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Grouse-moor shooters of Britain be warned: your time is running out | Patrick Barkham | Opinion | The Guardian
I was delighted by a new piece of idiomatic Swedish I learned this holiday. We British see Swedes as perfect parents, with their progressive leave and forest nurseries. But Swedish parents have the same anxieties about their shortcomings as we do about ours. Curlingföräldrar is their term for mums and dads who seek to obsessively smooth the way for their offspring, just as curlers sweep the ice in front of a gliding stone. Forget “helicopter parents” – “curling parents” sums up our follies much more precisely.
sweden  parents  psychology 
august 2017 by juliusbeezer
I called Sweden’s new national number to talk to a random Swedish person | The Verge
On April 6th, the Swedish Tourist Association launched "The Swedish Number" an actual phone number people from all over the world can dial to speak with a random Swedish person. The marketing gimmick is meant to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the country's abolishment of censorship and to educate foreigners about the Scandinavian country and the people who live there. So far, over 17,000 people from across the globe have called the hotline, expecting to speak to Swedish people who, without any training or instructions, have agreed to talk to strangers about their homeland. This afternoon, I called the number as well...

While I only called The Swedish Number once and Ddida was the only person I spoke with, in a strange way I felt like I got a better sense of Sweden — a country I've never visited — than I would ever had speaking to an actual Swedish person. I got to see Sweden close up through the eyes of an outsider. Ddida was my surrogate, sunken deep into a culture deeply different from his own and fascinated by it.
culture  language  sweden 
april 2016 by juliusbeezer
Speech in Sweden - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation
the terminals was thought of as belonging to everyone, and professors locked them up in their offices on pain of finding their doors broken down. I was actually shown a cart with a big block of iron on it, that had been used to break down the door of one professors office, when he had the gall to lock up a terminal. There were very few terminals in those days, there was probably something like five display terminals for the system, so if one of them was locked up, it was a considerable disaster.

In the years that followed I was inspired by that ideas, and many times I would climb over ceilings or underneath floors to unlock rooms that had machines in them that people needed to use, and I would usually leave behind a note explaining to the people that they shouldn't be so selfish as to lock the door. The people who locked the door were basically considering only themselves.
Another thing that we didn't have at the AI lab was file protection. There was no security at all on the computer. And we very consciously wanted it that way. The hackers who wrote the Incompatible Timesharing System decided that file protection was usually used by a self-styled system manager to get power over everyone else. They didn't want anyone to be able to get power over them that way, so they didn't implement that kind of a feature.
freesoftware  development  sweden  rms 
february 2015 by juliusbeezer
Passing for a Native Speaker | Psychology Today
The researchers found that 62% of those who learned Swedish between the ages of 1 and 11 ‘passed’ for native speakers with all or most of the judges. Among those who learned Swedish between the ages of 12 and 17, only 5 people ‘passed’ (6%) and among those who learned it between the ages of 17 and 47, none.
language  sweden  exclusion 
december 2014 by juliusbeezer
Why the ‘case’ against Julian Assange in Sweden should be dropped, and dropped now! | The PROFESSORS' BLOG – Science, Culture & Human Rights For All
Brief rationale on why the preliminary-investigation of the ‘case’ against Julian Assange in Sweden should be dropped, now. A further delay only fosters damage to the international position of Sweden.
assange  sweden 
december 2014 by juliusbeezer
Six Pounds One Minute - Hazel Press
At roughly the same time that Marianne Ny (the Swedish prosecutor responsible for the Assange case), began to refuse to question Assange under the EU Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA), Swedish police travelled to Serbia to question Alexander Eriksson about the Västberga helicopter robbery. In 2011, police travelled to Poland to question a suspect about 69 missing cows and in 2012 they travelled to Serbia to question a man about the Uppsala murder case.

The Swedish Code of Judicial Procedure (Section 4, Chapter 23) states (PDF link):

The investigation should be conducted so that no person is unnecessarily exposed to suspicion, or put to unnecessary cost or inconvenience.

The preliminary investigation shall be conducted as expeditiously as possible. When there is no longer reason for pursuing the investigation, it shall be discontinued.

Not only has Assange clearly been “put to unnecessary cost or inconvenience”, but the UK has also been adversely affected. Equally clearly, the investigation has not been “conducted as expeditiously as possible”.
wikileaks  assange  police  sweden 
december 2014 by juliusbeezer
VTI - Measuring the surface evenness of cycle paths. Development and test of a method to assess the riding quality perceived by cyclists based on the longitudinal profile of a cycle path
a method for measuring the surface evenness of cycle paths has been tested and evaluated. The method is based on measurement of the cycle path's longitudinal profile with two laser sensors mounted at the back of a small car that is also equipped with a GPS and a camera. Several measurements were made on sections of variable quality on cycle paths in the town of Malmö.
In order the measurements of the longitudinal profile to be associated with the riding quality perceived by cyclists, a test was carried out in which three groups of cyclists, a total of 21 individuals, were asked to cycle along a loop and to assess their impression of the surface of some test sections of variable standard. It was found, among other things, that it was difficult for the cyclists to ignore the surroundings and to assess only the surface itself, and that there was a large individual difference in the assessments of the cyclists. It is therefore difficult to draw conclusions on what the "average" cyclist thinks, but it was nonetheless possible to make a distinction between assessments of the different sections. In order to obtain a clearer description of the significance of the size of an unevenness for the cyclists' perceived riding quality, yet another test was performed. A number of cyclists were asked to cycle over some bars of metal of varying thickness and to assess their impressions on riding over these. These tests showed that there appears to be a limit at the height of about 10 mm (amplitude) for an unevenness to be perceived as unpleasant.
pqpc  cycling  sweden 
october 2014 by juliusbeezer
ENDitorial: Turkish censorship - Swedish built, by royal appointment » EDRi
Swedish product NetClean sold to Turkish govt to block undesirable Twitter messages.
censorship  twitter  sweden 
july 2014 by juliusbeezer

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