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71,716 video tapes in 12,094 days | Internet Archive Blogs
Ms. Stokes was a fiercely private African American social justice champion, librarian, political radical, TV producer, feminist, Apple Computer super-fan and collector like few others. Her life and idiosyncratic passions are sensitively explored in the exceedingly well reviewed new documentary, Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project, by Matt Wolf. Having premiered last month at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, the film is on tour and will be featured at San Francisco’s Indefest, June 8th & 10th. For those in the Bay Area, please consider joining Internet Archive staff and leadership at the 7:00pm June 10th screening. Advance tickets are available now, seating is limited.

Long before many questioned the media’s motivations and recognized the insidious intentional spread of disinformation, Ms. Stokes was alarmed. In a private herculean effort, she took on the challenge of independently preserving the news record of her times in its most pervasive and persuasive form – TV.
archiving  television  internet  spectacle  history 
june 2019 by juliusbeezer
The forensic pathologist who got PTSD: ‘Cutting up 23,000 dead bodies is not normal’ | Science | The Guardian
Shepherd’s career as one of the UK’s most distinguished forensic pathologists saw him involved in disasters from the Hungerford shootings to the Bali bombings, and in high-profile cases from Harold Shipman to Stephen Lawrence...
it wasn’t a particular incident that left him immobilised by dread, struggling with sleep and plagued by panic attacks. Instead, it was the gradual accumulation of stress from 30 years confronting violence and the grave, the steady buildup of emotional damage from putting 23,000 dead bodies under the knife...
Shepherd’s mother succumbed to the heart condition that had dogged her for years in 1962, when he was only nine. As well as doing all the shopping and cooking, Shepherd says his father unlocked stores of kindness and affection that were often untapped in men of his generation. But when a friend brought a copy of Simpson’s Forensic Medicine into school, Shepherd found himself fascinated by the gallery of stranglings, knifings, shootings and electrocutions the textbook contained. Between those tatty red covers, the worst that could happen – the terrible thing that had, in fact, already happened – was laid out, anatomised and dissected...

While he prided himself on his ability to switch between mortuary and home, from objective investigator to loving husband and father, his marriage was beginning to show signs of strain, eventually collapsing in 2007. Although his wife would ask him to “show some emotion”, he says, “I hadn’t realised that it was so tightly screwed down. I was blocking the emotion that was bad, but I was also blocking the emotion that was good.”
medicine  health  psychology  spectacle  education 
september 2018 by juliusbeezer
Is Colin Kaepernick’s Nike deal activism – or just capitalism? | Ben Carrington and Jules Boykoff | Opinion | The Guardian
Gil Scott-Heron famously noted that the revolution would not be right back after a message, would not go better with Coke, and certainly would not be televised. It now appears, if Nike’s current advertising campaign is to be believed, that the revolution comes embossed with a Swoosh.

On Monday the famously underemployed NFL player Colin Kaepernick tweeted a black and white image of his face, his eyes staring at us, with the words “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” etched over the top. Below sits Nike’s Swoosh. The campaign celebrates the 30th anniversary of arguably the most famous advertising slogan in sports – Just do it. Kaepernick’s deal with Nike will allow him to continue his empowering community and youth activism work, such as his Know Your Rights camp. In this light, Kaepernick might be seen as a modern-day Robin Hood.

But is the Nike-Kaepernick partnership a harbinger of 21st-century activism, or a case study in capitalist co-option?
music  politics  us  capitalism  advertising  spectacle 
september 2018 by juliusbeezer
'We want sauce': police called after McDonald's Rick and Morty promotion heats up | Business | The Guardian
A McDonald’s public relations stunt has ended in chaos and acrimony after the fast food chain promised fans of the TV show Rick and Morty a limited edition, long out of production Szechuan dipping sauce and then swiftly ran out.

Police were called to at least one outlet after people in queues for the sauce began getting angry and chanting “we want sauce”. Ultimately, the fallout from the stunt did not dampen demand for the sauce, with packets currently listed for hundreds of dollars on Ebay.
food  spectacle  attention  television  funny 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
Outrageous good fortune smiles once again on Theresa May | Andrew Rawnsley | Opinion | The Guardian
For the most exquisitely apposite metaphor for what has happened to her premiership, you couldn’t beat the spectacle of Mrs May gulping water as the stage set fell apart. Yet I contend that she was rather lucky. She was fortunate because everyone focused on the presentational disasters rather than the content of the speech. This was devoid of what her demoralised party required from their leader. She answered the demand for a transformative vision that revived their prospects with a tired idea about the “British Dream”, a tangle of confused arguments and uninspiring, small-bore policy announcements.
politics  uk  attention  spectacle  funny 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
The FBI’s Hunt for Two Missing Piglets Reveals the Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms
The factory farm industry and its armies of lobbyists wield great influence in the halls of federal and state power, while animal rights activists wield virtually none. This imbalance has produced increasingly oppressive laws, accompanied by massive law enforcement resources devoted to punishing animal activists even for the most inconsequential nonviolent infractions — as the FBI search warrant and raid in search of “Lucy and Ethel” illustrates.

The U.S. government, of course, has always protected and served the interests of industry. Beginning when most of the nation was fed by small farms, federal agencies have been particularly protective of agricultural industry.
food  agriculture  us  law  spectacle  activism 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
‘We are with you Catalunya’ – the revolt in Spain is bigger than flags and language | Paul Mason | Opinion | The Guardian
Though brutal, the Guardia Civil actions on Sunday were calculated: in the selection of riot squads from outside areas, where casual hatred of Catalans is rife; in the targeting of old people and women; and in the pinpoint nature of the interventions, which people on the barricades thought were concentrated on middle-class areas.

There were thousands of riot cops on hand, on ships in the harbour. If Madrid had wanted to, it could have confiscated every ballot box within minutes and, for good measure, jammed the smartphone app the Catalan authorities were using to tally the results against the electoral roll. But prime minister Mariano Rajoy wanted to send a subtler message: let the most fervent separatists have their vote and get their heads broken, while scaring the rest of the population into non-participation, including any waverers.
spain  politics  spectacle 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
Mistake to declare this a 'war' | London Evening Standard
"In the intricate game of skill played between terrorists and the authorities, as we discovered in both Palestine and Ireland, the terrorists have already won an important battle if they can provoke the authorities into using overt armed force against them. They will then be in a win-win situation. Either they will escape to fight another day, or they will be defeated and celebrated as martyrs. In the process of fighting them a lot of innocent civilians will certainly be hurt, which will further erode the moral authority of the government.

"Who here will ever forget Black Sunday in Northern Ireland , when a few salvos of small-arms fire by the British Army gave the IRA a propaganda victory from which the British government was never to recover ? And if so much harm can be done by rifle fire, what is one to say about bombing ? I can only suggest that it is like trying to eradicate cancer cells with a blow-torch. Whatever its military justification, the bombing of Afghanistan, with the inevitable 'collateral damage' it causes, will gradually whittle away the immense moral ascendancythat we enjoyed as a result of the bombing of the World Trade Center.
war  politics  uk  ireland  iraq  afghanistan  spectacle 
august 2017 by juliusbeezer
Avant le premier tour, Le Monde n'aurait pas roulé pour Macron ? La complainte du médiateur - Acrimed | Action Critique Médias
Le suspense soigneusement entretenu autour de sa candidature méritait-il tant d’articles aussi creux ? Fallait-il vraiment faire mousser à ce point ce qui était littéralement un non-événement ? Pourquoi nul autre candidat, dont le progressisme du discours et du programme n’avait objectivement rien à envier à celui de Macron, n’a-t-il bénéficié de « Unes » aussi bienveillantes et brumeuses à la fois ?

[big article providing evidence that Macron is a media creation]
france  politics  media  journalism  spectacle 
april 2017 by juliusbeezer
The Chemical-Weapons Attack In Syria: Is There a Place for Skepticism? | The Nation
 And so, “In order to cover up the lack of intelligence to supporting the president’s action, the National Security Council produced a fraudulent intelligence report.” Postol concludes that the “report is completely undermined by a significant body of video evidence taken after the alleged sarin attack and before the US cruise missile attack that unambiguously shows the claims in the WHR [White House Report] could not possibly be true.”

The Nation spoke to Postol over the weekend.

“What I think is now crystal clear,” he said, “is that the White House report was fabricated and it certainly did not follow the procedures it claimed to employ.”

“My best guess at the moment is that this was an extremely clumsy and ill-conceived attempt to cover up the fact that Trump attacked Syria without any intelligence evidence that Syria was in fact the perpetrator of the attack…. It may be,” he continued, “that the White House staff was worried that this could eventually come out—a reckless president acting without regard to the nation’s security, risking an inadvertent escalation and confrontation with Russia, and a breakdown in cooperation with Russia that would cripple our efforts to defeat the Islamic State.”
us  politics  spectacle  war 
april 2017 by juliusbeezer
Neuralink and the Brain's Magical Future - Wait But Why
"Elon Musk started Neuralink to accelerate our pace into the Wizard Era—into a world where he says that “everyone who wants to have this AI extension of themselves could have one, so there would be billions of individual human-AI symbiotes who, collectively, make decisions about the future.” A world where AI really could be of the people, by the people, for the people."

[He wants to implant chips in your brain and join the AI-enabled fourth planet (I didn't get this bit, I was too worn out skimming through the high school history and biology for idiocy, did find some)

Can I short neuralink with a Post Office savings account?

Where do I sign to have the chip implanted?

Canny even be arsed following up the obligatory science fiction references: "Iain Banks’ Culture series—a massless, volumeless, whole-brain interface that can be teleported into the brain." and "Ramez Naam, writer of the popular Nexus Trilogy, a series all about the future of BMIs,"

Good point about existing bandwidth of electrodes, but it's not at all clear what they plan to hook up to... and therein lies the "still 50 years-offness" of the whole thing cf nuclear fusion

So meh! Hats off for the effusiveness of the effusion, which will certainly fool millions]
agnotology  spectacle  business  psychology  history  evoscidebate 
april 2017 by juliusbeezer
Mainstream Media: the Indispensable Pre-War Preparations
In fact, this press coverage was the only justification for the bombing, since the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and other international bodies simply had no time to properly investigate the circumstances.
President Donald Trump walks from the podium after speaking at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., Thursday, April 6, 2017, after the U.S. fired a barrage of cruise missiles into Syria Thursday night
© AP Photo/ Alex Brandon
US Attack in Syria Proves US is 'the Most Unpredictable State in World', Result of 'Wars of Elites' - Moscow

This situation imposes additional responsibility on journalists, but were they up to the task? Unfortunately, just like in many previous cases, there were many immediate assumptions and immediate categorical statements that have been made concerning the presumed guilty party...
The last, but certainly not the least effective means of propaganda is an emotional attack on the audience. The reader (or the viewer) is put face to face with such unbearable cruelty, that it spurs him to justify any military action (in this case — from the US government) that would remove the terrible descriptions from a newspaper page or the unbearable images from the screen before his eyes.
journalism  propaganda  spectacle  syria  war  WarCrimes 
april 2017 by juliusbeezer
Nude cyclists 'pedal for safety' in X-rated bike ride that caused outrage down under - Mirror Online
Now here's something you don't see everyday - hundreds of naked bikers taking to the streets of Sydney, Australia to make a fuss about cycling safety.

The bizarre sight certainly captured attention but rather than promoting their cause they instead caused uproar.

The appearance of hundreds of cyclists wearing absolutely nothing in the summer sun sparked a firestorm of fury on the Byron Bay Facebook page.

And it's all down to the fact that the cyclists had no helmets on.
cycling  helmetwars  spectacle  funny 
march 2017 by juliusbeezer
Gestion de la « radicalisation » en prison : à qui profite le crime ? - Contre-attaque(s)
Cette focalisation sur la « radicalisation islamiste » en prison sert tout à la fois deux objectifs. Tout d’abord, il s’agit de conforter l’élan sécuritaire post-2012 avec la création d’un arsenal législatif global digne d’un gouvernement qui se croit ironiquement … « radical », fabriquant état d’urgence et état de siège à l’emporte-pièce, stigmatisant et persécutant une partie de la population pour son appartenance, réelle ou supposée, à la religion musulmane. Et par un simple principe de détournement de l’attention, cela sert un deuxième objectif : éviter de parler des vrais problèmes des prisons françaises et continuer d’ignorer les quelques propositions tangibles de lutte contre la récidive à travers le recours aux dispositifs non-répressifs.
Les multiples condamnations de la France pour des conditions de détention jugées dégradantes et inhumaines, une politique pénale et pénitentiaire de la domination qui nourrit la surpopulation et la récidive, l’échec patent des réformes pénitentiaires successives…tout cela est occulté face à une problématique qui est certes réelle (le travail à réaliser avec les criminels incriminés pour fait de terrorisme ou d’appartenance à des réseaux dits terroristes), mais qui ne concerne qu’une petite minorité de la population pénale et pénitentiaire...
Pour rappel, jusqu’aux années 1970, l’islamisme désignait en France « la religion des musulmans » (même si le mot était déjà concurrencé par la dénomination islam dès le début du XXème siècle). Actuellement, l’emploi quasiment quotidien du mot islamisme, et à fortiori islamisme radical, pour désigner des attaques terroristes revendiquées éhontement au nom de l’Islam, entretient la fabrication de l’ignorance et du rejet qui s’enracine profondément dans la société française face à toute personne de confession musulmane qui refuserait de se plier à l’injonction du « musulman modéré », musulman mais pas trop … (Etrangement, les expressions « chrétien modéré », « juif modéré » ou même « bouddhiste modéré » ne font pas encore partie du vocabulaire officiel.)
prison  france  spectacle  politics  religion 
november 2016 by juliusbeezer
'Punk is a McDonald's brand': Malcolm McLaren's son on burning £5m of items | Music | The Guardian
Joe Corré. On Saturday, he will set fire to £5m worth of rare punk memorabilia in a protest, saying that punk has become nothing more than a “McDonald’s brand … owned by the state, establishment and corporations”.

According to Corré, “it’s time we threw it all on the fire and started again” – and he believes his father would find the ceremonial burning “hilarious”.

The valuable items that will be set alight include rare Sex Pistols recordings, clothing belonging to Johnny Rotten and Corré’s mother, Vivienne Westwood, and a Sid Vicious doll embossed with a swastika.
music  spectacle 
november 2016 by juliusbeezer
La stratégie de la mouche: pourquoi le terrorisme est-il efficace ? - Bibliobs - L'Obs
Afin de soulager ces peurs, l’État est amené à répondre au théâtre de la terreur par un théâtre de la sécurité. La réponse la plus efficace au terrorisme repose sans doute sur de bons services secrets et sur une action discrète contre les réseaux financiers qui alimentent le terrorisme. Mais ça, les gens ne peuvent pas le voir à la télévision. Or ils ont vu le drame terroriste de l’effondrement des tours du World Trade Center. L’État se sent donc obligé de mettre en scène un contre-drame aussi spectaculaire, avec plus de feu et de fumée encore. Alors au lieu d’agir calmement et efficacement, il déclenche une énorme tempête qui, bien souvent, comble les rêves les plus chers des terroristes.
spectacle  politics  police 
july 2016 by juliusbeezer
Westwood's Son to Burn $7M Punk Collection - artnet News
Joseph Corré, son of queen of punk Vivienne Westwood and Sex Pistols impresario Malcolm McLaren, announced yesterday that he will set fire to his entire collection of punk memorabilia, estimated to be worth about £5 million ($7.1 million).

The bonfire is slated to take place in Camden, London, on November 26, to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of the Sex Pistols single Anarchy in The UK, off the album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols.
“The Queen giving 2016, the Year of Punk, her official blessing is the most frightening thing I’ve ever heard,” he says. “Talk about alternative and punk culture being appropriated by the mainstream. Rather than a movement for change, punk has become like a fucking museum piece or a tribute act.”
music  spectacle  recuperation 
july 2016 by juliusbeezer
: la mairie durcit sa politique de répression de la fraude au stationnement
Nantes  politics  spectacle  funny  pollution  environment  road_safety 
april 2016 by juliusbeezer
Their Violence, Our Values: A History of European Responses to Political Dissent | Ceasefire Magazine
“The deeper I delved, the more it appeared that this panic was, to some extent, kept alive by the governments of the day. I also became aware of the degree to which the presumed need to safeguard the political and social order facilitated the introduction of new methods of control and repression. I was reminded of more recent instances where; the generation of fear in the population – of capitalists, Bolsheviks, Jews, fascists, Islamists – has proved useful to those in power, and has led to restrictions on the freedom of the individual by measures meant to protect him from the supposed threat. A desire to satisfy my curiosity about what I thought was a historic cultural phenomenon gradually took on a more serious purpose, as I realised that the subject held enormous relevance to the present.”

Zamoyski’s book details the extent to which European countries of the 18th century, including Britain, adopted repressive counter-terrorism/extremism measures out of a fear that the ideals of the enlightenment would radicalise a generation of young and impressionable minds. Zamoyski traces how, rather than focusing on the causes of disenfranchisement within their populations, the monarchies of the day blamed ideology as the root cause of ‘seditious’ thinking, much in the way that Cameron does today (“We know that terrorism is really a symptom; ideology is the root cause.”)
politics  spectacle  humanrights  law  attention  AttentatsParis 
march 2016 by juliusbeezer
(59) Raid de Saint-Denis : le mystère des kalachnikovs disparues - Libération
Six jours plus tard, le 24 novembre, François Molins revient sur l'intervention, évoque bien le rapport du raid faisant état «de tirs nourris» des terroristes, mais annonce la découverte, dans les décombres du désormais fameux «appartement conspiratif» d'un seul pistolet de calibre 9 millimètres.
police  ParisAttacks  spectacle 
november 2015 by juliusbeezer
Guy Debord's The Society of the Spectacle | Will Self | Books | The Guardian
It is the genius of Debord to have characterised the totalising capability of late capitalism so early in its post-industrial manifestation. The Society of the Spectacle reads – if you will savour a cliche – as fresh as paint. Debord's analysis of time itself as a series of epochs is dizzying: such "pseudo-festivals" as sporting events (the Olympics springs immediately to mind), act to convince the denizens of the Spectacle that they are still living in a cyclical and eternal go-round, while only the anointed few, the celebrities, are imbued with the attributes of money and power that signify the ability to make choices – to progress into a better future. "Being a star," Debord writes, "means specialising in the seemingly lived." Sound familiar, "Sir" Peter Bazalgette?

But it is most of all in its analysis of the ideology of the Spectacle that Debord's text repays close reading. It is the Spectacle's genius to have "turned need against life" and thus effected "the separation and estrangement between man and man". Hence the Spectacle's embrace of economics as the only form of instrumental – indeed "scientific" – knowledge worth possessing; hence ritual obeisance made before the gods who will confer growth, and hence the fact that more or less any contemporary western politician – from Hollande, to Merkel, to Cameron, to Obama, and back again – who had eyes to see, could find their own Caliban image raging back at them from the pages of The Society of the Spectacle.
debord  spectacle 
november 2015 by juliusbeezer
The Most Radical Gesture: The Situationist International in a Postmodern Age | .....
The Most Radical Gesture is the first major study of the Situationist International, a revolutionary movement of extraordinary ambition

The Most Radical Gesture is the first major study of the Situationist International, a revolutionary movement of extraordinary ambition and influence whose reflections on art, everyday life, pleasure, spontaneity, the city, and the spectacle have ensured it a vital, but largely hidden, role in the development of twentieth-century culture and politics. Revealing the extent to which situationist ideas and tactics have influenced subsequent political theory and cultural agitation, this book discusses a variety of specific movements and moments of contestation, including Dada, surrealism, the events of May ’68, the Italian autonomists, the Angry Brigade, and punk, placing the situationists in a line of impassioned antiauthoritarian dissent which also informs the work of writers like Lyotard and Deleuze and underwrites contemporary debates on postmodernism. It suggests that Baudrillard’s reflections on hyperreality are impoverished reworkings of the situationists’ critical analysis of capitalist society as a spectacle, and challenges postmodern denials of meaning, reality, and history by showing that postmodernism itself depends on a tradition which completely undermines the purposeless pessimism it promotes.
spectacle  Situationism  debord  theory 
november 2015 by juliusbeezer
Guy Debord - La société du spectacle - Page 1
Mais la critique qui atteint la vérité du spectacle le découvre comme la négation visible de la vie ; comme une négation de la vie qui est devenue visible.
spectacle  debord  français 
october 2015 by juliusbeezer
La société française est-elle un grand parc d’attraction ? : Reflets
Gouverner, c’est occuper (la foule)

Le parc d’attraction France est un vieux parc, avec de vieux gérants qui n’ont pas beaucoup d’idées neuves pour changer la programmation, les acteurs, les spectacles, ou même seulement prendre en compte la demande du public. C’est un problème, et le public n’est pas très content. Les spectacles récurents agacent ce public, qui aimerait bien aussi, pourquoi pas, parfois participer. Ou bien ne pas regarder un spectacle qu’il trouve affligeant, mais tellement conditionné à le faire, qu’il ne peut s’empêcher de le faire, tout en regrettant de se trouver comme… forcé de le faire. Il faut bien s’occuper, semble-t-il. Et quand on vit dans un grand parc d’attraction, que faire d’autre que regarder les spectacles une fois que l’on a acheté les produits dérivés et qu’on est allé contribuer — plus ou moins — au maintien en état du parc, que ce soit techniquement, administrativement, financièrement, etc ?

Les animateurs, intermittents du spectacle sont toujours très inquiets de connaître l’avis du public, et lorsqu’ils voient que la qualité ne satisfait plus, ils se sentent obligés d’inventer de nouveaux concepts, de nouvelles manières d’occuper la foule qui vient en masse les voir. C’est tout de même leur gagne-pain qui est en jeu. Il y eut la télé-réalité qui fut une étape importante dans la modernisation du spectacle :
france  politics  spectacle 
october 2015 by juliusbeezer
What is a Situation?: An Assemblic Ethnography of the Drug War — Cultural Anthropology
the drug war is best conceived as what I will call a situation. I hope to show that the concept of situation significantly adds to anthropological knowledge because it allows us to consider that which is widely diffused across different global scales as a nontotalizable assemblage, yet in its occasional and temporary local manifestation allows us to understand how persons and objects that are geographically, socioeconomically, and culturally distributed get caught up in the shared conditions emerging from the situation. Becoming caught up in the shared conditions of a situation, in turn, significantly affects the possible ways of being-in-the-world of those persons and objects that get caught up. The concept of situation, then, allows us to analytically recognize that in the current global configuration, complexity is at least as knotted nonlocally as it is locally, and thus increasingly—so I contend—local complexity emerges within the shared conditions set by this diffused complexity
spectacle  Situationism  anthropology  drugs  war 
september 2015 by juliusbeezer
Time is tight: the challenges to Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign - Counterfire
All this is merely internal Labour Party politics of course. And Labour Party politics in opposition at that. The real power of the state, as opposed to the skirmishing line of the establishment which is the Labour right, will be deployed later. We have not yet even seen the forces that were deployed to stop Scotland voting Yes in the referendum. There has been no public statement by the banks and the bosses of the supermarkets, no speech by the Governor of the Bank of England, no moment when the politically neutral Queen ‘lets her views be known’~all of which happened during the referendum campaign.

Nor, since a Corbyn led Labour Party is still a long way from government, has there been the kind of moment where the governor of the Bank of England tells a Labour prime minister to dump his economic policy, as Lord Cromer instructed Harold Wilson in the 1960s, or where the IMF imposes austerity, as it did on an all too willing Denis Healy in the late 1976s.
politics  uk  spectacle 
august 2015 by juliusbeezer
Five Years On, the WikiLeaks ‘Collateral Murder’ Video Matters More than Ever | Rise Up Times
This weekend marks the fifth anniversary of the release of the WikiLeaks “Collateral Murder” video which showed a July 12, 2007 US Apache attack helicopter attack upon individuals in a Baghdad suburb. Amongst the over twelve people killed by the 30mm cannon-fire were two Reuters staff. The video was part of the huge cache of material leaked to WikiLeaks by Chelsea Manning.
wikileaks  iraq  spectacle 
april 2015 by juliusbeezer
Here are 7 reasons why the contemporary art world is an insufferable scam — corrupted by the super-rich
I’ve written about art for about three years since moving to New York, though I never managed to really write as an art critic; I was more like a junior copywriter for art. Writing for certain art magazines and blogs allowed me a Gatsbyian entrance into the lives of the extraordinarily wealthy. I got to interview art collectors, gallery dealers, models, artists, and designers who probably spend more on handbags than I do on rent. I’ve sipped champagne in a Bentley and feasted on caviar in penthouse apartments. Though I disliked some of the art I was assigned to cover, as a grad student I couldn’t really be choosy about what I wrote about. I wanted to get published, and getting paid to write, no matter the topic, felt like a blessing.
art  writing  spectacle 
april 2015 by juliusbeezer
#Marx21c | Literature, the Humanities, & the World
After Debord, we can think of two ways of articulating pasts to presents via the archive. One is quotation, which works from past to present, in which the legitimacy of a statement rests on its anchoring in statements from recognized authors in the past. This is the standard practice of the humanities academy. It gives the academy a conservative tendency. This is of course not always a bad thing. It is a guard against fashion. But it can also set scholars, even Marxists ones, up to play what Lyotard called language games with the archive and with each other, games that no longer have anything to do with any situation outside of them.

The other path is détournement. As Keston Sunderland has shown, détournement was part of Marx’s own practice. Marx constantly copies and critically corrects the epigrammatic illuminations of his age. Détournement works first from the present situation, and only then selects cuts from the past and brings them into the present, copying and correcting in the direction of possibility. Practiced as scholarship, détournement can at least begin from the question of the historical situation.
spectacle  debord  marxism  history 
march 2015 by juliusbeezer
After Debord - Berfrois
The other path is détournement. As Keston Sunderland has shown, détournement was part of Marx’s own practice. Marx constantly copies and critically corrects the epigrammatic illuminations of his age. Détournement works first from the present situation, and only then selects cuts from the past and brings them into the present, copying and correcting in the direction of possibility. Practiced as scholarship, détournement can at least begin from the question of the historical situation. It is a matter of articulating a common task for this situation, and for that task to call out of the past the resources for organizing thought and action in the present. In the era of digital means of production, the twist on class conflicts that this brings, and the facts of the Anthropocene that can no longer be considered as secondary, must be drawn into the very heart of thought.
theory  spectacle  philosophy  zizek  marxism  history  debord 
february 2015 by juliusbeezer
Des têtes devraient tomber
peu de temps après que la surveillance de Charlie Hebdo ait été allégée, à l’été dernier, deux individus sont remarqués dans le quartier et posent des questions sur le siège de l’hebdomadaire. Ils sont tellement menaçants qu’un journaliste d’une agence de presse voisine relève le numéro d’immatriculation de leur véhicule et va le signaler au commissariat du 11ème arrondissement. Selon le journaliste, Didier HASSOUX, un procès-verbal est rédigé.

Selon lui toujours, il est vraisemblable qu’il s’agissait des frère KOUACHI, dont on sait qu’ils étaient déjà en tête de liste des potentiels terroristes.
CharlieHebdo  police  spectacle 
january 2015 by juliusbeezer
Terrorism, Islam, and the need to keep the Western world in fear | Vox Political
As far as the Islamic extremists are concerned, if we lived in a rational world there would be a strong argument for someone to go and speak to them (under a white flag or whatever it took to be heard) and point out a few important facts: The western military has enough firepower to turn the Middle East into a scorched crater if it wants to do so. The reason it doesn’t is it needs you to be the equivalent of a pantomime villain, to be defeated at regular intervals on the evening news. The West will never defeat you completely, because you’re too useful for making a profit for the arms dealers and for keeping western citizens under control. You are, therefore, nothing but toys. The only way to defeat this strategy is to disengage completely; stop the violence against the west that will never, ever succeed and find better solutions to your problems.
spectacle  politics  iraq 
january 2015 by juliusbeezer
66-Year-Old British Rock Guitarist Jailed for Joining Anonymous in Hacking Attack
Commander was one of the 13 individuals charged last year being members of the notorious “Anonymous” in attacking US financial institutions. He was initially charged 10 years imprisonment but later, the case was downgraded to misdemeanor. On Friday, ‘Jake’ Commander was charged 10 days at the Alexandria jail, having credit of 1 day already served after the arrest.

Geoffrey ‘Jake’ Commander did not try to argue that he does not know what he does, although he said that his decision to partake from the hack was “impulsive, spurious and foolish.” He stayed adamant but the act was a protest practice against the US financial institutions, which he though “brought the country to its knees”.
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january 2015 by juliusbeezer
Glenn Greenwald on How to Be a Terror "Expert": Ignore Facts, Blame Muslims, Trumpet U.S. Propaganda | Democracy Now!
one of the most pernicious aspects of these so-called terrorism experts and terrorism expertise, which is, if you are an American citizen or if you’re a French citizen or if you’re a British citizen, you have a greater chance of being killed by slipping in the bathtub tonight and hitting your head on the ceramic tile, or being struck by lightning—literally—than you do dying in a terrorist attack. And yet these terrorism experts have it in their interest to constantly hype and exaggerate the threat and fearmonger over it, because that’s how they become relevant.
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january 2015 by juliusbeezer
Charlie Hebdo: Now is the time to uphold freedoms, not give in to fear | Simon Jenkins | Comment is free | The Guardian
Osama bin Laden’s attacks on the United States, culminating in New York in 2001, were exceptional. Since he could not hope for an American capitulation, the intention must have been to scare the US into a hysterical reaction. As a result, all advice at the time was for America not to universalise its response to 9/11, let alone characterise it as a “war”. This would merely fuel the flames of horror, and lead on to God knows where. As Tom Paine warned: “Sanguinary punishment corrupts humankind.”

That advice was ignored, and years of war ensued, years that realised al-Qaida’s wildest dreams.
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Charlotte Army veteran taps the preppers market |
Whatever kind of disaster awaits, Broome, 66, wants to be ready. He wants others to be ready, too.
To meet that need, Broome opened Carolina Preppers & Survivors supply shop in a strip mall on South Boulevard last month. The store offers freeze-dried food, body armor and ammunition... In opening the business, Broome is tapping not only into a growing market but also a cultural movement. Prepping is garnering national attention,
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january 2015 by juliusbeezer
McKenzie Wark | Information-Commodification «DIS Magazine
It’s art that’s irrelevant, not the avant-garde. This is a boring age for art, mainly because of how boring the collectors are. These days collectors actually want to buy contemporary art. How boring can you get? It’s like they are buying fantastically expensive bespoke IKEA furniture for their homes. Now, art is not a bad day job if you can pull it off. I don’t begrudge anyone trying to make a living at it, like any other day job. But as day jobs go, it has no more glamour or dignity than doing public relations or corporate law. Not to mention academia! We’re all servants of the most boring and clueless ruling class in a century.

Avant-gardes, on the other hand, are always interesting,
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Affaire Joué-les-Tours, ou l’écume des jours
Tout le monde prend sa part à ce jeu de l’instantané. L’affaire de Joué-les-Tours a ainsi suscité le jour-même un tweet du Premier Ministre Manuel Valls et une visite éclair du Ministre de l’Intérieur Bernard Cazeneuve. Dans les jours suivants, nous avons eu droit à des interprétations politiques hâtives et hasardeuses, voire complètement stupides à l’instar de celle du Président du Conseil Général de l’Essonne Jérôme Guedj qui parle d’« importation des conflits en Syrie, en Irak sur le territoire national » alors même que l’enquête n’a pas débuté. Même le Parquet y va de sa réaction médiatique en organisant une conférence de presse qui peine à démentir les rumeurs faute d’élément nouveau sur une enquête qui en est encore à ses balbutiements.
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Necessary Illusions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies is a 1989 book by United States academic Noam Chomsky concerning political power using propaganda to distort and distract from major issues to maintain confusion and complicity, preventing real democracy from becoming effective. The title of this book borrows a phrase from the writings of Reinhold Niebuhr.
As a genre of political thought, parallels exist between Niebuhr's "necessary illusions" and the "noble lies" of Leo Strauss, "public relations" of Edward Bernays and "myth making" of Niccolò Machiavelli. Likewise, Chomsky's analyses in Necessary Illusions represent a refocus on the use of these patterns of power, which he implies to underscore the failure of populations - particularly in a representative democracy - to learn from history in this regard.
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december 2014 by juliusbeezer
Craig Murray » Blog Archive » Droning On
It turns out that the CIA has realised for years that drone attacks are of very limited utility. Like so many of the injustices of the “War on Terror”, they are in fact a driver for armed hatred of the West, not least because they kill more civilians than targets.

But of course, the “war on terror” is very much about boosting the standing of politicians who are “fighting terror” on behalf of their citizens, and about boosting the ever-inflating powers – and budgets – of the security services. SO counterproductive measures are, paradoxically, the most attractive to those whose aim is not to obtain peace, but rather to maintain the concentration of power and finance consequent upon an eternal state of phoney war.
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december 2014 by juliusbeezer
McKenzie Wark | The Spectacle of Disintegration | The Beach |Sydney Review of Books
One of the operative terms here is ‘spectacle’. In Society of the Spectacle, Debord sets out his best-known statement of how the categories of capitalism colonise everyday life to such an extent that we can barely imagine an existence beyond them. What Debord means by the spectacle is not simply a collection of images. It is the existing order’s expression of itself, before which individuals are largely helpless. Work, leisure, need, desire, security, stability – for Debord these form the vast web in which what appears is all there is. This ‘empire of modern passivity’ ensures that we all play our role in its reproduction.
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december 2014 by juliusbeezer
The 2001 Anthrax Deception - Whimsley
letters containing spores of anthrax sent through the US mail to media companies and to selected politicians in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks; letters that killed five people.
Six years later the FBI and the Department of Justice announced that they had a new suspect in Dr. Bruce Ivins, who worked on anthrax vaccines for the US army. Ivins died – said to be suicide – shortly before he was to be charged. In 2010 the Department of Justice closed the case, releasing a report that laid the blame at Ivins’s door.
He’s out to show that the perpetrator of the anthrax attacks was not a “lone wolf”, that they were carried out by deep insiders in the US executive branch, that there were links to the 9/11 Hijackers, that the goals of the attackers were to redefine the enemy of the west to the Global War on Terror and to weaken the rule of law internationally and within the US: goals that were successfully achieved. He convinces me of the first and of the final two. I’m not quite ready to follow him for sure with the second and third,
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december 2014 by juliusbeezer
Tor Developer Suspects NSA Interception of Amazon Purchase
Andrea Shepard, a Seattle-based core developer for the Tor Project, suspects her recently ordered keyboard may have been intercepted by the NSA.

Following the purchase of a new IBM Thinkpad Keyboard from, Shepard discovered her package to be taking a strange detour to the East Coast, revealed by a screenshot of her shipment tracking information.
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december 2014 by juliusbeezer
Schneier on Security: Over 700 Million People Taking Steps to Avoid NSA Surveillance
I calculate that 706 million people have changed their behavior on the Internet because of what the NSA and GCHQ are doing...
Name another news story that has caused over ten percent of the world's population to change their behavior in the past year?
privacy  surveillance  spectacle 
december 2014 by juliusbeezer
For someone who managed to live up to his early slogan “Never Work!” he was remarkably busy.

He is now something of a canonical figure in literature, cinema and the art world. It has become commonplace to refer to the media sphere as a spectacle, and the cut and mix practices of today’s aesthetics appeals to the apparently similar Situationist practice of détournement for legitimation. He has been, as he might say, recuperated back in to spectacular commodity production. Such is the fate of all avant-gardes.
spectacle  debord  theory  politics  art 
december 2014 by juliusbeezer
«Même le mot arabe pour dire sexualité n’est pas connu par le grand public» - Libération
Si par révolution, on entend une rupture spectaculaire allant vers un nouveau système, ce n’est même pas arrivé sur le plan politique après les soulèvements et conflits de 2011. La sexualité est un sujet encore bien plus complexe que la politique, parce qu’elle implique aussi l’économie, la religion, la tradition et les relations entre genres et générations. Le titre de mon livre est ironique et un peu provocateur.
spectacle  politics  sex 
june 2014 by juliusbeezer
Joseph Hutchison
had a meeting with a senior adviser to Bush. He expressed the White House's displeasure, and then he told me something that at the time I didn't fully comprehend—but which I now believe gets to the very heart of the Bush presidency. The aide said that guys like me were "in what we call the reality-based community," which he defined as people who "believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality." I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. "That's not the way the world really works anymore," he continued. "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality— judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

Similarly, conceptualists view anyone who finds them wanting as benighted members of “the reality-based community.” There is an arrogance and a vast stupidity and a not inconsiderable danger in the conceptualist view crossing over into politics. Let them stay out of it, is my feeling.
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june 2014 by juliusbeezer
Aujourd’hui c’est manif du samedi ! |
Le lendemain, à peine remis de l’acharnement policier, c’est à l’acharnement médiatique que le mouvement anti-aéroport a dû faire face...
Cet acharnement médiatique n’a qu’un but : nous voler la réalité de la manif et du mouvement anti-aéroport.
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march 2014 by juliusbeezer
The Truthseeker — RT Shows
Episode 36: "BBC’s 'total fabrication from beginning to end' of Syria 'atrocity'; call to revoke visas for intel agents posing as reporters in NATO targets; CIA caught infiltrating CNN, and Operation Mockingbird is back." via Gregori Gaudet
syria  politics  spectacle 
march 2014 by juliusbeezer
Fellow Prisoners by John Berger - Guernica / A Magazine of Art & Politics
The authorities do their systematic best to keep fellow prisoners misinformed about what is happening elsewhere in the world prison. They do not, in the aggressive sense of the term, indoctrinate. Indoctrination is reserved for the training of the small élite of traders and managerial and market experts. For the mass prison population the aim is not to activate them, but to keep them in a state of passive uncertainty, to remind them remorselessly that there is nothing in life but risk, and that the earth is an unsafe place.

This is done with carefully selected information, with misinformation, commentaries, rumors, fictions. Insofar as the operation succeeds, it proposes and maintains a hallucinating paradox, for it tricks a prison population into believing that the priority for each one of them is to make arrangements for their own personal protection and to acquire somehow, even though incarcerated, their own particular exemption from the common fate.
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march 2014 by juliusbeezer
Ceremonial Events | Beating Retreat
The original call of Retreat, to mark the end of the days fighting was beaten on drums as were most battle orders.

The use of brass bugles, as military signaling device, came to England in 1764 where it was gradually accepted in the foot regiments.

The massed bands we see today are a modern innovation, added to provide spectacle, to the Beating Retreat ceremony.
spectacle  military 
december 2013 by juliusbeezer
Guy Debord's The Society of the Spectacle | Will Self | Books | The Guardian
More smoke than light from Will Self, who does not even begin to discuss the difficulties of translation. Has attracted good comments though.
spectacle  translation  fren  commenting 
november 2013 by juliusbeezer
WASHINGTON: Americans’ personal data shared with CIA, IRS, others in security probe | National Security & Defense | McClatchy DC
Feds gather consumer info (a 'how to beat the polygraph' book purchase) and disseminate 4,904 strong list across 30 federal agencies.
surveillance  privacy  psychology  spectacle  thought  crime  orwell 
november 2013 by juliusbeezer
While "enjoying" the High Media Theater | Telekommunisten
The Rule of Law, a set of governmental bureaucratic protocols has functioned, in many individual cases, to protect people from injustice and persecution. But the real stability generated by the Rule of Law is the maintenance of real material dominance over the economy by a class who also employ the government. Here we see another form of high media theater, high-legal drama, an extremely popular genre from american television where the contortions of stigmata twisted on the semantic rack of constitutional writ make for exquisite socio-technical agonism.
spectacle  law 
august 2013 by juliusbeezer
POSZU :: Occupying Strategic and Tactical Media Space: Failures of Tools, Behaviors, and Narratives
Useful and well-illustrated account of Occupy's success (or otherwise) with new media. Note need for night-ready gear. Smartphones ubiquitous but battery life problematic.
gronkulation  spectacle  politics  police 
may 2013 by juliusbeezer
Men's Journal Magazine - Men's Style, Travel, Fitness and Gear
Travis told me later that I should "romanticize the hell out of our trip," that if this were a cowboy tale, we'd have met the cougar in the Roost and roped him, discovered a slug from Butch's gun, walked 50 miles with no water. Instead, there was only the silence of the country, the unspeakable enormity of it, the distant plateaus, the perilous deserts, the impossible canyons. Unlike in Butch's day, though, this space had been mapped. We were only a couple of hours from Grand Junction. Ivers had a signal on her cellphone. If anything went wrong, we could call in our location, and the Hellfire drones would be on their way.
[note the importance of the drone as agent of control of the wilderness, and that it is in fact control of this wilderness that the drone thing is all about]
drones  crime  travel  spectacle 
april 2013 by juliusbeezer
Fourth estate agents | Peace News
An editor memorably advised me: ‘The thing about many activists is that they confuse what’s important for what’s interesting. To get it past my editor, you need to bring me something that’s both interesting and important.’

Understanding news values is something campaigners have to learn and too often don’t. Small numbers of people, so long as they’re sufficiently savvy, innovative and creative, can get their arguments into all the mainstream outlets and the homes of decision-makers, plus the millions of people they’d like to persuade, if they understand what constitutes a ‘news story’ as opposed to an ‘issue’.
journalism  news  spectacle 
april 2013 by juliusbeezer
Maliki's Iraq: Rape, executions and torture - Human Rights - Al Jazeera English
"Torture is rife and committed with impunity by government security forces, particularly against detainees arrested under anti-terrorism while they are held incommunicado for interrogation," the report states.
iraq  torture  spectacle 
march 2013 by juliusbeezer
The Worst Mistake in U.S. History -- America Will Never Recover from Bush's Great Foreign Policy Disaster | Alternet
on March 20th as we mark the 10th anniversary of the invasion from hell, we still don’t get it. In case you want to jump to the punch line, though, it’s this: by invading Iraq, the U.S. did more to destabilize the Middle East than we could possibly have imagined at the time. And we -- and so many others -- will pay the price for it for a long, long time.
iraq  spectacle 
march 2013 by juliusbeezer
Unclear Holocaust – The New Inquiry
Movements of character and narrative burst into pure and mechanically perfect propulsions of a psychotic camera from which all this violence emanates. The Mise-En-Scene becomes an inventory of the dominant visual-auditory arsenal, enumerating and measuring the power of every weapon available to the Spectacle.
spectacle  psychogeography  film 
march 2013 by juliusbeezer
Trying to Keep Your E-Mails Secret When the C.I.A. Chief Couldn’t -
After revealing that Google complied with 90% of the 16k state requests to invade users' privacy, NYT provides practical info for its readers following the Petraeus affair; the last being:
"DON’T MESS UP It is hard to pull off one of these steps, let alone all of them all the time. It takes just one mistake — forgetting to use Tor, leaving your encryption keys where someone can find them, connecting to an airport Wi-Fi just once — to ruin you."
security  spectacle  google  government 
november 2012 by juliusbeezer
« Pré-terrorisme » et spectacularisation -
Un concept total, et totalement flou, qui, sous prétexte de prévenir les risques, pénalise les intentions. « S’intéresser à » devient un acte de « complicité ». Avec Sarkozy, la curiosité devient pénalement répréhensible. Dans sa nouvelle Minority Report, l’écrivain Philip K. Dick avait anticipé le mouvement. La brigade « Pré-Crime » sillonnait nos consciences.

Dans l’affaire dite « de Tarnac », qui devait être le lancement de produit de la maison DCRI, c’est ce qui s’est déroulé : à force d’invoquer le « préterrorisme », à force de prévenir plutôt que de rassembler des preuves, le Politique, pour ses intérêts, avait amplifié une menace qui n’existait pas encore. Le versement intégral dans une procédure antiterroriste d’un livre, l’Insurrection qui vient, attribué à Julien Coupat et ses amis, fut une première en France.
français  spectacle  politics 
november 2012 by juliusbeezer
The Great Firewall: China’s Digital Margins
Officials, for the most part, don’t seem to be afraid of information, so much as they are that the people will actually use it. “They care more about stopping people from taking any kind of action,” China appears to be most nervous about people organizing themselves... the official line that its censorship is meant to protect its citizens from the dangers of pornography. While any number of foreign pornographic sites are blocked in China, Johnson believes that it’s largely symbolic: while maintaining a list of the fastest-loading foreign websites in China, he once noticed that the top one was a porn site.
china  censorship  porn  sex  spectacle  politics 
october 2012 by juliusbeezer
Welcome to Chris Floyd's Empire Burlesque
On Thursday, with media attention focused on the gooberish plutocrat accepting the nomination of one faction of our single ruling party -- the bipartisan Imperial Bloc -- the leader of the other faction took the opportunity to bury a few more cases of state murder.

There could hardly be a better example of how the American system rolls in our enlightened, ultramodern 21st century: garish, empty pantomimes of politics coupled with the ruthless, lawless, brutal exercise of imperial power -- with no accountability, no responsibility, no consequences for the crimes and depravities committed by the elites and their agents and sycophants.
torture  spectacle 
september 2012 by juliusbeezer
AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad,’ a Conniving Cancer Victim, and My Lifelong Distrust of Holocaust Survivors – Tablet Magazine
Walt and Breaking Bad express one of our most inherent psychological fallacies: the ability to do any number of consciously reprehensible things while persisting in considering ourselves the protagonist at all times. From world wars to breaking hearts, we cling to the destruction done to us in the past as a justification for the destruction we will cause in the future.
spectacle  writing  television 
july 2012 by juliusbeezer
Has a steel giant’s power stolen my freedom of speech? | Games Monitor
How perfect! Guardian withdraws article, for fear of litigation from UK's richest tycoon. So it is now hosted on an east end squat wiki. Labels t'lympics a circus populus, spectacle, ye nah, and all from a tweet from @spacehijackers, her majester's loyal 'opposition.'
spectacle  politics 
july 2012 by juliusbeezer
Julian Assange, Pursued for the Crime of Practicing Journalism | The Dissenter
Useful summary of recent press reaction to Assange case. Interesting that while partisan for Assange and Wikileaks, the effect on the reader is an intense awareness of what I will call here, without too much reflection, "the Emmanuel Goldstein effect."
journalism  wikileaks  spectacle 
july 2012 by juliusbeezer
Fu*king Brian: The Attempted Shaming of Melissa Stetten
It's 2012. Here's a clue: Some women might not enjoy being treated like a piece of meat by a married troll clearly looking for a one-off. It’s ancient. They might use social media to express their exasperation. This might mean that said man is busted to his wife. Whose fault is this?
twitter  spectacle  sex  socialnetworking 
june 2012 by juliusbeezer
Do Something! A Critique of Activism. |
I also think it's important to note the activist impulse is rooted in a rejection of powerlessness - that apocryphal Margaret Mead quote does the rounds* - even if it ends up performing that powerlessness through ineffectual, ritualistic stunts against abstract nouns (capitalism, oppression, war...).

I think part of the reason the author of Give Up Activism backtracked a bit was that the alternative seemed to be accepting powerlessness, and therefore doing nothing. Indeed, it never ceases to amaze me how much effort goes into 'radical theory' explaining how we're powerless and collective action is impossible
politics  spectacle 
may 2012 by juliusbeezer
Internet freedom threat posed by Hillary Clinton’s State Department and Anonymous.
spectacles, which are bound to get boring, are not a sustainable political strategy,

The combined effect of anonymous and the state are necessary to repress the internet.
spectacle  politics  security 
april 2012 by juliusbeezer
A resounding success or a disastrous failure: Re-examining the interpretation of evidence on the Portuguese decriminalisation of illicit drugs - HUGHES - 2012 - Drug and Alcohol Review - Wiley Online Library
Nuanced interpretation of the Portugese experience with decriminalisation of drugs. Briefly, both poles of the debate have been selective in their interpretation of the evidence, but these authors tend to be broadly positive to the reforms there.
drugs  politics  spectacle 
march 2012 by juliusbeezer
RG Collingwood - motherwell's posterous
Then came the Daily Mail, the
first English newspaper for which the word 'news' lost its old meaning of
facts which a reader ought to know if he was to vote intelligently, and
acquired the new meaning of facts, or fictions, which it might amuse him to
read. By reading such a paper, he was no longer teaching himself to vote. He
was teaching himself not to vote; for he was teaching himself to think of
‘the news’ not as the situation in which he was to act, but as a mere
spectacle for idle moments.”
[from An Autobiography (1939) by historian RG Collingwood]
spectacle  journalism 
july 2011 by juliusbeezer
Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess
"By eliminating marketing, sales, and business development, craigslist's programmers have cut out all the cushioning layers that separate them from the users they serve, and any right they have to teach lessons in public service comes from the odd situation of running a company that is directly subservient only to the public. Here's the lesson: The public is a motherfucker."

...Well, not quite... being out and proud leaders of the internet revolution takes a certain zenitude in that it's only 2% of the public that is problematic; but 2% of 3.5 billion is still a lot

Interesting data on Bengali Captcha shops: takes just 13 ill-paid workers to render a titan quite unusable for many, many people
internet  spam  spectacle  capitalism 
february 2010 by juliusbeezer
Slavoj Zizek - Slavoj Žižek - Welcome to the Desert of the Real
the element of truth in Karl-Heinz Stockhausen's provocative statement that the planes hitting the WTC towers was the ultimate work of art: one can effectively perceive the collapse of the WTC towers as the climactic conclusion of the XXth century art's "passion of the real" — the "terrorists" themselves did it not do it primarily to provoke real material damage, but FOR THE SPECTACULAR EFFECT OF IT.
zizek  spectacle 
july 2009 by juliusbeezer
Infoguerre » Blog Archive » Les cinq cultures civiles de la guerre de l’information
La France a cette particularité étrange de ne pas savoir gérer certaines de ses richesses. C’est le cas dans un domaine où elle devrait exceller : celui de la guerre de l’information. Il existe aujourd’hui cinq cultures civiles de la guerre de l’information...

La première [erreur] pour la France est son incapacité stratégique à tirer les marrons du feu de son potentiel culturel dans la guerre de l’information qui modèle aujourd’hui les nouvelles formes d’affrontement économique.
france  infowars  spectacle 
july 2009 by juliusbeezer

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