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Art42 | Enjoy an infinite stream of AI generated Art showcases an infinite stream of unique AI art. Bookmark and collect the works you like!
art  ai  generated 
7 weeks ago by kevinmcdonagh
Masterworks - Learn to Invest in Fine Art
Masterworks allows anyone to purchase and trade shares in iconic artworks, by artists like Monet, Warhol, and Picasso. Learn how to invest in high-end artworks and beat the S&P 500.
art  artmarket  investing  finance 
9 weeks ago by kevinmcdonagh
Usefull chinese contemporary art platforms - China Artlover
The most helpful Chinese contemporary art platforms to look for facts and information. Artist, exhibitions, education, industry news and more.
china  art  platforms 
may 2019 by kevinmcdonagh
Must see Art Gallery Tours SHANGHAI - China Artlover
Three art gallery tours Shanghai to explore the local art scene like a pro. Use our simple tour guide to see the best Chinese art museums and galleries.
china  shanghai  tour  art  walk  gallery 
may 2019 by kevinmcdonagh
International Art English - Triple Canopy
On the rise—and the space—of the art-world press release.
art  language 
april 2018 by kevinmcdonagh
About Asia Art Archive | Asia Art Archive
An independent non-profit that documents the multiple recent histories of art in Asia, with a valuable collection about art available from its website and onsite library.
china  asia  art  foundation  books 
august 2017 by kevinmcdonagh
Dawn - Jessie Churchill – Tenderbooks
Dawn. Is the time before noon, with the early risers and quiet light.  Dawn. is compiled of photographs (35mm) taken early in the day, over a 2 year period, 201
art  books  london 
may 2017 by kevinmcdonagh
New Platform Art
Emerging artists support by corporates
art  support  corporate  emerging 
april 2017 by kevinmcdonagh
Fusion Specialties - Custom Designed Mannequins and Forms
Leaders in custom mannequins hand-sculpted and produced at any scale to personify your brand. Browse our work and catalog and request a quote.
mannequin  art 
november 2016 by kevinmcdonagh
The Tyranny of Art History in Contemporary Art -- Vulture
Its terms are so specialized and vague they're only useful to those in the know.
september 2016 by kevinmcdonagh
A place to show, share, promote, discover and explore what artists can do.

Axis Web believes in the ability of artists to enrich how we see and act in the world.

Axis Web:
Hosts the Axis Directory, an online showcase of over 3,000 selected artists
Designs digital tools for artists like the Opportunity Finder and Profile Builder
Connects with people with artists through digital services such as Find an Artist, Follow an Artist, Post an Opportunity, and Manage a Call
Runs Vacant Sp...
contemporary  art  forum  exchange  community  artists  database  uk 
july 2016 by kevinmcdonagh
Art Prints Online Shop | JUNIQE
Buy Art Prints online | JUNIQE is the shop for curated art | Discover hundreds of independent artists | Prints from €12!
art  posters  shop 
july 2016 by kevinmcdonagh
Government Indemnity Scheme | Arts Council
The GIS allows the public access to objects within the UK which might not otherwise be available, by providing borrowers with an alternative to the considerable cost of commercial insurance.
indemnity  gallery  art  government  insurance  artists 
march 2016 by kevinmcdonagh
Bridgeman Images - Bridgeman Images - art images & historical footage for licensing
Search & download rights managed art & history images, illustration, photography, video clips. Contact our experts for rights clearances & research.
images  pictures  rights  legal  law  publishing  artists  art  copyright 
march 2016 by kevinmcdonagh
Mansudae Art Studio Gallery - The Official Web-Site of the Mansudae Art Studio - Pyongyang - Democratic People s Republic of Korea
northkorean  art  srtist 
february 2016 by kevinmcdonagh
Art fabrication projects
Art fabrication projects by Mike Smith Studio
art-fabricator  london  fabricators  art 
february 2016 by kevinmcdonagh
Sam Forster - Contemporary Art Exhibition Services
Sam Forster Ltd provides high-quality bespoke exhibition construction and art installation services to some of the UK's most prestigious contemporary art galleries.
fabricators  art  gallery 
february 2016 by kevinmcdonagh
Make dazzling art from neon lights | Life and style | The Guardian
It can be rather dangerous to master, but neon lighting has long been a favoured medium of artists such as Tracey Emin
art  light  course  neon 
july 2015 by kevinmcdonagh
A guide to frame hanging fixtures - John Jones
John Jones are committed to finding the best bespoke solutions for our clients, offering a creative approach to the presentation and protection of art.
batten  hanging  art  frames  fixtures  diy 
may 2015 by kevinmcdonagh
Rafaël Rozendaal - Websites
This guy makes loads of interesting single webpage experiments. Also does physical paintings.
art  inspiration  experiments  websites  colour 
december 2014 by kevinmcdonagh
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