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Four problems the MCU needs to fix in Phase Four | SYFY WIRE
Endgame has been a massive success for Disney and Marvel. This conclusion of 11 years and 22 films managed to both satisfyingly close out the stories of some of the biggest names in the MCU and highlight some of the franchise’s glaring issues.

The good news? Phase Four offers a new start and a prime opportunity to correct those errors.
mcu  meta  movies 
5 days ago
Remixing Culture And Why The Art Of The Mash-Up Matters | TechCrunch
The best examples of this kind of creative work are often marked by a reframing of the original narrative, and so produce a fresh perspective on both the source material and the context in which it first existed.
fair-use  copyright  fandom 
10 days ago
Story of a fuck off fund
You graduated college and you’re a grown-ass woman now. Tina Fey is your hero. Beyoncé, your preacher.

If any man ever hit you, if anyone ever sexually harassed you, you’d tell him to fuck right off. You want to be, no, you will be the kind of woman who can tell anyone to fuck off if a fuck off is deserved, so naturally you start a Fuck Off Fund.
feminism  money  money_management 
12 days ago
Move over, San Andreas
U.S. ROUTE 395 is a geologic master class disguised as a road. It runs north from the arid outskirts of Los Angeles, carrying travelers up to Reno along the eastern flank of the Sierra Nevada. On the way, they pass the black cinder cones of Coso Volcanic Field and the eroded scars of a mighty 19th-century earthquake near Lone Pine.
science  Ridgecrest-Earthquake  geology 
15 days ago
Determine If You Have Enough Savings to Retire
Do you have enough to retire? If you really want to know, you'll need to do some personal calculations based on when you want to retire, and how much you want to spend while in retirement.

To get a rough estimate walk through the five steps below and in five minutes you can come up with a simple yes or no answer.
money_management  retirement 
18 days ago
Banned From The Chinese Internet, LGBT Fanfiction Writers Find New Home On U.S. Website
In China, writing fanfiction can be dangerous. In the United States, although some authors used to be pretty litigious towards derivative works, fanfiction writers here don’t usually have to worry about anything more serious than a cease and desist. In China, creating fanworks can sometimes come with significant legal consequences, especially if what you’re writing is homoerotic. That’s why Chinese users are flocking to Archive Of Our Own, a fanfic site that allows broad free expression to fans who want to write fanworks, including LGBT fans.
fandom  fanfic  homoerotic  government  politics  rights 
21 days ago
On concentration camps
I would argue that anytime you covet a horror as solely yours, you actually diminish the sacrifice of so many, you don’t honor it
politics  rights  history  republiklan_agenda 
26 days ago
YA Twitter Can Be Toxic, But It Also Points Out Real Problems
These controversies are about the knowledge gaps that are inevitable in a largely homogenous industry. They’re not always cut and dried, and the critics don’t speak with one voice, because marginalized people are not a monolith. Where one reader calls out racism, another may see a book that doesn’t warrant critical attention.
writing  racism  work  education 
27 days ago
harriet-spy: seperis: megpie71: taraljc: ...
Misogyny wants you to despise and avoid older women because it wants you weak.  Is this really something you want to play along with?
feminism  fandom 
27 days ago
Quick-Pickled Onions Recipe - Cookie and Kate
Do you love pickled onions as much as I do? Pickling transforms raw red onions from pungent and crunchy to irresistibly tangy and crisp. I add some red pepper flakes for extra spice and a splash of maple syrup or honey to round out the other strong flavors.

These onions are the perfect condiment for tacos, burgers, salads, and more.
recipes  food  vegan  gluten-free 
27 days ago
Red Cards | Immigrant Legal Resource Center | ILRC
All people in the United States, regardless of immigration status, have certain rights and protections under the U.S. Constitution. The ILRC’s Red Cards help people assert their rights and defend themselves in many situations, such as when ICE agents go to a home.
rights  government  politics 
4 weeks ago
Why Are Democrats Such Cowards? | The New Republic
The celebration of charismatic, conflict-averse uniters in Democratic-led White Houses omits a key, and punishing, shift in Democratic politics from anything resembling a viable effort to build a long-term majoritarian liberal coalition.
politics  government 
4 weeks ago
10 Years After The Rising, 'Iron Gold' Asks: What Now? : NPR
But his newest, Iron Gold, is something else. It is his crux book — the point at which his series (already nearly 2,000 pages long) has to do something new (sound familiar, sci-fi fans?). Because we've had Darrow's youth. We've had his rise to power and his wars. The last book, Morning Star, was Darrow at his peak, smashing the forces of his enemies, becoming not just a hero, but a legend. And while a lesser author would've just kept things rolling, running his Good Guy straight into battle and victory, Brown ain't no lesser author. Instead, he did something unusual.
red-rising  books  wr 
4 weeks ago
Multilingual "red cards" to help immigrants assert their rights during ICE shakedowns / Boing Boing
The Immigrant Resource Legal Center offers multilingual, printable templates for "red cards": bust cards adapted for use by immigrants being targeted by ICE squads.

Donald Trump launched his 2020 re-election campaign by promising a roundup of 11,000,000 people, even as he has handed millions to Beltway Bandits to build and operate concentration camps on US soil. These could not be more timely.
politics  police  government  rights 
4 weeks ago
Hüsker Dü's Grant Hart Was a Humble Titan of Modern Music - The Atlantic
Mould and Hart played together onstage for a benefit concert for the late Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller, who was then still fighting throat cancer. Together they played two Hüsker Dü’s songs, Mould’s “Hardly Getting Over It” and Hart’s “Never Talking to You Again”—apt choices, as both dwelt on broken ties and bitterness.
4 weeks ago
Helping Aging Parents With Their Money - Can I Retire Yet?
Many of us will have to care for aging parents at some point in time. For some, that will mean managing your parent’s finances as they deal with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. For others, it may mean helping support your parents financially or physically.
money  money_management 
4 weeks ago
Fans Are Better Than Tech at Organizing Information Online | WIRED
It's not just the fanfic, fanart, fanvids, and other fanworks, impressive as they are, that make Archive of Our Own (AO3, to its friends) worthy of one of the biggest honors in science fiction and fantasy. It's also the architecture of the site itself. At a time when we're trying to figure out how to make the internet livable for humans, without exploiting other humans in the process, AO3 offers something the rest of tech could learn from.
ao3  fandom  libraries  life-hacks 
5 weeks ago
Dr. John is dead: The piano genius was an inspiration to New Orleans, The Muppets, and me.
Among the many amazing things that can be said about the late Dr. John, who died Thursday, is that his real name, Malcolm John “Mac” Rebennack, was even cooler than his alias. Rebennack was one of the most wildly talented American instrumentalists of the rock ’n’ roll era and one of the most gifted musicians to ever emerge from the city of New Orleans, and he’d surely prefer we emphasize the latter.
6 weeks ago
Opinion | Save Our Food. Free the Seed. - The New York Times
Instead, Big Seed keeps getting bigger, doubling down on a system of monocultures and mass distribution.

The problem is not that these seed corporations are too big to fail. It’s that they are failing to deliver what growers need to grow and what we want to eat.

It’s worth noting that seed oligarchies are a relatively new thing. Scratch that. Seed companies are new.
rights  garden  politics  seed_soverignty 
6 weeks ago
Thread by @razorfemme: "Thread: 1. My warm take on all the LGBTwitter dust-ups of late re: kink at Pride & whether ''queer'' is an acceptable word to reclaim: I […]"
Younger generations of LGBT(Q) folks tend/trend towards a model of liberation defined by a "freedom from" paradigm: freedom FROM being called certain words, treated certain ways, being triggered or made to feel unsafe/uncomfortable in public & private space
3. Older generations of queer folks tend/trend towards a model of liberation defined by a "freedom to" paradigm: freedom TO express one's beliefs and sexuality in public & private space, to claim & reclaim historically stigmatized words & identities
rights  feminism  LGBTQ  politics  government 
7 weeks ago
USS John S. McCain: A Scandal That Stains the Navy - The Atlantic
The ship is under repair, so it could not be moved. But sailors hung a tarp over the ship’s name, and other measures (a strategically positioned barge) helped obscure the offending words. Sailors were told to remove all coverings that might indicate that the ship is the USS John S. McCain. They were, according to the article, given the day off, lest the name John McCain, embroidered on their caps, give offense. On the day of the presidential visit, some of the sailors present wore “Make Aircrew Great Again” patches, with something that resembled Trump’s profile on them. Subsequent stories in The New York Times and The Washington Post amended the Journal’s story somewhat, to include the assertion that naval leadership intervened at the last minute to have the tarp removed. But the basic account remained intact.
republiklan_agenda  politics  government 
7 weeks ago
I had an abortion. It’s none of your business why. - The Washington Post
I am an adult of sound mind and body. My government has decreed me capable of voting, of operating motor vehicles, of purchasing firearms, of paying taxes. Why is this irrational line drawn at body autonomy?

A rhetorical question, obviously. Not all body autonomy is created equal.

For example, as a U.S. citizen, I have the right to refuse lifesaving medical treatment. Unless I give express permission, no one can remove an organ from my body — even to save the life of another person. Even after death, no one can perform research upon or remove parts of my body without prior consent. 
feminism  rights 
7 weeks ago
Hey Trolls: This is Me Ignoring You – Tim Wise – Medium
Seriously, what kind of person goes looking to pick fights online? And then, having not received a response from you in the comments section on Medium, or on social media, writes you an e-mail suggesting that the only reason you didn’t reply the first time is because you’re afraid, or because you have been rendered speechless by their superior display of intellect?

And even more, what kind of person thinks 280 characters of abbreviated insults, or two paragraphs of verbal piss, is really a display of unrebuttable genius? Or worth the time to even read, let alone respond to?
7 weeks ago
Naomi Wolf’s Book Corrected by Host in BBC Interview
Before Sweet delivered the punch, Wolf was audibly ready to speak about the “several dozen” similar executions she noted in her book, many of which rely on her completely wrong understanding of the term “death recorded.” But there is no historical evidence that shows anyone was ever executed for sodomy during the Victorian era, Sweet said on Twitter. Which means … much of the premise of Wolf’s entire book is just false.
history  feminism  LGBTQ 
8 weeks ago
Should I Hold a Grudge? - The New York Times
This quiz helps you figure out how hefty your grudge should be, on a scale of one carat to 10 carats.
grudge  health  psychology  diy 
8 weeks ago
Thread by @willwilkinson: "Don't let yourself get sucked into debating inane theological embryology. Faith-based fetal ontology is just a proxy for the real, insidious […]"
They will adamantly insist on the relevance of their religious metaphysical claims. Hold firm. You understand that some people are religious, but surely we all agree it is tyrannical to force others to live, suffer and possibly die according to a religious creed they reject. Etc.
feminism  rights  government 
9 weeks ago
Does Games of Throne prepare us for Daenerys Targaryen becoming crazy? It feels as if it is unearned and the notion hasn’t been developed in great detail throughtout the series. - Quora
I think I’m probably missing a few things. The point is that Dany’s story is littered with her burning people alive, feeding people to her dragons and in general dealing out arbitrary and/or capricious punishments. The only difference is that all that shit was done to Bad People. It lulled viewers into thinking that Dany only did Bad Things to Bad People who deserved it.
meta  gameofthrones 
9 weeks ago
Open Source Seed Initiative – Free the Seed!
Today, only a handful of companies account for most of the world’s commercial breeding and seed sales. Increasingly, patenting and restrictive contracts are used to enhance the power and control of these companies over the seeds and the farmers that feed the world.

Patented and protected seeds cannot be saved, replanted, or shared by farmers and gardeners. And because there is no research exemption for patented material, plant breeders at universities and small seed companies cannot use patented seed to create the new crop varieties that should be the foundation of a just and sustainable agriculture.
garden  rights  open-source-seed 
10 weeks ago
try to live in a lovelier light — I got told what to call this poem by my male...
Because I care nothing for your approval.

I am done leaning in.

Because there are more than enough

People who will build a community with me,

Which is not built on dominance.

And I am sorry

That you will not have a place in that community

Until you learn that one half of the population

Does not just exist

To listen to you

Explaining their research to them.
feminism  mansplaining 
11 weeks ago
lego, blather and whatnot | whatistigerbalm: sartorialadventure: ...
I could have been nicer about this but I’m so damn tired of it. The fight against cultural appropriation has metastasized into a call for cultural segregation, and to see supposed progressives fall for it is i n f u r i a t i n g.
rights  cultural-appropriation  feminism 
11 weeks ago
Stories from the trauma bay: June 2018
It's over.  After nearly 5 years, the Jahi McMath saga is finally over.

science  health  law  death  rights 
april 2019
A new neutron star merger is caught on X-ray camera |
In October 2017, astronomers announced the first detection of gravitational waves from the merger of two neutron stars earlier that year. The event also rung in the era of multi-messenger astronomy, as more than 70 telescopes observed the event’s afterglow in optical light, X-rays, gamma rays, and more. Now, an X-ray signal dubbed XT2 from a galaxy 6.6 billion light-years away has revealed another neutron star merger, which left behind a single, heavier neutron star with an incredibly powerful magnetic field: a magnetar.
space  science  magnetar 
april 2019
Pence, Buttigieg and the debate over ‘conversion therapy’ - The Washington Post
When assessing controversial stands by politicians, it’s important to look for patterns. Pence has demonstrated a history of opposing expansion of gay rights, such as marriage or in the military. But there is no pattern of him promoting conversion therapy; there is just one oddly worded line in an almost two-decade-old Web page. Is it a dog whistle — or just sloppy language written one night by a low-level staffer?
homophobic  h8  republiklan_agenda  government 
april 2019
APA Report on Conversion therapy
conclusion that it's not useful and it's actually harmful.
homophobic  rights  politics 
april 2019
School Starts Too Early - Scientific American
Biological research shows that circadian rhythms shift during the teen years, pushing boys and girls to stay up later at night and sleep later into the morning. The phase shift, driven by a change in melatonin in the brain, begins around age 13, gets stronger by ages 15 and 16, and peaks at ages 17, 18 or 19.
april 2019
Schools Start Too Early | Features | CDC
One of the reasons adolescents do not get enough sleep is early school start times. The American Academy of PediatricsExternal has recommended that middle and high schools start at 8:30 a.m. or later to give students the opportunity to get the amount of sleep they need, but most American adolescents start school too early.
april 2019
College students -- What should instructors be aware of to better support students who are facing financial challenges? : povertyfinance
For context, I am an instructor at a community college. The majority of students are low- to mid-low income.
When I was a student myself, I had very little money, but enough to get by frugally, and I was fortunate to never have any financial disasters pop up unexpectedly. Anyway, now as an instructor myself, I try to be mindful of student's finances, and to not create situations where a lack of money becomes a barrier to success in the class. The obvious thing is textbooks, when choosing those I always go with the least expensive options I can find.
education  money  poverty 
april 2019
How To Kill Your Tech Industry
While Shirley, Moffatt, and hundreds of other women programmers created software that helped Britain advance further into the accelerating digital age, British industry and government struggled to hire, train, and retain their computer workers. Women had the technical skills, but were not supposed to be managers. Even the fact that women were wielding more power by controlling computers was viewed as dangerously out-of-bounds.
computers  feminism  history 
april 2019
The Financial Literacy Riddle - The ETF Educator
There’s a lot of blame to go around, but poor financial education in our schools is an obvious culprit.  Only 17 states require a personal finance course to graduate high school, with a mere 5 requiring a semester-long, stand-alone course.  Of the 13 million high school students in the U.S. in 2017, only 16.4% were required to take a personal finance course to graduate.  How can we expect people to understand the basics of personal finance if we don’t teach them?
education  money_management 
april 2019
The United City-States of America, Mapped – Featured Stories – Medium
From ancient Greece to Renaissance Italy to the Four Asian Tigers, city-states have always punched above their weight. They’ve driven culture forward, facilitated global commerce, and charged ahead of their nation-bound peers.

Indeed, cities — an
history  government  politics 
april 2019
The Absurd Structure of High School – Featured Stories – Medium
onsider this schedule: At 8 a.m. you arrive at work. Immediately you are busy with a quick problem needing to be solved. You sit and get to it, but only for about three minutes. You break your focus to stop and receive instruction for the next half hour, before getting to work on another task. There may be a bit of discussion, but you are on task and dedicated.

Just before 9 a.m., you stop again, move to a new office, and start a new task. Your previous hour was spent on accounting, applying math to a problem, then training in more advanced math, then more application. This next hour will be focused on writing.
april 2019
Nihilist in Chief | The New Republic
So much, in other words, for all the sonorous talk of the United States Senate as the world’s most august deliberative body: Its most powerful majority leader over the past decade is an errand boy for both an errant billionaire class of campaign donors, and an errant billionaire president.

What’s more, that’s just how Mitch McConnell wants it. Something of a journalistic cottage industry has sprung up around the recondite question of just what makes Mitch tick, but the uninspiring, mundane answer is hiding in plain sight. Mitch McConnell is the great avatar of the decades-long enclosure of our public life by money.
politics  republiklan_agenda 
march 2019
Slavery myths: Seven lies, half-truths, and irrelevancies people trot out about slavery—debunked.
The Irish were slaves too; slaves had it better than Northern factory workers; black people fought for the Confederacy; and other lies, half-truths, and irrelevancies. 
march 2019
How to Be a Professional - GQ
Regardless of whether you attend a school that teaches you liberals arts basics or a vocational school that trains you in a specific craft, few schools ever teach you what it means to actually be a professional: to be a dependable and respected member of the workforce. To make matters worse, we live in a culture that has long venerated rule breakers, iconoclasts, and other people who have experienced blazing success by supposedly operating outside of the norm.
professional  respect  work 
march 2019
RAINN | Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network
Nevada Sexual Assault Statute of Limitations
march 2019
High-Profile Cases Spur States to Reconsider Statutes of Limitations for Rape | The Pew Charitable Trusts
Nevada last year extended its statute of limitations on rape cases from four years to 20 after a woman who alleges that Cosby raped her in 1989 in Las Vegas pushed for the bill.
march 2019
Nevada Office of the Attorney General | Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI)
The Nevada Office of the Attorney General (NOAG) will use its SAKI grant award to test a portion of the backlogged SAKs from southern Nevada. It will also use funds for investigation follow-ups, prosecutions, and victim support based on results from the backlog testing.
march 2019
How Nuns Abused by Catholic Church Were Forced to Get Abortions
If you are going to get your information regarding abortion from anyone, perhaps it is best not to get it from an institution that has no women in its higher orders, and is keeping women as sex slaves.

Like, for instance, the Catholic Church. This week Pope Francis admitted there has been clerical abuse of nuns, including sexual slavery. The BBC reports, "He said the Church was attempting to address the problem but said it was 'still going on.'"
feminism  religion  rights 
march 2019
Why are textbooks so expensive? - Vox
Textbook publishers, for their part, have begun acknowledging that textbooks and other course materials have become so expensive that some students simply can’t afford them, even if it means their grades will suffer as a result. Publishers claim that new technologies, like digital textbooks and Netflix-style subscription services, make textbooks more affordable for all. But affordability advocates say that if anyone is to blame for the fact that textbook costs have risen more than 1,000 percent since the 1970s, it’s the publishers — and, advocates claim, these new technologies are publishers’ attempt to maintain their stranglehold on the industry while disguising it as reform.
education  school  money 
march 2019
Thread by @juliamacfarlane: "Today is , start of Lent - Catholicism's holy period. Exactly 20 yrs ago I went to church with my Dad, beginning Lent on a somb […]" #AshWednesday
I'm waiting for a reckoning and a purge of this crisis in the Church that goes in line with the reckoning and purging of sins that happens in every Mass. Preserving clergy numbers is prioritized because one calculation is people are leaving the religion because Mass is scarce.
People are not leaving the Church because there is a dwindling number of priests available to say Mass.
People are leaving the Church because it failed to protect children.
religion  rights  feminism  h8 
march 2019
NevadaCSI: Untested rape kits await DNA analysis
1,357 rapes/sexual assaults were reported in Nevada in 2014. In 2015, our state was the 7th worst in the nation in rape per 100,000 population. Per the Department of Justice “Criminal Victimization, 2014” report, a staggering 66 percent were unreported nationwide. The Criminal Victimization report states:
march 2019
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