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Secure by Design | Henrik Warne's blog
"I really like Secure by Design. The key idea is that there is a big overlap between secure code and good software design. Code that is strict, clear and focused will be easier to reason about, and will have fewer bugs. This in turn makes it less vulnerable to attacks. This is easy to say, but Secure by Design is full of techniques for how to actually do this. Here are the ideas from the book that I liked the most."
architecture  security  book  @5 
23 hours ago
File Upload with Elm and ActiveStorage
"File upload in Rails has gotten easier with the introduction of ActiveStorage. The official guide is a great place to get started when building a vanilla Rails app, but what about integrating ActiveStorage with an Elm app consuming a Rails JSON API?

In this post we’ll go over one way to accomplish this with examples from Plantiful, the breakable toy I’ve been working on since my thoughtbot apprenticeship. Plantiful is an Elm SPA backed by a Rails API."
elm  rails  fileupload  tutorial 
4 days ago
"We help you connect with and build a community of engineers through open-source contributions, removing the existing barriers to hiring"
5 days ago
"We help you connect with and build a community of engineers through open-source contributions, removing the existing barriers to hiring"
5 days ago
Tuple: The best remote pairing app on macOS
"Because we programmers deserve better than a generic screen sharing tool"
macos  remote  programming  collaboration 
21 days ago
How We Rewrote a Vue App with React and Tailwind in 21 Days - Vox Product Blog
"When we interviewed full-time engineers, we found that 90% of them knew React or preferred React over Vue. On top of that, 100% of the engineers who made it to the technical portion of our interview chose the React version of our client-side hiring exercise over the Vue version."
react  css  tailwindcss  case 
21 days ago
やさしい言語 | Weekly Inclusive Design
"2019年の台風19号の際に「やさしい日本語」が話題になり、NEWS WEB EASY やさしい日本語で書いたニュースの存在を知りました。このことを思い出し、インクルーシブデザイングループのメンバーに「やさしい英語」はないのかな? と相談してみたところ「Special English」を教えてもらいました。"
23 days ago
【2020年1月】12.冬の道北旅行 最終日 : 一人旅ノ記録
23 days ago
FireHydrant | You just got paged. Now what?
"Process and automation for incidents, not ad hoc freakouts."
service  saas  devops 
23 days ago
【2020年1月】11.冬の道北旅行 六日目 : 一人旅ノ記録
24 days ago
notes/Organizing modules in a at master · yukitos/notes
functional  programming 
27 days ago
notes/How to design and code a complete at master · yukitos/notes
programming  functional 
27 days ago
はじめに · An Introduction to Elm

Elm によるプログラミングの基礎を身に着けてもらうこと
The Elm Architecture を使ってインタラクティブなアプリケーションを作る方法をお見せすること
最終的にはあなたには Elm を使って素晴らしいウェブアプリをただ作れるようになるだけでなく、Elm をうまく使えるようになるための核となるアイディアやパターンを理解してもらえればと思います。"
elm  tutorial 
4 weeks ago
【2020年1月】9.冬の道北旅行 五日目 : 一人旅ノ記録
4 weeks ago
【2020年1月】8.冬の道北旅行 四日目 : 一人旅ノ記録
4 weeks ago
【2020年1月】10.冬の道北旅行 五日目 : 一人旅ノ記録
4 weeks ago
Rails 6: Docker dev環境のconfig.hostsとwhitelisted_ipsについて|TechRacho(テックラッチョ)〜エンジニアの「?」を「!」に〜|BPS株式会社
"Evil Martians流のRails 6 Docker dev環境をやっていて迷った点をメモします。macOS環境でのDocker Desktopが前提です。"
mac  docker  rails  tips  ngrok 
4 weeks ago
The Leadership Library for Engineers
"This is a curated collection of resources that I wish I had when I took on my first leadership role in engineering. I hope you'll find something useful in here 🙂"
management  engineering 
4 weeks ago
【2020年1月】7.冬の道北旅行 四日目 : 一人旅ノ記録
5 weeks ago
【2020年1月】6.冬の道北旅行 三日目 : 一人旅ノ記録
5 weeks ago
【2020年1月】5.冬の道北旅行 三日目 : 一人旅ノ記録
5 weeks ago
【2020年1月】4.冬の道北旅行 二日目 : 一人旅ノ記録
5 weeks ago
How to make a better pie chart — storytelling with data
"Sort meaningfully: In this case, this means ordering the data so that the largest categories (not qualified and timing) appear at the top of the chart. 

Eliminate the legend: Labeling the categories directly reduces the work of going back and forth between the legend at the top and the data below.

Specify what is being shown: I’ll include a more specific chart title and a descriptive subtitle specifying the metric being graphed (% of total deals lost with the volume of deals lost for context).

Add a takeaway and call to action: I’ll add annotations near the data to answer the question, “so what?”

Use color sparingly: I’ll use color thoughtfully to direct the audience’s attention."
visualization  tips 
5 weeks ago
"Perspective was created by Jigsaw and Google’s Counter Abuse Technology team in a collaborative research project called Conversation-AI. We open source experiments, models, and research data to explore the strengths and weaknesses of ML as a tool for online discussion."
api  machinelearning 
5 weeks ago
Implementing Raft: Part 0 - Introduction - Eli Bendersky's website
"This is the first post in a multi-part series describing the Raft distributed consensus algorithm and its complete implementation in Go."
algorithm  golang 
6 weeks ago
DBLog: A Generic Change-Data-Capture Framework - Netflix TechBlog
"Change-Data-Capture (CDC) allows capturing committed changes from a database in real-time and propagating those changes to downstream consumers [1][2]. CDC is becoming increasingly popular for use cases that require keeping multiple heterogeneous datastores in sync (like MySQL and ElasticSearch) and addresses challenges that exist with traditional techniques like dual-writes and distributed transactions [3][4]."
database  architecture 
6 weeks ago
A Complete Guide to Links and Buttons | CSS-Tricks
"Our complete guide to links, buttons, and button-like inputs in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript."
accessibility  html  @5 
7 weeks ago
Great Code Reviews—The Superpower Your Team Needs – Shopify Engineering
programming  team  codereview  tips 
7 weeks ago
GoLinks | Secure, short URL's, go/ links, only accessible by your team
"Replace lengthy URLs with intuitive golinks to get your organization on the same page faster."
productivity  service 
7 weeks ago
State of Remote Work 2020
"With three years of data from our annual State of Remote Work survey, we can start to piece together what’s becoming normal about remote work and where it might be headed in 2020."
7 weeks ago
"Codeflow enables teams to build and share powerpoint-like presentations tied directly to their codebase. We make it quick and easy for engineers to get started on new teams."
team  programming  service  @5 
7 weeks ago
Migrating to CockroachDB
"Overall, I'm happy with how the effort turned out and with CockroachDB in general. Because it uses PostgreSQL's wire protocol, existing PostgreSQL drivers should work as-is. But we did run into some challenges that are worth pointing out. Here's a list of things you might want to consider:"
postgresql  cockroachdb 
7 weeks ago
Rubyのtrueとfalseの話 - Qiita
ruby  programming  @5 
7 weeks ago
"A physics-based animation library for React inspired by the natural world."
react  reacthooks  animation 
7 weeks ago
What kinds of Rails tests I write and what kinds I don't - Code with Jason
"I typically don’t write view specs, routing specs, or request specs/controller specs. Let’s discuss each of these."
testing  rails  rspec 
8 weeks ago
Elmにおける「型によるルールづけ」の考え方 - Runner in the High


elm  type 
8 weeks ago
ElmでPhantom TypeとExtensible Recordを用いて型安全な状態遷移パターンを実装する - Runner in the High

elm  tips 
8 weeks ago
Elmのモジュールを作るときはどういうとき - パステル色な日々
Opaque Typeを積極的に使い影響範囲をなるべくモジュール内に限定する
8 weeks ago
UniposチームにおけるElmエンジニア達の成長環境 - Fringe81 engineer blog
"Elmは一般的には言語仕様の小ささや、そもそもElmという言語がフロントエンド領域に閉じた言語であるという特性からも、さほど学習にかかる労力は大きくないという印象が強いです。 とはいえ、いきなりほったらかしでプロダクトのElmコードを書いてもらうよりも、少しづつでも基礎的な部分からElmに慣れ親しんでもらい、学習曲線の角度を無理なく上げていくのほうが理想的です。このような理由から、Fringe81では誰もがElmエンジニアとしてのステップを踏み出せるようになるためのラダーが用意されています。"
8 weeks ago
Primer Design System
"Primer was created for GitHub by GitHub. We love it so much, we chose to open-source it to allow the community to design and build their own projects with Primer."
css  designsystem 
8 weeks ago
Splitting a Commit
"My workflow usually involves squashing many commits into a single one in preparation for a pull request. But sometimes, I need to perform the opposite action — splitting a single commit into many.

It may be that I realize one of my commits would better serve future developers as two distinct commits in history (e.g. a refactoring commit that “makes the change easy”, and a feature commit that “makes the easy change”). Or perhaps, I know I can unblock work for others by extracting some of the changes in the commit into a separate pull request (e.g. several features need the same table)."
git  tips 
8 weeks ago
Sidekiq Style Guide | GitLab
"This document outlines various guidelines that should be followed when adding or modifying Sidekiq workers."
9 weeks ago
TypeScript特有の組み込み型関数 -
"TypeScript には Promise や Symbol といった Javascript 特有のグローバルオブジェクト以外に、型を扱う上で便利になるような組み込みのジェネリックな型関数※1が存在します。これらは非常に便利で様々なプロジェクトで使われているのですが、公式にリストもなく、説明も主にリリースノート等にしかないため、使い方等を交えて説明を書いていきたいと思います。"
typescript  reference 
9 weeks ago
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