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10 things you don’t know about Daan Roosegaarde! Video by Design Singapore.
Innovation  art  future  design 
april 2019 by jwtulp
Portrait/Landscape: Enjoying the abstract textures that are possible with this new system.
art  generative  design 
may 2018 by jwtulp
Quick! Ticket sales for end TOMORROW!
art  code  create  brighton  design 
august 2017 by jwtulp
Let's transform your into awesome - Booking p…
data  motion  art  visualisation  generative 
august 2017 by jwtulp
Taxonomy & Table of Contents. The Book of Circles: Visualizing Spheres of Knowledge.
design  science  datavis  art 
february 2017 by jwtulp
inconvergent · A Study of Generative Algorithms
Great collection of generative algorithms and art: . Almost opened Processing to try some things.
/ht @JanWillemTulp
algorithms  animation  art  generative  inspiration 
november 2016 by jwtulp
Drawing vector field | GenerateMe
RT : Way too long article about drawing vector field, finished, want to forget.
art  generative  processing  tutorial  vector  field 
july 2016 by jwtulp
RT @alexanderchen: Anypixel.js: A web-friendly way for anyone to make unusual displays. (Like a giant display of 5880 arcade buttons)
arduino  screen  big  javascript  web  creative  display  anypixel  art  code 
june 2016 by jwtulp
New artwork added to gallery: Orbitas by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo / @patriciogv →
framed  data  art  platform  artist  digital  wall 
march 2016 by jwtulp
The Line between Data Vis and Data Art · Lisa Charlotte Rost
Why I believe the field of data vis would benefit from a clear line between art and design:
art  data  dataviz 
december 2015 by jwtulp

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