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How to Be a Professional - GQ
Regardless of whether you attend a school that teaches you liberals arts basics or a vocational school that trains you in a specific craft, few schools ever teach you what it means to actually be a professional: to be a dependable and respected member of the workforce. To make matters worse, we live in a culture that has long venerated rule breakers, iconoclasts, and other people who have experienced blazing success by supposedly operating outside of the norm.
professional  respect  work 
march 2019 by kadymae
5 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed by Your Workload
If you have moments of feeling overwhelmed by your workload, here are some suggestions to try.  Not all of these will be right for everyone, so pick what you think will help you. But always, always start with taking slow breaths (it’s better to focus on slow rather than deep breathing). Slow breathing helps you stop panicking and take a more long-term focus as it activates the brain’s prepare-and-plan mindset. If you focus on breathing out like you’re blowing up a balloon slowly, your breath in with naturally regulate itself.
work  stress  time-managment 
november 2018 by kadymae
28 Pieces of Productivity Advice I Stole From Others That Made Me Successful
He has a great line about “being introduced to the broom” at an early age. In other words, know even the most lowly tasks intimately. Doesn’t mean you have to do them still, but know them.
work  pua-703 
october 2018 by kadymae
This Is How To "Work Smarter Not Harder": 3 Secrets From Research - Barking Up The Wrong Tree
“Work smarter, not harder.” Sounds good. But how do you actually do that?


Well, luckily someone finally took up the challenge of finding a clear answer…

UC Berkeley professor Morten Hansen looked at 200 academic papers, interviewed 120 experts, ran a pilot study on 300 subjects, and built a framework which he then tested on 5000 participants from various industries and backgrounds.

He found 7 behaviors that made up 66% of the difference in how people performed. (By comparison, standard metrics like education, age, and hours worked were only responsible for 10% combined.)
advice  work  time-managment 
march 2018 by kadymae
18 Cognitive Bias Examples Show Why Mental Mistakes Get Made
These are things that affect workplace culture, budget estimates, deal outcomes, and our perceived return on investments within the company.

Mental mistakes such as these can add up quickly, and can hamper any organization in reaching its full bottom line potential.
lean  work  fake-work  money_management 
march 2018 by kadymae
Build Your Social Budget Like a Financial Budget
you need a social budget. Like a financial budget, a social budget allocates your available time towards both pre-determined commitments and “discretionary experiences,” and helps you determine how to spend your time in accordance with your values. Even if you’re pretty happy with the way your social life is going, a social budget can help you make more time for the people you want in your life, while spending less time on social events that leave you feeling bored or drained.
work  time-managment  self-care 
march 2018 by kadymae
5 Ways to Focus Your Energy During a Work Crunch
Work invariably ebbs and flows, cycling between steady states, where we feel more in control of the pace and workload, and peak periods, where the work crunch hits us hard. Unexpected setbacks, project sprints, or even vacations and holidays can create mayhem and tension. Maintaining focus and managing energy levels become critical as tasks pile onto an already full load. When you’re in your next work crunch, there are a few things you can do to focus and manage your energy more productively:
work  time-managment  self-care 
march 2018 by kadymae
How to Forget About Work When You’re Not Working
Most of us know there are benefits to getting away from work. We know we need time to recharge each day in order to be able to sustain our attention in the office. We know time away from complex problems allows us to find a fresh perspective. We know if we work too many long days in a row we’ll find ourselves doing what I affectionately call “fake work” — sitting at our desks without actually accomplishing anything.
work  psychology  health 
february 2018 by kadymae
Canon iPF 6450 How to Load Paper - YouTube
the load instructions are the same for the 6400SE
printer  canon  work 
november 2017 by kadymae
Closing the Strategy-Execution Gap Means Focusing on What Employees Think, Not What They Do
You do not change attitudes and mindsets by changing structures, governance, and process; you change attitudes and mindsets through genuine engagement and two-way interaction.
work  lean 
october 2017 by kadymae
So, about this Googler’s manifesto. – Yonatan Zunger – Medium
And since I’m no longer on the inside, and have no confidential information about any of this, the thing which I would have posted internally I’ll instead say right here, because it’s relevant not just to Google, but to everyone else in tech.
diversity  feminism  work  politics 
august 2017 by kadymae
Frigid offices, freezing women, oblivious men: An air-conditioning investigation - The Washington Post
So there you have it: the gender divide, thermostat edition. All these women who actually dress for the season — linens, sundresses, flowy silk shirts, short-sleeve tops — changing their wardrobes to fit the sweltering temperatures around them.

And then there are the men, stalwart in their business armor, manipulating their environment for their own comfort, heaven forbid they make any adjustments in what they wear.

That’s right, my friends. Air conditioning is another big, sexist plot.
science  work  feminism 
july 2017 by kadymae
Here's why women are always freezing in offices, according to science - ScienceAlert
Here at Business Insider, we decided to survey people about the office temperature (possible answers included too hot, too cold, or just right). We also asked them their gender, and what part of the office they sat in (our office spans two floors, and we expected the temperture to vary by location).

Obviously this wasn't a scientific study, but the results were interesting. A total of 150 people responded to the survey (72 men and 77 women) from all areas of the BI offices, a total of two floors with several different work areas. Overall, more women than men reported that the office was too cold (58 versus 27). On the other hand, more men than women reported it was too hot (15 versus 6) or just right (30 versus 13).
science  feminism  work 
july 2017 by kadymae
Office Buildings Are Scientifically Too Cold For Women | Mental Floss
Researchers have identified a different kind of glass ceiling for women at work: AC. Air-conditioned offices are inadvertently designed to be physically uncomfortable for women. Maintaining an optimal office temperature is tricky as it relies on precise calculations of occupancy, clothing expectations, and system efficiency. But the basic processes used to figure out what makes a comfortable temperature may also be skewed, resulting in women feeling much colder than men, according to a 2015 report in Nature Climate Change.
science  feminism  work 
july 2017 by kadymae
Michael Bierut: How to design a library that makes kids want to read | TED Talk |
When Michael Bierut was tapped to design a logo for public school libraries, he had no idea that he was embarking on a years-long passion project. In this often hilarious talk, he recalls his obsessive quest to bring energy, learning, art and graphics into these magical spaces where school librarians can inspire new generations of readers and thinkers.
work  libraries 
july 2017 by kadymae
Invest in Yourself | American Libraries Magazine
Invest in yourself. Lose the excuses. The good news is, without any money and with very little time—but a lot of commitment—you can build your skills, improve your performance, and enhance your opportunities, while still doing your day job well. If you focus your learning effectively, you’ll actually get better at what you do, and you’ll be growing professionally in the direction you have intentionally chosen.
april 2017 by kadymae
STEM image
cool picture to use public domain
work  art 
october 2016 by kadymae
What Is 5S? | Graphic Products
The 5S concept is one of several lean manufacturing (“Lean”) tools designed to improve workplace efficiency through facility-wide organization and cleanliness. Each of the 5S guidelines help managers and workers achieve greater organization, standardization, and efficiency—all while reducing costs and boosting productivity. Some core principles of the 5S concept involve creating and maintaining visual order, organization, cleanliness, and standardization.  With these goals in place, the hope is that workplaces can become more efficient, organized, and equipped to carry out daily tasks in a safe manner.
work  5S  lean 
august 2016 by kadymae
Office Space Affects Company Productivity | US News Opinion
The performance of the programmers was evaluated using a number of criteria. The best programmers outperformed the worst by a ratio of 10 to 1. The best programmers also outperformed the average programmer by 2.1 times. In other words, programmers in the top quartile were significantly more productive than those in the bottom quartile.
design  cubicle  work  communication  privacy 
july 2016 by kadymae
Programmer Performance and the Effects of the Workplace (PDF) - Semantic Scholar
"Coding War Games" study about privacy and impact on creativity and problem solving
cubicle  work  privacy  communication 
july 2016 by kadymae
Why The Open-Concept Office Trend Needs To Die - Forbes
The chief complaints of workers who toil in an open office environment are the lack of visual and sound privacy afforded them in this layout. With square footage allocated by companies per employee shrinking rapidly, relative workplace privacy disappears along with it and a lack of privacy has particular consequences for employees’ sense of autonomy. Think of Bentham’s Panopticon prison design, which was meant to force inmates to self regulate their behavior. Unable to tell if they were being observed or not, the layout of their surroundings would lead them to assume they were being watched at all times and act accordingly.
privacy  work  cubicle  communication 
july 2016 by kadymae
New Research: Workers Hate Their Cubicles - Forbes
The idea behind open plan offices, of course, is that workers will be more likely to talk to each other and collaborate. But it turns out that was a theory that was not based on empirical evidence. 
cubicle  work  communication  privacy 
july 2016 by kadymae
Research: Cubicles Are the Absolute Worst
Lack of sound privacy was far and away the most despised issue in the survey, with 60% of cubicle workers and half of all partitionless people indicating it as a frustration. (Researchers guess that the partitionless people are slightly less bothered by it because at least they can see where the noise is coming from, which gives them a sense of control — no matter how illusory. Based on my own partitionless office, I’d also guess a lot of those workers are listening to music on headphones to block out distractions.) Other frustrations included lack of visual privacy and temperature.
cubicle  work  privacy  communication 
july 2016 by kadymae
Workspace satisfaction: The privacy-communication trade-off in open-plan offices
Enclosed private offices clearly outperformed open-plan layouts in most aspects of IEQ, particularly in acoustics, privacy and the proxemics issues. Benefits of enhanced ‘ease of interaction’ were smaller than the penalties of increased noise level and decreased privacy resulting from open-plan office configuration.
communication  privacy  work  cubicle 
july 2016 by kadymae
The Hidden Costs Of Interruptions At Work | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
First, there is the diversion itself, taking your employees off task after they have assembled the resources and thinking necessary for that particular task. Then there is the restart—reassembling the resources, thoughts, and readiness. There is the loss of momentum caused by the initial distraction from the original purpose. There is growing frustration from having to rebuild those pathways, which dissipates the energy and enthusiasm that work thrives on.
cubicle  work  privacy 
july 2016 by kadymae
Library Curated Displays
Curating Exhibitions in Academic Libraries: Practical Steps PDF
cml  work  libraries 
march 2016 by kadymae
Library Exhibit & Display Manual and Policy Information — The Washington and Lee University Library
An exhibit is a selection of items (either physical or virtual) paired with accompanying textual, visual, or auditory content (descriptions/interpretations) which serves as a form of communication between the library and its patrons.

Exhibits should have associated learning outcomes and often, but not always, require considerable research. Learning outcomes do not need to be formal and specific to information acquisition. Because library exhibits serve as an open educational environment, learning outcomes will likely focus on an affective change in the audience—a change of feeling, a motivation to learn more, etc.
work  cml  libraries 
march 2016 by kadymae
our new stats keeping
work  cml 
march 2016 by kadymae
5S Process © 2010 Karen
for Non manufacturing environments
work  lean 
january 2016 by kadymae
OCLC Connexion
DL the new version here
cml  work 
may 2014 by kadymae
Metadata, So Mom Can Understand | Informatica Perspectives
Metadata is something that helps to better describe the data you’re trying to remember.   
work  computers  communication  metadata 
september 2013 by kadymae
What is Best, Scrum or Kanban? | Agile
Quick definitions and explanations of the merits of both.
work  lean 
august 2013 by kadymae
Kanban Tool - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kanban Tool is a visual project management application based on Kanban (development) for visualizing and optimizing workflow and real-time team collaboration.[1] It has been introduced by Shore Labs in 2009, as one of the first digital Kanban boards.[2] Kanban Tool is aimed at both companies and individual users. It is easy to customize and to apply in any industry or place of work. Since March 2013, also available as self-hosted Kanban software.[3]
work  lean 
august 2013 by kadymae
Steve Strauss: Why I Hire English Majors
I think what I appreciate most about English majors is that they are taught to think critically, and that is exactly what I want in my business. Busy with a start-up, a new book to finish, speeches, and running my regular business to boot, what I need is to be able to give someone an assignment and have them do it. Period.

That is exactly what I get from the English majors. They know how to think, to think for themselves, and how to analyze a problem. Business majors are fine, but they are preoccupied with theory, proving themselves, and doing it "right." But the English majors are used to getting a tough assignment, figuring it out, and getting it done, (usually) on time.
advice  english  work  diy  neat_things 
july 2013 by kadymae
Embed a spreadsheet in a blog or webpage - Drive Help
This plus the calendar instructions are how you get this to work in a libguide
work  lib-guide 
june 2013 by kadymae
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