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Loriots Sprüche
Für die richtigen Momente im Leben.
audio  german  browser  webapp  humor 
november 2018 by keimlink
New Programming Jargon
The top 30 Stack Overflow New Programming Jargon entries.
programming  humor 
september 2018 by keimlink
ZeroVer: 0-based Versioning — zer0ver
With software releases at an all-time high, the consensus has never been clearer: Major versions are over. So what does the past, present, and future of software versioning look like? Welcome to ZeroVer 0.0.1.
humor  software  versioning 
april 2018 by keimlink
xkcd: Will It Work
'Copy and paste from a random thread on a website' is the hardest to predict, and depends on the specific website, programming language, tone of the description, and current phase of the moon.
xkcd  humor  comic  art  programming  packagemanager  packaging 
february 2018 by keimlink
xkcd: Dying Gift
And to you, I leave my life-sized ice sculpture replica of the Pietà which was blessed by the Pope. You must never let it melt! Now, remember, all gifts must be removed from my estate within 24 hours.
comic  art  humor  xkcd 
january 2018 by keimlink
xkcd: Meltdown and Spectre
New zero-day vulnerability: In addition to rowhammer, it turns out lots of servers are vulnerable to regular hammers, too.
humor  art  security  xkcd  meltdown  comic  spectre 
january 2018 by keimlink
xkcd: Perl Problems
To generate #1 albums, 'jay --help' recommends the -z flag.
xkcd  humor  rap  perl  comic  art 
december 2017 by keimlink
XKCD for Slack
Get relevant XKCDs in your Slack team.
xkcd  slack  bot  chat  humor  image 
december 2017 by keimlink
xkcd: Ballmer Peak
Apple uses automated schnapps IVs.
comic  xkcd  art  programming  microsoft  apple  humor 
may 2017 by keimlink
O RLY Parody Book Generator for Slack
Insult your co-workers with snarky O RLY parody book covers!
book  generator  oreilly  funny  humor  parody  slack 
april 2016 by keimlink
xkcd: Incident
He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he's copied on /var/spool/mail/root, so be good for goodness' sake.
humor  comic  xkcd  art  sudo  christmas 
january 2016 by keimlink
xkcd: Instagram
I'm gonna call the cops and get Chad arrested for theft, then move all my stuff to the house across the street. Hopefully the owners there are more responsible.
xkcd  comic  art  humor 
november 2015 by keimlink
A modern cross-platform JavaScript library & only 18 bytes
javascript  humor  library 
october 2014 by keimlink
IKEA or Death
Do you know the difference between IKEA furniture and Death Metal bands?
ikea  funny  humor  quiz  metal  music 
october 2013 by keimlink
pytest-poo 0.2 : Python Package Index
pytest-poo is a plugin for pytest that points out your crappy tests with piles of poo.
pytest  plugin  opensource  humor 
july 2013 by keimlink
munificent/vigil · GitHub
vigil enforces supreme moral vigilance by using oaths.
programming  humor  python 
january 2013 by keimlink
Vanilla JS
A fast, lightweight, cross-platform framework for building incredible, powerful JavaScript applications.
javascript  framework  humor 
september 2012 by keimlink
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