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Responsive Images on the Apple Watch
Eric Portis takes you through the steps you should be following if you want your site, and in particular your images, to look great if someone is looking at your site on their watch.
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december 2018 by justinavery
The anatomy of responsive images
If you need something technical explained in a way that is super easy to understand then Jake Archibald is often the person to go to. The impressive thing for me is that he has used SVG to paint what you would usually assume to be an image with arrows. Nicely done Jake, nicely done.
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september 2015 by justinavery
The state of responsive images in 2015
This is a great roundup on responsive images. It covers all the stuff that Jason does in his 10 part series just not in as much detail.
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august 2015 by justinavery
So, You’re Writing A Responsive Images Script
While the original meaning of responsive images, img{max-width: 100%;}, was a simple theory to grasp we are now aligning the definition with dynamically serving the most appropriate image based on the viewport. Mat from Filament Group explains the work they've already done for PictureFill and the pitfalls you need to watch out for if you're working on your own flavour of RWD image scripts.
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january 2014 by justinavery
pictureTime: A polyfill by Chuck Carpenter for National Geographic, 2012

much observed from the picturefill polyfill by Scott Jehl
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september 2013 by justinavery
Compressive Images | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
An interesting look at the responsive image issue. By creating a more compressed jpg at a larger resolution you end up with a smaller file size that works on standard and retina devices.
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november 2012 by justinavery

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