with a great anxiety for how we will be received by men-by mentors, friends, husbands, lovers, editors, members of our disciplines, professions or political groups, tenure-review committees, fathers. With our attention focused on these men, or our imaginings of them, we cannot pay attention to the matter at hand and will wind up ignorant of things which were perfectly apparent. Thus, without any specific effort these men can turn white women to the work of falsification even as we try to educate ourselves. Since white women are almost white men, being white, at least, and sometimes more-or-less honorary men, we can cling to a hope of true membership in the dominant and powerful group, and if our focus is thus locked on them by this futile hope, we can be stuck in our ignorance and theirs all our lives... Attention has everything to do with knowledge.
attention  agnotology  sex  politics 
march 2013 by juliusbeezer
The Luxury of Surprise: Gender and Online Abuse | quiteirregular
The blogger Stavvers used to keep a folder on her computer desktop of all the verbal violence sent her way as an inevitable result of being, as she puts it, “a woman with an opinion who is present on the internet.” She stopped, as it was taking up too much of her time, and the insults never really changed enough to make it interesting.
sex  internet  censorship 
february 2013 by juliusbeezer
Whips With Friends – The New Inquiry
As anything is assimilated into the mainstream, it becomes necessarily sanded down, its sharp edges rubbed off to acceptability. The more people are watching you, the more you have to behave. In this way, the Internet itself has moved from the sexual to the social. Social realms are always spaces defined by manners. Social networks operate at all times through strictly enforced codes of politeness. Etiquette is the material by which social spaces are constructed. But sex isn’t wellmannered. Sex isn’t social, or reassuring, or accepting. Sex is anti-social, a place where we go to escape the tyranny of good manners.
sex  socialnetworking 
february 2013 by juliusbeezer
Moore freedom of the press | Edinburgh Eye
Handbags at dawn as the grim harpies of Fleet Street tangle with the T in LGBT, though the death toll of Brazilian transsexuals it reveals is a shocker.
jbcomment  writing  sex  oppression 
january 2013 by juliusbeezer
Un manuel d'éducation sexuelle signé Aristote | Next
A l’origine paru en 1680 outre-Manche, ce manuel d’éducation sexuelle, destiné principalement aux couples mariés, a été interdit pendant près de deux cents ans, du milieu du XVIIIe siècle jusqu’à 1961. Ressorti de l’enfer, il revient vers nous par le biais d’une vente aux enchères, le 16 janvier prochain à Edimbourg, d’une édition de 1766.
sex  history 
january 2013 by juliusbeezer
Training « San Francisco Sex Information
San Francisco Sex Information offers unique classes on human sexuality twice a year.
57 hour training for non-judgemental San Franciscan sex educators. Harm reduction. Morally neutral approach mitigates risk-taking behaviours according to Violet Blue.
december 2012 by juliusbeezer
Dear Hacker Community - We Need To Talk. - ASHER WOLF
"Last infosec conference I went to there was six females and over 1000 males in attendance."

Not the first time all this has been said, nor I imagine, the last, but there is a real issue here; both with respect to the actual competencies required to be truly a member of the community (as opposed to, as here, gf material); and the extraordinary possibilities for social engineering open to a young heterosexual female in such an environment ; the conscious recognition/attraction/repulsion that this must inevitably induce in the rank and file...
security  culture  politics  sex 
december 2012 by juliusbeezer
Ida Craddock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A gifted and compelling writer, Craddock wrote many serious instructional tracts on human sexuality and appropriate, respectful sexual relations between husband and wife.
december 2012 by juliusbeezer
Why Do We Still Think Guys Just Want Sex?
The small number of genuinely promiscuous boys is explained away by absence of opportunity rather than absence of desire; the myth that most young men would be Casanovas if they could is as tenacious as it is unfounded. There seem to be few other aspects of human sexual behavior where the disconnect between reality and perception is so vast.
november 2012 by juliusbeezer
Les 400 culs: Internet nous a-t-il libérés ?
Steve Jobs est mort, mais pas sa politique d’épuration. Bien que le logo de la firme représente une pomme croquée, symbole de l’accès à la connaissance et à la sexualité (ça va ensemble), Apple continue sa censure
français  sex  censorship  apple  facebook 
november 2012 by juliusbeezer
The Great Firewall: China’s Digital Margins
Officials, for the most part, don’t seem to be afraid of information, so much as they are that the people will actually use it. “They care more about stopping people from taking any kind of action,” China appears to be most nervous about people organizing themselves... the official line that its censorship is meant to protect its citizens from the dangers of pornography. While any number of foreign pornographic sites are blocked in China, Johnson believes that it’s largely symbolic: while maintaining a list of the fastest-loading foreign websites in China, he once noticed that the top one was a porn site.
china  censorship  porn  sex  spectacle  politics 
october 2012 by juliusbeezer
The real secret of staying married - Features - Health & Families - The Independent
More than 90 per cent of Americans and 80 per cent of Britons condemn extramarital affairs as wrong, compared with just two in five people in Italy and France.

And guess what, says Hakim: in Italy and France, divorce is far less common.
sex  sociology  anthropology 
september 2012 by juliusbeezer
Debating our ancestors’ sex life « Inspiring Science
a recent article argues that the DNA we share with Neanderthals and Denivsovans might not be due to interbreeding. Instead, they suggest that it might come from incomplete genetic mixing in structured populations; using a demographic model, they are able to predict the correct amount of genetic overlap with Neanderthals even without interbreeding.
anthropology  sex 
september 2012 by juliusbeezer
The VICE Guide to Being a Lesbian | VICE
Lesbians are fucking intense because they are women who have relationships with other women; which is basically the emotional equivalent of splitting the atom. They should always be approached with caution and a taser. Ten thousand years of female subjugation used to keep this kind of nonsense in check, but these days it's gone nuts. In these terms, Facebook has been the biggest lesbian game changer since the 1960s invented female orgasms. Now, lezzers can fall in love, freak out and, most importantly, hit on straights 24/7. I know that's basically what Facebook did to the rest of the world as well, but just imagine that MORE SO: The "Like" button should be called the "Two In The Pink One In The Stink" button.
funny  sex 
july 2012 by juliusbeezer
What’s Sex Got to Do with It? | Stanford Social Innovation Review
Proponents of girls’ education (of whom I am one) are right about many things. Girls who are educated are, in the long run, likely to marry later, bear fewer children, educate their own children, and be less vulnerable to sexual abuse and coerced sex (and therefore less likely to be infected by sexually transmitted diseases). These outcomes have important positive implications for the poorest developing countries that are still struggling to expand their economies and provide basic services to their citizens.
We don’t see a young woman in all her sexual complexity—her power, her attractiveness, her vulnerability, her mystery, her desire to attract and influence others, her need to be loved, recognized, valued.
So we want to educate girls, but we don’t want to talk about sex. We want girls to read, but we don’t want to provide them with information about their bodies. We want to save girls from female genital mutilation and rescue them from brothels, but we don’t want to know why they choose to sleep with their boyfriends or trade sex for commodities or affection or grades. We want girls to get married later, but we don’t want to talk openly about contraception or abortion.
politics  sex  education 
july 2012 by juliusbeezer
The Myths That Never Were | Pop Psychology
I feel the need to discuss it here for two reasons: first, it’s a terrible piece; not only does Susan get a lot wrong, she gets it wrong badly while bad-mouthing my field. So that’s kind of annoying, but it’s not the main reason. That reason is because, at the time I’m writing this, there are five comments on the article; there were ten comments on it before I had left mine last time I had checked it. This means at least six comments (all the highly critical ones, I might add) were deleted. This has, in turn, activated my moral template for automatic completion, and I find myself perceiving an incompetent writer trying to hide criticism instead of engaging it, instead of all the negative comments vanishing into the internet magically.
sex  commenting 
july 2012 by juliusbeezer
Fu*king Brian: The Attempted Shaming of Melissa Stetten
It's 2012. Here's a clue: Some women might not enjoy being treated like a piece of meat by a married troll clearly looking for a one-off. It’s ancient. They might use social media to express their exasperation. This might mean that said man is busted to his wife. Whose fault is this?
twitter  spectacle  sex  socialnetworking 
june 2012 by juliusbeezer
More Cows and More Milk Mean More Headaches -
Sex selected sperm: DNA dye, machine sorter gives 90% female rate (N Holstein wd be 52:48 M:F)
food  sex  elevage 
september 2009 by juliusbeezer

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