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Remember the ? We’re excited to release paper on Behind-the-Scenes design, , scaling it up, and data…
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4 weeks ago by jwtulp
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exciting new post on feature visualization!

warning: beautiful and disturbing i…
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november 2017 by jwtulp
Introduction to Anomaly Detection
Introduction to Anomaly Detection,

dev  ml 
october 2017 by jwtulp
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This automatic translation is so accurate it’s almost freaky:
deeplearning  ml 
august 2017 by jwtulp
Positive Word Dictionary
A great resource for sentimental analysis: a dataset of 2000+ positive words
DataScience  AI  ML 
january 2017 by jwtulp
Analyzing 50k fonts using deep neural networks | Erik Bernhardsson
FINALLY learning about neural networks in my first language: FONTS! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ > via @dietoff
fonts  deeplearning  machine-learning  ml  neural  network  deep  FreeDownload  neuralnetwork 
january 2016 by jwtulp
A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning
RT @vlandham: Amazing visual explanation of what machine learning is by @tonyhschu & @r2d3us (with scrolling!)
d3js  dataviz  tutorial  machinelearning  ML  OpenVisConf 
july 2015 by jwtulp

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