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jwtulp : science   18

☄️ New result from : The complex shape & topography of determines the distribution of…
science  Rosetta  67P  comet 
may 2018 by jwtulp
: A or a ? What do you see in this animal-themed image of the Ori…
Science  Space  cat  ImageOfTheWeek  fox 
april 2018 by jwtulp
Our scientists are busy explaining missions at today in the Netherlands…
space  openESTEC  ESA  science 
october 2017 by jwtulp
Explaining science won’t fix information illiteracy.
Communication that appeals to values, not just intellect, research shows, can be far more effective.
scicomm  science  communication  culture  facts 
april 2017 by jwtulp
Taxonomy & Table of Contents. The Book of Circles: Visualizing Spheres of Knowledge.
design  science  datavis  art 
february 2017 by jwtulp
: Explore the stars with this interactive Star Mapper
science  data 
september 2016 by jwtulp
I did "MI" … and the is Awesome!
science  dataviz  infographics 
september 2016 by jwtulp
Why don’t we trust the experts? |
Why don't we trust the experts? hint: it isn't because we don't believe in their expertise.
psychology  trust  leave  remain  science  brexit  facts  post 
july 2016 by jwtulp

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