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How to Reason with the Climate Change Denier in Your Life | Outside Online
A new book by two philosophy scholars imagines those very conversations. Here's what we learned from it.
philosophy  Environmental_science  Pseudoscience 
may 2017 by killforlove
Project Findings - Microfiber Pollution & the apparel industry
Our research found that microfibers are prevalent in both aquatic and terrestrial habitats, from the bottom of the Indian Ocean to farmland in the United States. Our experimental results found that...
Environmental_science  Fashion 
may 2017 by killforlove
EWG’s UPDATED Water Filter Buying Guide | EWG
What is most important to you in a water filter? Check out EWG's Water Filter Buying Guide. Find the right filter for your water - and budget.
Environmental_science  health 
march 2017 by killforlove
What Do We Know About Tiny Plastic Fibers in the Ocean? – The Cleanest Line
Much has been written about the effects of plastic on the marine environment, from the Texas-sized Great Pacific garbage patch, to bottles expelled from cr
economics  Environmental_science  study  textiles 
january 2017 by killforlove
Dilemma: Is there a viable eco alternative to leather? | Environment | The Guardian
Our appetite for cowhide now outstrips our demand for the animal's meat. Lucy Siegle looks at the true cost of leather
november 2016 by killforlove
The Runner's Footprint | Runner's World
Our simple sport seems eco-friendly. But the truth is complicated.
november 2016 by killforlove

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