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10 weeks ago by jwtulp
and yeah, paper based played an important role!
visualization  uncertainty 
july 2019 by jwtulp
Very excited to be joining as GM of Maps, running the maps business!
visualization  maps  community 
april 2019 by jwtulp
RT : I transcribed my talk about for so you can peruse the drawings and fig…
MachineLearning  Visualization 
september 2018 by jwtulp
of the the . Little more than 365 unevenly divided in 12…
days  around  earth  sun  visualization 
january 2018 by jwtulp
Nam Wook Kim
RT @maartenzam: It’s this one: If @Adobe’s #projectlincoln is ever released, expect a lot of these. cc…
data  driven  guides  visualization  tool  research  Infographics  projectlincoln 
october 2017 by jwtulp
[no title]
@JanWillemTulp don't know if still relevant but have you read ? super interesting at any rate.
dataviz  visualization  perception  deception  misleading  lying  talk 
july 2016 by jwtulp
@FILWD @kleinmatic @JanWillemTulp Also see my vis rhetoric paper, we classify many things designers do to persuade:
paper  visualization  dataviz  misleading  deception  design  rhetoric 
july 2016 by jwtulp
One Chart, Twelve Tools · Lisa Charlotte Rost
I created the same chart with 12 different tools () and libraries ()
chart  tools  blog  post  visualization  diagram  comparison 
may 2016 by jwtulp
CSE512: Data Visualization
.@JanWillemTulp the latest offerings of my data vis course are at @uwcse! Resources online at
visualization  washington  university  jeffrey  heer  course  cse512 
april 2016 by jwtulp | Visualisation of Global Cargo Ships | By Kiln and UCL
Visualization of global cargo shipments. Press play to hear the interactive explanation.
visualization  dataviz  webgl  map  ship 
april 2016 by jwtulp
RT @bilalalsallakh: A very exciting survey on Matrix Reordering for Visualization by @behrisch @benjbach @nathriche Schreck and @jdfaviz
dataviz  visualization  paper  matrix  reordering  eurovis 
april 2016 by jwtulp
List of Physical Visualizations
List of physical visualisations, these could inspire also VR data visualisation.
data  dataviz  visualization  physical 
october 2015 by jwtulp
RT @FILWD: Wow! Am I the only one who never realized reddit has an amazing vis channel? |
news  visualization 
july 2015 by jwtulp
romsson/dragit · GitHub
RT @chrispudney: Use dragit.js to add direct manipulation to your D3.js data visualizations
d3js  visualization  plugin  interaction  dragit 
may 2015 by jwtulp

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