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Does Your iPhone Use As Much Electricity As A New Refrigerator? Not Even Close. – ThinkProgress
The survey of smart phone users was for 4G (because it was 2012 and presumably in the US), resulting in about 12 GB/year of data flows. We need to pair that number with the 4G efficiency of 0.6 kWh/GB (average of the range) to get a consistent estimate of 7.2 kWh/year. Thus, Mr. Mills’ 300 kWh/year for data flows should be 42 times lower, or 7.2 kWh/year.

Mr. Mills gives a electricity intensity range of 2 to 19 kWh/GB, and chooses the lowest value, thus seeming to be a reasonable fellow, but let’s examine that range. 2 kWh/GB is a bit lower than the Swedish average for 3G intensity, but it’s in the same ballpark, so let’s call it 3G. That means he’d need to pair that intensity with data flows for 3G phones, but such data are not easily available.
energy  networking  internet  telephony 
may 2019 by juliusbeezer
Do Not Let Criminals Steal Your Cellphone Number With This Scam |
Because it works - and, if they can steal your number, it does not matter how much security software you have on your phone - they gain access to your texts, calls, and more. It does not matter if you use an iPhone or Android or something else - stealing your number circumvents not only the security on your device, but also the second factor authentication texts that are so commonly used for improved security by banks, social media companies, Google, etc. They can also send texts as you - likely allowing them to scam some of your friends and relatives into installing malware by sending some link to be clicked, or even into sending them money to deal with an emergency situation.
security  telephony 
november 2018 by juliusbeezer
Librem 5 – A Security and Privacy Focused Phone – Purism
Librem 5, the phone that focuses on security by design and privacy protection by default. Running Free/Libre and Open Source software and a GNU+Linux Operating System designed to create an open development utopia, rather than the walled gardens from all other phone providers.

A fully standards-based freedom-oriented system, based on Debian and many other upstream projects, has never been done before–we will be the first to seriously attempt this.

The Librem 5 phone will be the world’s first ever IP-native mobile handset, using end-to-end encrypted decentralized communication over the Internet.
telephony  android  linux  privacy 
october 2018 by juliusbeezer
From hijabs to pretzels – what makes an emoji? | Technology | The Guardian
The Unicode Consortium, which oversees the introduction of new emojis, considers a number of factors for inclusion. “We look at how visually distinctive the item is, how in demand it is, and does it have longevity,” says Lee. The consortium also considers whether proposals are appropriate for a variety of cultures: in 2016, a proposal for a sauna emoji tabled by the Finnish government was approved on condition that the modesty of the naked sauna users was preserved with a towel...
Such decisions matter because Unicode only approves between 50 and 70 emojis every year. “It’s less important if you’re in the UK or the US,” says Lee, “because we’ve got fancy, high-end phones – but if you have a $15 Android phone in Uganda, the drain on resources is a much bigger deal.” Rendering and storing a large amount of emojis can sap the memory of weaker-powered phones.
language  technology  telephony  code 
september 2018 by juliusbeezer
Information Processing: PanOpticon in my Pocket: 0.35GB/month of surveillance, no charge!
Both Android and Chrome send data to Google even in the absence of any user interaction. Our experiments show that a dormant, stationary Android phone (with Chrome active in the background) communicated location information to Google 340 times during a 24-hour period, or at an average of 14 data communications per hour. In fact, location information constituted 35% of all the data samples sent to Google. In contrast, a similar experiment showed that on an iOS Apple device with Safari (where neither Android nor Chrome were used), Google could not collect any appreciable data (location or otherwise) in the absence of a user interaction with the device.

e. After a user starts interacting with an Android phone (e.g. moves around, visits webpages, uses apps), passive communications to Google server domains increase significantly, even in cases where the user did not use any prominent Google applications (i.e. no Google Search, no YouTube, no Gmail, and no Google Maps). This increase is driven largely by data activity from Google’s publisher and advertiser products (e.g. Google Analytics, DoubleClick, AdWords)11. Such data constituted 46% of all requests to Google servers from the Android phone. Google collected location at a 1.4x higher rate compared to the stationary phone experiment with no user interaction. Magnitude wise, Google’s servers communicated 11.6 MB of data per day (or 0.35 GB/month) with the Android device. This experiment suggests that even if a user does not interact with any key Google applications, Google is still able to collect considerable information through its advertiser and publisher products.
google  android  surveillance  telephony 
september 2018 by juliusbeezer
The inconvenient truth about cancer and mobile phones | Technology | The Guardian
The World Health Organisation in 2011 would classify mobile phone radiation as a “possible” human carcinogen and the governments of the United Kingdom, France and Israel issued warnings against mobile phone use by children. Nevertheless, the industry’s propaganda campaign would defuse concern sufficiently that today three out of four adults worldwide have mobile phones, making the wireless industry among the biggest on Earth.

The key strategic insight animating corporate propaganda campaigns is that a given industry doesn’t have to win the scientific argument about safety to prevail – it only has to keep the argument going. Keeping the argument going amounts to a win for industry, because the apparent lack of certainty helps to reassure customers, fend off government regulations and deter lawsuits that might pinch profits.

Central to keeping the scientific argument going is making it appear that not all scientists agree. Towards that end, and again like the tobacco and fossil-fuel industries, the wireless industry has “war-gamed” science, as a Motorola internal memo in 1994 phrased it. War-gaming science involves playing offence as well as defence – funding studies friendly to the industry while attacking studies that raise questions; placing industry-friendly experts on advisory bodies such as the World Health Organisation and seeking to discredit scientists whose views differ from the industry’s.
telephony  mobile_telephony_risks  agnotology  health 
july 2018 by juliusbeezer
French school students to be banned from using mobile phones | World news | The Guardian
French school students will be banned from using mobile phones anywhere on school grounds from September, after the lower house of parliament passed what it called a “detox” law for a younger generation increasingly addicted to screens.
france  law  telephony  education  censorship 
july 2018 by juliusbeezer
Why using a mobile phone while driving is so dangerous ... even when you're hands-free
participants had to engage in a sentence comprehension task while driving, similar to engaging in a mobile phone conversation. Compared to a control trial, steering behaviour in this “dual-task” condition was much worse, with more frequent collisions with the road edges...
One big difference between in-car and mobile phone conversations is that the passenger can see what the driver sees. If the driver is trying to enter a fast-flowing motorway from a slip road, the passenger might, quite sensibly, shut up for a minute until the manoeuvre is complete.

The remote conversationalist, however, has no access to this “shared visual space”, and may continue talking throughout. Indeed, evidence suggests that if the driver becomes quiet at times of high demand, the remote partner may increase their level of communication to fill the silent, social void.
telephony  driving  crash_report 
june 2018 by juliusbeezer
Pays-Bas. Téléphoner au volant sera bientôt puni d’une peine de prison | Courrier international
D’après la VVN, l’association de prévention routière du pays, un quart des accidents de la route sont dus au smartphone. Elle plaide pour que leur utilisation soit punie de la même façon que la conduite en état d’ivresse.

À l’heure actuelle, l’utilisation d’un téléphone au volant aux Pays-Bas est passible d’une amende de 230 euros, qu’il s’agisse d’une conversation téléphonique ou de l’utilisation d’une appli. En France, on risque une amende de 135 euros ainsi que le retrait de 3 points de son permis de conduire
attention  driving  telephony  netherlands  france  law 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
Observatoire sur la couverture et la qualité des services mobiles
Pour évaluer les performances des réseaux mobiles, l’Arcep considère deux critères, mis en avant sur son outil

la couverture, qui reflète sous format cartographique l’ampleur du réseau déployé par chaque opérateur (découlant de la quantité d’antennes existantes),
et la qualité des services mobiles, depuis la qualité sonore d’un appel à la rapidité de téléchargement d’un fichier.

Couverture des services mobiles

Sur la base des cartes de couverture des opérateurs, l'Arcep calcule les taux de couverture de la population et en superficie du territoire, pour les différentes technologies. Ces taux reflètent la possibilité, à l'extérieur des bâtiments, d'accéder à un service.
maps  telephony  france 
october 2017 by juliusbeezer
One in three admit to driving with handheld phone |
The problem is that the legislators made a major error when they brought in the handset ban: because they went against the studies that showed that the distraction is the problem, and gave the massive concession to the mobile phone industry of allowing hands-free sets--even though such calls are also distracting.

Had this exemption not been allowed, then a simpler campaign against all distraction whilst driving would be possible. That concession was the thin end of the wedge, and now we have the drivers of 40 tonne lorries watching feature films on the dashboard's built-in screen, or bus drivers placing bets on-line using an app on their "smart"phone. I even overtook a priest weaving and slowing in a queue of traffic recently; but he was merely distracted by a well-thumbed breviary.

The main problem is that driving is very boring and passive, and not unsurprisingly, people start to wonder if they could fill up the time doing something more interesting. If it can be automated, this is certainly one solution.
cycling  attention  telephony  dccomment 
march 2017 by juliusbeezer
InkCase : Smart Case Second Screen for iPhone 6 / 6s. Official website
A unique and original Screen Case
InkCase Screen Case with a screen using E Ink technology, customize your case as you wish with the InkCase screen. Change photos anytime. InkCase adds a 4.3 inch E Ink screen display to your iPhone 6, adding conveniences and better readability. InkCase phone case connects wirelessly to your iPhone 6 through Bluetooth, allowing you to access contents without switch on the iPhone’s display. Reading on inkCase makes your reading more enjoyable with the paper like display quality and helps you conserve your iPhone’s battery while displaying a beautiful case. Screen Case,
technology  telephony 
september 2016 by juliusbeezer
Electro-sensibilité, le cri d’alarme des médecins
Souvent considérés comme phobiques ou paranoïaques, les électro-hypersensibles bataillent à faire reconnaître leur maladie, et donc la potentielle dangerosité des ondes électromagnétiques. Mais une étude parue en décembre 2015 pourrait changer la donne : elle a identifié des « marqueurs biologiques », c’est-à-dire des réactions spécifiques du corps à la maladie. Menée par le professeur Dominique Belpomme, l’étude a suivi sur la longueur plus de 500 patients atteints d’électro-hypersensibilité. En plus des analyses de sang et d’urine, qui ont montré certaines anormalités, le professeur a observé l’activité du cerveau : elle montre que certaines zones précises sont moins bien irriguées chez les patients électro-hypersensibles.
environment  health  science  telephony  internet  networking 
february 2016 by juliusbeezer
WebRTC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an API definition drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing without the need of either internal or external plugins.[1]
tools  web  video  telephony 
january 2016 by juliusbeezer
Inside Edward Snowden’s Life as a Robot | Threat Level | WIRED
Since its first appearance at TED, Snowden’s Beam came into the spotlight again Wednesday in a story in the German newspaper Tagesspiegel. But while Tagesspiegel described Snowden as using the Beam system on a regular basis, Wizner says Snowdenbot has been a more occasional visitor to the ACLU office.
robotics  telephony  cool 
june 2014 by juliusbeezer
Indian Journalist Beats Edward Snowden To Grab Top Digital Activism Award
Mr. Shubhranshu Choudhary is the man who founded the organization which put him on the world map for his efforts of converting tribesman in the rural belt of Chhattisgarh into citizen journalists. He has just received a coveted award for digital activism zooming past the likes of Edward Snowden for his efforts in change making in one of the most severely conflicted areas of the country. Index on Censorship, a London-based organization gives these awards every year to “recognize the bravest journalists, artists, campaigners and digital innovators from around the world”.

CGNet Swara is a news service accessible on mobile phones where tribal people can know the news related to them or their surrounding regions which don’t get reported in mainstream media. The news service can be accessed online or on mobile phones by simply dialing a number and one can hear the messages from the citizen journalists or voice their own opinions and concerns which receive a lot of amplification due to the deep penetration of service in the regions.
journalism  internet  telephony  radio 
april 2014 by juliusbeezer
Why the Mobile Phone 'Subsidy' is a Myth: Page 2 - Datamation
More importantly, though, I would like to destroy the absurd notion that subsidies exist anywhere in the industry. There are no subsidies. Subsidies are a myth.

The truth is that what carriers call "subsidies" are really very bad, very high-interest loans buried inside a shell game designed to confuse the public into spending far more for phones and wireless service than they really should.
march 2013 by juliusbeezer
The World’s Languages in Your Pocket (No Internet Required) - Inside Search
offline models are less comprehensive than their online equivalents, they are perfect for translating in a pinch when you are traveling abroad with poor reception or without mobile data access.
google  translation  telephony  language 
march 2013 by juliusbeezer

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